The Apprentices

The Apprentices Two years have passed since Janie Scott last saw Benjamin Burrows the mysterious apothecary s defiant son who stole her heart On the other side of the world Benjamin and his father are treating the

Two years have passed since Janie Scott last saw Benjamin Burrows, the mysterious apothecary s defiant son who stole her heart On the other side of the world, Benjamin and his father are treating the sick and wounded in the war torn jungles of Vietnam But Benjamin has also been experimenting with a magical new formula that allows him to communicate with Janie across theTwo years have passed since Janie Scott last saw Benjamin Burrows, the mysterious apothecary s defiant son who stole her heart On the other side of the world, Benjamin and his father are treating the sick and wounded in the war torn jungles of Vietnam But Benjamin has also been experimenting with a magical new formula that allows him to communicate with Janie across the globe When Benjamin discovers that she s in trouble, he calls on their friend Pip for help The three friends are thrown into a desperate chase around the world to find one another, while unraveling the mystery of what threatens them all.Acclaimed author Maile Meloy seamlessly weaves together magic and adventure in this breathtaking sequel with stunning illustrations by Ian Schoenherr.

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The Apprentices

  1. Maile Meloy is the author of the novels Liars and Saints and A Family Daughter, the story collections Half in Love and Both Ways Is the Only Way I Want It named one of the Ten Best Books of the Year by the New York Times Book Review , and the award winning Apothecary trilogy for young readers She has received the PEN Malamud Award and a Guggenheim Fellowship, and was chosen as one of Granta s Best Young American Novelists Her new novel for adults, Do Not Become Alarmed, will be published June 6, 2017.

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  1. This could have been an entertaining book, but Maile Meloy s sequel to The Apothecary is unfortunately a much weaker offering Not only does Meloy chronically underuse her character Janie, she introduces new characters almost at will, dropping them again a few pages later, without realizing their full potential The plot is choppy, with large segments that do not drive the plot forward sufficiently and make it jumbled The ending is, in parts saccharine, and feels like an afterthought.What is wors [...]

  2. Maile Meloy s first sequel another is in the works to last year s The Apothecary takes her central figures of Janie, Ben and Pip on another wide ranging quest to save the world at the height of the cold war As in the previous installment, Meloy s writing is fast paced and yet manages to capture nuances of character and their internal conflicts There is a lot going on in the pages of this book, which is often good, but sometimes it s a bit too much the narrative spans continents and points of vie [...]

  3. Sometimes, when I am enduring a book hangover, it is difficult for me to get into another book Luckily, right when I was finishing an amazing novel, I saw the beautifully illustrated cover of The Apprerentices by Maile Meloy When the first book in this series, The Apothacary, came out, I could not recommend it to enough people, so imaging how happy I was to not only find out that there was a sequel, but that there was a copy waiting for me In The Apprentices, Meloy follows up the adventures of J [...]

  4. Oh, the joys of an unsolicited ARC that turns out to be the sequel to a book you enjoyed Prior to the arrival of this book on my doorstep, I had no idea that there would be a sequel to The Apothecary, nor did I have a specific hankering for one However, since I did like the first, I was excited to discover what would transpire in this installment Well, lucky me, The Apprentices is an even better read than The Apothecary, maturer in plot, writing and characterization.Where The Apothecary was very [...]

  5. On June 4th, 2013, the release date of this book, The Apprentices, my alarm clock woke me up at 9 00 AM, I got onto the library s website to see if they had the book, AND LOW AND BEHOLD The Apprentices was there So I put on some clothes really quick and drove there to spirit the book away and devour the words And I did devour the words I m a slow reader and this is the first 400 page book I ve finished in ONE DAY Yay That said, it was amazing The first book in the series, The Apothecary, was wri [...]

  6. I was excited when I found out that there was going to be a sequel to the Apothecary So here is my review contains spoilers While there is still a feeling of magical realism, you are immediately grounded in the reality of the story The magic seemed to be scientifically backed up and fully accessible to the reader if only they had the recipes While the main characters have adult intelligences, the audience is reminded that Janie and Benjamin are still teenagers and are trying to navigate the worl [...]

  7. Sticking to my trend of good YA fiction, I decided to read the sequel to The Apothecary, a book that Rachel recommended The characters are 2 years older now Janie is 16 and is a student at a private school in the US, Benjamin and his dad are in the jungles of Vietnam, Pip is a TV celebrity in London, and Jin Lo has returned to China Lots of drama and action Janie is kidnapped, Benjamin takes the avian elixir to turn into a bird to rescue Janie, and there are plenty of bad guys including some fro [...]

