Il corpo umano

Il corpo umano un plotone di giovani ragazzi quello comandato dal maresciallo Antonio Ren L ultimo arrivato il caporalmaggiore Roberto Ietri ha appena vent anni e si sente inesperto in tutto Per lui come per molt

un plotone di giovani ragazzi quello comandato dal maresciallo Antonio Ren L ultimo arrivato, il caporalmaggiore Roberto Ietri, ha appena vent anni e si sente inesperto in tutto Per lui, come per molti altri, la missione in Afghanistan la prima grande prova della vita Al momento di partire, i protagonisti non sanno ancora che il luogo a cui verranno destinati uno un plotone di giovani ragazzi quello comandato dal maresciallo Antonio Ren L ultimo arrivato, il caporalmaggiore Roberto Ietri, ha appena vent anni e si sente inesperto in tutto Per lui, come per molti altri, la missione in Afghanistan la prima grande prova della vita Al momento di partire, i protagonisti non sanno ancora che il luogo a cui verranno destinati uno dei pi pericolosi di tutta l area del conflitto la forward operating base fob Ice, nel distretto del Gulistan, un recinto di sabbia esposto alle avversit , dove non c niente, soltanto polvere, dove la luce del giorno cos forte da provocare la congiuntivite e la notte non si possono accendere le luci per non attirare i colpi di mortaio Ad attenderli laggi , c il tenente medico Alessandro Egitto rimasto in Afghanistan, all interno di quella precaria bolla di sicurezza , di sua volont , per sfuggire a una situazione privata che considera pi pericolosa della guerra combattuta con le armi da fuoco Sfiniti dal caldo, dalla noia e dal ti per una minaccia che appare ogni giorno pi irreale, i soldati ricostruiscono dentro la fob la vita che conoscono, approfondiscono le amicizie e i contrasti fra loro, cercano distrazioni di ogni tipo e si lasciano andare a pericolosi scherzi camerateschi Soltanto la notte, sdraiati sulle brande, vengono sorpresi dai ricordi Nel silenzio assoluto, che silenzio della civilt ma anche della natura, riescono a sentire la pulsazione

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Il corpo umano

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Paolo Giordano is a professional physicist and is currently working on a doctorate in particle physics The Solitude of Prime Numbers, his first novel, took Italy by storm where it has sold over a million copies It is being translated into twenty languages and has sold all over the world.

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  1. Well, the problem with new young authors is always a second novel, specially if the first one was so good and such a huge bestseller Usamljenost prostih brojeva, Dereta We always expect that the second one will be as good, but that rarely happen actually I fell in love with his first novel after few pages And fought hard to find him publisher in Serbia And succeeded and that is not easy with Italian books , and secured him a great translator And I was looking forward to his second novel He chang [...]

  2. A soldier will never cease being a soldier.A platoon of Italian soldiers is stationed at the Forward Operating Base, not far from Helmand Province, in Afghanistan They suffer days and nights of boredom, loneliness and food poisoning When violence does occur, it comes suddenly and with little warning No one will leave the country untouched by what they ve experienced.Giodano s story is fairly involving and I particularly enjoyed the first half of the book For some reason, I have a strange fascina [...]

  3. This tale of Italian soldiers on a remote base in the Afghan War worked some subtle magic on me It felt like peering at an ant farm and seeing organized but apparently meaningless activity Then we get to know some of the individual organisms, ordinary representatives of our human species They try but largely fail to feel connected to their interrupted lives back home The enemy is faceless, a source of periodic mortar strikes and perpetual risks of IEDs Toxic boredom alternates with struggles to [...]

  4. Paolo Giordano is one of my favorite authors He s written only three novels, and I found each to be beautifully written and introspective In this novel, Giordano explores the impact of war on the basic military men This novel s war is in Afghanistan where Italian soldiers are ordered to provide a security bubble around an area that the American soldiers have cleansed of the Taliban The reader follows the Third Platoon of the Sixty sixth company of the seventh Alpine Regiment aka Charlie Company [...]

  5. Sometimes he wonders where he d be now, if what actually happened hadn t happened there in the valley, if on a night like any other an Afghan driver, a man he didn t know hadn t decided to drive off in a diesel truck, if Angelo Torsu hadn t been pitched out of a blown up jeep, and Irene Sammartino hadn t considered him responsible for that But they re idle questions, and he quickly decides to put them to rest Senior officer Lieutenant Alessandro Egitto ponders these questions after a tumultuous, [...]

