A Tale of the Other Kind

A Tale of the Other Kind Kai Emery likes to be indiscernible however his infatuation for his classmate Sienna Fynn has made his invisibility status all the impossible to upkeep His world spirals out of control when he disc

Kai Emery likes to be indiscernible however, his infatuation for his classmate, Sienna Fynn, has made his invisibility status all the impossible to upkeep His world spirals out of control when he discovers that he is a shapeshifting were leopard, and finds himself unable to control his newfound anatomy An unpredictable vampire enters his life, leading him down a paKai Emery likes to be indiscernible however, his infatuation for his classmate, Sienna Fynn, has made his invisibility status all the impossible to upkeep His world spirals out of control when he discovers that he is a shapeshifting were leopard, and finds himself unable to control his newfound anatomy An unpredictable vampire enters his life, leading him down a path that soon reveals his destiny, and discloses another world, filled with magic and terrifying darkness When he finds himself in danger from the god of magic and darkness for disobeying a curse bestowed upon his kind, forbidding him from falling in love with a human, he has to fight for survival, and protect everyone that he loves.

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A Tale of the Other Kind

  1. Leandi Cameron is the author of Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy Novel A Tale of the Other Kind A Therian Novel series.She is an award winning journalist living in Pretoria, South Africa, where she also spends her days working as a freelance writer, editor and runs her writing resources website while working on her second novel Cameron also creates ebook covers, book covers and other digital art.

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  1. Really enjoying this novel It s a perfect escape from a hectic days work Love the story line and the characters Very pleasing to read a story that s based in South Africa Cannot wait for the rest of the books to be released

  2. COVER The cover draws you in It is sensual, mysterious, and gives you an idea of what s to comeARACTERS The characters in this story were profound and realistic Kai, the protagonist, came across as the sexy loner He was respectful and thank God he wasn t a pushover I despise pushover good guys In a couple of scenes he got into fights and took up for his woman way to go, Kai Sienna, Kai s love interest, was no shrinking violet Although Kai comes to her rescue than once in the book, she shows him [...]

  3. I love every single letter of this book, it is definitely a page turner and has me wanting to read it faster and faster because it s so intriguing, but at the same time I am trying to slow down the pace because I don t want it to end Very creative and a breath of fresh air, takes me into a whole other world Cannot wait to get the entire series.

  4. Review originally posted at Doodle s Book BlogA Tale of the Other Kind is a very detailed read Leandi Cameron created a story that you could actually step into It was as if I were truly there watching as every scene played out.Right before turning eighteen, Kai Emery starts having flu like symptoms He has headaches like no other and his temp is a little high Thinking nothing of it, he goes to school dreading the moment he will see Sienna Her boyfriend is hurting her and Kai already overstepped h [...]

  5. For me this is a 3.5 stars book.Didn t blew my mind but I did like it What I liked the most was its originality I m used to reading about shape shifters but the angle and the way it is presented in this book is totally different.And different in a good way.I love the writing style and I think it was fast paced.The cover is definitely gorgeous.What made me decide for 3.5 instead of 4 were the characters.Kai and Sienna, the main characters are ok Yes, just ok, they are passionate, but not that muc [...]

  6. A Tale of the Other Kind A Therian Novel by Leandi CameronThe first thing that caught my eye was the sexy cover of this book I started reading and couldn t put it down The book keeps you engaged and you can t wait to read what happens next You feel all the struggles and emotions that Kai goes through and you fall in love with his character The story and characters are so well described that you can picture the whole scene in your mind Definitely a book that can be made into a big screen movie.I [...]

  7. Loved loved loved loved this book Its a must read for all fantasy and book lovers I couldnt put this down

  8. A Tale of the Other Kind A Therian Novel is the story of Kai, a mysterious boy who goes through a strange journey when he turns 18 Forget any were leopard, vampire and werewolf romances you have read before, A Tale of the Other Kind, is so unique it is almost like it s in its own genre The book is marketed at Young Adult readers but it has the ability to cross age barriers and will satisfy both teenagers and adults alike.The story slowly unravelles through out the book, but never drags Even by t [...]

  9. I m glad to say I won this book in a giveaway The book was interesting but I felt that there should have been a little bit action, and some parts of the book were unclear Nonetheless I enjoyed the book and would read the next book

  10. Cute story I liked the paranormal parts that were involved Very different in every way Kai is a 17 year old kid about to turn 18 In the beginning of this book, we are struggling to figure out what was going on along with Kai Sienna, the girl he s been crazy in love with since she moved into their town, was involved with James, Her boyfriend who had hurt her, physically Kai isn t sure what the pull was, but as soon as he saw what was going on, he stepped in and they fraught well ever since the fi [...]

  11. A Tale of the Other Kind has all the ingredients necessary to draw in the reader and keep them hooked It s packed with romance, danger and paranormal mythology.The mythology behind the creation story of the supernatural beings was great, and very original Although at times I felt a bit lost with some aspects of the story, there was a lot of information in a short space of time The author does a fantastic job overall of creating a new, original supernatural world.Kai and Sienna are drawn to each [...]

