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From Ashes Aside from her dad who passed away when she was six Cassidy Jameson has only ever trusted one man her best friend Tyler So of course she follows him to Texas when he leaves for college She just did

Aside from her dad, who passed away when she was six, Cassidy Jameson has only ever trusted one man her best friend, Tyler So of course she follows him to Texas when he leaves for college She just didn t expect to be so drawn to their new roommate, Gage, a gorgeous guy with a husky Southern drawl The only problem He s Tyler s cousin.Gage Carson was excited to share anAside from her dad, who passed away when she was six, Cassidy Jameson has only ever trusted one man her best friend, Tyler So of course she follows him to Texas when he leaves for college She just didn t expect to be so drawn to their new roommate, Gage, a gorgeous guy with a husky Southern drawl The only problem He s Tyler s cousin.Gage Carson was excited to share an apartment off campus with his cousin He didn t mind that Tyler was bringing the mysterious friend he d heard about since they were kids until the most beautiful girl he s ever seen jumps out of his cousin s Jeep There s something about Cassi that makes Gage want to give her everything Too bad Tyler has warned him that she s strictly off limits.Despite everything keeping them apart, Cassi and Gage dance dangerously close to the touch they re both been craving But when disaster sends her running into Tyler s arms, Cassi will have to decide whether to face the demons of her past or to burn her chance at a future with Gage.

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  1. Molly grew up in California but now lives in the oh so amazing state of Texas with her husband, daughter, and fur babies When she s not diving into the world of her characters, some of her hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and long walks on the beach which roughly translates to being a homebody with her hubby and dishing out movie quotes She has a weakness for crude hud movies and fried pickles, and loves curling up in a fluffy comforter during a thunderstorm or under one in a bathtub if there are tornados That way she can pretend they aren t really happening.

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  1. This review contains unmarked spoilers.TAKING CHANCES and Oceana are not friends.We are not friends at all.Not because that plot twist completely crushed my heart, or because the main character didn t end up with whom every one wanted It was because I purely and truly despised that book, and for some crazy, unexplainable reason, I decided to read FROM ASHES In all honesty, I was hoping it would be be much better than its predecessor, so I could write a nice review instead of a incoherent, angry, [...]

  2. Review posted at Swept Away By RomanceGenre New AdultHeat Level Moderately SteamyAngst Level Angsty, but not OTT nothing which will require you to seek a support group Crazy Dayzzz Drama Level Nothing OTT Possible Issues For Peeps Some discussion of abuse5 StarsA star was born with Taking Chances one of my favorite books of 2012 and, with the release of From Ashes, Molly McAdams continues to shine so very, VERY bright Cassidy Jameson escapes a wretched, abusive existence in California with her l [...]

  3. I have to start by saying that I really, really wanted to like this book I was looking forward to it, I had been reading the teasers, I was excited I read Taking Chances a few months ago and I loved it There were things I had issues with in that book too, but I wanted to read it the entire time I had to know It actually got some well a lot, let s not kid ourselves here emotion out of me and I cared By the end of From Ashes, I just didn t care any The story starts with Tyler Cassi moving to Texas [...]

  4. 3 a 3 4 RANT TIME Some parts of this book SERIOUSLY pissed the shit out of me so hence this book will not be entering my favorite shelf.There was HARDLY ANY FUCKING COMMUNICATION between Cassidy Gage during the first 3 4th of the book I was yelling at my laptop while reading saying Speak the fuck to each other bitches, or face my wrath And OH MY GOD Tyler, SOB I wanted to chop important anatomy s off his body What a fucking asshole I cannot believe he would fall so fucking low.I found parts of t [...]

  5. EDIT 12 13 12 I know, I know I know I said I wouldn t review it but I can t help myself The following is only one out of the many things that bothered me though, so this ll be short What the hell is it with McAdams and time frames She basically DOES NOT USE THEM It jumps from a week, to 8 months with no warning, and you re left going WTF She really needs to work on this issue before she writes books There were times in the book when it jumped from one day, to 3 weeks later and it wasn t clear u [...]

  6. This review rant will not be in normal format, instead it will be in freehand along with unmarked major spoilers.I really shouldn t review this book I really shouldn t It s just going to make me angry, plus I have other books to review But, books that make me so angry like FROM ASHES, I need to review, no matter how bad it is for my sanityOM ASHES is pretty much the worst book I have ever read I know I m going to say it again and probably will till the end of time but at this time, I cannot imag [...]

