The Best Nest

The Best Nest Back in Theodor Geisel responded to an article in Life magazine that lamented the use of boring reading primers in schools Using the pseudonym of Dr Seuss Seuss was Geisel s middle name and only

Back in 1957, Theodor Geisel responded to an article in Life magazine that lamented the use of boring reading primers in schools Using the pseudonym of Dr Seuss Seuss was Geisel s middle name and only two hundred twenty three words, Geisel created a replacement for those dull primers The Cat in the Hat The instant success of the book prompted Geisel and his wifeBack in 1957, Theodor Geisel responded to an article in Life magazine that lamented the use of boring reading primers in schools Using the pseudonym of Dr Seuss Seuss was Geisel s middle name and only two hundred twenty three words, Geisel created a replacement for those dull primers The Cat in the Hat The instant success of the book prompted Geisel and his wife to found Beginner Books, and Geisel wrote many popular books in this series, including Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks, and Green Eggs and Ham Other favorite titles in this series are Go, Dog, Go and Are You My Mother by P D Eastman, A Fly Went By, by Mike McClintock, and Put Me in the Zoo, by Robert Lopshire These affordable hardcover books combine large print, easy vocabulary, and large, bright illustrations in stories kids will want to read again and again Grades 1 Grades 2.

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The Best Nest

  1. Philip Dey Phil Eastman was an American screenwriter, children s author, and illustrator As an author, he is known primarily as P D Eastman A prot g of Theodor Geisel Dr Seuss , Eastman wrote many books for children, in his own distinct style under the Dr Seuss brand of Random House, many of which were in the Beginner Books series From 1936 to 1941, Eastman worked at the story department of Walt Disney Productions From 1941 to 1943 he worked at the story department of Warner Bros Cartoons From 1945 to 1952 he worked in the story department of United Productions of America He contributed to the Private Snafu World War II training films, wrote for the animation Mr Magoo, and the Gerald McBoing Boing series for UPA.

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  1. P.D Eastman s The Best Nest is a story about finding the best home for your loved ones I remembered reading a childhood poem which related to it too much.Indeed, Mrs Bird was too picky

  2. Mrs Bird was too choosy and Mr Bird was kind enough to go for all the troubles for their family Sugary story, I would say Their dress up was amazing

  3. I ve just had a hilarious time reading other reviews on this book a couple were sad because there s not much love in this book, another was upset with the use of the word hate because it s a banned word in her household, several criticised Mrs Bird while others excused her because we all know pregnant women are touchy OOPS, spoiler , one told us what Mr Bird should have done instead of giving in to Mrs Bird s displeasure I think I enjoyed these reviews almost as much as I enjoy the book.Zenobia [...]

  4. There are some passages from classic literature that are worth keeping alive, such as this one from, The Best Nest by P.D Easton, I love my house, I love my nest, In all the world, My nest is best Do you concur , and, if not might not you be the reason Just asking Please pardon the grammar errors Sometimes, wisdom transcends grammar But I still think grammar mechanics are important.

  5. This was the first book that my daughter loved, so we have read it at least 100 times She still takes it to bed with her sometimes Books the ultimate comfort.

  6. I sunk myself in this book The life lessons this book gives are priceless The biggest lesson is this Do not listen to your nagging wife I think I speak for most men on this What the bird should have done is re model the birdhouse, put in a sports den and wet bar Then his buds could come over and hang The wife bird would have been wise to make snacks and keep the birdhouse clean I hope the author writes a sequel to this book where the dad bird tells her to find her own place, then turns the birdh [...]

  7. Bodhi 4 stars The main idea of this book is that two birds are looking for a nest I liked it because they had to look and look for a nest and they found one eventually, and it was funny Saskia 5 stars Mr Bird sang a song and he was so happy because he loved his house Mrs Bird came home and told him to stop singing because she did not like their house The whole book is about them trying to find a new nest, but then they find their old nest again I would give this book five stars because I could s [...]

  8. Of course I read this a long time ago But I got it on Saturday To go with my new color Nook and read with my niece Fun And ironic, considering my day today Be happy with what you have A lesson to be learned by all of us.

  9. There is no place like home17 November 2013 This is a wonderful little story see I am not always harsh when it comes to Children s books about two birds who decide that they no longer like their old house or at least the woman doesn t, the man is perfectly happy to sit on top of his house and sing his song all day about how his nest is the best nest and go on a quest to find a new house However every house they find is either occupied by a foot, or some letters or has hidden traps such as the st [...]

  10. This book is about two birds that set out to find a better nest On their journey, they run into many unique animals and things After their many trials and misfortunes on finding a better nest, they find comfort in their old nest This book can teaches a good lesson on being grateful on what one already has It also teaches children that what you already have in front of you can become what is best for you Also, it s a song book In the book, Mr Bird sings a little song about his nest I love my hous [...]

