Dark Lies the Island

Dark Lies the Island A new book from the winner of the Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Prize A kiss that just won t happen A disco at the end of the world A teenage goth on a terror mission And OAP kiddie s

A new book from the winner of the 2012 Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Prize A kiss that just won t happen A disco at the end of the world A teenage goth on a terror mission And OAP kiddie snatchers, scouse real ale enthusiasts, and occult weirdness in the backwoods Dark Lies the Island is a collection of unpredictable stories about love and crueltyA new book from the winner of the 2012 Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Prize A kiss that just won t happen A disco at the end of the world A teenage goth on a terror mission And OAP kiddie snatchers, scouse real ale enthusiasts, and occult weirdness in the backwoods Dark Lies the Island is a collection of unpredictable stories about love and cruelty, crimes, desperation, and hope from the man Irvine Welsh has described as the most arresting and original writer to emerge from these islands in years Every page is shot through with the riotous humour, sympathy and blistering language that mark Kevin Barry as a pure entertainer and a unique teller of tales.

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Dark Lies the Island

  1. Kevin Barry is an Irish writer He is the author of two collections of short stories, and the novel City of Bohane, which was the winner of the 2013 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

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  1. Impressive piece of writing here Entertaining and moving with the occasional flash of dark humour The author excels in empathy for his characters most if whom are struggling emotionally There is the sad figure of Doctor Sot for which you can only feel compassion And the mentally disabled boy in A Cruelty, or the psychotic girl in the title story Their pains are described in painfull but precise and also poetic detail The Wifey Redux story is hilarious Such richness in this small volume, definite [...]

  2. Short stories have a strong place in Irish writing, and many Irish authors of literary fiction have turned their hand to the genre Kevin Barry is a very fine addition to the list Dark Lies the Island is his second volume in this format and maintains a superb standard throughout, ranging from the touching, romantic and poignant through the humourous to the threatening There are hints of an older traditional Ireland, but the overall tone is very much one of an Ireland overtaken by new values, pro [...]

  3. This is the second book by Kevin Barry that I bought, but it became the first one that I ve actually read The Gaelic Nadsatesque reputation of City of Bohane is still too intimidating to win over Time will tell.Thus, I decided to give Mr Barry a go starting with a selection of some of his most recent short stories, thanks to a fruitful and affordable harvest along the shelves of the Hay Cinema Bookshop.Credits first.There are 13 short stories in Dark Lies the Island and five out of the first six [...]

  4. great review in the Guardian that compares him to VS Pritchett one of my favourite writers I met him once rray just in at the library I ve now got three great story collections to read I m in heavenother superb collection Will do a review, but so much going on I m not sure when got another three or four to catch up on.Big bold writing, involving and colourful characters eg the slightly boorish but love able blokes on a beer trip, the drunken doctor who takes up community outreach work with an un [...]

  5. Dark Lies the Island by Kevin Barry is a book of short stories.I really did not enjoy this book and found the stories lacking in character development and just did hold my interest I found myself going from one story to the next without really enjoying what I was reading.I am not a fan of short stories as I always feel the story ends before it begins but having said that, I am not used to reading short stories and I think you have to learn to think and differently in a short story and fill in t [...]

  6. Kevin Barry is a sneak His stories start in one space or mode and end up in another, often unpredictable, place altogether Drop dead hilarity gives way to deep pathos, and real insight His characters often long to get back to a place or time they can not return to, whether it be through their own actions and devices, or simply because time moves always forward His dialogue sings, and when his characters speak of lost love and the process of growing older it is with intelligence and grace A uniqu [...]

  7. I heard Kevin Barry read in the summer at the John Hewitt International Summer School in Armagh He read the first of the stories in this collection, Across the Rooftops and he held the entire auditorium of afternoon listeners in his thrall I d read one other of the stories, The Girls and the Dogs online at The Irish Times irishtimes newspaper f so I had an idea of what I was in for dark, gritty, humorous writing that never lets you sit back on your haunches but has you holding your breath throug [...]

  8. Mixed bag of short stories about young infatuation, hooliganism and regret While I didn t enjoy this collection as much as the novel, The City of Bohane, some of the stories are powerfully good, especially Beer Run to Llandudno, which captures the nostalgia fueled regret of middle age.

  9. This collection of short stories is the first Kevin Barry book that I ve read, despite having heard the critical acclaim for his work in recent years The stories are primarily set in the west of Ireland, although a number feature emigrants who have left the area to live in London I wasn t sure what to expect from the book, but was pleasantly surprised, both by the variety of stories told, and also by the at times challenging and dark subject matter While humour pervaded throughout the book, dark [...]

  10. Unfortunately not for me Barry is skilled at setting up a real, enveloping scenario and creating familiar characters in the space of only a few pages The humor is dark and the tales poignant in their own blunt way Perhaps I m just not familiar enough with Irish literature and culture, I think, for it seems that it d be best to have an understanding of the Irish mindset in order to truly enjoy the stories to appreciate Barry s writing fully I wanted to like it, but instead found it boring and uni [...]