  7. SPOILER FREE REVIEW3 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult CollegeThey ve been best friends since they were seven He was always there for her when she needed him In her pain and in her heartache He never let her down EVER Now it s time for him to go but there is no way he is leaving her behind Good bye California, Hello TexasWhen Cassidy Jameson moves to Texas with her best friend Tyler she has no idea what to expect After recently graduating high school she has no plans to further her education So for [...]

  8. You had to find the beauty from the ashes.It didn t take long for us to realize it didn t just apply to actual ashes Because there were a lot of times in our lives that we d had to find the light in the dark Yet again, another book I was disappointed with Okay, ILIKEit I didn t LOVE it I m going to be honest and say that this book annoyed the shit out of me, and finishing this one was a struggle.Why Here s why One word TYLER I wanna beat his ass to a pulp.What.aUCHE Feeding wrong information on [...]

  9. When I started this book I was kinda into it.Then someone started lying and no one else bothered to communicate and took the douchebag s word for it.Then shit started to get cleared up, but someone went psycho over her boyfriend having exs.And everyone stopped communicating again.

  10. 3 Stars Sweet story, but wasn t entirely blown awayWhile I was intrigued by the premise of this story, I felt there were moments where its execution fell flat Although From Ashes deals significantly with physical abuse, its plot largely focuses on an intense roller coaster romance, and damaged but redeemable relationships Cassidy and Tyler have been best friends since childhood Tyler is Cassi s rock protecting and consoling her for as long as she can remember When they finally decide to flee the [...]

  11. I was lucky enough to get a chance to read From Ashes by Molly McAdams before it s release Seriously, the suspense has been killing me for months I am thrilled to report that I have absolutely fallen in love with From Ashes Well Worth The Wait For any of you wondering if From Ashes is similar to Taking Chances I can assure you that the only thing they share in common is that they were written by an incredibly talented author For me, From Ashes was an absolutely beautiful love story The story lin [...]

  12. 12 13 12 So I finished the book after I marked it DNF because I could not honestly rant as much as I was if I did not finish the book Secretly, I was hoping that after a short break, I would actually like it NO, I still did not like it even after it had a nice ending That is why I am giving it a star It deserves something because it had a nice ending and I did like Gage Other then that, my views have not changed Had to recover from that 1 1 2 years of misunderstanding to a bunch of other silly m [...]

  13. Originally Posted onConfessions of an Opinionated Book Geek1.5 Stars It would be dishonest for me to say that I did not like parts of this book I have no problem with the first half I thought the love story was sweet and really rooted for Gage and Cassidy I got to the halfway mark and realized that this book is very similar to the energizer bunny It just keeps going and going and going By the time I read 51% of this book I literally could not understand why the story kept going The antagonists c [...]

  14. 3 Stars Through these ashes, I pray you re able to find peace, knowing that your nightmare is now over I was a little leary about starting this book after the heartbreak I experienced with Taking Chances Readers will be happy to know that such a loss is not experienced in this book.Cassidy is a victim of abuse by the hand of her mother and stepfather Her only friend confidant for the past eleven years has been Tyler her next door neighbor When Tyler takes off for college he brings Cassidy with h [...]

  15. I ve been battling with how many stars to give this, but sticking by my ratings guide that I always try to abide by Unfinished Disliked I liked it but didn t love it I loved it but there are things that didn t work for me I absolutely adored it I have to go with three I didn t dislike the book, but I didn t love it either I haven t read Molly McAdams other book, Taking Chances, as I found out, by accident, what happened and it took some of the appeal away But I do know that it was a book that se [...]

  16. Just a few words on this one.It was a DNF for me I swear I got so frustrated and utterly pissed with the misunderstandings.There is this thing, people, called TALKING.If you don t want so called friends screwing with your life and relationships, try speaking instead of throwing tantrums alleeaking.time.

  17. El g nero New Adult es de mis favoritos, siempre me ha gustado embarcarme en una novela llena de romance y drama y por eso no dude en darle una oportunidad a De las cenizas , pero me he llevado una decepci n con este libro.Antes de ponerme a contaros las cositas que han hecho de esta lectura un chasco para m , os dir lo que me ha gustado Principalmente el mensaje de esperanza, de superar los tes y de mirar siempre al futuro y no quedarse estancado en el pasado, creo que eso la autora lo ha sabid [...]

  18. I absolutely loved this book Taking Chances is in my top 5 favorite books of 2012, so I had really high expectations for this one let me tell you, Molly McAdams did not let me down It was fantastic You had to find the beauty from the ashes It didn t take long for us to realize it didn t just apply to actual ashes Because there were a lot of times in our lives that we had to find the light in the dark.Cassidy Jameson s father died when she was six years old On her sixth birthday to be exact She n [...]