  11. One of my favorites when I was a kid It was fun to be able to read it to my son and have his enjoy it as well.Eastman has always been one of my favorite children s authors, I even like her books than Seuss simply because it isn t filled with a bunch of tongue twisters.So Mrs Bird isn t happy with their nest, and even though Mr Bird loves it, they leave to look for a new nest They try lots of places that don t work out, until Mrs Bird decides to nest on a bell in a church They get their nest rea [...]

  12. This adorable book is about Mr and Mrs Bird trying to find the best nest Mr Bird is content with his own nest, but greedy Mrs Bird is no So they fly off in hopes of finding a new best, but they do not succeed After a not so pleasant experience Mrs Bird learns that their first nest, was actually the best.This book teaches children about a valuable lesson, about not being too greedy At a young age children want and and better, so it is important for teachers and parents to teach children to be h [...]

  13. This is a rhyming book about Mr and Mrs Bird Mr Bird thinks they have the best nest, but Mrs Bird disagrees, so they go on a journey to find a new home They try living in a tree, a boot, a mailbox, a church steeple and a chimney, but unfortunately all are already taken The two are separated after Mrs Bird flew off in a frightened frenzy, but are reunited at their old nest It turns out that their old home was perfect after all The illustrations are very cute and are there to reinforce the text In [...]

  14. The Best Nest is about Mrs Bird and Mr Bird Mrs Bird doesn t like the nest that they live in any and she wants a new one So Mr Bird and her go looking for new nests around the town, but they can t find the perfect one They find a new nest, but it goes horribly wrong and Mr Bird loses Mrs Bird She left the new nest and he can t find her anywhere Where did Mrs Bird go Did she go back to their old nest The Best Nest is one of my favorite picture books because it is a good book to make predictions t [...]

  15. The Best Nest is better than P.D Eastman s other classic children s book, Go, Dogs, Go Nonetheless, it isn t in any way superlative It s a modestly humorous story, with serviceable text and serviceable pictures Competent, and nothing I think most adults reading it would have to conclude that this is not a work of love, not a work that meant much personally to the author, not a work of great thought nor effort nor inspiration, but something that was quickly cranked out in a formulaic kind of wa [...]

  16. Mrs Bird decides that their current nest is not the best and Mr and Mrs Bird go off in search of a new place to build a nest They have a couple of mishaps and eventually end up back at their original nest This one isn t quite as much fun as some of P.D Eastman s other books, but still a cute picture book for young children.

  17. Let me just start off by saying how cool it is that P.D Eastman started writing through his collaboration with Dr Seuss Just like Dr Seuss, P.D Eastman captured the essence of rhyming with grace in The Best Nest I thought that the take away message of appreciating what you already have and that the home is where the heart was such a beautiful message to deliver We sometimes forget to appreciate the little things and take them for granted and I think that the moral of this story is something we s [...]

  18. This book was referenced in Orange is the New Black, season 4, episode 11, People Persons at around 12 25, you can see it on Suzanne s shelf.I like this book It s a sweet story Almost as sweet as Are You My Mother I remember watching this as a VHS tape when I was a kid I always thought that the nest Mrs Bird was building inside the church tower looked so comfy I m guessing this book takes place in Maine from page 16 Waldoboro, Maine I never noticed that as a child.5 stars because I feel like I w [...]

  19. This book is cute Its about a couple who live in a cute nest The husband is very happy with their house but the wife was not happy She wanted a new nest and they went out looking for one The looked all around town and could not find one Once they found a nest they started settling in and they didnt notice that it was at a church where there was a bell Well that bell rang and the birds got all scared In the end they end up right back in their own nest with a new baby There are going to be parents [...]

  20. This book is about a couple of birds who decide to move from their bird house to another home They try out all types of homes, and none of them seem to work out They eventually end up back in their old home because it s the best nest This would be a good book to use when talking about different places people live It would be fun to look at all of the different places the birds visit and to look at all of the different types of homes people live in and compare and contrast all of them.

  21. This was one of the first books I ever got from a book fair in second grade It was a big favorite of mine, later a favorite of my children and now my grandson Along with The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown, these have become multigenerational favorites in our family.

  22. My friend Kevin is reading a list of best children s books I am following suite in order to discuss the books with him By default, I give the books four stars because they re good at what they re intended to do, which is to keep the attention of children and introduce them to literature.This book contains a trope about an unhappy wife who was wrong about wanting than her husband currently supplies.

  23. I love this book and always have I love how they collect certain materials for their new nest I also love how Mr.Bird cares about everyone and everything This book is a wonderful book and it always have.

  24. K5 read this to me today 2 22 2015 She says 4 stars The mom bird used to hate her nest but then she changed her mind, she did like it That s what I like about the best nest , that she changed her mind.

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