Un final perfecto

Un final perfecto We re in New York Red One is a doctor Red Two is a high school teacher and Red Three is a student of seventeen All three are redheads They dont know each other but live nearby The three received a

We re in New York Red One is a doctor, Red Two is a high school teacher, and Red Three is a student of seventeen All three are redheads They dont know each other, but live nearby The three received a letter, which refers to a different end of the story of Little Red Riding Hood in which the girl dies They have been selected to die.

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Un final perfecto

  1. John Katzenbach is a U.S author of popular fiction Son of Nicholas Katzenbach, former United States Attorney General, John worked as a criminal court reporter for the Miami Herald and Miami News, and a featured writer for the Herald s Tropic magazine He is married to Madeleine Blais and they live in western Massachusetts.He left the newspaper grind to write books, racking up 12 novels so far, psychological thrillers that have made him an international success His first, 1982 s bestselling In the Heat of the Summer, became the movie The Mean Season , filmed partially in The Herald s newsroom ans starring Kurt Russell and MAriel Hemingway.Two of his books were made into films in the United States, 1995 s Just Cause and 2002 s Hart s War A fourth book, The Wrong Man was recently made into the soon to be released French film Faux Coupable.

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  1. D GREAT No por nada es de mis escritores favoritos John sabe atrapar al lector Bendigo el d a en que le a JK por primera vez.Adoro que nos ponga el POV del asesino secuestrador demente etc Adoro eso, no puedo saber cuanto se ha de tardar para crear personajes tan complicados No es de sus mejores libros, pero tiene buen ritmo, buenos personajes y para mi, un FINAL PERFECTO La trama es intensa, y cuando te empieza a parecer que se mantiene en un mismo nivel saca algo que te vuelve a sacudir.Los pe [...]

  2. MI RESE A COMPLETA DE ESTE LIBRO BRILLANTISISISISISIMO 3Un libro lujoso, no hay otra palabra.El giro de tuerca del final no me dej 100% contenta, pero disfrut tanto de la historia, jug tanto con mis emociones y est tan bien construida que no me importa.Los ltimos libros de John me hab an parecido flojitos, con este se redime completamente Muy bueno.

  3. Otro buen libro de Katzenbach En ocasiones se me hizo un poco pesado, sin embargo la originalidad y la intensidad palpitante en cada p gina me hicieron mantenerme dentro de esta historia hasta el final Es de los m s psicol gicos del autor, en mi opini n.

  4. El primer cuarto del libro es muy interesante pero es el punto culminante de la historia un asesino que se ufana de planificar todo a la perfecci n al punto de no haber sido atrapado despu s de varios homicidios pero que no le llama la atenci n la participaci n de una de sus victimas las que no tienen ninguna relaci n entre ellas en el sepelio de otra.Los tres personajes principales son bastante planos y monotematicos, es cierto que est n en una situaci n extrema, pero salvo Karen, no hay nada q [...]

  5. 2.5 stars The story s villain, who calls himself The Big Bad Wolf BBW , is a childless married man in his sixties who had mild success as a mystery novelist years ago Now, feeling unappreciated and forgotten, the BBW plans to write a book that he thinks will make him wildly famous.The BBW is a narcissistic psychopath who s been inspired by the tale of Little Red Hiding Hood where Red gets eaten by the wolf Thus, the BBW s big idea is to murder three redheaded women, all on the same day, and then [...]

  6. Otro libro de John que no pod a soltar, admito que en varias partes me daba miedo porque estuvo lleno de momentos de tensi n, suspenso puro Me gust mucho que haya salido el punto de vista de el Lobo Feroz pudiendo conocer su vida y su mente psic pata, debo decir que lo odi por lo de los gatos y se llev todo mi odio, tambi n me pareci realista el hecho de que el asesino tenga una vida normal y como en la mayor a de los casos no aparente para nada ser despiadado porque suele pasar en conocidos ase [...]

  7. This is by far the worst book I ve read in 2012, or maybe in my lifetime It is stupid The plot, the characters, the writing, it s very bad It feels like something a 14 year old would write In the first place I hated that he called the villain the bad wolf Seriously His wife is mrs Bad wolf We find early on that red number one is his wife s doctor and red number 3 goes to school were mrs bad wolf works as the principal s assistant We never find out how he knows or where he meets red number 2 We d [...]

