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Vein Fire One ordinary day in one ordinary summer Matt disfigured a childhood playmate with a cinder block Five years later he is released from a psychiatric facility and his circle of friends overlap with t

One ordinary day, in one ordinary summer, Matt disfigured a childhood playmate with a cinder block Five years later, he is released from a psychiatric facility and his circle of friends overlap with those of Hannah, the girl he maimed He finds himself drawn to her, sadistically at first, but after Jared, an acquaintance from the hospital, covets her for his own disturbinOne ordinary day, in one ordinary summer, Matt disfigured a childhood playmate with a cinder block Five years later, he is released from a psychiatric facility and his circle of friends overlap with those of Hannah, the girl he maimed He finds himself drawn to her, sadistically at first, but after Jared, an acquaintance from the hospital, covets her for his own disturbing uses, Matt struggles to protect her Hannah s an outcast, not only because of the scars Matt gave her, but because of the ones she s given herself, too Matt s heroin addiction and the way he exploits her body harm her in places sharp objects can t touch Fearful that a dark secret will be disclosed, and with his addiction to heroin worsening, Matt chooses to abandon Hannah, allowing her to fall prey to Jared Jared is a sociopath obsessed with a fantasy that Hannah can flya theory he plans on forcing her to test, even if the cost is her life Vein Fire gives a startling portrait of Hannah, a young woman with Borderline Personality Disorder This dark, voyeuristic story exposes the dysfunction she surrounds herself with as a method of self harm Its beautifully written passages will haunt the reader, compelling them to learn the fate of the girl who couldn t say no Vein Fire is a stunning debut novel by Lucia Adams which editors have proclaimed, redefine the transgressive fiction genre One of the great things about Vein Fire is its bravery and

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Vein Fire

  1. Lucia Adams is an American Transgressive Fiction author Her first novel released, Vein Fire, received numerous unsolicited full manuscript requests from both large and small publishers as well as literary agents based upon the initial rough draft One proclaimed that she has, redefined the Transgressive Fiction genre Lucia began writing when she was a child, starting with screenplays and moving on to short stories and poetry She has written many novels in the transgressive fiction genre, but has also penned novels in the horror, young adult fantasy, contemporary women s fiction, and non fiction genres In Spring 2013, Season of the Dead, co authored with three other authors, was published by Spore Press Lucia is taking a break from publishing her work while she pursues opportunities in other forms of media Her work appears in several anthologies and literary publications, for which she s won awards.During her spare time, Lucia designs and sews couture gowns, hikes in the forest to her favorite swimming hole, reads fairy tales to her puppy, and she may or may not have a clandestine chemistry lab set up in her basement She often Writes about the difference between want and need and broken peopleStares at her palm, trying to rearrange the destiny linesContemplates the social consequences of being poisonousLucia lives in Pennsylvania, somewhere between a forest and a river.

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  1. DNF 8% Please DO NOT let my quitter shenanigans deter you from reading Vein Fire I m not a fan of angst riddled storyline and in my humble opinion the beginning of this novel had enough drama to feed a theatrical army Angst lovers rejoice as you ve just hit the jackpot as soon as you one click the title of course Lucia Adams, I wish you much success Sorry your story didn t work for me For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

  2. I do not possess the skills to unravel the complexity of the thought process behind Hannah s need to continually self harm I can only watch voyeuristically as each choice she makes leads her further down the path to self destruction The complicated relationship between the three main characters, Hannah, Matt and Jared, each of them as complex as the other, all of them needing one another for different reasons and all of them mutually destructive to one another.Then there is Hannah s inability to [...]

  3. An exquisite view of a disease troubling millions of people Impossible to put down so I read this all in one sitting even though it carried me late into the night hours Never quite read anything like this That has to be a good thing to be so unique.

  4. Vein Fire is unlike anything I ve ever read before, although it does carry similar themes to Cut, The Fault in Our Stars and Her This book centers on a group of traumatized teens, including a disfigured young girl and the boy who caused her scars because of his BPD At first they both find themselves hating each other, but it soon becomes a twisted friendship.

  5. All I can say is that this book had me HOOKED and really helped me overcome my reading slump that I have been stuck in for the past few months This book was in no way, a romanticised story of mental illness, the author didn t sugarcoat the effects of mental illness, drug addiction, abuse, self harm and all that other stuff that happens There was no romantic underlining between the characters in which one character is determined to save the other from the effects of their addiction or mental illn [...]

  6. I have so much to say about this book, I m not sure where to start I guess the first thing I want to say is Whoever shelved this book as Young Adult was a fucking idiot and never to be trusted for any reason This book is not for anyone under the age of 18 Hell, maybe under the age of 21 Seriously Reading this, right from the get go, you think damn much worse can it get for this poor girl But it gets worse It always gets worse Every chapter Hannah is sick, and in a lot of ways she s just as twist [...]