  11. This collection of short stories is the modern day Dubliners we ve been waiting for Sharing the set between Ireland and England, these tales offer no shortage of unrequited loves, sauntering scoundrels, and modern day twists of classic lore Woven with characteristically Irish wit and dark humor, these stories make for a wildly unforgettable ride.

  12. Cinque stelle per una raccolta di racconti veramente imperdibile Una lingua graffiante, sempre evocativa e spiazzante, e trame nere nere, un po inquietanti un po comiche Da leggere.

  13. Blahblah natural Irish gift for writing Yaddayadda natural Irish gift for short story Dronedrone make room for him next to Colin Barrett and the guy with the unpronounceable name who wrote Notes from a Turkish Whorehouse.Right That s THAT out of the way.I ve seen some flip comparisons to William Trevor, mostly on the grounds that Barry also sets unflattering stories in Cork, Ireland The comparisons to VS Pritchett grate Barry leans to plot and event than mood and character His candour and jugg [...]

  14. I met and heard Kevin Barry read from his novel CITY OF BOHANE in Montreal this summer during the IASIL Conference and was intrigued He happens to be a fabulous reader very animated and dramatic I bought the novel and this story collection, and I started with the stories It s a very good collection I m not saying that every single thing works, but enough of the stories are so good that DARK LIKES THE ISLAND deserves serious attention Generally speaking, the stories atmospheres carry a fair bit o [...]

  15. Please, Kevin Barry, hurry and write another book When I read his first, the stories in There are Little Kingdoms, I said there are twists It s quirky, I said, and refreshing Here he is with his third book, and he remains quirky and refreshing, than a bit dark, and even though he has been so in three straight books, he manages not to become derivative of himself He doesn t repeat himself In Dark Lies the Island, he explores child abduction, self cutting, functional alcoholism, and mundane thin [...]

  16. Ironically I heard this author a few weeks ago on Public Radio and jotted his name down only to find his book in the mail from a First Reads Giveaway I thought it would be a great read because I usually Iove anything related to Ireland due to the fact that my maternal grandfather came from Belmullet, County Mayo The stories had an underlying darkness and I think that I would have enjoyed these stories if I understood the meaning and voice of Mr Barry if I were Irish, which I am not It s as if t [...]

  17. Barry s 2nd story collection, DARK LIES THE ISLAND seems to have traded the ardent lyricism of his first book for a focus on story itself, if that makes sense The stories here are sturdy things, which is fine, but it somewhat lacks the singing, wonderful, jaw dropping wordplay of THERE ARE LITTLE KINGDOMS and his novel, CITY OF BOHANE DLTI does seem to pick up steam midway through, and by the end of the collection that familiar verve has returned somewhat, but as a whole this one comes across as [...]

  18. Brilliant, dark, funny I almost gave this 3 stars, but just couldn t 70% of the stories in this collection are incredible, and there are just a couple of duds in there I really loved his style, and the structure of his short stories The way they take the reader on an emotional journey, by just hitting the right notes at the perfect time Great short story writer Stand outs for me Wifey Redux A Cruelty and Beer Trip to Llandudno I also loved the final story in the collection.

  19. I won this through First Reads Giveaway.I was torn between giving this 3 or 4 stars It was a well written book of short stories but I don t think I m really into short story books So it might just be that I didn t enjoy it because of my own tastes instead of it not being a very good book Some of the stories would have made excellent books by themselves and it was a bit aggravating that they weren t Other than that I think the author did a fine job writing the book and each of the story s charact [...]

  20. My words are inadequate to review a great set of stories such as these The Fjord at Killary was my favourite I do need to keep in mind tho that when Kevin Barry has me laughing fit to burst, its a vulnerable state and one He takes complete advantage of, often changing the mood to darkness in the wink of an eye.Lots of darkness and troubled souls here not for the faint hearted

  21. Kevin Barry is f ted as a new Irvine Welsh, and there is something in that comparison This collection focusses on the addicted and the unfortunate, outcasts and weirdos Sometimes the writing is brilliant as well, even if the characters are generally tragically unhappy And it has that slightly surreal quality that marked out The Acid House as such a memorable collection.

  22. These stories were totally different than CITY OF BOHANE, which is really saying something It s great to know that Kevin Barry is much than a gimmick He s an authentic voice And he has a real knack for capturing the sense of loss regret that is ever creeping on the periphery of our lives.You can expect this one to hit our shores in the fall of 2013.It drops in April in UK.

  23. I was surprised at the variety of style and subject of these stories I saw Kevin Barry do a reading recently in Washington DC where he read, rather he performed, the story about Killary Harbor I finished this short collection impressed with his skill in drawing pictures of many different worlds.

  24. Barry s last collection, There Are Little Kingdoms, was good but maybe not for all tastes This one though I d happily recommend to anybody Great range and diversity It s great to see a writer you ve been following with interest finally hit his stride.

  25. Great book, full of amazing characters and unexpected scenarios Although humorous, there was a lot of underlying darkness, making me feel slightly depressed at the circumstances some people find themselves in However now definitely need to read of his material.

  26. It was my first Irish book And I gave it 2 stars because I ve learned few things about the Irish people and that s it I found most of the stories pointless, lacking the elements of excitement I did like a story or two But still Not my type of read.

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