Fate and Fury

Fate and Fury The last few days have been the darkest of Sally s life After experiencing the joy of finding her mate she now suffers the pain of losing everything she holds dear Both the Romanian and Serbian packs

The last few days have been the darkest of Sally s life After experiencing the joy of finding her mate, she now suffers the pain of losing everything she holds dear Both the Romanian and Serbian packs have been captured, ripping Sally s soul mate away from her almost as soon as she had found him Her best friend and the emotional glue that usually holds Sally together, JThe last few days have been the darkest of Sally s life After experiencing the joy of finding her mate, she now suffers the pain of losing everything she holds dear Both the Romanian and Serbian packs have been captured, ripping Sally s soul mate away from her almost as soon as she had found him Her best friend and the emotional glue that usually holds Sally together, Jacque Pierce, lies writhing in a restless coma, having been put down by Desdemona s dark magic Jennifer Adams, the unshakable one, has revealed to her friends and her mate that she is pregnant, but the Fates have marked her unborn baby for death Though she rails against the darkness, deep inside Jen knows that Decebel s baby must die as payment for her own life, and the knowledge is tearing her soul to pieces Cypher, King of the Warlocks, has claimed Jacque s mother as his mate and agreed to help Desdemona open a door that would release a horde of demons from beyond the Veil Though her world is crashing down around her, Sally holds out hope The Great Luna is not sitting idly by She has commanded the Fey council to call upon the packs all of them And though Cypher looks for a way to open the Veil for Desdemona, he struggles to protect Lilly and the wolves at the same time Peri, the ever courageous High Fae, and a contingent of the remaining females of the Romanian and Serbian packs, push on through the rough Carpathian Mountains Though they

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Fate and Fury

  1. Quinn is an award winning author who lives in beautiful Western Arkansas with her husband, three sons, Nora the Doberman, and Phoebe the Cat who thinks she is a ninja in disguise She is the author of thirteen novels, including the USA Today bestseller, Fate and Fury Quinn is beyond thankful that she has been blessed to be able to write full time and hopes the readers know how much all of their support means to her Some of her hobbies include reading, exercising, crochet, and spending time with family and friends She gives all credit of her success to God because he gave her the creative spirit and vivid imagination it takes to write.

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  2. I love this series, Decebel and Jen are the most perfect couple, I love their sarcasm and loyalty to eachother This book is guaranteed to be STUNNING BEYOND BELIEF With the way the last book ended, I think of Jen and Dec, smile, then remember how it ended and my heart breaks all over again.I am itching to get my hands on this book and I also saw that there is a new series coming out D D D D D D D You are awesome Quinn The Elfin series sound amazing and you can be sure that I ll be getting my han [...]

  3. Quinn II.I m speechless and hurting a lot This is going to be a very messy review because my emotions are out of control By the way, this review has spoilers, so don t try to be curious if you don t want to know xDWas it worth the waiting Of course it was freaking out There must be anotheeeer.What did you think about Sally I still don t love Sally, but she has been growing up a lot since the last book Further, I m really happy she stopped using her inner Jen and started to be herself.What did yo [...]

  4. How I feel right now is I It just isn t something words can describe, I mean I m in love with this series with Jen , D forgot his name but do remember it starts with a D and the rest Yeah anyways I hope the author speeds things up seriously after that ending DAMN I really love this series Can t they just bring out a title Cover Hell the fuckin release date even Edit now that I ve read this lovely book I can t say I m surprised I mean really Quinn freakin LOFTIS wrote it 5 stars

  5. Soooooo, I read the prologue And was like w why D did Jen have to go through that W why is the world soooo cruuuuuueeeeeel SOBS Then I read chapter 1 it s on the weeeeeebbbbbbbsiiiiiiiite gaiiiiizzz and was like ERMAGHERD spasms I NEED THIS BOOK LIKE RIGHT NOW WARLOCK KING DUDE AND LILLY I LOVE THIS NEW COUPLE, IT S SOOOO CUTE, AND SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT THAT LILLY FINALLY GETS SOME MANCANDY so basically imma freak out, jump and squeal AKA fullon Fangirl when she post another excerpt whole frea [...]