  6. I received my copy from the publisher s First To Read program.We were walking through Rome a few years ago, and came upon a protest camp As we continued on our way we passed a group of men we guessed to be some element of authority, dressed in black uniforms that hinted at Special Forces or maybe some kind of SWAT team They stood next to their vehicles, preening in clothes that were well fitted, down to the bulletproof vests They were not in the least bit intimidating, and I could not help but r [...]

  7. Het menselijk lichaam gaat over Italiaanse soldaten in de woestijn van Afghanistan Het hoofdpersonage is een dokter, luitenant Egitto, met een hoop onverwerkte deuken in zijn zelfvertrouwen Het verhaal speelt zich grotendeels af in Afghanistan, af en toe komen er flashbacks van Egitto s verleden aan bod.Langs de revue passeren de zware, maar voorspelbare onderwerpen die aan het leger worden gelinkt de jeugdtrauma s van luitenant Egitto, het overspel met hoeren door Cederna, de conversatie s over [...]

  8. Corpul uman e, din partea mea, o metafor str lucit R zboiul e despre corpuri, despre ce se vede solda ii se lupt cu arme reale i p streaz urme reale, palpabile Dar asta vedem to i, n tirile de maxim audien Ceea ce nu se vede e umanul Paolo Giordano face, deci, o radiografie superb , de i groaznic de trist , a umanit ii juc riilor de lupt Toate nimicurile pe care se ceart solda ii n avanpost, toate farsele proste ti i sup r rile sunt pretexte pentru a nu sim i frica i singur tatea de a fi departe [...]

  9. For me it was worth it even just for the subtle clues for how our body relates to our minds Modern soldiers were a perfect scene for such thoughts there are rarely places in the Western societies where our animalistic roots and blind obedience are as welcome as rational thought.

  10. Jak n kte lid v koment ch p , Giordanova prvotinaOsam lost prvo selbyla lep Proto e ale m m jistou slabost pro knihy s v le nou tematikou, neum m T lo n jak rozumn ohodnotit zkritizovat a pokud v s p b hy sou asn ch voj k taky zaj maj , tak s chut do toho Pokud byste cht li o pobytu voj k v Afgh nist nu n co autobiografick ho, doporu uju od esk ho autora knihuDo temnoty.

  11. The Human Body is not a war novel It neither glorifies nor disparages the Afghanistan conflict Rather, it is a novel about people people who just so happen to be in Afghanistan trained as soldiers and prepared to combat insurgents It is about their lives before, during, and after their tour of duty It is about the ways they combat the boredom, the danger, and the scars left by what they face Mostly, it is about the ongoing battle of being human and surviving not just a war zone but also family, [...]

  12. Right before the prologue, Paolo Giordano provides a helpful list of characters from the seventh alpine regiment and the third platoon He needn t have taken the trouble The characters in The Human Body are so intricately rendered that each of them is impossible to forget.There s medical officer Egirto who has willfully exchanged the war zone at home for the war zone overseas Marshal and troup leader Antonio Rene, a male prostitute who has just learned that he is to become a father Corporate Mars [...]

  13. Praticamente siamo io e la madre di Paolo Giordano le uniche persone in questo mondo a cui piacciono i suoi libri.Come al solito ho letto una buona parte di recensioni negative ma, sapendo che La Solitudine dei Numeri Primi mi era piaciuto, non mi sono lasciata scoraggiare Sar che nei suoi libri c gente abbastanza depressa, alla costante ricerca di qualcosa e che non sa ancora qual il suo posto nel mondo, ma io mi ci ritrovo.Stavolta siamo in Afghanistan, alla prima missione del plotone del mare [...]

  14. Oh, Paolo Giordano After the fabulous Solitude of prime numbers, I had my hopes up I thought I would read another thoughtful, poignant novel Judging from the blurb, I thought I was in for a read that will explore loss, pain, suffering the devastation that war wreaks on the spirit of its participants, leaving the body as the sole survivor in the aftermath.Now forget the paragraph above My anticipations have been based, unfortunately, in my overactive imagination I see that the author put work int [...]

  15. De eenzaamheid van de priemgetallen Zo heette het eerste boek van Paolo Giordano en kenners en media waren waanzinnig enthousiast Ik niet Ik vond het een oppervlakkig boek en meen mij te herinneren dat ik het 2 sterren gaf of zo.Nu heeft Giordano een nieuw boek uit en ik wou het een kans geven Het menselijk lichaam zou nog beter zijn dan s mans debuut, zo beloofden websites, blogs en kranten Ha, misschien zou ik deze dan toch weten te smaken, dacht ik.Niets bleek minder waar Het menselijk lichaa [...]

