Bambini di farina

Bambini di farina In una scuola inglese in una classe di studenti irrecuperabili i ragazzi vengono coinvolti in una sorta di esperimento scientifico che consiste nel ricevere un sacco di farina di tre chili il peso d

In una scuola inglese, in una classe di studenti irrecuperabili, i ragazzi vengono coinvolti in una sorta di esperimento scientifico che consiste nel ricevere un sacco di farina di tre chili il peso di un bambino neonato e accudirlo per tre settimane, stando attenti che non corra pericoli, non si sporchi, non perda peso e non venga rosicchiato dal cane Il lavoro di baIn una scuola inglese, in una classe di studenti irrecuperabili, i ragazzi vengono coinvolti in una sorta di esperimento scientifico che consiste nel ricevere un sacco di farina di tre chili il peso di un bambino neonato e accudirlo per tre settimane, stando attenti che non corra pericoli, non si sporchi, non perda peso e non venga rosicchiato dal cane Il lavoro di babysitter pesante e le insidie sono molteplici in uno spogliatoio maschile di un campo da calcio, per esempio, la speranza di vita di un bambino di farina si misura in minuti Come in altri suoi libri l autrice affronta con grande sensibilit i problemi che nascono dal rapporto tra adulti e ragazzi in una combinazione del tutto particolare tra realismo e gusto per l assurdo.

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Bambini di farina

  1. Though readers often find themselves inadvertently laughing aloud as they read Anne Fine s novels, as she herself admits, a lot of my work, even for fairly young readers, raises serious social issues Growing up is a long and confusing business I try to show that the battle through the chaos is worthwhile and can, at times, be seen as very funny In 1994, this unique combination of humour and realism inspired the hit movie MRS DOUBTFIRE, based on Anne s novel MADAME DOUBTFIRE and starring the late comedic genius Robin Williams.Anne is best known in her home country, England, as a writer principally for children, but over the years she has also written eight novels for adult readers Seven of these she describes as black or sour comedies, and the first, THE KILLJOY, simply as dead black These novels have proved great favourites with reading groups, causing readers to squirm with mingled horror and delight as she peels away the layers in all too familiar family relationships, exposing the tangled threads and conflicts beneath It s perhaps not surprising that Anne has openly expressed astonishment at the fact that murder in the domestic setting is not even common Anne has written than sixty books for children and young people Amongst numerous other awards, she is twice winner of both the Carnegie Medal, Britain s most prestigious children s book award, and the Whitbread Award Twice chosen as Children s Author of the Year in the British Book Awards, Anne Fine was also the first novelist to be honoured as Children s Laureate in the United Kingdom In 2003, Anne became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and was awarded an OBE Her work has been translated into forty five languages.Anne Fine lives in the north of England and has two grown up daughters.

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  1. Although the main protagonist of Anne Fine s Flour Babies opinionated and often rather annoying and careless teenager Simon Martin really and majorly despises school work, he does nevertheless and grudgingly accept his assignment of having to take home a large bag of flour and then look after and take care of said bag like a baby, like a newborn infant well, in Flour Babies, the take home project uses bags of flour, while other similar types of school projects have and even in reality featured e [...]

  2. Flour Babies centres around Simon Martin, his peers in Form 4C and their experiences of a Child Development project, where they each take on the responsibility of a small sack of flour for several weeks The bag of flour comes equipped with a set of rules The flour babies must be kept clean and dry at all times No flour baby may be left unattended at any time, night or day and they are weighed weekly to check for leakages or weight gain through taking on water both are signs of neglect The studen [...]

  3. Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meu i eu am crescu f r tat i Simon este, ntr un fel, un alter ego de al meu Nu am avut vreodat un copil de f in asupra c ruia s mi rev rs sentimentele reprimate dar eram b ntuit de ntreb ri cu privire la lipsa tat lui meu, ntreb ri care m chinuiau i care deveneau din ce n ce mai ap s toare atunci c nd mai aveam conflicte la coal i nimeni nu mi putea lua ap rarea i nici nu aveam cum s amenin cu tata care va veni s i zv nte n b taie pe agresor [...]

  4. Cute, enjoyable story Another I grabbed through readitswapit.The funny thing was, when I read that the boys were in class 4C, I immediately assumed this meant grade 4 as in they were about 9 years old And with a simple science project like the flour babies, as well as the way the boys spoke and acted, this didn t seem to be an incorrect assumption It wasn t until about halfway, when Simon mentioned a memory in which he was a kid, only 9 or 10 that I realised the author might have meant form 4 an [...]

  5. Class 4C takes part in a school project in which students have to carry around a sack of flour and treat it as a baby and take care of it for some weeks I didn t like this book, only the parts when Simon reflects on what has happened to his family nospoilershere.

  6. Class 4C are a group of students who don t do well at school and their teacher is Mr Cartright When he explains that due to their past lack of skills in science they are not allowed to do the exploding custard tins etc as past classes have done and have to choose from a list of safer topics Textiles, nutrition, domestic economy, child development or consumer studies Not knowing what half the words even mean, 4C go into overdrive arguing what to do Child development ends up being chosen at random [...]