  6. Jacque and Fane are still my favourite love themAfter reading contains spoilers talk about epic ending i was on a rollercoaster ride of emotions when costin and sally finally completed blood rites, i was like, yay now they are tied together forever and will live in bliss for the rest of their lives BUT that happy didn t last forever because then decebel gave up his bond with jen to save the life of his daughter and i was like, nooooooooooo you can t do that figue out another way AND then i was r [...]

  7. I need my Jen and Dec fix please I am super excited about this book I am totally available to ARC Quinn, you know just in case you were thinking about it, LoL

  8. I need this now at least tell me what its called i don t ask for much do i please por favor i m begging why is this still so far away i m gonna cry Fate and Fury Thats the one that i voted for Its still super far away A whole Month grrrrrr For the love of all little furry things everywhere I can t even process this right now I ll get to this review later I just I can t

  9. Another AH MAZING book in the series I loved it, it had a bit of everything love, swoon worthy alphas, emotional rollercoasting.I can t wait for book 7 Please Quinn write fastI want to know what will happen with Dec Jen LOVEDDD IT Quinn

  10. OMG MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS Quinn Loftis is by far my fave author and this series has caused me to lose sleep, cry and fall in love with Decebel However, I don t know how Quinn keeps topping each book I was a hot mess for Book 5 and this is no different Cried my eyes out at this one But, I shall remain calm while I write this review Well, I will try anyway.Best part of the book OMG From page 1 till the last word of this book was perfection I am not just saying that because I love Decebel, eith [...]

  11. May I start off by saying that Quinn Loftis has truly outdone herself yet again on this latest addition to the Grey Wolves Series It is jam packed with all of the emotions you can think of that carry you through this next stage in the pack s adventures It holds you until the end and keeps you craving I was so drawn into the book I could not put it down because I had to know what was going to happen next Quinn does an amazing job at making you feel like you are right there beside your favorite c [...]

  12. Fate and Fury by Quinn Loftis is book six of the Gray Wolves Bringing back all our favorite characters, plus a few surprises, this installment really clenches the deal on our hearts, giving them away completely to the Gray Wolves spoilers if you haven t read earlier books in the series Joined by Cypher, Lily, Peri, Adam, and Elle, the Romanian and Serbian packs are preparing for war and trying not to open the Veil The torture of the In Between threatens to take their mates from them, but the gir [...]

  13. SMALL SPOILERS Quinn Loftis highly anticipated Fate Fury book 6 TGWS does not disappoint Quinn doesn t miss a beat, she immediately plunges the reader deep into the wolves crumbling world The sadistic witch Mona is still plotting to destroy all the kind hearted with her evil, as she pulls the weak willed into her devious plan Meanwhile Jacque, Jen Sally have come face to face with their darkest fears They must rely on themselves their inner strengths to help repair the bonds with their mates in [...]

  14. The battle with Evil with a capital E or should I say D for Desdemona is coming to a head All the main men have been captured and are being tormented so it s up to the fabulous babes to set them free The Great Luna is making herself known, calling all the packs, which also involves the Fae Jacque s mom is the high warlock Cypher s mate pulling them into the battled Cypher must find a way to follow through with the blood oath or Lily will suffer which brings in the elves Yes, they are all here Wo [...]

  15. WOW Could a series get any better Amazed at how after 6 books, Quinn can still surprise and shock me Tear at my heart strings and leave me completely inundated over the events that have transpired sighs I just finished this and I am reeling at how blown away I am.FULL REVIEW TO COME SOON.

