The Drowning

The Drowning What happens if you ve done something terrible But you can t remember what And you don t know how to put it right When Carl opens his eyes on the banks of a lake his brother is being zipped into a bo

What happens if you ve done something terrible But you can t remember what And you don t know how to put it right When Carl opens his eyes on the banks of a lake, his brother is being zipped into a body bag What happened in the water He can t remember And when he glimpses a beautiful girl he thinks he recognizes, she runs away Suddenly he knows he must find her bWhat happens if you ve done something terrible But you can t remember what And you don t know how to put it right When Carl opens his eyes on the banks of a lake, his brother is being zipped into a body bag What happened in the water He can t remember And when he glimpses a beautiful girl he thinks he recognizes, she runs away Suddenly he knows he must find her because together they must face the truth before it drowns them.

The Drowning TV Mini Series Created by Francesca Brill, Francesca Brill, Luke Watson With Jill Halfpenny, Dara Devaney, Deborah Findlay, Deirdre Mullins Since losing her son eight years ago, Jodie has been rebuilding her life but when she catches sight of Daniel, she is convinced she has found her missing son. The Drowning TV series The Drowning is a British four part television thriller drama miniseries written and created by Francesca Brill and Luke Watson It was first broadcast on Channel on four consecutive nights from February It stars Jill Halfpenny, Jonas Armstrong, Rupert Penry Jones and Deborah Findlay. The Drowning Season Rotten Tomatoes The Drowning may sound like a been there done that detective yarn of no particular distinction But, tightly shot and edited, it s a marvel of efficient story telling And Halfpenny gives an The Drowning Rotten Tomatoes The Drowning is a film of small, visceral pleasures its ambiguity is absolutely delicious but most of its weight rests on Charles May , The Drowning acorn Back to Home The Drowning When Jodie s young son vanished from a lakeside picnic, it was presumed he drowned, but Jodie believed he was abducted Years later, she sees a boy she s certain is her son Jeopardizing the life she s painstakingly rebuilt, Jodie begins a dangerous and morally dark journey to prove the boy is her son and save him The Drowning on Channel Everything you need to know Jan , The Drowning will air on Channel nightly from Monday st February to Thursday th February at pm What is The Drowning about The drama centres on The Drowning TV Mini Series The Drowning TV Mini The Drowning User Reviews Review this title Reviews Hide Spoilers Sort by Filter by Rating Absolute Drivel senorcoxy February I have never watched a channel drama and I never will again How or why Jill Halfpenny and Rupert Penny Jones agreed to this is beyond me New thriller The Drowning is a Lifetime movie on steroids May , The Drowning, a four part British thriller which set viewership records on Channel in the UK, arrives Thursday and will premiere simultaneously on sister networks Sundance Now and Acorn TV. The Drowning review mistaken identity or a shocking Feb , The Drowning pays much attention to the endurance and the depths of a bereaved parent s sorrow and how guilt manifests, while refusing to The Drowning movie review film summary Roger Ebert May , But the problem with The Drowning isn t that the characters are insubstantial, but rather that they don t dry up and disappear fast enough Thriller Drama Simon Abrams Simon Abrams is a native New Yorker and freelance film critic whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Village Voice, and elsewhere.

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The Drowning

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  1. Sadly this was not good I was excited to get an arc of this book after reading the premise and falling in love with that beautiful cover However once I started reading I began to worry if I would finish the story at all.1 The flashbacks and time jumps threw me off They were confusing because our main character Cee, doesn t know if they are true or not and they also reveal him to be an awful person.2 I didn t get the relationships in the story the characters were not well written to the point tha [...]

  2. Ik ben niet echt een lezer maar dit boek heeft me echt wel kunnen meesleuren in het verhaal omdat er veel spanning in voor kwam waardoor ik steeds verder wou lezen om het vervolg te weten In het begin was het wel een beetje onduidelijk omdat het verhaal begon op een rare manier en ik niets wist over de personages Na een aantal pagina s werd pas duidelijk wie in de Ik vorm sprak Tijdens het lezen komt er steeds meer duidelijkheid over wat er precies is gebeurd en kom je veel te weten over alle pe [...]

  3. Sometimes the dead don t go quietly I heard someone But there s noone there It sounded like But it couldn t be I heard him last night, though, when I was drifting off But that s different, isn t it When you re nearly asleep, the edges blur, you re halfway into your dreams, aren t you But I m awake now Someone s messing about, playing tricks on me This book will leave you looking over your shoulder every time you go to have a shower It s that creepy The main character, Carl is a 15 year old boy, [...]

  4. The Drowning Certainly an interesting book and I found it difficult to put down, but it wasn t exactly enjoyable to read I was curious about how it would end and the fates of the characters, but as much as the book seems to be about finding closure, it didn t really have much itself, which is slightly frustrating to me A few quick things that I noticed about The Drowning First thing is that it felt very fast paced, Chris, or Cee, who tells the story hardly ever slows down Second, there is not mu [...]