  8. RED 1 2 3 by John Katzenbach is about three women who have been targeted to be killed by a man who calls himself the Big Bad Wolf They are called RED 1, RED 2, and RED 3 Just an outstanding read The Big Bad Wolf is fascinating in how he plots the killings and the three REDS are good in how they try to keep from getting killed This is a real page turner with just enough twists to keep you guessing LOVED IT The ending was priceless Gerard s review, 5 stars RED 1 2 3 by John Katzenbach is probably [...]

  9. Red 1 Dr Karen Jayson is an internist.Red 2 Sarah Locksley is a former school teacher She lost her husband and young daughter in an auto accident Every day is a day of grieving for her.Red 3 Jordan Ellis is a college student Having a lot of difficulty dealing with her parents divorce She s acting out and failing all her classes.What do these women have in common For one, they are all redheads For another, they are all being stalked by the same man and have received letters from BBW stating he is [...]

  10. No me gusto, le sobran p gina y eso ya es malo La verdad como novela de suspenso no es emocionante, es m s bien densa Le valoro el final inesperado pero no le alcanza para ser un libro medianamente memorable, es m s que ganas de olvidarlo.

  11. Coming January from Grove Atlantic Mysterious Press.Three women They have nothing in common They are different ages, come from different background, and lead drastically different lives The only thing that binds them together is their red hair and that each of them has been targeted for murder.Well I really enjoyed this one Instead of painting by numbers, we have murder by numbers One man, a writer of thrillers and also a killer, decides to write himself into history by performing a perfect set [...]

  12. What happens when three different women who didn t know each other, but all living within a few miles of each other are targeted for murder Red 1 2 3 by John Katzenbach is a gripping psychological thriller about a demented killer who targets three women who seemingly have nothing in common other than their strikingly red hair, and how their only hope for surviving this fiendish plan is to turn the predator into the prey.One was an internist One was a public middle school teacher One was a prep s [...]

  13. 2.5 5 Este libro tiene una buena idea, pero una ejecuci n decepcionante No es malo, pero para ser un thiller psicol gico es lento y demasiado largo Encontr errores en la historia, o digamos que incongruencias e inconsistencias Tambi n nos deja cabos sueltos Pienso que debi ser m s corto, lo que lo har a ser mucho m s agil y page turner No es un mal libro, pero si es uno olvidable No lo recomiendo porque hay thrillers mejores.

  14. I found this book incredibly boring and lacking suspense The villain is a pathetic old man looking for his 15 minutes of fame who thinks he, and only he, was clever enough to murder three women without being caught IMHO the three chosen women over reacted to a creepy letter, a YouTube video and a silent phone call Heck they attacked a man and his wife without a shred of evidence which was simply ridiculous And the ending was totally unrealistic.

  15. 3.5, 4 stars.This review will be spoileresqueI m trying not to take off stars for the author giving me an ending I didn t wantThis was a different kind of book It took me a while to get into it It s very descriptive and it gives 5 different perspectives throughout Once it took off for me, though I thoroughly enjoyed it, couldn t wait to see what would happen next.Our killer wasI m not sure how to explain him On the one hand he seems a devoted husband, ordinary man, and he prides himself on the f [...]

  16. Exciting thriller that just screams to be put on film Midway through it, I began to think, Anthony Hopkins for the Wolf part, maybe Cathy Bates for the Doctor The Wolf is a mystery writer who has not published in quite a while he fears his celebrity is past So he plans a new novel, a reality novel as it were about a killer who chooses three women at random to kill, in a different way on the same 24 hour period The crimes will confound the authorities, perhaps never to be connected to one killer [...]

  17. Es el 1er libro de John Katzenbach que leo, y debo decir Que Maravilla La forma en que est contada esta historia es sublime, perfecta, incomparable Qu pasar a si recibes una carta amenazante de alguien que afirma ser el Lobo y t Caperucita Roja Pero lo mejor es Y si son 3 las k reciben las mismas cartas Tres Mujeres que no se conocen entre s , tres mujeres pelirrojas, tres que reciben una misma carta pero con reacciones muy distintas, tres mujeres a las que El Lobo ha seleccionado para MATARLAS. [...]

