Granta 123: The Best of Young British Novelists 4

Granta The Best of Young British Novelists Barker Barnes Hollinghurst Ishiguro Mitchell Rushdie Smith Tremain Winterson Long before they were household names they were Granta Best of Young British Novelists With each Young Novelist li

Barker, Barnes, Hollinghurst, Ishiguro, Mitchell, Rushdie, Smith, Tremain, Winterson Long before they were household names, they were Granta Best of Young British Novelists With each Young Novelist list in 1983, 1993, and 2003 came new ways of witnessing the world, introductions to unforgettable characters and mysterious and addictive voices In 2013, thirty yeaBarker, Barnes, Hollinghurst, Ishiguro, Mitchell, Rushdie, Smith, Tremain, Winterson Long before they were household names, they were Granta Best of Young British Novelists With each Young Novelist list in 1983, 1993, and 2003 came new ways of witnessing the world, introductions to unforgettable characters and mysterious and addictive voices In 2013, thirty years after the first collection, the magazine asked once again which writers are setting the bar for a new decade in British literature

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Granta 123: The Best of Young British Novelists 4

  1. Note There is than one author in the database with this name.John Freeman is an award winning writer and book critic who has written for numerous publications, including The New Yorker, The New York Times Book Review, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal Freeman won the 2007 James Patterson Pageturner Award for his work as the president of the National Book Critics Circle, and was the editor of Granta from 2009 to 2013 He lives in New York City, where he teaches at NYU and edits a new literary biannual called Freeman s.

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  1. I started this with a fairly long standing exasperation with the sameyness of modern literary fiction but having recently loved works by Nicola Barker and Edward St Aubyn among others, I knew it wasn t all a lost cause Anyway, I d long set great store by the Granta lists I m probably not the only person on who as a teenager had ambitious daydreams of being one of the writers on it That s definitely not to be now as I would be well over the age limit in 2023 even if I were suddenly somehow able t [...]

  2. A heavy THUD in the letterbox this morning.A.L Kennedy on the board of judges brought a hilarious seriousness to the proceedings I can imagine That s what she does, hilarious seriousness.

  3. There is a key problem with this collection in that it puts forward, in the main, excerpts from novels I don t believe this has always been the case This makes it a less enjoyable as a collection as the writing isn t fit for purpose and b harder to judge the relative merits of the people involved.When I read a novel it normally takes a good 50 pages before I can judge its merit Sometimes you can tell within 10 20 that something is destined to be great I didn t have that feeling with any of these [...]

  4. I ve read all four of these collections now and on the whole this was the one I ve enjoyed least Only the excerpt from Ned Beauman s Glow really grabbed my interest so much so, in fact, that I put this down to read that I did enjoy David Szalay s Europa, After the Hedland by Evie Wyld, the wilful oddness of Steven Hall s The End of Endings particularly his explanation that, because of entropy, it s millions of times likely that a kitchen will be untidy I ll have to try that on my wife and Arriv [...]

  5. would have appreciated original short stories pieces too many were excerpts of upcoming novels most selections had a similar sensibility not as eclectic as expected.

  6. having Sarah hall and Ned Beauman made this a must buy but I am looking forward at sampling the rest of the authors here too the H Oyeyemi sample is also of great interest as I really, really loved White is for Witching and I hope the 2014 novel, Boy, Snow, Bird from where the sample belongs will be comparable, though I have not been able to advance too much in her recent Mr Fox as meta books do not appeal in the least read so far The Reservation Sarah Hall short and awesome excerpt from upcomin [...]

  7. Fantastic and varied writing in this collection I had a hard time pacing myself so that I could fully enjoy each author Overall, a wonderful sample of these authors works and I look forward to getting my hands on their next novels A common theme seemed to be the experience of immigrants in Britain or elsewhere Indians in Dubai We reap the rewards of such a multi cultural society with the variety of stories produced from the immigrant experience.I listened to the audio version and realise that on [...]

  8. I had high hopes for this issue of Granta 123 The Best of Young British Novelists 4, especially given the beautifully written introduction by John Freeman, which so eloquently captures exactly what I have been trying to say unsuccessfully for so many years about the power of fiction, and the skill it takes to create, capture and articulate a world as real as our own What is exciting about a novel is not what it tells us about reality, but how it uses the tools of literature language and structur [...]

  9. A few things to note 1 Only 3 stories out of 20 are new stories , the rest is all excerpt of then forthcoming or unpublished novels.2 Those 3 are Soon and in Our days a magical realist, lighthearted piece about the stay of Prophet Elijah in a modern family, set in America Drivers a young chauffeur and his employers, especially the daughter at his age, set in Ghana Submersion a young couple returns to the wife s family house during a flood, set in America2.5 British novelists don t really write a [...]

