Waking Up Married

Waking Up Married Her first thought Who are you It s the morning after her cousin s bachelorette party in Vegas and Megan Scott wakes up with the mother of all hangovers Even worse she s in a stranger s penthouse havi

Her first thought Who are you It s the morning after her cousin s bachelorette party in Vegas and Megan Scott wakes up with the mother of all hangovers Even worse, she s in a stranger s penthouse having woken up with something else as well a funny, arrogant, sexy.and Up until now, finding even a boyfriend had seemed impossible been there, got the broken heartHer first thought Who are you It s the morning after her cousin s bachelorette party in Vegas and Megan Scott wakes up with the mother of all hangovers Even worse, she s in a stranger s penthouse having woken up with something else as well a funny, arrogant, sexy.and Up until now, finding even a boyfriend had seemed impossible been there, got the broken heart, sworn off men for good Then a few martinis with Carter, Connor Reed and she s gone from first meet to marriage in one night Megan wants a lawyer But Connor s shocking bombshell I don t want a divorce.

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Waking Up Married

  1. For Mira s latest book news, sign up for her newsletter at miralynkelly newsletterHard core romantic, stress baker, and housekeeper non extraordinaire, Mira Lyn Kelly is the USA TODAY bestselling author of than a dozen sizzly love stories with over a million readers worldwide Growing up in the Chicago area, she earned her degree in Fine Arts from Loyola University and met the love of her life while studying abroad in Rome, Italy only to discover he d been living right around the corner from her back home Having spent her twenties working and playing in the Windy City, she s now settled with her husband in rural Minnesota, where their four amazing children and two ridiculous dogs provide an excess of action and entertainment When she isn t reading, writing, or running the kids around, she loves watching the Chicago Blackhawks and action adventure movies, blabbing with the girls, and cooking with her husband and friends.

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  1. Yes, I do know this book is very predictable, and I do know that it s probably not very realistic because a guy like that really doesn t exist But I don t care I loved this book anyway.Why Because of the dialogue That was the thing that won me over about this book Kelly had a knack for writing some really good lines that had me grin like a fool, laugh out loud, and even for one tiny moment, make my eyes misty.I mean, I m reading a Harlequin romance How complicated can it be And there are so many [...]

  2. short this should have been called You In Danger, Girl.long i was totally in the mood for something light and a little cheesy and fun i love cheesy rom coms something with a title like Waking Up Married is usually right up my alley I THOUGHT this story would go something like this woman wakes up married to a guy she met in vegas they know they need to break up.he woooooooos her s super corny s super cuteere s a montageey realize they are meant to be togetherey kisse endAT DIDN T HAPPEN a nutshel [...]

  3. 4 Stunning Stars This Book in one word Beautiful 3Initially when I picked this one up,I honestly expected it to be a light hearted humor filled RomComst a recycled version of the movie WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGASbut boy wasn t I in for a surprise The first half the book,I ll consed was a drag.I hated Megan,as a character initially,her constant whining and sulking skills really put my patience to the test If it wasn t for the fact that this was the only book on my e reader during a family road trip I [...]

  4. Megan Scott in Las Vegas for her cousin s wedding, wakes up after a night out on the town with a handsome stranger, to find herself married Connor Reed is surprised that he and Megan click so well even after just one night He s so happy about the arrangement, he d like to make the marriage permanent Trying to talk Megan out of a divorce though is going to be tough.So the story line isn t exactly new If you ve seen the movie What Happens in Vegas you ll know what I mean But the execution is reall [...]

  5. This is one of those books that makes you throw up in your mouth multiple times, and you can t figure out why you re still reading it after the first chapteruntil you realize you ve nothing better to do, it s a quick and easy way to add another book to your tally for the year, and oh yeah, you re a complete masochist I knew I was in trouble after reading the first couple of pages, during which I was assaulted with one adjective riddled, anecdotal cliche after another Anything that is supposed to [...]

  6. You want to win the genetic jackpot, then skip the pit stop at Gamblers Anonymous altogether Obviously your best bet is me Conner ReedMegan Reed None of that You re handsome, but I m honestly working an escape strategy here You re my best bet Connor Please let me bear your babies I enjoyed reading this one because of its conversational flow, you ll love the banter between the characters You ll know that Connor fell the moment Megan talked to him, he just doesn t know it yet It was sweet, instant [...]