  7. I loved this book It s been a long time since I ve read a book that I didn t want to put down The story of Hannah is dark and depressing, but, wow what a ride Lucia Adams is an intelligent and riviting writer and I will be watching to read of her novels If you want to know what Vein Fire is about, you can read the overviews on various places selling this book to find out I don t want to regergitate that here I feel MY job as a reviewer is to give you my opinions and feelings that I get from rea [...]

  8. The author crafts a new world in a genre that is both stark and challenging Characters are woven and tangled in this story that pulls poetry from the ordinary and obsessive I find myself thinking of this story again and again a sure sign of this book and its writer s unique talent.

  9. A story that navigates the seams in society through characters frenzied, flawed and fatal Undeniable talent and vision Would make an incredible screen play.

  10. The first thing I have to say is that this book is incredibly graphic If non consensual sex and or self harm bothers you, put the book down now I read reviews prior to reading, so I was somewhat prepared but I don t think anyone can fully prepare you for this book Hannah is an emotional trainwreck, to put it lightly Her neighborhood friend Matt crushed her legs in an act of rage when they were thirteen, and Hannah has been self harming and unable to say no to anyone or anything since After Matt [...]

  11. I m surprised I didn t leave a review on this book I hardly ever use this account and came in to leave a review on another book and can t believe I didn t review this.So, onto it This is undoubtedly one of the best books I ve ever read It is sitting right by my computer and will always hold a central place on my bookshelves.Reading this book, I really felt for Hannah, sometimes wanted to scream at her to watch what she was doing and who she was trusting ultimately always wanted her to survive, c [...]

  12. It s a rare debut author that can lay claim to what Lucia Adams can Vein Fire was written in ten days, and that first rough draft prompted major publishers, agents, and film executives to court her I doubt this rare treasure of an author can keep herself hidden away much longer.This is transgressive fiction at its best It s a direct and raw look at cutters, drug abuse, and sociopaths This story is so real, after you ve read it, you will know someone s lived it Perhaps the best part is Lucia s un [...]

  13. There really aren t words to explain this novel It will leave you feeling disturbed and yet wanting all at the same time I felt a deep connection to Hannah Many times I wanted to reach through the book and smack some sense into her Of course I know it isn t that easy.My own personal family deals with some of the issues that this book touches on It is a hard subject to discuss, read, and especially to deal with Something that happened toward the end of the book is one of my own personal horrors [...]

  14. Sometimes you go through things in life and it s a little than you can emotionally handle That s the truth about life and it s written in this book Hannah is a broken and scared woman She was once a girl who, like most of us, experimented and learned from the lessons that came from the things that we tried out while growing up This is than just a coming of age story about a girl who struggles with dealing with trauma, chronic pain, mental illness and drug abuse This is a story that may disturb [...]

  15. So disturbing, but so good I couldn t put it downch good writing and loved the story being told from three different perspectives

  16. I really enjoyed reading this book It was a deep and emotional read for me as I could understand a lot of what was going on here Highly recommended.

  17. What BS was this Neither protagonist had a single redeeming quality Matt was a evil son of a and Hannah was a pathetic, spineless character if ever I saw one.I waited though I waited for Hannah to grow courageous I waited for Matt to grow a conscience.And when neither happened and I couldn t tell who was vile, I lumped the book over my head and yelled NEXT

  18. ok Lucia Adams, is a genius not only does she have a way with words, but I wasn t able to sleep for two nights because of this book.This book is about a Hannah, Hannah is drowning, drowning, drowning, and she wants to learn how to walk without drowning but you see it s kind of impossible in Hannah s situation because Hannah has no self esteem and Hannah can t say No agine every dark thing you come come up with, whatever type of self inflicted harm, Hannah has tried it, will try it or is willing [...]

  19. This was an interesting book that dives into the mind of someone who can t say no, and is subsequently brought into many situations that may be hard to read The supporting cast are also full of their own problems and how they use the main character to their own ends.So I definitely thought this was a thought provoking book, makes you think from a viewpoint most of us will not experience The only reasons I wouldn t suggest reading it to my friends is because it does use an excessive amount of sex [...]

  20. I can t decide how I felt about this book It was a page turner, and I can t say that I didn t like it, but I don t know that it was really my thing I m usually a fan of protagonists who aren t particularly likable, but Hannah just didn t do it for me I couldn t root for her or anyone in the book Maybe this is just a different kind of book than I m used to I did think the depiction of Hannah s mental illness and her struggles were genuine and refreshing for a book that says it deals with hard hit [...]

  21. Reading this book for me is akin to witnessing a train wreck And I m only half joking You feel giddy, sick, want it to stop and yet you can t look away You know the outcome is going to be bad, but you can t stop turning the pages to know what happens next And you don t know what exactly the pull or the allure is about this book The characters are mostly broken to the core and can hardly be saved It s like a wretched hand which grabs you and pulls you down into the deep darkness of the tortured s [...]

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