Why the Star Stands Still

Why the Star Stands Still Your dad s Indian Your mom s black Why are you white Skylar St Clair s been getting questions like these all his life Skylar s home is the Nettlebush Indian Reserve his family the hundreds of Plains

Your dad s Indian Your mom s black Why are you white Skylar St Clair s been getting questions like these all his life Skylar s home is the Nettlebush Indian Reserve his family, the hundreds of Plains Shoshone living there Skylar can t help it if he better resembles his biological mother, a woman whose untimely death left him with secrets than memories.Skylar s Your dad s Indian Your mom s black Why are you white Skylar St Clair s been getting questions like these all his life Skylar s home is the Nettlebush Indian Reserve his family, the hundreds of Plains Shoshone living there Skylar can t help it if he better resembles his biological mother, a woman whose untimely death left him with secrets than memories.Skylar s father has been in federal prison for the past fifteen years The summer of his release coincides with familial matters of a different nature Skylar and his husband are trying to adopt a daughter.Piecing together a fragmented family is no small task All the patience in the world cannot contend with thirty three years of reticence.But love can.

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Why the Star Stands Still

  1. Rose Christo Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Why the Star Stands Still book, this is one of the most wanted Rose Christo author readers around the world.

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  1. Why the Stars Stand Still is the final book in the Gives Light series by Rose Christo I am practically crying while I write this review I was so sad when I realised this was the final book It feels too soon I don t want this series to end But I know it has to end somewhere and I am thoroughly impressed with how this book and the series as a whole has ended This is definitely a series that will stay with me for the rest of my life.We catch up with most of the characters again Though there was one [...]

  2. Basically a 200 pg epilogue for the series Adult Skylar and adult RafaelThe heartachingly lovely characters and story you ve come to love expect from Rose Christobut w o some of the charm, unfortunately.Didn t feel genuine for me, yet still a must read for those in love with the seriesr no other reason but just to know how the story goesPS view spoiler an overweight and talking Sklyar justfeels off for me hide spoiler But I still heart my boys now men so much.

  3. I wish I come MAKE people read this series It is such a damn BEAUTIFUL story So completely beatiful.This is the fourth book in the Gives Light series and we find Rafael and Skylar fifteen years later Still at the Nettleblush reservation, still in love They are men now, Skylar is an attorney and Rafael is speech therapist They have made a life together and have a home, but there is one thing they still yearn for, they want a child to make their family complete.Their prayers are answrered when the [...]

  4. I had to know where Skylar and Rafael end up I liked where they did and I loved that Rafael became what he said he would and made good on his promise Even though it was odd to read I adored Mickey who else would be the perfect fit for a girl with a tragic past in foster care but Sky and Raf who could show her she was wanted and loved Talk about taking the story full circle This was a nice way to wrap up the story and see everyone as they aged through the years The boys were amazing and I loved h [...]

  5. 3.5 stars I enjoyed this glimpse into Sky and Rafael s lives 15 years after the events in book 3 but I kind of felt like Sky s father who has been in prison the whole time I felt like I missed all the important bits of Sky and Rafael s life Rafael made good on his promise to give Sky his voice back but now that he can speak he has lost some of that vulnerability and serenity that made him so special The story seems sappy and lacks the sense of realism that pervades the other books On the positi [...]

  6. This book was almost like a huge epilogue 15 years after book 3 So many changes from youth to adulthood, people growing up but times and many situations still remaining the same I know this is a YA series and it s why I can only 4 star these beautiful books I really miss the potential chemistry and intimacy of Sky Raf, all this fading to black really dampens the depth of this relationship If you re interested in the Native American story and issues, this is a great book that really makes you con [...]

  7. This was a lovely end to a wonderful series There are some elements of the book that will need willing suspension of disbelief, which at times was a little jarring a guess But, I was happy to suspend Out of the 4 books, this was not my favourite but I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into the future What is really wonderful about the story is seeing our protagonists all grown up, doing the daily and living It was idyllic, lovely and had this wonderful warmth about it Loved it One of my favourites [...]

  8. I can t express how much I love this series So much happens that makes it heart breaking but it is so beautiful that Skylar and Rafael s story is nothing short of fantastic And this book was definitely a great ending to a wonderful series.This story picks up fifteen years after St Clair ends, so Skylar and Rafael are men now Married, living together, and as happy as they can be All they re missing is a kid of their own It was interesting to see everyone so much older, so mature with new lives I [...]

  9. Well after the 3 previous book of the serie I was VERY interested in a sequel Originally it was a trilogy so what a joy when the writer announce it would be one a FREEBIE.Why the star stands still is perfect 17 years after the last book and answering all the questions you may have after the third book.Sky and Rafael are adults now view spoiler married and trying to adopt a child hide spoiler What can I say I love them again Adults or teenagers, they are amazing characters and perfect to a reade [...]

  10. This was the fourth book in this series and I was a bit disappointed After all the drama and also developments in the previous installments, this felt like a drawn out epilogue Besides adopting a girl and Sky s father coming out of prison, it is an account of every day life With some complaining about how tedious work is, how much he still loves his Rafael etc.It was a nice telling, but didn t touch me in the same way then the other books It was good that I waited some time to read this had I [...]

  11. Why the Star Stands Still is the fourth and presumably final volume in Rose Christo s Gives Light series It jumps fifteen years into the future from volume three, which according to the timeline, puts the action in the year 2017 This is a huge jump for the reader to take the teen characters and leap forward in time that many years, and it s not an entirely successful transition For starters, Skylar has his voice back no spoilers here that s on the third page and it s disconcerting because it cha [...]