  7. My first try at the new Harlequin Kiss line My second read by this author I liked this book It felt fresh and modern It was one of those books where the story revolved solely around the hero and heroine s feelings and relationship There was almost no description Once the ocean was mentioned and some floor to ceiling windows but that was about it There were a total of 5 scenes that included other people and they were extremely brief and the other characters were not important and were left totall [...]

  8. Connor Even though we ve only known each other 2 seconds and we re both 3 THOUSAND sheets to the wind I m thoroughly convinced that you re the woman I m meant to marry because you throw your head back to laugh I know that sounds extremely romantic but it s not because I don t believe in love I only believe in making sweeping declarations to women I barely know, telling them to TRUST IN US.Megan This can t be real I was JUST admiring your lazy smile and wondering about it s origins I ll test you [...]

  9. 3 starsYou all have heard that saying What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas Now, in some cases that would kind of be true denial is a true life saver at times, but some things simply can t be pushed under the carpet image error Take Megan, for instance The morning after her cousin s bachelorette party, she wakes up in a stranger s bed, and she s wearing a wedding ring image error Now if only she could remember how exactly did she ended up there, all would be all right.For his part, Connor is sur [...]

  10. This novella is currently free on the publisher s website.Initial reaction upon reading the book was, finally, a book where the guy s the one trying to convince his one night stand drunkenly wedded spouse to give their relationship a chance I m not sure if this says something about me as a person, but I love a good story where the man grovels, begs, pleads, woos, romances, etc the heroine whether it be for a past transgression or to win her over in a new relationship That reason alone had me enj [...]

  11. The book starts off alright but then gets so aggravating The arrogance of this man was astounding He was a disgusting prick who really just seemed like he wanted a trophy wife instead of a wife of equal standing He called it a partnership while listing off expectations like an employer I was livid even if the main character was not I just could not believe that such an independently written character like Megan can be okay with all the misogynistic expectations of this guy It s one thing if she [...]

  12. Although completely unrealistic and totally predictable,this was a fun and light read Perfect to entertain on a lazy Sunday And there were a few really good one liners that had me laughing out loud 3,5 stars

  13. There are some tropes that are fun but hard to write without having them seem contrived The accidental marriage is one of them, but Ms Kelly pulls it off nicely Neither of them is looking for love He wants a marriage that based on liking, shared goals and values without the mess of strong emotions She s given up on relationships but wants children and has plans to get artificially inseminated When they meet in Vegas and have a gloriously fun night, he decides she s everything he s looking for an [...]

  14. I was so pleasantly surprised by this book I honestly wasn t expecting much And I know that s horrible to say, but it s Harlequin, and my tastes tend to be a little off from their usual style However, I think the fact that this was their new KISS line had a lot to do with my overall reaction to the story, the characters and the flow.First, let s talk story This isn t a new plot However, it s one of my favorites when done right and when fresh I think Ms Kelly managed both with this book, and I lo [...]

  15. Though all romances seem to fall into the realm of predictability, that doesn t make them any less enjoyable If it ain t brokeNot sure it was the book itself, of Harlequin s one part a day on Facebook release of this that made me like it so much I just couldn t wait for the next installment Still I enjoyed it I like that they were already married, which is definitely a twist on traditional romance And yet, the book still ended with a proposal I liked the flashback aspects And I love that the POV [...]

  16. Waking Up Married is a story about a couple who wakes up married in Las Vegas Megan Scott is in Las Vegas for her cousin s wedding and meets a guy and gets drunk and wakes up married Connor Reed is all for staying married He wants a family but no romantic entanglements He doesn t believe in love Megan has major trust issues and, though she wants a baby, she doesn t want the headache of a husband It really was a cute and good story I had to give it three stars though because I felt it dragged a t [...]

  17. My favorite trope in fanfiction is where people have to act super married because of reasons Like, full on super duper we could fool everyone married That s what I thought I was getting I got a really creepy guy who wanted to force the woman he woke up married to to keep their relationship going even though she was against it Nope.

  18. Title Waking Up MarriedAuthor Mira Lynn KellyGenre romanceSeries Pages 224 Kindle Edition Published December 1, 2012Source publishers via NetGalleyRating 1.5 out of 5Harlequin Romance conjures certain images in ones head, particularly if you or your mother read them in the 70s and 80s You probably remember the red header, the schmaltzy covers, and the shamefully ludicrous plots Harlequin has been desperately trying to put this image behind them by introducing something for every romance reader, [...]

  19. My Review I don t give out 5 hearts very easily but because it caught me off guard completely, I m giving it the full 5 hearts it deserves I got it for free from so I wasn t really expecting it to be this fun, quirky, and seductive I was dreading it was going to be a bit of a heavy read and somewhat complicated but it turned out to be a predictable in a good way and light read, which made it way better than what I was expecting it to be It was very cheesy and corny, which I usually don t like, b [...]