  8. Normally I would give a summary of the book first, but I really had no idea what was going on There were at least 3 perspectives, which made the book somewhat confusing, and the change of setting along with the characters made the book altogether very confusing After reading The Apothecary, I had high hopes for this book The beginning was exciting, when it was just Janie and her experiment But then came Pip, Jin Lo, Ben and too many characters to keep track of I read it eagerly, waiting for it t [...]

  9. More magical science in this one And new characters.This book was narrated in third person, switching perspectives While it was fun to see other characters points of view, Pip s especially, I think it lost a little something without Janie s narrating voice.The book had settings America, Vietnam, Malaya, China, etc Each location brought challenges and creatures.Highlights Pip s journey to America, Benjamin s brilliant invention, and Jin Lo s new discovery.

  10. This second installment was a hot mess I don t care to take the time to review it all The motivations were silly, the exact right time coincidences were too plentiful, and anything having to do with Jin Lo was nonsensical and irrelevant Can t decide if I m going to finish out the series or not.

  11. SPOILER ALERT Two years have passed since Janie Scott last saw Benjamin Burrows, the mysterious apothecary s defiant son who stole her heart On the other side of the world, Benjamin and his father are treating the sick and wounded in the war torn jungles of Vietnam But Benjamin has also been experimenting with a magical new formula that allows him to communicate with Janie across the globe When Benjamin discovers that she s in trouble, he calls on their friend Pip for help The three friends are [...]

  12. This sequel to The Apothecary continues the story of Janie, Benjamin and Pip It takes place three years after the first book and the three friends are all separated Janie is attending a private boarding school in the U.S and working on a science project to desalinate water quickly and inexpensively But the closer she gets to a solution, the danger she seems to be in Benjamin is traveling with his father, the apothecary, in the jungles of Vietnam, helping to heal the wounded in the war Benjamin [...]

  13. Two years after the events in The Apothecary 16 year old Janie is attending school in New Hampshire All she knows about Ben and his father is they are somewhere trying to save the world against the looming nuclear threat She s keeping busy with an experiment to desalinate ocean water Her experiment piques the interest of her roommate s father Suddenly, Janie finds herself expelled from school and her experiment gone To get it back, she s finds a way to contact Benjamin and unknowingly sets a mas [...]

  14. So on one hand, you have a perfectly entertaining Nancy Drew meets adventure YA novel with a large cast of interesting character and a plot that moves along at a nice clip On the other hand, the plot relies heavily on the damsel in distress trope The heroine Jeanie is smart and ambitious but is constantly in danger thanks to powerful villainous men, while hero Benjamin and friends are having adventures and are in danger because of their bravery The female character Jin Lo is courageous and well [...]

  15. I received an advance copy of The Apprentices This is the review I wrote for LibraryThing Early Reviewers This book, The Apprentices, is the sequel to Meloy s The Apothecary in which the reader is first introduced to the main characters, Janie and Benjamin The reader of The Apprentices is gently informed reminded of the events in the previous book allowing immediate entry to the story The characters are well developed as is the plot, with well timed twists to keep the reader s interest The magic [...]

  16. The Apprentices , the second installment in a trilogy by Maile Meloy, was an enjoyable book, but has flaws The story starts out simple, with Janie in a new school attempting a chemistry experiment It gets fast paced, with the reader enveloped in the fast developing plot The problem is that seeing how the story jumps from very different places, and very different points of views, that it is sometimes hard to understand what has happened and what is going on Sometimes even, the characters know inf [...]

  17. Maile Meloy s second book, The Apprentices , fell a little bit short of my expectations I didn t think it was nearly as good as the first book, Apothecary , but it was still a great read, and I devoured it all in one day Although that might ve had to do with boredom than the book quality I was also a little disappointed that unlike Apothecary , which was a great read even without the sequel, I thought that The Apprentices was clearly setting the stage for a third novel Despite all this, I still [...]

  18. So, The Apprentices picks up several years after The Apothecary Janie is 16 and in boarding school There a lot of things I don t want to spoil, so it ll be hard to talk about the plot Overall, I enjoyed the novel Meloy has a lovely voice in both The Apothecary and The Apprentices, and there are plenty of new characters I felt perhaps that there might have been a little too much going on, though, from too many points of view The ending chapter didn t give me a lot of closure, either.I wanted Jan [...]