  10. Disappointingly dull collection from a magazine that used to publish the finest stories written in English.Although the stories were set in a variety of countries, it seemed to me that almost all of the stories were written in the same voice and most of the collection could have been written by the same author The highlights of the collection, the stories that really stood out because they wrote in a different voice, were Steven Hall and Adam Thirwell s pieces Thamima Anam and Taiye Selasi also [...]

  11. I read through this issue quickly and a fine one it is I so look forward to Granta s Best of collections.Struck by the diversity in voices, settings, concerns, themes, style.Especially liked Hall s The End of Endings, Markovits You Don t Have To Live Like This, Kavenna s Tomorrow, Smith s Just Right, Sahota s Arrivals, and Oyememi s Boy, Snow, Bird Nadav Kander s photographs of the twenty young authors are amazing So struck I was by themes of location dislocation, cultural immersion, finding the [...]

  12. Another great collection I particularly enjoyed Sarah Hall, Naomi Alderman, Ross Raisin and I was very pleased to be introduced to Evie Wyld and Helen Oyememi The photos of the authors by Nadav Kander are very compelling too Between the authors listed and the ads from the publishing houses I have got a lot books to read and authors to keep an eye open for Big thanks to John Freeman and the judges.

  13. The previous Granta lists have many great novelists who I enjoy reading, so well worth a look through this to get a taste for what might sustain my shelves for the next few decades As always with a selection like this some pieces appeal than others Cemented my love of a few favourites Foulds, Raisin, Rebecca Hall, and encouraged me to check out a couple of new names to me Kavenna and Markovits.

  14. Disappointing On the one hand labelling anything as the best of generates high expectations On the other hand it s a magazine so all that can be contributed is a representative chapter or a short story I wasn t overly impressed by the standard of writing or the insights It seems to add up to a weaker mix than the last of these volumes There s a few interesting and quirky bits but nothing transcendent.

  15. All the stories here are entertaining I guess I was expecting .I think Adam Thirlwell and Stephen Hall s stories bring new life to writing, playing with time and format.Sunjeev Sahota introduced me to a little glimpsed way of life in England Funny how so many of these Young British Novelists write of the US Ross Raisin s story of disaster and humanity gives me much to think on.

  16. I had it in my head that this would be a collection of short stories, it being Granta, but there were only a few the rest being excerpts of forthcoming novels And I can t say that reading excerpts of novels is particularly satisfying I find I never feel the urge to invest fully in it Which made this a chore to read There were a few standouts, but nothing majority exciting.

  17. I am marking this as read, but I haven t read the full thing, and have no intention of doing so Overall my rating would probably be three stars, but I think the same will be true of any issue of Granta or similar anthology.The extract from Ned Beauman s forthcoming third novel, Glow, is fantastic can t wait for that to be published.

  18. I m now looking forward to reading Boy, Snow, Bird anf End of Endings once they are published.Also Submersion was my first reading experience with Second Person Narration It feels really weird and immerges you into the story than any First or Third Person Narration I have ever read by identifying with a you in the text.

  19. An excellent way to keep in touch with new British literature My only complaint is about the audiobook production in a long, segmented book like this, it would have been nice to follow the list of contents on the display of my device the audio file chapters should have stated which author and which book was currently playing.

  20. Loving this collection so far Going to take a break from it for a while because I want to relish it for a while but so far I ve loved all the stories excerpts that I ve read so far, especially those by Kamila Shamsie, Tahmima Anam, and Nadifa Mohamed Looking forward to reading the rest of these stories and novels from the included authors.

  21. Much anticipated Stand out stories for me were from Adam Thirlwell man wakes up next to body of woman, what to do , Naomi Alderman the prophet Elijah pays a visit to Hendon and Steven Hall two narratives printed top to tail on alternating white and black pages.

  22. The stand outs for me would be Helen Oyeyemi whose novel I can t wait to read , Steven Hall and Naomi Alderman I didn t much care for Thirlwell or Wyld and of the three pieces by Zadie Smith I ve read this year, this one was unfortunately the least impressive.

  23. I found this rather boring and disjointed I feel like you needed a bit of the novel to really gage what the book is about, what it s motives are, what its plot and point is.

  24. British lit is in safe hands with this new generation I love the sharp multiple identities That the authors incorporat.

  25. Borrowed this volume from my brother for one night and read the Naomi Alderman story, which I really enjoyed I ve dipped into Granta volumes before, and would quite like my own subscription now.

  26. Granta has always doen a great job with these collections I ll be interested to see what the new Granta does.

  27. full respect to the magazineand I can t remember the one which shocked me and made me read three times in this issue but it s fine

  28. Varied, but overall some really exciting new fiction here Making notes of 2014 publication dates, titles to watch for.

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