The Soul Mate

The Soul Mate Trinity had an ordinary life That is until she barely escaped a worldwide apocalyptic plague that took her loved ones from her and transformed most of humanity into flesh eating monsters Gerik her s

Trinity had an ordinary life That is, until she barely escaped a worldwide apocalyptic plague that took her loved ones from her and transformed most of humanity into flesh eating monsters.Gerik, her savior, a six foot four inch Scandinavian Gypsy, takes her back to his magically protected Gypsy camp where she discovers a whole new way of life that she never knew existed Trinity had an ordinary life That is, until she barely escaped a worldwide apocalyptic plague that took her loved ones from her and transformed most of humanity into flesh eating monsters.Gerik, her savior, a six foot four inch Scandinavian Gypsy, takes her back to his magically protected Gypsy camp where she discovers a whole new way of life that she never knew existed as well as a whole new set of problems.Gerik has power over her that she cannot begin to understand, and she is convinced he is using his magic on her Through her journey of trying to understand her feelings and this new magic filled life she s been brought into, she begins an unlikely friendship that grows into having potential to be something .While the remaining humans are fighting for their survival, Trinity is fighting a battle of her very own the right to choose her own destiny.Is Gerik s hold on her too strong Or can new love set her free

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The Soul Mate

  1. Madeline Sheehan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Soul Mate book, this is one of the most wanted Madeline Sheehan author readers around the world.

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  1. This book is currently free on gp aw d B007LQJ4.5 Gypsy Stars Our destiny went soul deep, had been written in the stars long before either of us had been born We truly were at the mercy of nature, and what nature was demanding of me I could no longer deny Had no desire to deny Even though this story took me a few chapters to get into once I got into the flow, I was all in The author presents the first soulmate s tale along with the present day where Trinity is seeking refuge in a gypsy camp pro [...]

  2. 10 28 2014FREEBIE 4 4.5 StarsThe Soul Mate was original and captivating A post apocalyptic, paranormal fantasy full of angst,sexy alpha males and magic You basically have a past and present story unfolding, the original soul mate story and Trinity story Trinity has found refuge among a group of gypsies, where she meets both Gerik and Xan Both were beautiful, caring and ready to be there for me when I needed them Gerik made me drop to my knees, desperate and not at all myself Xan He made my stoma [...]

  3. Update 3 20 14 this book is now free on Smashwords smashwords books view It s a great series book hopefully coming out soon If you like her Undeniable series, I definitely recommend this one 4.5 s To be honest, I was only interested in this series because I really enjoyed Madeline Sheehan s Undeniable and her way of writing gritty, dark, and different books Then someone mentioned the C word and I knew I had to read them And yes, the C word means what you think it does But just in case, view spoi [...]

  4. 4 1 2 Stars The Soul Mate is an absolute must read.I must admit that it took a while not a long while but a short while to actually get into the story It s very different from Undeniable duh and I think I had trouble with the transition from going all hardcore angsty biker kickass dudes to an apocalyptic PRN read I eventually put Deuce to the side but not very far b c he loves being around me hehe and I really started getting into the characters and the very unique and awesome story line.Vampire [...]

  5. 5 all consuming STARSDid you like love Undeniable Have you searched other books written by the one and only Madeline Sheehan and came across The Soul Mate And when you saw it says Paranormal Fantasy Apocalyptic Science Fiction, you thought it s not for you DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID My new year s resolution was that I will read whatever kind of books my favorite authors write And without anybody steering me in the direction of this book, I chose to give it a try I was convinced I m no [...]

  6. I don t know what is wrong with me.but I saw all the raving reviews about this book and I just had to read itI think this may be another case of It s me.t you or I just had such high expectations About 20% in and to me I m confused with all the namesI hate Gerik because of Onyx Trinity is frustrating me So I think it s time I put this one down and take a break.

  7. I am a mad fan of Madeline Sheehan s Undeniable books, and have been so looking forward to exploring her PNR series And I am happy to say that I really liked this first book in the Holy Trinity series It s original and intriguing, with a great heroine, a bunch of swoony badasses, a vampiric apocalypse, some magical goings on, and a sweet romance And at only 196 pages, it s a really quick read.Trinity is in the unique position of being the only Gaje living in a Romani camp That is, she s the only [...]