  5. Een bijzonder verhaal Op de cover zie je een meisje, die lijkt in een kamer te zijn, gevuld met water De titel is verdronken, wat zou dit betekenen Het begint met een jongen die aan de rand van een rivier ligt en naast hem ligt een jongen die sprekend op hem lijkt Er wordt een rits gesloten van de zak waar deze in ligt Als hij in de ambulance ligt, komt er een meisje bij en die begint te gillen, zodra ze hem ziet Dan gaat het verhaal verder met dat hij op weg is naar huis in een taxi, samen met [...]

  6. Really thoroughly enjoyed this book part spooky and part mystery it hooked me from page 1 and didn t let go until the end I made a full video review here youtube watch v 121yD

  7. A contemporary thriller with a paranormal twist It was interesting to see the water almost become a character in itself an unstoppable, destructive force The novel is dark and dramatic, and has a good pace The creepy paranormal element will appeal to fans of FRACTURE by Megan Miranda.

  8. This book was brilliant The story was great and it was spooky I think it s one of the best books I ve read this year.

  9. wandering worldyrock 31Ouaw Quelle lecture REVIENS MOI est un roman qui m a coup le souffle, et je ne m attendais vraiment pas a J ai suffoqu , me suis noy , et j ai t entra n dans un torrent d motions palpitantes Que de suspense, de stress, de surprises et d adr naline Je tiens pr ciser que la couverture du roman et le titre du livre collent PARFAITEMENT l histoire L ambiance de ce r cit est tellement bien repr sent e travers ces deux l ments M me si la fin de REVIENS MOI m a sembl un peu pr ci [...]

  10. Worum geht s Rob ist tot Ertrunken in dem t dlichen Wasser des Sees und Carl war dabei Doch er kann sich an nichts erinnern Seit jenem verh ngnisvollen Tag leidet Carl unter Ged chtnisverlust und wird von unz hligen Fragen geplagt Warum waren er und sein Bruder bei Sturm am See Wer ist das M dchen, das bei ihnen war Warum hat ausgerechnet Carl berlebt Und warum kann er nicht um seinen Bruder trauern Carl macht sich auf die Suche nach Antworten, das ist er Rob schuldig und das l sst sein Bruder i [...]

  11. Zitat Aber wer bin ich Und wer war mein Bruder Mochte ich ihn Mochte er mich Nicht, wenn die Erinnerung auf der Treppe stimmt.Ich denke an das, was man mir erz hlt hat Dein Bruder ist tot Es gab einen Unfall Er ist ertrunken Wieso sp re ich nichts Ich muss doch ein Monster sein, wenn ich keine Trauer empfinde S 26 Woher wei man, ob man gerade verr ckt wird Sieht man dann anders aus Kann man es in den eigenen Augen sehen S 59 Inhalt Carls Bruder Rob ist ertrunken Das hat man Carl erz hlt Er war g [...]

  12. absluut geen fan Ik heb het uitgelezen omdat ik zelden een boek niet uitlees, en omdat het maar 192 bladzijden had heb ik me er toch maar doorgeworstelt Absoluut mijn ding niet.

  13. very slow nothing really happened bit of an open ending cant say if i loved it or hated it however, have heard better things about the second so may try it if i find it in the library

  14. Als Carl zu sich kommt, sieht er ein Gesicht neben sich sein Gesicht, das Gesicht seines Bruder, bleich und schlammverschmiert Tot Was geschehen ist und wer das schreiende M dchen im Krankenwagen ist, wei er nicht mehr, und auch ansonsten sind seine Erinnerungen wie ausgel scht Die Frau, die ihn vom Krankenhaus abholt, kennt er nicht, auch wenn es hei t, dass es seine Mutter sei Doch mit jedem Tag kehren mehr und mehr Fragmente zur ck Schreie seiner Mutter, Bilder von seinem Bruder, wie er L che [...]

  15. Als Carl die Augen aufschl gt sieht er seinen Burder, voller Schlamm, blass, tot W hrend Carl nur ein Gehirnersch ttern bekommen und sein Ged chnis verloren hat, ist sein Bruder Rob im See gestorben Carl kann sich an nichts mehr errinern, erkennt nicht mal mehr seine Mutter aber daf r sieht er, immer wenn er nass ist, seinen toten Bruder der ihn verfolgt und droht ihn zu t ten sollte Carl f r den rachs chtigen Bruder nicht seine ehemalige Freundin Neisha umbringen Insgeheim ist der Junge aber ve [...]

  16. The Drowning has to be one of the strangest books I ve read this year, and that s saying something I definitely don t mean this in bad way though The Drowning was a compelling and wonderfully written novel that I couldn t put down I didn t expect anything less from Rachel Ward, who has the ability to write stories that I m sure everyone will love This book is very different from Rachel s other novel Numbers, but also very similar at the same time with a fast paced and action packed plot line The [...]

