Teardrop Never ever crySeventeen year old Eureka won t let anyone close enough to feel her pain After her mother was killed in a freak accident the things she used to love hold no meaning She wants to escape

Never, ever crySeventeen year old Eureka won t let anyone close enough to feel her pain After her mother was killed in a freak accident, the things she used to love hold no meaning She wants to escape, but one thing holds her back Ander, the boy who is everywhere she goes, whose turquoise eyes are like the ocean And then Eureka uncovers an ancient tale of romance anNever, ever crySeventeen year old Eureka won t let anyone close enough to feel her pain After her mother was killed in a freak accident, the things she used to love hold no meaning She wants to escape, but one thing holds her back Ander, the boy who is everywhere she goes, whose turquoise eyes are like the ocean And then Eureka uncovers an ancient tale of romance and heartbreak, about a girl who cried an entire continent into the sea Suddenly her mother s death and Ander s appearance seem connected, and her life takes on dark undercurrents that don t make sense Can everything you love be washed away

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  1. Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York She is the author of the Fallen novels, the Teardrop novels, and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove She lives in Laurel Canyon with her family.

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  1. EDITED 06 19 2013 James Dashner has apologized via Twitter Thank you for all your support, everyone 3 editEDITED 06 18 2013 O_o editThis book is bad Hence, my review is very long thumbs up I have included as many quotes as possible to illustrate my points.Characters Eureka that name __ is so utterly passive she even remarks on it herself Trust was mutual, and that was the problem with her and Ander He held all the cards Eureka s role in the relationship seemed merely to be alarmed p 311 She also [...]

  2. ROUNDING UP TO 1.5 STARS I won Teardrop through a giveaway When i first saw the cover i was a bit like this.Isn t that one of the most beautiful and breathtaking covers ever However, the actual book couldn t be different 17 year old Eureka never cries, not even at her own beloved mum s funeral, who died at a freak accident Eureka was with her in that car when it happened, but the next thing she knows she s laying in the hospital bed Why did she survive and not her mum How The things she used to [...]

  3. I m grateful for many things in life, including the fact that most of YA fiction is in fact, fiction Because thankfully, my fate and that of the world will never rest in the hands of a teenaged boy who thinks with his dick.The choice was simpler than that Save the world, or save the girl.Guess which choice the boy makes Ding ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner Because pussy will win out against humanity and common sense every single time.This book was not bad It was simply generic The premis [...]

  4. I m giving a chance to like Lauren Kate books I disliked her fallen series, I did t even finished it I hope that I can enjoy this new series

  5. I wrote a really nice review about this in the past But you know what I HATE THIS PILE OF SHIT 0 5 stars for this garbageEvery character is the most dull piece of shit that I ve ever had to read and it was honestly a struggle to get through this The plot was pathetic, the world building was pathetic, everything about this pile of crap is pathetic The writing style was 200% not for me and honestly I d sooner shoot myself than read this again Does that sound horrible Probably But honestly I don t [...]

  6. Review also at edwardsghostengine.wordpress.To put it straight this book is as dull as dirt So what a boring book I was intrigued by the idea of someone having the power to cry a whole land into the sea Then I pictured them crying all our continents in the sea due to global warming view spoiler It s basically a legend about Atlantis which i was disappointed about and how long ago two girls loved one man and when they were separated she cried Atlantis into the sea Eureka turned out to be a descen [...]

  7. What a pathetic excuse of a book Let me just say that I sold it back to half priced books for credit towards actual honest to god good book.Damn this pretty cover for sucking me in.No Bueno Not impressed.

  8. Terribile.Ho comprato questo libro dal Libraccio perch me lo vendevano ad un prezzo veramente basso e io ho sempre apprezzato molto lo stile di scrittura della Kate, lo trovo molto fluido e i suoi romanzi particolarmente piacevoli da leggere nonostante le trame poco ricercate Avevo aspettative pari a zero e forse anche meno riguardanti questo libro, dunque ho iniziato a leggerlo con una valigia piena di pregiudizi poco rassicuranti Finito il primo capitolo mi sono stupita Dei santissimi, ma mi s [...]

  9. Source I own a copy of this book why, oh why, oh why Eureka doesn t cry, not ever, even when her mother dies But she s about to find out that she s something awesome So I didn t really like Fallen , but since I ve had some luck with sequels recently, I decided to give Lauren Kate another chance and read Teardrop I really shouldn t have bothered.Eureka was such a whiny character I got so sick of her moaning so quickly She was just irritating, and whiny, and couldn t seem to make up her mind about [...]

  10. Edit 2 2 2013 This sounds just like Fallen.Eh, we ll see I m kind of scared to touch any Lauren Kate books, but if it sounds good, I ll give it a chance.

  11. I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Actual rating 0.5 Because i loved it that much Why did i request this I really don t know Never, ever cry Unfortunately, this is all i felt like doing while i was reading this book It wasn t due to sad scenes, it was because i was bored to tears.Honestly, Teardrop was dull There is no other word i can use to describe it.All the characters were annoying, but Eureka was defiantly the worst.For a girl that couldn t cry, she certainl [...]