  8. That was one good book a love triangle like no other, oh my xan wow your brooding after trinity was fab, gerik you was a total ass but later in the book how my heart broke.Set in the apocalyptic world where disease has turned humans into zombie vampire ish creatures Trinity has been taken in by Romany travellers who have magic to protect themselves There were so many names in this book that got but confusing, so just concentrated main people s names, which made no difference to story.This book i [...]

  9. What a strange little book Combining a modern post apocalyptic world, with vampire and gypsy lore, magic and a dragon to boot I loved how the author turned the concept of being bound to your soul mate on its head, making it something negative I also really liked the flashbacks and parallels to the past It kind of felt like Dracula meets Dead Again But overall, I am not sure that I entirely bought the modern day characters They were often annoying than riveting This is the first volume in a seri [...]

  10. Holy Crap Loving Holy Trinity I was skeptical about reading this book cause the blurb sounded kinda woo woo, but I am so freaking glad I did Madeline Sheehan just made my Top 10 Favorite Authors list I don t know which author she bumped off it, but someone got the axe Between this series and the Undeniable series, she shows that she has major talent.Basically a description for this book would be the original I Am Legend novel meets a Valerie Dearborn type love triangle Even though the ending was [...]

  11. O M G, this book took me by surprise Awesome Madeline Sheehan, you have become one of my favorite authors You just know how to write a great story There is not one minute of boring in this book So many things are happening and the EpilogueESOME I have to admit, at first, when the story was going back and forth in time, I was like I hope there is a point to all this And there is I do not want to give anything away, so I can t even really say much but I love Trinity, I love Xan, I love and underst [...]

  12. Solid 4.5 StarsI started this one late last night and could not be moved from it at all today This book was beyond intriguing Emotional, decadent, sexy, and all consuming I loved the way this one flowed The set up into this world pulls you in and keeps you there You become so anxious to know what is happening or going to happen next, that you ll actually get angry that the answers are not coming fast enough The melding of the past histories in with the present, the parallels, are done superbly T [...]

  13. What the hell did I just read Can t really go on without saying I hate reading books with cheating people in it And I really don t love reading love triangles And this had the mother load And both of them were so in your face out there Even though it was almost all the book was about, I hated it But, I accept that it is my issue of not really loving to read that type of stuff Still I m a glutton for pain and I couldn t stop reading and feel so broken Which is why I think the writing was amazing, [...]

  14. RATING Somewhere Between 3.5 and 4 HEARTSOverall, this was such a unique story I loved the PNR aspect of it, and the twists and turns The romance is hot, the characters are likeable, and the danger is constant What is not to like But there is always a but I did not like Gerik I could not stand him, nor see his way of things I wanted him out of the picture whenever he was in it He rubbed me the wrong way.but.Xanoh man oh manI adored him He is badass, and everything alpha swoon 3Full review to Com [...]

  15. This was so good Very different PRN and unique I love this author and she could probably write a menu and I d read it Moving on to the second book because I have to know what happens next

  16. After reading Undeniable, I have to admit, I m a Madeline Sheehan fan for life, so naturally, I had to check out the Holy Trinity series.I think Madeline Sheehan has come a long way as a writer since this book was written, but that s not to say The Soul Mate isn t a great book it is The Soul Mate begins with a look into the past and a rather confusing analogy of the whole soul mate concept I think the book jumps around a bit too much, without going into too much detail when it counted like durin [...]

  17. I first read The Soul Mate last summer, and I only purchased it because it was highly recommended by members in one of my reading groups I wasn t a big fan of paranormal, fantasy, or post apocalyptic books, so I shouldn t have liked this book because it contains all those ingredients, so someone please explain how I ended up loving this book I was hooked within a few pages, and then I wanted someone to slap me for not reading this book sooner I devoured this book like a Skin Eater stranded on an [...]