  17. Kurzbeschreibung Er kommt zu sich Ein Tropfen trifft sein linkes Auge Dann schie t Regen aus dem grauen Himmel Er dreht den Kopf zur Seite, spuckt Schlamm und Kies aus, entdeckt ein Gesicht, wenige Meter entfernt Haare kleben wie d nne Schlangen auf der Stirn Aus dem Mundwinkel rinnt Wasser Bleiche Haut, dreckverschmiert, geschlossene Augen Es ist sein eigenes Gesicht Als Carl aufwacht, ist Rob tot Doch Carl kann sich an nichts erinnern Nicht, wie sein Bruder ertrunken ist, oder warum sie an dem [...]

  18. Sprache Drowning berzeugt mit kurzen schnellen S tzen, die zu Beginn noch Tempo in die Geschichte bringen Ungesch nt zeigt die Autorin die sozialschwachen Verh ltnisse von Carl, seine alkoholabh ngige Mutter und das Problemviertel, in dem er lebt Trotzdem werden Carls Gedanken, Gef hle und ngste gut r bergebracht, sodass man auch seine Trauer, beziehungsweise die anf ngliche Unf higkeit mit Robs Tod umzugehen, gut nachf hlen kann.Figuren Carl stand schon immer im Schatten seines Bruders und dies [...]

  19. I have recently finished reading The drowning by Rachel Ward and to be very honest, i am in love with this book so basically this book deals with a boy, Carl who one day opens his eyes to see his dead brother being zipped in a body bag and his memory about the incident is totally washed up.The synopsis of the book was quite promising and i wasnt let down It was a complete page turner and i wasnt bored at any point of time Though i did find the middle of the story being dragged and probably that [...]

  20. This reviews was originally posted at booksandwindowseats.wordpress You re welcome to stop by for bookish stuff Carl is fteen His brother has drowned in the lake and his death is said to have been a terrible accident But Carl s memory is missing He doesn t remember anything why were they at the lake How did he die Why does he feel guilty Who is the girl As his memory slowly recovers, the truth becomes and terrifying, and his brother, Rob, is back.This book is just magni cent The story is amaz [...]

  21. The Drowning, by Rachel Ward was based on a really great idea that in my opinion wasn t executed as well as it might have been The book s summary on GoodReads calls it a dark psychodrama, and it s an apt description Carl wakes up soaking wet with no memory to see his brother being zipped into a body bag and a wet girl screaming at him The story centers around him getting his memory back and piecing together how the girl and his brother and he fit together He also has to figure out why he can sti [...]

  22. Okay, so I don t really get this book First I thought this is some kind of crime story with a What happened that night Is Are he she they killed him plot then I started to read and I recognized that this is actually a YA thriller and our main character is 15 years old Okaaay It still can be good, right Well, my hopes started to crash very quickly with the foreplay The writing was very fragmented and lumpy, it felt like I was reading in robot style I wondered if I could even finish the book I did [...]

  23. I was given this book as an ARC from via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Carl almost died in the lake But he doesn t remember what happened When he wakes up he sees his brother Rob being zipped up in a body bag and there is a girl A girl who is terrified of him But he doesn t know why He can t remember anything before waking up His mother is assured that he ll remember But does Carl want to remember Will the truth set him free or drown him like the water of the lake that drowned his b [...]

  24. Als Carl aufwacht, ist Rob tot Doch Carl kann sich an nichts erinnern Nicht, wie sein Bruder ertrunken ist, oder warum sie an dem See waren und auch nicht, weshalb Neisha, die offensichtlich bei ihnen war, Todesangst vor ihm hat Er wei nur, dass er herausfinden muss, was passiert ist Bevor vollendet wird, was an jenem Tag begann.Rachel Ward ist mit Drowning T dliches Element ein durchaus lesenswerter Jugendthriller gelungen.Die Geschichte wird in der Ich Perspektive aus Carls Sicht erz hlt Dadur [...]

  25. Carl, sein Bruder Rob und dessen Freundin Neisha waren am See Ein Sturm kommt auf und als Carl erwacht, ist sein Bruder tot und Neisha hat panische Angst vor ihm Nur das Carl selbst sich an nichts erinnern kann.Und so wei man als Leser anfangs genauso viel wie Carl nichts Als dieser nach Hause kommt, erkennt er weder sein Zimmer noch seine Mutter Alles was ihm bleibt, ist ein fremdartiges, beklemmendes Gef hl, dass Rachel Ward wirklich gut r ber gebracht hat Carl versucht mit all dem klar zu kom [...]

  26. Original review posted hereI was intrigued by this book as soon as I read the prologue It was only a couple of pages but it draws you into the story so well you can t help but be hooked.The protagonist, Carl is left with amnesia after an accident that s left his brother dead His confused state is just another thing that pulls you into the story information is leaked in dribs and drabs as it comes back to him Small things like where he lives and who his neighbours are, and then much bigger things [...]

  27. The Drowning is very different from Ward s first trilogy, Numbers, in many ways, but it is also very similar The thing I love the most about this author is that we know what to expect and my expectations were very high for The Drowning Those expectations were, however, were low compared to how much I actually loved this book.After an accident that killed his brother, Carl has been left with amnesia This meant that the reader gets to know the world that Carl lives in at the same time he does I m [...]

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