Sands of Nezza

Sands of Nezza A call for help draws wizard Alexander Taylor into an adventure that he knows nothing about To save a friend Alex must travel to the land of Nezza a land where war is part of daily life where adven

A call for help draws wizard Alexander Taylor into an adventure that he knows nothing about To save a friend, Alex must travel to the land of Nezza, a land where war is part of daily life, where adventurers are imprisoned, and where all magic is believed to be black Chance brings Alex into contact with young Rallian, a prince who might just be the true king of Nezza, andA call for help draws wizard Alexander Taylor into an adventure that he knows nothing about To save a friend, Alex must travel to the land of Nezza, a land where war is part of daily life, where adventurers are imprisoned, and where all magic is believed to be black Chance brings Alex into contact with young Rallian, a prince who might just be the true king of Nezza, and Alex s desire to do good sets loose a spell that could drive the land into all out war Alex must find a way for Rallian to be crowned king while also bringing peace to the land, but his magic and wizardry alone cannot make peace happen His task is made difficult when he learns that a group called the Brotherhood is actively working to keep the people of Nezza divided Join Alex and some familiar friends in their search to unite the land of Nezza in this new adventure that will test their courage to the very core.

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Sands of Nezza

  1. Mark Forman was born and raised in Utah and now resides in the foothills of the western Rockies He tries to write as much as possible when he s not working as a systems administrator and attending to his many other hobbies, such as fishing, camping, hiking and almost anything that will allow him to enjoy the magic of nature.

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  1. Just a quick note here I m note sure how anyone has rated this book already, as I m still working on the final version Very strange With a lot of work and a little luck I believe this will be out in May Yes, I know you don t want to wait that long, but I am going all out to get the final fixed version to my editor by March 17 I am sorry for the delay, but I would rather have it come out later than planned and good than come out on time and be well, wrong Mark

  2. Was at Desert Book the other day, and when I saw this on the shelf, I just about died of fangirling And, oh, it was SOOOOO worth the wait It was absolutely amazing But there was one problem.Now that I know about Alex s sweet dragon powers, some strange part of my brain thinks that he needs to use them for EVERYTHING Can t open that jar of pickles I ll be a dragon could And it s really getting ridiculous It s like Look Alex got captured by some soldiers How s he going to get out of this one Turn [...]

  3. Are we there yet Ahhhhh so close yet so far I want itSo I would like to know why people have rated a book that has not been released yet

  4. I first want to say that this series has had potential from the beginning It is funny, moral, clean, and engaging, and it drew me in from the first Forman clearly also have a lot of creativity and originality I would simply like to see it lose the copying from other literary masterpieces I love the premise, Alex is pretty interesting, and there are just enough plot balls thrown into the air that I want to see how they fall Plot balls are something that a fiction teacher once told me about Author [...]

  5. SPOILER ALERT This book was fantastic It was about as amazing as the first book I never would believe how important the ring turned out to be though, and it pleased me that Mr Forman added an antagonist that could pose a big problem in the future I have several questions which I will probably ask later on Forman s blog, however I will have to wait a month or two so most people will have time read the book.I still don t like how powerful Alex is, it s really cool about his dragon form and how muc [...]

  6. I have enjoyed this series very much, as have many students I ve recommended it to I stopped after book 3, not bearing the thought of finishing book 4 with no book 5 in sight Now that Forman has rallied from an extended illness and the series has completed, I m eager to see it through That said, this book is probably my least favorite in the series The characters and action felt stilted and not animated in the least Alex, in particular, who has always seemed too good to be true, just doesn t see [...]

  7. 3.5 starsThe Sands of Nezza was exactly what I was expecting The writing has been consistently simplistic but still carries the good voice throughout Each chapter is exactly what it says it will be in the title, and each is a little like its own mini adventure And Alex is just out of training, but even before now he could defeat anything These books are fun for other reasons For my brother and I we try to guess which fantasy novels he is pulling tropes from other than Tolkien And I actually even [...]

  8. I really liked this whole series, and this book is no exception It is a wonderful addition to the series I really like the whole idea of magic bags, and the author portrays how magic works The author did an awesome job on this book, and the rest of the series One thing I have to admit, is that Alex the main character gets way to powerful Like, too powerful But, in the end, it sounds like their are a couple people out there who can match his power, and challenge it Also, the prince is kind of ann [...]

  9. 2.5I m sorry, but I really have to say that this installment fell short of the mark I know the author spent a great deal of time on this, and the editors and publisher required some significant revisions It should have been awesome I have no idea if the changes resulted in something better, or what the readers were delivered The book was a quick, easy read Unfortunately, it lacked any twisting, turning, or interesting elements that would make it greater than ok The story was highly predictable a [...]

  10. I had a great joy in yet another reading by M.L.Forman This new book completes what Alex needs in all the other books These books are a great read to just read through at home Reading this book has given me a new sense of adventure at that But While meeting Rallian, Alex learns that Rallian is the true king of nezza and needs to be crowned so there can be peace in the land of the sand Forman 134 how do we know what s the difference between the truth and fiction, because in the book after Rallian [...]

