Haunted Nigel Price has MURDER on his mind He can run but he cannot hide Nigel s past has come back to haunt him The truth is his past has never left him it follows him without remorse catching him at every

Nigel Price has MURDER on his mind.He can run but he cannot hide Nigel s past has come back to haunt him The truth is, his past has never left him it follows him without remorse, catching him at every turn There is no escape.Regret, guilt, nightmares, despair these fill his every waking hour and disturb his sleepless nights.Take a trip inside Nigel s mind, in thisNigel Price has MURDER on his mind.He can run but he cannot hide Nigel s past has come back to haunt him The truth is, his past has never left him it follows him without remorse, catching him at every turn There is no escape.Regret, guilt, nightmares, despair these fill his every waking hour and disturb his sleepless nights.Take a trip inside Nigel s mind, in this dark, psychological thriller with a paranormal twist.

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  1. Writer of novels and short stories, multi genre Maria s short stories have appeared in the BestsellerBound anthologies and the Mind s Eye Series of books, as well as the online magazine The Write Launch thewritelaunch Maria is also a music blogger at the Real Rock And Roll blog realrockandroll.wordpress Look out for current news about her writing on her website mariasavva

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  1. Dark, sinister and very cleverly written.I received an Advance Review Copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.I had already read Maria Savva s Coincidences, a family drama, which I loved and gave 5 stars, so I was keen to read Haunted I was a bit worried it would be a horror, as I am quite squeamish, but I need not have worried The subject matter is very dark, and the author manages to make the reader feel sympathy for the protagonist, Nigel, when I wouldn t have thought this was p [...]

  2. Haunted is exactly what you ll be after reading this book The theme ran like an undercurrent in my brain for days.Nigel has an explosive temper causing him, in a moment of rage, to act in a way that changes his life forever Given the type of person he is, Nigel shouldn t be particularly likable Yet, somehow his character elicits sympathy Through Nigel s life, we see the destruction caused by one moment in time His mind is shattered, dark and desolate, and we, the reader, are right there with him [...]

  3. Life Controlled by his Murderous PastAuthor Maria Savva s enviable skill at drawing her readers in from the onset and keeping the suspense alive on every page is unmistakably apparent with her latest book Haunted.This nail biting story revolves around her central character, Nigel Price As a youngster Nigel suffered anger issues, which became worse as the years passed Fast forward to an evening in his thirties when he is overpowered by a fit of road rage on a narrow cliff top road Nigel Price com [...]

  4. 4.5 stars.Haunted is a well written, dark novel by Maria Savva It tells the story of Nigel Price, who ruined his own life, and the lives of several others, by a dreadful act that was fuelled by his uncontrollable anger When we first meet Nigel, it is twenty years after this fateful event, but through a series of flashbacks, we learn about his early life and how his anger overwhelmed him, with such tragic consequences.Nigel is remorselessly hounded by his conscience and haunted by what he has don [...]

  5. I was lucky enough to read this story in advance of publication and I loved it from beginning to end.I really enjoyed the in depth character building so important to a story where I could see into the minds of each of them, making for great reading The plot was dark and clever and kept me guessing until the end.The story gave great insight into the emotions of mankind, where guilt can create an obsessive and insane point of view We can wonder what we d do in the circumstances given in the plot a [...]

  6. Haunted Maria Savva Psychological SuspenseNigel Price is an ordinary man He leads an average life until one eventful night It changed the course of his life Try as he may he just can not let go of that night, and his past keeps coming back to haunt him.Every day, every waking hour he is constantly reminded of this His restless sleepless nights, the regret and quilt just eat away at his soul Soon he is not sure what is real and what is not Is he becoming paranoid, or are things just not as they s [...]

  7. This wasn t what I was expecting at all from a book called Haunted the ghosts and spectres are all in the mind of the main character, Nigel.I thought Ms Savva wrote Nigel s increasing paranoia very well you can t help feeling sympathy for him and I loved the way he, at times, seemed quite normal which brought it home how normal your average murderer can seem I thought the way he couldn t control his temper was portrayed extremely well, too.Unusual, interesting subject unusual, interesting book N [...]

  8. I enjoy reading stories from Maria Savva I finished this last year but forgot to do my review I m not good at writing long winded reviews, so this will be short I loved the story, it kept me turning the pages, and I didn t want to put the book down.

  9. In the first chapter of Haunted by Maria Savva we meet Nigel, a shell of a man in his fifties Everything he does, says, thinks or touches is tainted by his private hell Nigel Price killed a woman 20 years earlier and got away with it.That is it, the whole story revolves around those facts Yet, it is not tedious, a psychological thriller like this one, if handled incorrectly, can be boring and seem like whining, not in this case, it is easy to feel the burden of regret, bad memories and the loss [...]