  19. Madre m a el drama que hay en este libro No esperaba nada de l, solo algo que al menos me entretuviera y fuera una bonita historia de amor, pero lo que me encontr fue una historia que pasaba tan r pido que literalmente no me daba cuenta de cu ndo hab an pasado los meses, y los protagonistas ya sab an que eran el amor de sus vidas y NO Una vez superado eso, hab an demasiados obst culos que les imped an estar juntos y algunos eran tan WTF, que quer a tirar el libro Con lo f cil que es coger a la p [...]

  20. I really thought I would love this book, but sometimes it just does not happen This book reallly irriatated the crap out of me there was so many misscommunicatiions that I would yell out loud REALLY I loved the characters just not how they never talked about there problems The last 25% was really good though and there is a HEA so it was good just not what I was hoping for.

  21. Ok I m ready to talkWithout being mean to the author, I went in to this book not expecting to love it I read Taking Chances and although it was very well written, the heroine annoyed me and I hated the ending Unfortunately for this book, not only did the heroine annoy me, so did every other freaking person involved Apart from Gage, he was the only saving Grace in this book.I can t go in to too much detail because I will end up getting worked up over the book again, so I ll just explain my issues [...]

  22. Stopping at 58% Wow, I didn t even make it as far with this one as I did with Taking Chances.OH.GOD I dislike this book so very much, I cannot even begin to explain how furious I am right now I m so angry, I m shaking Literally shaking.This does not work for me Molly s books obviously don t work for me I won t EVER come within a 10 mile radius of one of her books again You hear me NEVERAIN ggggrrrrrrrr I really need to get a grip I don t think I m able to formulate a review right now that s not [...]

  23. Ten a grandes expectativas con este libro hab a llamado bastante la atenci n la sinopsis y ten a muchas ganas de leerlo me decepcion completamente pareci que la escritora no se pon a de acuerdo con lo que quer a con el libro justo como la protagonista.o es que la chama Cassi qued tostada con tanto abuso en su infancia y por eso era as s Otra cosa, me pareci innecesario el personaje de Connor y que ella tuviera sentimientos por todoseo que con Tyler ya era suficiente, y eso tampoco me gust o desp [...]

  24. Apparently I like torturing myself because I swore i would never read a Molly McAdams book againI still haven t gotten over Chasebut what the heck let the fireworks of tears start now cause I can t not read this deliciously sounding book

  25. Rating B Heat WarmCassidy Jameson takes the phrase a life of hard knocks and turns it into a backstory that is, quite simply, horrifying Her life started out as the apple of her parents eye, the princess who never went without and then, on her sixth birthday, that changes completely with the death of her father Her mother let s just say she takes a flying leap off the deep end And Cassi pays the price Having spent the last twelve years of her life suffering constant abuse, Cassi is quiet and res [...]

  26. For me, this was a middle of the road read Ok, but nothing to write home about Cassidy was sweet, and only mildly irritating occasionally, and Gage couldn t have been dedicated or loyal hero if he tried I was glad that there was no real love triangle, because honestly, they drive than a little crazy, but the constant misunderstandings for two YEARS about drove me up a wall I mean, seriously, if anyone talked to each other honestly for five minutes, everything would have been fine.I also had a [...]

  27. There will be spoilers in this review I ve been hearing about this book as well as the other series by this author for awhile I can even admit to digging on the cover I figured there would be something good about this book series.There seems to be a new adult formula that a majority of the authors follow and McAdams is no exception In fact, instead of just grabbing one or two of the ideas, she used practically everything.From Ashes follows Cassi, a broken girl from a broken home Her broken life [...]

  28. I d be lying if I said I wasn t a little scared to read this book I ve never read Molly McAdams other book Taking Chances but I read a lot about it I honestly wasn t sure what to expect when I started this book But man am I glad I gave this book a chance Cassidy is finally free After almost twelve years of being abused and feeling like she ll never have a future, Tyler takes her with him to Texas But just because she s finally away from California doesn t mean that her past doesn t haunt her I r [...]

  29. From the spoilers, I can already tell this will be my second favorite book Molly is genius and I can t wait for the release in December I m already on Team Gage What an amazing read This book had me stressing about life and love and all around happiness Molly, once again, has filled my heart with joy and sadness At first, I HATED Tyler He was selfish and possessive and I just didn t like him Gage was sweet, and the love and admiration he had toward Cassidy was amazing From Ashes was such a symbo [...]

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