  16. I picked up Giordano s other book Solitude of Prime Numbers based on the strength of the title I picked up The Human Body based on the strength of its predecessor And it didn t disappoint The Human Body is actually about human spirit, there is something profound in searching for meaning and beauty within the context of something as inherently ugly as a war I don t normally read war stories, particularly not the modern wars, war is the sort of thing best viewed and explored in retrospect with a b [...]

  17. Novels about war, and particularly those closely following the lives of soldiers in that war, have always appealed to me Perhaps to make some sense out of chaos Who knows It s not for this review to determine Like Matterhorn, written by Karl Marlantes, The Human Body strives to give readers a glimpse of war on a personal level and it also remarks upon the differences between those in command and the rank and file For the most part he succeeds We are given insight into certain characters lives an [...]

  18. Giordano op t o osam losti a takov ch t ch v cech A zcela jinak ne poprv tentokr t tak trochu a sp e zpo tku ve stylu Mendesova Mari ka Ka dop dn pokud plat ono ok dlen e kvalitn ho spisovatele d l a druh kniha , tak je tedy definitivn stvrzeno to, co bylo stejn zcela o ividn ji po prvotin A sice, e Giordano je jedn m z nejv t ch talent sou asn nejen evropsk modern pr zy.

  19. Quando leggi questo libro trovi scritto quello che ti aspetti succeda veramente in una missione di pace in Afghanistan.Ti sembra di essere l , soffri con quei soldati, oppure li disprezzi a seconda di quello che ti viene raccontato in quel momento.E scritto bene profondo ed una conferma della consistenza di Giordano.

  20. Ho trovato questa un opera pi matura rispetto al romanzo d esordio Giordano si cimentato su una tematica gi magistralmente affrontata dalla Fallaci nel suo Inshallah , ma lo fa in maniera fresca, originale, senza voler strafare e proprio per questo il racconto godibile e coinvolgente Lo consiglio anche a chi non conosce ancora l autore.

  21. Leggere le parole di Paolo Giordano come assistere ad un operazione chirurgica perfetta Come con un bisturi incide i pensieri, le caratteristiche, le aspirazioni, le paure e le vite dei soldati di questo libro una storia straziante in senso figurato Lo strazio non riguarda la morte, o per lo meno non solo quella, ma lo strazio riguarda la vita e le aspettative della vita Sopratutto di chi sceglie di servire l esercito Perch questo libro insegna che prestare servizio militare significa servire l [...]

  22. Succede che verso la met di ottobre del 2012 Mondadori fa uscire il secondo libro di Paolo Giordano, quello che aveva vinto il premio Strega qualche anno fa.Bene, che problema c dico io Nessuno, mi rispondo Solamente un altro titolo nelle librerie e un altra copertina di uno scrittore legato ad una grande casa editrice e che dunque trover esposta in bella vista nelle vetrine di tutte le librerie, almeno per un mese o forse anche qualcosa di pi.Una possibilit in pi , da considerare o da ignorare. [...]

  23. Superb War Novel that Happens to be ItalianAlthough set in Afghanistan in the past decade or so, this magnificent war novel has the distinct advantage of being Italian, dealing with Italian troops serving with NATO So one can read it without dragging in the political and patriotic factors that affect Americans reading of their own military But on another level, being Italian makes no difference, for men and one woman at war are much the same, regardless of uniform and nationality this is a novel [...]

  24. 4.5Cuando pas cazando por las estanter as de la biblioteca universitaria, me encontr este libro y no dude en llev rmelo a casa La raz n es simple en 2011 le su primera novela, La soledad de los h meros primos, y si bien no conect del todo con sus personajes, me d cuenta que este autor tiene un talento que hay que tener en cuenta Y con esta segunda experiencia que tengo con l, confirmo que este autor hay que tenerlo en cuenta.La compa a Charlie se compone de un grupo de soldados voluntarios itali [...]

  25. I am one of the few readers, it seems, who is not persuaded by The Human Body, either as to the boredom of men at war, nor as to war s tensions It s as if Paolo Giordano, even with two tours as a reporter in Afghanistan, and plenty of observational material, could not enter the interior lives of his characters nearly as well as in his stunning The Solitude of Prime Numbers nor his quietly compelling Like Family.The Human Body comes with encomiums such as a stunning exploration of war, a great no [...]

  26. I was almost scared to read this book after the power of The Solitude of Prime Numbers, the thought of a book by the same author about war in Afghanistan was almost overwhelming.In the end though, I felt like Giordano bit off than he could chew with this book Where Solitude was the story of two people, this was the story of 5 or , and it jumped back and forth between perspectives and voices and in the end failed to win me over in spite of moments of brilliance and insight.I went from dreading p [...]

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