  10. A chilling insight into the mind of a murdererThis is an excellent book you won t be able to put down Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a murderer Not a sociopath with no remorse, but a rather introverted person with a fiery temper that he s never been able to control, who one day takes things too far and regrets it ever after This is the territory that Maria Savva tackles in Haunted Nigel is a rather geeky guy, perhaps lacking in charm, but not essentially evil One day he kills, i [...]

  11. Nigel Price grew up with a temper A bad one And one night, while driving along the cliff of a dangerous road, his road rage toward another driver escalates into the unthinkable murder What happens to a man who tries to escape the anger issues of his youth and now has committed murder, by chance How does he reconcile that within himself Nigel, though he goes on living, withdraws from life and from his marriage As the years go on, his haunting takes on new forms He is left wondering what is real a [...]

  12. I downloaded this book sometime ago and due to my very long TBR list I had only recently picked it up And it was certainly worth the wait This is a very dark tale of murder and one that reaches deep into the mind of the protagonist Nigel Suffering from paranoia and guilt he tries to justify his actions from one terrible night many years before He hits the self destruct button and starts the long journey over time battling with his conscience and sanity This book was so well written and really go [...]

  13. I normally don t read this genre of book, so for that reason, I wasn t comfortable giving it 5 stars I don t know how it really compares to other in the same classification However, I m glad I stepped out of my normal comfort zone to read Ms Savva s novel The characters were well developed and believable, and I could actually visualize the things Nigel saw and experienced I generally have a hard time visualizing things, so I consider Ms Savva s ability to produce images in my mind to be astoundi [...]

  14. Wow Now that my heart has finally stopped pounding, I can tell everyone how much I enjoyed this book This one s going on my keeper shelf I so admire Ms Savva and her ability to keep the suspense going with this awesome page turner Take my advice though, plan on reading this in one sitting because you won t be able to put it down It s one of those books that keeps running through the back of your mind, making you anxious until you can get back to it and find out what happens next I highly recomme [...]

  15. Author Maria Savva draws us inside the troubled mind of Nigel, a man haunted by a dark past Well written and intriguing, the story exposes the fragility of Nigel s psyche as guilt gradually overpowers him and paranoia sets in As we find out about Nigel through non intrusive flashbacks into his life, we understand his fears and the potential gravity of his dilemma We wonder what fate has in store for him and hold on while our apprehension builds I d recommend Haunted to anyone looking for a capt [...]

  16. I don t know what I was expecting with this book, but it certainly was a pleasant surprise It had me gripped from page one I felt desperately sorry for Nigel who had a terrible childhood and ultimately, after catastrophic events, creates a dreadful life for himself in adulthood It s a very moving story indeed with the terrible events of one night having repercussions for a lot of people.It certainly is a good book and I couldn t put it down until I found out what was actually going on as it beco [...]

  17. I was gripped by this book and , especially with the introduction of Kelly, which added a new dimension to the story I enjoyed second guessing the plot, but the ending still surprised me This is a skilfully written psychological drama the author builds tension and explores the nature of paranoia, incorporating twists and turns in a plot that keeps the reader guessing I will be reading by Miss Savva Highly recommended.

  18. I really enjoyed this book couldn t put my kindle down Nigel Price is an ordinary man Except he has an explosive temper Which is always getting him in trouble In a moment of road rage his life is forever changed on a dark stormy night on a little traveled road Nigel did something that will haunt him forever A must read if you love psychological suspense stories I look forward to reading books by Maria Savva

  19. Maria Savva s novel, Haunted, takes you on a journey deep beneath the human psyche Pray that you never have to go through such an experience in life.

  20. It s very easy for fans of murder mysteries, thrillers, and police procedurals to become hardened to the realities of a murder The largest section of my local library is dedicated to this genre Murder is an everyday experience for television watchers and movie goers Most of the murderers are portrayed as very dark and evil The stories are usually told from the point of view of the persons trying to bring them to justice Haunted gives us a fresh and unique perspective on murder It connects our se [...]

  21. Well written but I found the incessant guilt and paranoia of the main character Nigel soul destroying Perhaps that is because the author portrayed his fragile state of mind so effectively but it was much too dark for me Nigel was a loathe some but also very pitiful character and going to the depths of mental decline with him left me feeling less impressed by the author s undeniable ability and genuinely exhausted I felt drained by the end and can only imagine how she must have felt when she fin [...]

  22. This was a good read and it keep me reading till I finished it However everyone is different in what you read Sometimes the title will fool you but than again the title is what draws me in to read a book and of course if the first 10 15 pages catch my attention.

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