  11. I really like this series, but this one is not my favorite I miss Alex being part of the quest He goes to Nezza to save a friend and pretty much is on the outside of the group and on his own for a lot of the book I keep waiting for him to meet some of his relatives, but still nothing in this book A good read, just not as good as the last one.

  12. The 4th book by M L Forman in his Adventurer s Wanted series, Alex is once whisked away onto an adventure when a friend from his first adventure calls for his aid bringing him to the far off lands of NezzaTE I read the audiobook version of this and a large part of my critique will cover the actual narrator of the book.This book was an exciting addition to the series, and while overall a great story, there definitely parts that left me wanting for less in this case While it was continuing the bu [...]

  13. Alex is at his new house when he gets a message that his friend is in danger and he needs to get there as fast as he can when he gets there his friends have been captured and he has to free them While freeing his friends he frees the true king of Nezza, who had been missing for a long time War starts because nobody knows who the king is until the true king gets the ring, then ge gets the ring and everything is good.Orcal i think it is a person who knows a lot.Weir lights Lights that obey your co [...]

  14. In my opinion, this is one of the best if not the best book in the adventurers wanted series The only reason I have not said it is the best book is because I have not read book five but even so it is still a very good book to read.It is full of action and mystery like when Alex is trying to fight off the huge sand snake and as a result he has his friend killed I think that M.L Forman did a great job narrating this book and I really like how he detailed this book so much that I can literally see [...]

  15. The least enjoyable Adventurers Wanted book so far, and it is still excellent Alex suffers from the same struggles here as in three, he is too powerful Forman at least appears to recognize this character defect and has Alex struggle with being isolated That isolation is critical to the character remaining at all enjoyable to the reader, but also forces an issue weak development in secondary characters Which weakens the story Still the writing is paced well Considering this was finished after one [...]

  16. Alex, as always, is perhaps too strong and too good to be true If I can complain about anything with this series I can complain about that While Alex being so strong does make for good story telling I appreciate characters who have flaws and heroes who don t always win their battles Everything seems to come easily to our young hero.But that is really the tone of Adventurers Wanted The books are happy tales where our hero faces great adversity, but always magically overcomes overwhelming odds.I l [...]

  17. FAMILY READ A LOUDI read this and the first 3 in the set to the boys I do really love the Adventures Wanted series a lot of honor, manners, respect, loyalty, friendship alone with trolls, dragons and magic I love the doing it together respecting each other, no man left behind It is everyone boys need and want they fight the big battle, protecting each other then mourn the lost they battle doing what they want vs what they are committed to.This book got a bit long, there is one and the fifth boo [...]

  18. Adventurers Wanted is one of my favorite middle grader YA series, and Sands of Nezza is a great 4th book This book is a little darker There are some things going on, and Alex needs to learn his limits a few well known characters die, and a lot of others die as well It is a war The deaths aren t overly graphic or dwelt upon Alex does some pretty amazing magic, and I liked the new characters a lot If you enjoyed the first three books then you ll definitely want to read this one

  19. It was goodThis series was entertaining, but definitely not the best book series I have ever read Good if you are looking for a book to read for mere entertainment, but if you are looking for something special, I wouldn t recommend these.

  20. This series is AMAZING The characters really grew in this book I didn t really like how a bunch of the adventurers died though.

  21. This book was another good read but I personally was a little bit disappointed I was expecting, I guess Very vague I know but to me I absolutely loved the first book, however, I feel that the writing has gone downhill a bit Alex has grown tremendously as a character and I think another thing that bothers me is that he seems to be too much like an adult, he is only seventeen Regardless it was still a good installment and I would still recommend this to a friend It was a tad realistic, given the [...]

  22. The Sands of Nezza is the fourth book in M L Forman s Adventurer s Wanted series This series follows a young man, named Alex Taylor, who is an adventurer among other things An adventurer is someone who signs up to join a company of other adventurers in order to complete an adventure in the different known lands via Mr Clutter the owner of the adventurer shop The known lands include races such as dwarves, elves, humans, and mythical creatures These lands also have magic.In the first book, Alex fo [...]

  23. This is a review on the Adventurers Wanted series as a whole, not just the Sands of Nezza I find it difficult to explain how I feel about the Adventurers Wanted series I really do enjoy the story and the author s way of writing his voice if you will The stories feel like something that would happen in a table top RPG such as Dungeons and Dragons They are creative and interesting, and I like the world Forman has created for these books However, the main character, Alex is too perfect in my opinio [...]

  24. This book is great It really is But in my humble opinion, its not as good as the first three I ve seen some other comments saying that Alex is just TOO perfect He comes across no problems that he doesn t just instantly solve I feel like Alex doesn t really have any problems progressing through his challenges, and in some ways it makes the book a bit dull I think this book is written well, and it s not bad, it just doesn t hold my interest like the other books.Axe of sundering in three days

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