  19. I received this book free through First Reads I really enjoyed this book Having not read the first book in the series, it was easy to fall into the story The characters are not all children, and the interaction between them was at many times touching The adventures are non stop, and take place within an authentic historical backdrop There are spear wielding natives, wealthy sultans, machine gun fire, first kisses, broken hearts and harrowing sea journeys Adventure readers of all ages will enjoy [...]

  20. Great book The reason I m only marking it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the main climactic moment I won t say what was too sudden and disconnected in my opinion I was not very emotionally effected because it was too sudden Maybe it s just me but it s always the ending chapter or two that stick with me most of the time and it wasn t quite as dramatic this time Great overall book though and a wonderful sequel I can t wait for the next one, this one certainly left a lot to make into a great third bo [...]

  21. I just love this series so much I love the characters and the world and the plot so much This book was even better than the first one It expanded upon the character we already knew, And added in some fun and interesting new ones as well I loved every new character in their own way and I loved the magic in this book Can I just say one thing thoughat ending killed me And Jin Lo MY BABY She is my favorite besides Pip She is just SO PRECIOUS My Booktalk youtu hb2TQiWrw_I list PLw

  22. This is the second book of a sequel written by Malie Meloy, the first book was The Apothecary It s been two years since Janie Scott has seen the love of her life , The Apothecary s son, Benjamin Burrows While Janie is in Grayson Academy, Benjamin and his father were treating the wounded in the Vietnam While in Vietnam Benjamin creates a powder that he sends to Janie so that they can communicate When Benjamin gets a hold of Janie he realizes that she s in trouble and asks their friend Pip to go s [...]

  23. The Apothecary starts with Janie a normal girl after school being followed by a black sedan back home The parents get scared and pack straight to London to start a new life She goes to the school and meets Ben Ben s father works in a Apothecary of his own Janie becomes friends with Ben but realized shortly after what Ben s boring dad actually does In his Apothecary he as an book full of spells and magic It was all fun until Ben s dad gets kidnapped by Russian spy s and now Ben and Janie have to [...]

  24. I am reading The Apothecary series in order to be in book club of sorts with my middle schooler At first, I wasn t sure if this was going to be just another riff on the Harry Potter series While it does have some elements of magic , in this case in the form of alchemy, as well as young adults battling evil forces, Maile Meloy has crafted a story line all of her own I don t know if it s a staple of young adult novels, but the story immediately takes off and draws you in The story has action, adve [...]

  25. The first book in this series was great It was fast paced, exciting and didn t mess around I feel like all that was good in the first book was completely lost in the next one It was very slow and tiring waiting to see what would happen next It also seems like the characters changed I don t remember Janie being really smart They all seemed out of focus All the old characters from the first book were hardly brought into the book, instead relying on the new characters made up on whim, most of which [...]

  26. I loved the Apothecary book one in this series and was excited to begin this second volume It was a bit of a let down This second book feels much less carefully crafted, from the basic plot to the language in each individual sentence It also felt as though the author couldn t quite nail down her audience There are a few thoughts attributed to the main characters that felt very much as though an adult woman was speaking through them This felt like a case in which the author could have finished th [...]

  27. A good sequel to the first book The Apothecary I didn t like this one quite as much as the first but it was still fast paced and maintained enjoyable elements of the first book The same characters returned along with a few new ones Some of the storyline from the first book didn t match with the second one but there wasn t enough of a difference to mess up the book Still a good book for middle school Only 3 or so basic foul words No sex just teenage attraction A quick read that provides a fun esc [...]

  28. I was very excited to start this book I finished the first in the series, The Apothecary, and was itching for When I looked up the author, I was pleased to find out there were two books about Janie and Benjamin s adventures However, this book doesn t quite have the same amount of excitement and magic as the first The story is very spread out and you have to keep track of a ton of different characters Nevertheless, I was happy to read about Janie and I m excited to see where the third book take [...]

  29. As an adult reading juvenile fiction, I actually quite enjoyed this one it s got a bit of foreshadowing that added to the anticipation if you ve read the first book, you ll enjoy the continued adventures of Janie and the boys, as well as from the Pharmacopoeia if you ve not read the first, don t read this yet for adults looking for a fun and easy read to give the mind a break, this is written fairly straight forward and only occasionally revels itself to be contented for juvenile reader.

  30. Cute, sweet, and very entertaining I love the world that Meloy has created and I love the time period it takes place in But most of all I love Janie and Benjamin, like please The ending surprised me, and made me very sad, but I feel like it almost needed to happen The third and final book is going to be just as good, I just know.

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