  18. Un final perfecto es un libro para pasar el rato te entretiene y no necesit s dedicarle demasiada concentraci n Dir a que, al igual que John Grisham, Katzenbach es un autor ideal para cuando est s de vacaciones y necesit s una lectura liviana y medianamente interesante mientras est s en la playa.El comienzo del libro se me hizo algo lento, pero en la mitad se hace m s din mico y quer s seguir avanzando para ver c mo cierra El final me result un poco vainilla, creo que podr a haberle dado alguna [...]

  19. Fue un poco lento al principio, me costo avanzar si de acoso se trata El hombre equivocado del mismo autor es mejor.

  20. De verdad el libro tiene un buen pie, siempre va a un ritmo que te deja tenso en cada final y te insita a seguir leyendo, para la gente que no lo a leido disculpen, pero el final es malo, muy malo No se si concuerdan conmigo en que tuvo que haber terminado diferente

  21. En la vida real ser a un final inveros mil, pero el papel todo lo aguanta.El Psicoanalista sigue siendo mi favorito.

  22. D iaugiuosi pagaliau gal dama ka k vertinti 5 vaig dut m, o dar labiau d iaugiuosi, kad bibliotekoje pama iusi matyt knygos vir el nesudvejojau ir pasi miau domi, intriguojanti, savoti kai keista, bet gera knyga

  23. 1.5 stars rounded up Though the book s description was intriguing, the finished product just wasn t all that for me The Wolf started out interesting but never developed into anything than a narcissistic, not very adept psychopath He supposedly knew all the moves these three women were making, but after threatening them, seemed to not know anything they were doing any The three Reds were better developed than the Wolf, but the actions they took got a bit unrealistic I just didn t feel very invol [...]

  24. ste es el tercer libro que leo de John Katzenbach y hasta ahora mi favorito La narraci n es la caracter stica del autor y es bastante buena, maneja el suspenso con una intensidad incre ble, me gusta.La premisa sobre la que se construye la historia es simple pero original Un asesino y escritor en el ocaso de su vida siente que no ha hecho nada relevante en todos sus a os de escribir y matar por lo que planea algo nico y especial Asesinar a tres pelirrojas sin relaci n aparente el mismo d a y de m [...]

  25. Muy buen libro, en todo momento se puede percibir la tensi n, el estr s, la incertidumbre de las Red Girls e incluso es posible palparla uno mismo.Hay una parte del libro que dice, Se puede matar a alguien con la incertidumbre Es acaso la duda un arma Definitivamente un buen libro, sencillo de leer, engancha desde los primeros cap tulos y con un buen final.Muy recomendado.

  26. I have made a promise to myself to stop reading things that make me cringe I really hate to say terrible things about any book, because I know that somewhere out there is an author who worked really hard on it But okay, here s what bugged me about it so much that I couldn t finish it 1 Redundant writing A lot of it For example it was a rhetorical question and she knew it didn t require an answer and unnecessary excess are the ones that I remember off the top of my head This is hard on the editor [...]

  27. Estos thrillers tienen una raz n de ser y es llevarte de la mano en una historia que te presenta una persona que decide ponerse a matar gente, sin embargo, matar por matar no tiene sentido.Este libro tiene las mismas deficiencias que le encontr al Sicoanalista, los personajes son demasiado flojos y la historia no arranca.Para mi los personajes deben de trabajarse de forma tal que te produzcan algo, empat a o no el querer meterte en el libro y matarlo,por lo lento que es, no cuenta sobre todo cua [...]

  28. This is a sort of thriller riff on Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf In this version, Red 1, 2, and 3 are each sent a letter from the BBW, a writer and possible serial killer, letting them know he is stalking them and there is no heroic woodsman to save them As in most fairy tales, there is a bit of tongue in cheek and Katzenbach adds Mrs Big Bad Wolf to the story to escalate the tension and the satirical edge And it works BBW is writing his Magnus Opus, a how to on murder and mayhem a [...]

  29. Un libro en el estilo al que el autor nos tiene acostumbrados Aunque quiz intenta repetir la formula de El psicoanalista, no por ello deja de tener emoci n el libro Algunos pasajes me parecieron desinflados, los personajes principales no acaban de cuajar y los secundarios quiz un poco acartonados.No es su mejor obra.

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