  16. OH MY FREAKING LORD AMAZING Just finished this book and I have so many emotions running through me I don t even know where to begin.I need book 7 already this wait is going to be absolute HELL

  17. I wish I was as good with words as the awesome authors I choose to read but I can share how I felt during and after reading Fate and Fury I was giddy, excited, anxious, shocked, happy, captivated, sad, eager, and ecstatic But one feeling I was NOT, was disappointed Quinn has done it again with Fate and Fury, she has managed to continue an awesome journey for all of our beloved characters as well as introduce us to some new characters, so get ready One of the many reasons I love Quinn s books is [...]

  18. First I want to say is I m a huge fan of Quinn s and help support her books every chance I get I feel bad for only giving this book three stars but to me It wasn t as good as the first five books I still love all the characters and Dec is still my favorite wolf To me there was one to many povs and some times I was confused as to who was talking Some parts kinda dragged on for me and I did skip all the parts with Lilly because I didn t like how her character was trying to be young and hip I was h [...]

  19. Oooohhh dammnn.r is out UPDATE i was looking forward to this book as soon as i got half way through the previous one and i wasn t wrong to do so The dudes are all still soo hot and awesome and the females are fabulous in their own ways esp the trio of best friends But before i forget, WHAT THE HELL, DECEBEL I wanna kick him so bad right now.Oh yeah, and Quinn, why would you play with our hearts and emotions so much I mean i love your work but you are just too skilled in the art of awesome heartb [...]

  20. Feb 19, 2013I just got a look at this cover, and HOLY COW Its blowing my mind OH MY GOSH IS THAT SALLEY SHE LOOKS SO BADASS ACCCKK ICANT EVEN breathe mai mai breathe I can t wait for this book Quinn Loftis, I feel cheated You said, what, January I need this Like now

  21. God help us all I feel like I need to go see a shrink because of all of the emotion in this thing Or maybe y all can just go visit my upcoming review of Fate and Fury at indaherwoodbooks.wordpress Beware, this isn t going to be pretty

  22. Is this book out yet I want to read this so much can you put this on I book plz plz put this on I book i need to read it well someone tell me

  23. Seriously you can start a whole new series before you finish your first one before you even set a release date for it

  24. ARC ReviewGrey Wolves fans, get ready All your favorite characters are back and ready to kick a witch s butt Quinn listened to you, fans She adores you and it shows in this book The three original friends and their mates are back, front and center Hope you love that as much as I did Because this is an ARC review of the sixth but not last book in a series, I have to admit to some prejudices about the characters before giving my comments 1 I LOVE Adam I think he s my favorite character overall not [...]

  25. Fiercely Fur tastic Substantial sarcasm Jaw dropping conclusion I must say, the grey wolves have held a special place in my kindle for quite some time Book six Really Wow That s hard to believe The gang is still as tight as ever, as well as sidesplitting hysterical It kicks off with the men trapped in the in between and their women are determined to save them For some reason, this was hard for me to get into I struggled with some of the new faces and mixed up names with who was who than once.Ja [...]

  26. UPDATED REVIEWi dont know if i loved this book or hated it but all i know is it was worth all five srtars.Hate one might ask good questionmy answer WELL YOU WOULD TOO if you knew what happened in this book.i mean really Dec reallydo you want to see me die And is it me or can these guys not catch a break one bad guy then another really Bangs head on wall but i really love this book and from what i can tell it may not be the last bookw i just have to figure out who this one is about since jac jen [...]

  27. Another great installment in the Great Wolves series Fate and Furypicks up right after the painful cliffhanger ofBeyond the Veil , our favorite wolves are trapped in the veil, and being tortured nonstop by their worst nightmares And what s that exactly It s seeing over and over again their mates being tortured rapped killed without being able to save them.I know, I get all emotional just thinking about what must felt, knowing our their mates are the most important thing to them.The story have lo [...]

  28. This book left me speechless, it was heart breaking and wonderful at the same Words cant describe the emotion i felt when i neared the end if the book, it kind of felt like a roller coaster ride It only took me a few hours to finish this book It was freaking amazing, Quinn Loftis never fails to surprise I felt the book tear at my heart, well that was a given with the way the book was beautifully written I am so excited because with the cliffhanger in the end of the book I kinda think there will [...]

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