  12. Why oh why must Lauren Kate s books always have such pretty covers I really should stop judging a book by its cover, but after this one Just look at that waterfall dress thing and the blue and purple swirly city So, so mesmerizing.The synopsis sounds rather intriguing, yet also a bit incomprehensible I just hope this won t be Fallen 2 Please

  13. I have to say that Teardrop is a GREAT book I have been on the fence about reading this because I loved The Fallen Series and no one can take the place of Daniel and Cam but in Teardrop we have Ander and Brooks and whole lot of mythology going on I love reading stories about Atlantis and the underwater world This books prehistory prologue started out strong and the book for me got stronger The ending had me screaming because I needed I needed about three chapters but I will have to wait to see [...]

  14. The writing is good and easy to read, so I kept going even though the story made me roll my eyes so hard I think I might have been into this back when Twilight was huge But right now it just felt like a whole lot of

  15. OH MY GOD YES IT SOUNDS AWESOME I NEED IT To bad it comes out the same day as the last Divergent book, the 22nd of October I love the Fallen novels, I can t wait for Teardrop I m sure Lauren Kate will wow us with her new book.6 4 13I just heard they were selling Teardrop arcs at BEA 2013 AND I MISSED IT UGH WHYOkay Okay deep breath I am so 500% DONE with every single reviewer of this book saying that it s dumb or not well written , etc You know what I m not even going to get into it yet YET Just [...]

  16. WHY do we still have stalkerish boys Why the sexism Why this whiny and ungrateful protagonist WHY THE SLUT SHAMING loud clear coughing Girls, not every girl you meet needs to be degraded just to prove how SPECIAL or whatever you are.Yeah, no Once upon a time, I read Fallen by Lauren Kate I was forced to DNF it after I chucked it across the room because of its rampant sexism, Luce s whining and the grossness from the male characters But I m not one to give up on an author just because of one book [...]

  17. I m thoroughly disappointedI m surprised I didn t give this an one star rating but thought let s save it for the next book because I m sure the next one will be even worse After 2 hours of writing the review the idea of changing the rating got a hold on me So, here I am giving it 1 star Oops.While in this book the plot is really intriguing, or it could be, if it had the right author, it gets very annoying and boring several times I m not a huge fan of Lauren Kate s writing Her writing in Fallen [...]

  18. After reading I Need Book 2 P.S Review is currently under construction Pre reading Oh my sweet goodness Atlantis Her tears are suspected of bringing to the lost city of Atlantis holy crap Lauren Kate, you do not cease to amaze me Ah I really can t wait That cover is simply gorgeous and a part of me, is sad that her next book isn t a Fallen book but hey That series is over and this one starts the beginning of a new one.

  19. I ll be honest I picked this book up solely because of the cover LOOK AT HER WATER DRESS I couldn t not find out what that was all about I also knew of Lauren Kate s previous works and figured it would be an interesting read The premise is unique Lost underwater civilizations and romance Count me in Kate possesses a creative style and confidently weaves vivid images However, I will say that some of her descriptions go a little too far Jammed packed with metaphors and adjectives, her phrases ofte [...]

  20. Right away the warning bell in my head goes off They could do things, these women The boy raised his index finger, reached toward her, and caught the tear on his fingertip Very slowly, as if he held something precious, he carried the salty drop away from her, toward his own face He pressed it into the corner of his right eye Then he blinked and it was gone You might not be crazy about sharing your daddy with someone else, he d said But a man needs taking care of, and Trenton s been alone a long [...]

  21. Let s just say one thing.It is such a good thing that this is fiction Because if I was Eureka and my tears had the power to drown the earth Oh gosh, we wouldn t have lasted a day within me being born.And it s also a good thing this book isn t real because I dont think I d be all that happy with the fate of the world resting on the shoulders of a teenaged boy who thinks with his pardon my french dick.That s right I said it.But seriously The choice was simpler than that Save the world, or save the [...]

  22. WTF did I just read This is by far THE WORST book I read this year There are so many things that I hate about it so I don t even know where to start Let s just start from the fact that it took me five days to read it , which would also make it my longest read this year , so I can t even think of the time I waisted on it , when I could of read something else It makes me very angry , specially because I was warned about this book and that I won t like it , but I didn t listen So the first thing th [...]

  23. Well, well, well What do we have here Why, it is yet another vague and tedious romance by Lauren Kate Surprise, surprise Who would ve guessed right Teardrop is about well, I m sure you ve already guessed A special girl, who apparently is destined to do great things A mysterious stalker whom she feels strangely attracted to Her funny and understanding best friend Stalker dude s family who wants to kill her but then stalker dude daringly defies his family sarcastic gasp to save his true love Sound [...]

  24. Being I have never read any of Lauren Kate s books I was very excited to give this book a whirl I was not disappointed one bit I am now a true fan of Lauren s writing The book had a magnificent flow to it We start off with the prologue, and it kind of gives us a hint of what happened to Miss Eureka Boudreaux s past It s too bad she doesn t remember any of it Eureka Boudreaux is quite a mess Her mother was killed in what everyone thought as an accident A freak wave swept the car Eureka and her mo [...]

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