  20. OK, so I read this comment in one of the reviews saying this was the perfect read for the ladies Hey Some of us guys like a nice romance once in a while Or than once in a while Especially us married ones we had to have done something right to get that ring on her finger Of course, we ll never admit to liking this stuff in public and never, ever to another guy our testosterone levels would automatically drop by 50% at least We ll put a cover on the paperback, and we ll keep the Kindle close to o [...]

  21. Cute as fuck Also angsty Loved all of it, but would have preferred it if the conflict this needs to be a marriage without dangerous emotions like love had been wrapped in different language All the focus on the specific word love sucked all the subtlety out of it.

  22. 3 cute,fun filled stars image error When I got this book it did remind me of What happens in Vegas at the start but anyways this was short and fun.I knew what would happen in this book well main bits anyways the title gives it away It all start off when Megan wakes up in a strange bed with a man and finds out that she married him Connor remembers what happened the night before as for Megan everything is a little fuzzy and she doesn t remember why she would marry someone she had just met.She want [...]

  23. I was conflicted about this book I liked it a little, but the hero made me crazy Huh, for once I dislike HIM and not HER He was much too old school for my taste I kept comparing him unfavorably with Edward from Twilight Sparkely vampire thing aside, both characters are too good looking for words, are implausibly wealthy, and both have an inexplicable connection with our virginal or rather conservative heroine Further, both men disregard our leading ladies opinions on what s best for them, all in [...]

  24. Waking Up Married is a fun, sexy read Megan has had enough of heartbreak and disappointment in life She has decided to take matters into her own hands During a not so fun bachelorette party in Las Vegas, she meets Conner The man is a walking fantasy A whole lot of alcohol and several hours later, Megan wakes to find out she married the delicious stranger It then comes time for the getting to know your husband date I love this Conner Man, I love it when you get my name right Wait what Say it agai [...]

  25. The title sums it up, WAKING UP MARRIED, and this is a trope that I love reading when it s done well No worries here, as Ms Kelly did a fabulous job of setting up the situation and then following through with the aftermath Megan s first thought upon waking up with a stranger is that she and Carter Connor need a divorce, like NOW.But CONNOR has other ideas He thinks that Megan is exactly what he was looking for He wants a family, but he doesn t want love He wants affection and fidelity But love W [...]

  26. Arc provided by netgalleyA typical romance where boy meets girl in Vegas , the two of them get drunk, and end up marriedIn the morning, the guy Connor is pretty happy with the arrangemente girl Megan who doesn t quite remember why she agreed to such a preposterous thing, is on the edge of a nervous breakdown, and wants nothing than an annulment.Here s the thing This is well written, it has a nice flow, the characters are interesting, and basically one can read this in one sitting It starts out [...]

  27. Cute Not quite a hot and heavy, but neither is it a mushy mushy romance Do you know what I mean A good classic Saturday afternoon book I finished Waking Up Married in a afternoon and finished the last page with a smile on my face Carter No its Connor.Yeah, that s it.Hahah Adorable romance that started out so as an arrangement for partnership in which there would be no love , but an easy and equal partnership between a man and a woman resulting in a family with children It sounds clinical Of cou [...]

  28. This review also appears on my blog at thegoldenruleof666spoWaking Up Married is such a sweet, cute romance This book was absolutely adorable.I ve always liked the idea of a couple being married and then getting to know each other because I think it creates an interesting dynamic within the couple, but this is the first contemporary romance of that idea that I ve read And it didn t disappoint.Megan was a heroine that was easy to relate to After finding herself in this situation you know, being m [...]

  29. Mira Lyn Kelly turns romance into sizzling reality I fell in love with this book straight from the start The character of Conner was just too good to be true, successful, sexy, caring, understanding and charming as hell and a man after every woman s heart.The author takes the rather unconventional character of Megan to turn Conner s life upside down and visa versa They marry during a night of drunken stupor in Vegas But Megan has her life all figured out and being married to Connor is not part o [...]

  30. Waking up married is a very cute story about finding love when you aren t even looking for it This one didn t surprise me since the cover itself and the blurb was pretty cute already so I m prepared for what is in store for me on this read.For most part, this story reminds me of the movie What Happens In Vegas Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz because well, the setting was the same and they both ended up being married.Megan sworn off men after her last relationship ended in a humongous disaster Co [...]

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