Blackfeather When Kate s life is saved by a mysterious handsome stranger she can t help but fall for him but he is not what he appears to be Now evil is on their trail she is faced with the most important dilemma

When Kate s life is saved by a mysterious handsome stranger she can t help but fall for him, but he is not what he appears to be Now evil is on their trail she is faced with the most important dilemma of her life Can she save their souls from a 500 year old curse or will she send an angel to Hell Either way she will lose the man she loves.

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  1. Nel Ashley is an independant author of new adult paranormal romance, mystery and myth and urban fantasy, from angels and demons to the Sidhe, from Gods and Goddesses to grail knights and ghosts She is a Yorkshire lass, but currently lives in Liverpool, England where she studies English and History at the University of Liverpool In her spare time she is a deltiologist and taphophile.

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  1. I found this book while looking through the angel genre and I am so glad I did Lately I have been in a bad book funk and this book finally pulled me out of it This book has everything a paranormal fantasy nerd like me loves There s angels, demons, reincarnation and heartwarming romance We start off the book with Kate, our main character, who has always been stuck in the past She s never had many friends and can t seem to form relationships Her life so far has been pretty uneventful but that all [...]

  2. Blackfeather is the feather of a fallen angel s wings This story revolves around reincarnation in which individuals live again and again until the solution is found and breaks the reincarnation cycle We do see glimpses of some of the past lives of a guardian angel, his assignment, and the people involved In this case, the guardian angel who overstepped the rules and boundaries the heroine who desires to protect her angel and the antagonist who seeks immortality and is assisted by Satan In the pr [...]

  3. I loved this book and here s why.Even plots of fantasy must have credible characters and Nel Ashley has gone beyond this with Blackfeather and written a story I so wanted to be true.It ticks many boxes for me history, romance, fantasy and genealogy yes, really.I ve spent many a happy hour examining historical records and headstones, so straightaway I felt a connection with Kate This multi faceted heroine unravels a story that spans centuries how I wanted to be her There s good pace, thrilling mo [...]

  4. The only problem I had with this book was not being able to start the next one I seriously finished this book and sat there saying No That can t happen This book was amazing The way the author made the plot flow and then she would add all these surprises People you would never expect would end up being the antagonists and all these unbelievable things would happen.Also not to mention that the love in this book was just so strong that you needed to know what happened next The way that Ash protect [...]

  5. They say that every story has already been told in one way or another, but I don t think I have come across one like this before.While researching genealogical information at a local church, Kate comes across a peculiar box hidden under a flagstone Its contents bemuse and fascinate her, but what is remarkable is the alluring stranger that weaves his way into her life As his story unfolds, so Kate discovers her own and finds herself embroiled in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

  6. I absolutely loved this story Sometimes, the paranormal element in the book creates distance, but these characters are sympathetically drawn, close and immediate Well paced, the reveals are tantalising, the setting and atmosphere rich and textured Romantic interest I ll say, phwoar factor off the scale Can t wait to read the next one.

  7. I really enjoyed this book I m so disappointed the sequel isn t out yet and doesn t have it listed I don t want to give any spoilers but the blend of past lives, guardian angels and love at first sight has made the read very interesting and I can t wait to read the next installment.

  8. This story is not what I was expecting because of the title Blackfeather However, I really liked the book and can t wait to read a followup I wanted it to end differently.

  9. Quick easy read Could be a bit lively in places Why couldn t the watchers have input Now he sounded really interesting.

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