  12. It s not blood that makes us who we are, Dad said It s family And it s not blood that makes us family It s love Gives Light, 2 This final volume is a testament to these words as Sky and Rafael get ready to welcome their adopted child and Sky s father Paul, who after 15 years in prison is finally being released.Things aren t so simple as Sky comes to realize Michaela Mickey Morales is a child that s suffered physically and emotionally She hides her pain behind a brave front, something that remind [...]

  13. This author has sold me on her stories, and if she ever writes gay romance again I ll definitely be buying Skylar and Rafael will always be characters I remember They are genuine, developed and plain loveable Their back stories are deep and heartfelt The series development in showing the reader about the Shoshone and other tribes was exquisite However, it became a little repetitive and too bogged down with like passages The author lost that distinct storytelling from Gives Light which was a sham [...]

  14. One big epilogue With some things I didn t like and other things I loved With some things that stayed the same and other things that changed so much it felt off.I won t spoiler too much but It felt like Skylar and Rafael and everyone else didn t seem older when in fact fifteen years had passed They have jobs, are professionals, but still act like teens And a few ways in which Skylar did change, just felt wrong to me.Not to mention that we missed so much in those fifteen years I would have loved [...]

  15. Skylar and Rafael are one of my favorite couples, probably in the top 5 Their love is so genuine This is a great series It fills my heart knowing that in another part of world, being gay is considered a gift Thank you Rose Christo for making me feel special This whole series was magical.

  16. Review for books 1 4 Reviewed previously at BMBR.My first question iswhy have I not heard of Rose Christo before How come this author isn t as well known as JK Rowling Why is book one not a film It would make the most amazing independent film Just WHY Okay, so I m reviewing the first four books of this series together, and then I ll review the fifth one separately There are a couple of reasons for this Firstly, I have only just found out about these books and literally read the series, so far, s [...]

  17. TW Fatphobia, mention of child abuse and assault, mention of animal abuseThis series has always been about family the family you re born into, the family you make for yourself either by marriage or friendship, and the family that adopts you This is a fitting end then to Skylar s POV in this series, as fifteen years after St Clair, he and Rafael become foster parents to Mickey, a young girl who had a hard start in life This hasn t always been an easy series to read The modern injustices of the Na [...]

  18. It was good It was very good, obviously, as otherwise I wouldn t have rated the book 4 stars I think I was just expecting the 5 star quality I had gotten from the previous books, and for meat just didn t really happen.I found it kind of jarring to suddenly be 15 years in the future I was looking forward to seeing of Sky and Raf s relationship develop, and the various stages they ve gone through college, marriage, building a house, family development etc , and suddenly everything has already hap [...]

  19. A wonderful conclusion to a beautiful series of books For anyone who thought the third book in the series was on the dark side, read this one It jumps forward quite a few years in time and ties up many of the loose ends and clears up the rather mysterious ending from the third book Not everything is rosy, but I finished the book with really good feelings except for being sad the series is over.Rose Christo s writing style maintained its, in my opinion, high level of excellence while the voice of [...]

  20. Very mixed emotions on this one.While I really enjoyed seeing Skylar and Rafael all grown up, and seeing what became of everyone else, there just seemed like too big of a jump I missed seeing them go to collage and get jobs and stuff In fact it was actually hard to imagine them all grown up as they still spoke an acted the same as in previous books I loved the story line with Mickey, and the surprise twist While I have found the Indian history both interesting and heartbreaking, I found this one [...]

  21. lol the final book what am I gonna do without Rafael and Skylar what an amazing series brought together in a beautiful finale these 4 books will be 4 of my most cherished reads, ever thank you Rose for publishing this adventure to captivate us and thanx to Bev for recommending it to me I was hooked frome first sentence and will definitely be reading them all again SOON X X X X X

  22. So Beautiful and sweet and sad and unfair at the same time Perfect way of ending this series I loved it and I m gonna miss them all, especially Rafael and Sky

  23. 4 stars I LOVED this series Book 5 actually goes back and retells book 1 in Rafeal s POV, I ll probably go back and read that Low heat It read like Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder, except in a Native American perspective The story was a mystery, it was family, it was history of Native American beliefs and religiosity, and it was like a warm glass of milk.I burned through this series I just couldn t get enough AND with all the Native history I had to look a bit of things up Bu [...]

  24. This was the least affecting of the 4 I ve read in this series Here the two main characters are adults Don t read the GR description as it s a spoiler 1 was very good 2 3 were good these were especially good in terms of how they depicted Skylar and Rafael in a relationship All four but esp 4 were heavy handed once on the soapbox I think this could have been done in a subtle way after the first 2 3 instances in each book.Some of the themes from 1 3 are now worn out and overdone here in 4I think [...]

  25. The saga continues Skylar and Rafael s story picks up 15 years after book 3 There s plenty of family drama and a few surprises too We learn what happened to Danny, that was heartbreaking Then there s Mickey and Mini More history lessons and political statements Although this book was well written, it felt a bit off for me Maybe because I m binging the series 4.0 for thanking.

  26. So this is what it feels like to be a father To be responsible for another human life To love someone so much, you almost can t stand it and when you think about it, there s nothing you want in return It feels amazing.

  27. What can I say This series is one of my new favorites.I read the first book, Gives Light two years ago, and I really enjoyed it However, I m not big on series, so I had no rush to continue right away And it was just until recently that I picked up the sequel, Looks Over I read through that book so fast fast for me after a really bad really slump It really helped me get out of it I was hesitant to pick up the third book, but I did eventually, and it became one of my favorite books And now here we [...]

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