  18. The book is soooooo much better than the blurb description of it I decided to read this only because I fell in love with the author s other book Undeniable While the description of the book didn t appeal to me, I figured if I loved her other one then this one was probably a good read also Yeah, I took a gamble and thank the Lord it paid off Its not anything like Undeniable They are 2 completely different books Almost as if a different author wrote one But, I still loved this book It has magic, s [...]

  19. Recommended by Amy and others from Maryse s Book Blog And yeah, I d had it for a while, just couldn t get to it.This was a totally different book for me The end of the world, gypsies with magic, danger on the outside, dragons, wow Apparently, Trinity is promised to Gerik in marriage, but he manages to push her away and does his own thing with some bitchface whore that I couldn t stand This was his release I guess while he waited for Trinity to let him in There was always a connection with Trinit [...]

  20. It is official I will read anything this damn author puts out This is the 2nd book of hers that I have read and I was hooked from beginning to end yet again The story flowed together and was told in a way that didnt leave me confused as to what was going on or why certain things were happening, the characters were unique and the love triangle wasnt overwhelming No angst or heart stopping moments that made me want to pull my hair out for that I am grateful This is the type of PNR that I enjoy rea [...]

  21. The Soul Mate is a perfect blend of urban fantasy, paranormal, and hot sexy asshole I fell for Xan behind the barrel of a gun and he s held me captive ever since But Gerik is the other half of my whole and without him I feel all kinds of wrong Madeline hit this out of the park with an elaborate and perfect weave of past and present story lines and an intense plot that kept me guessing I would recommend everyone give this story a chance You ll surprise yourself.

  22. Review to come 4,1 2 stars I m addicted to a new drug called Madeline Sheehan Originally posted at Addicted2HeroinesI am addicted to a new drug, and its name is Madeline Sheehan It s no secret that I devoured and adored Sheehan s Undeniable earlier this year I just had to go out and buy any other book that she had written This brought me to her paranormal series, The Holy Trinity While not as gritty or raw as Undeniable, this book sucked me in, pulled me under and left me gasping for air just th [...]

  23. I absolutely love Madeline Sheehan s bookse writes in such a way that just speaksNO screams out to my heart and all the inner feelings I have about life and love I have never read a book quite like this one is completely out of the normal genre that I usually read, but being such a huge fan of hers and the fact she put it on Smashwords for FREE convinced me to give it a try.WOWWOWWOWwhat an exciting and beautiful and horrible and sexy and mystical journey that wasd without a doubt, it left me wa [...]

  24. I really don t get this book Gerik, her savior, a six foot four inch Scandinavian Gypsy, takes her back to his magically protected Gypsy camp where she discovers a whole new way of life that she never knew existed as well as a whole new set of problems 1 Gerik is six foot four inches tall with blond hair A real Viking Complete with braided long hair No other description is given We just have this tall, muscled and blond cave man gifted with some ominous magical abilities and in need of a soul ma [...]

  25. I have had this book, actually the first 3 books, on my kindle for a LONG time I am not sure what had stopped me from reading them I have read all of the released books of Ms Sheehan s other series, the Undeniable series, so I know she can write her ass off That is one of my favorite series of books So, why did I wait to read this book I can tell you why I think I waited I am not typically a lover of paranormal, dystopian books I honestly didn t think I would enjoy gypsies, magic and skineaters [...]

  26. Well, I started on this trilogy after reading Undeniable because I fell in love with Madeline Sheehan s writing styly and her boldness This is book is not that Did I love it Not first It actually was very slow the beginning and I almost became disinterested but I plowed through it because of Xan yep, he was pretty alpha It was when I was almost 2 3rd s finished when Trinity and Xan connected and all hell broke loose literally that I felt I wanted to know and I was committed to the characters So [...]

  27. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this book It s been on my TBR for quite some time and I m kicking myself for not reading it sooner I m a big fan of paranormal and dystopian Normally the author takes quite some time to give us a visual of the world they created but Madeline accomplished this effortlessly and did it while letting us get to know the characters so I was never bored This book doesn t have your typical love triangle either One guy she s in love with, one guy she s meant [...]

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