  7. Simon Martin and his classmates are problematic Labeled as emotionally deficit and intellectually challenged, this motley group of Room 8 s are perceived as too stupid to participate in the difficult projects for the science fair.Instead, each are given the task of a parent child experiment For the duration of 21 days each student must tote around a six pound bag of flour and parent their ward At the end of that time all flour bags will be weighed and checked for cleanliness.What ensues is a lau [...]

  8. It is the story of the notorious Class 4C and the school s yearly science fair 4C is the class of boys who don t want to be in school and especially don t want to have to do the topic of child development for their stall they would much rather get to do Exploding Custard Tins but none of them have passed their physics exam , the Soap Factory but none of them have passed their chemistry exam , or even Maggot Farm but none of them have passed the biology exam either so child development it is and [...]

  9. Simon s school assignment is to take care of a flour baby for three weeks He gets quite attached to his little baby, and it raises questions for him about his father s abandonment of the family when Simon himself was a baby.I do very much like this book, but felt that the audience that could benefit most from it probably won t have the vocabulary level to read it It s got some difficult words The book states over and over that Simon is not a good speller, is a bit of a juvenile deliquent, and pr [...]

  10. I remember borrowing this from the library time and time again when I was younger I loved this story Anne Fine is a great childrens author It teaches children how much responsibility is involved in looking after a child or anything really.10 07 09 Re readI checked this out from the library to read again I still found this a fun read from an adult perspective It s not surprising that this book won awards I think that it s a very informative book for a child to read and raises some very valid argu [...]

  11. I loved this book I must admit when I first picked it up, I was a little sceptical to read it but after the first few chapters, I really got into it With a strong theme of family running throughout the book, I particularly like how towards the end of the book, Simon, the main character begins to realise how hard it must have been for his mum to care for him With Simon having to care the flour baby he begins to wonder about his own father, who, left when he was still a baby I liked the link that [...]

  12. I love this book.When I start reading it, it was hard because it was boring,and was a lots of characters.But when I stared reading it was interesting.How this autor thing, it is amazing.I really want book from this autor.

  13. As part of a school assignment, Simon is handed a flour sack which he has to care of, as if it was a baby During this journey Simon learns to deal with the absence of his father who had left when he was very young Although the premise of the story is interesting, I feel the author fails to flesh out her characters enough Important details are missing For instance, not once is it mentioned how old Simon is

  14. 1 Penguin level 22 7 14 50minutes 7 15 35minutes3 flour, baby, science, children, hard, father, explosion4 a The boys must look after their flour babies for three weeks b At first, I thought it s homemaking, not science 5 When I found this book, I was surprised at the title What a funny title But boys grew up through looking after flour babies.

  15. Bogdan, ce ai n eles tu din cartea asta C era un b iat, iar tat l lui a fugit de acas i el n timp ce se ocup de proiectul de la tiin e N ELEGE de ce spoiler alert, cumva.

  16. I did enjoy this book and I read it quickly However, a few things nagged me and these few things are what made me lower my rating Firstly, we the reader didn t get a clear description of most of the boys, yes you had Simon, Martin and the teachers but most of the other boys seemed to just be blurs and shadows in the background The next thing is that Fine built and built the novel in pace so I was waiting for a big reveal at the end or a twist, for example, maybe we got to find out that Simon s d [...]

  17. i n toat lumea sunt milioane i milioane de oameni care n au nimic de a face cu mine, care nici m car nu m cunosc i cu to ii se descurc perfect f r mine A a cum i eu m descurc perfect f r ei.

  18. Horrible.No action and a weird story I regret that I bought it and I regret that I waisted my time instead of reading an awesome book.

  19. Great message for teenagers about parenthood and not to be a parent until they are really ready Also this is by far the best audiobook Mine is narrated by Richard Mitchley.

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  21. Mr Cassidy, teacher of room 8 forsees nothing but trouble ahead when the annual school science fair asks his class aka The Sads and The Bads to submit a project.The class unanimously votes to have flour babies after a student named Simon mistakenly over hears a conversation that leads him to believe that at the end of the experiment they will be able to destroy their flour sacks.The six pound flour bags are passed out and each boy is given the responsibility to care for his baby around the clock [...]

  22. Class 4C basically the remedial science class is faced with the task of choosing this year s science project from a list of the most innocuous boring experiments possible You can t really blame the school Only a fool would trust the misfits of 4C with volatile chemicals, sharp objects, or anything that has the remotest possibility of going boom Due to a misunderstanding involving an overheard conversation, Simon Martin convinces his classmates that they will be rewarded with a gigantic explosion [...]

  23. Well, the annual school science fair is coming and Mr Cartridge s class doesn t get to work on one of those fun things like the Maggot Farm or the Exploding Custard Tins To their intense disgust, they get the flour babies all thanks to Simon, the next kid in class who made a noise It s just a sweet lifeless six pounds bag of flour, but, as if torture, they need to take extra care of it Simon hung on to it, just because he wanted to live the Big Explosion which he actually misunderstood because w [...]

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