  12. I was drawn to this book by the cover, which is so not how you should pick books, but there you have it The thing that surprised as I was reading it, is that the cover is the least awesome thing about this book I was blown away The story is set in the beautiful mountain range and forest covered area of Sabie, in Mpumalanga, South Africa Since this is written by a South African author, be prepared for non American English in both spelling and punctuation I did not find this to be the least bit di [...]

  13. A Tale of The Other Kind is set in the beautiful mountain range and forest covered area of Sabie, in Mpumalanga, South Africa This story is told from the teen hero s perspective Kai is a strong character that finds out something about himself that changes his whole world Kai is someone, or something different than he thought he was As he figures out the secret of his true identity, and his lost father, new evils and other world creatures become a part of his life Author Leandi Cameron has create [...]

  14. Wow the book cover is so beautiful I can recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, fantasy, love and drama and some humor all into one I could not put the book down and was drawn into the adventure of Kai s new world Kai is a strong young man and knows exactly what he wants and will do whatever it takes to protect his family Sienna is equally stongminded as Kai, but I would love to get to know Astrid the fiesty one better and realy hope that the next series will have alot of her story [...]

  15. I loved this story so much A shape shifting were leopard How awesome I fell in love with Kai from the beginning Leandi did an excellent job of creating this beautifully complex and devastatingly handsome character from the beginning.There was good pacing throughout the book I only came across a couple of slow parts but it didn t take away from the overall story I loved all the characters and how well they were developed The story itself is super unique I much prefer reading about were leopards t [...]

  16. Kai s life soon turns upside down in this lively novel as he learns some worrying things about himself and about the world around him The centre of his life is his love for Sienna His recent attack upon her new boyfriend, Flynn, plagues his thoughts because of its potential ferocity, even though Flynn bullied Sienna The book draws the reader on and builds into an intriguing fantasy world of, well presented, underworld beings with good history and presence The love story between Kai and Sienna ho [...]

  17. What the heck did I just read image error This story judging by the cover looked to be so goodt to mention the ratings it got The most entertainment you will get from this book is Astrid, a girl you will get to know in the book whom is not the main character The last 25% of the book was really good, but I felt like it was rushed, and I didn t like how the book ended So to me the word I would use to refer to this book would be BORING

  18. Words escaped him and he didn t know what to say to her He was taken aback by her beauty and scared at the same time His breath became shallower standing so close to her His heart beat faster, making thinking clearly much difficult.The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover It s absolutely stunning I think that I would even go as far as to say that it would make it onto my list of favourite covers Look at him He looks so content Who doesn t want a guy to look that way when they are [...]

  19. I wish I could say that I fell head over heels in love with this story but I never could quite get into it The cover and synopsis totally blew me away and I just knew I was going to love it but even after I made it through the first quarter nothing was really happening for me All I could make out was Kai was fighting Sienna s bully of a boyfriend when he caught him abusing her and she told him he should let it alone so he does and it s just a back and forth thing for a big part of the story It j [...]

  20. I love this cover, and the synopsis definitely caught my attention.Unfortunately, the story itself didn t work for me The beginning started slow, but I liked that Ms Cameron put the issue of teen domestic violence up front Honestly, that s what kept me reading I really wanted to know how the issue would resolve between Kai, Sienna and James.The amount of telling in this story, though, made it drag Hints were given about the shifter aspects, but they were unclear at first and I wondered for a bit [...]

  21. I liked this book, book did not love it I think it was mainly due to Kai constantly leaving Sienna for her own good, which was all he seemed to do That s kind of depressing I m sure in the next book they find out they are mates, but I wanted to hit him over the head with a stick The story need some help in the punctuation department mainly missing quotation marks That said, I ll still probably read the next book because i have to find out what happens next Also, the characters were different tha [...]

  22. I was immediately drawn to this book The cover is alluring and the blurb promising The first few chapters kept me going but the story quickly fell through I found the romance between Kai and whats her name to pushed and not developed There were also discrepancies with the character Kai, for instance You sometimes remind me so much of your father always worried This shows a mature young man, not so However Mmm, well, that s for me to know and you to still find out, he joked This line does not see [...]

  23. The sub plots were a little too much for me They really didn t even them out The build up was really long, then all the sudden the middle and end I would have liked to see them spread out I liked the shape shifter aspect, and Kai was a great character Like he doesn t have enough issues, now he is a wereleopard I am not quite sure what this is, but I have an image in my head that is pretty cool The minor characters were what I expected for their backgrounds, and there were really no surprises th [...]

  24. 3.5 Stars.A nice read A male POV Some of the characters were annoying but I could deal with them, for the most part The love story was mushy, I did like the whole otherworld thing about all these creatures.

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