Breathe, Annie, Breathe

Breathe Annie Breathe From the bestselling author of Catching Jordan comes a contemporary YA you won t forget The finish line is only the beginning Annie hates running No matter how far she jogs she can t escape the guilt

From the bestselling author of Catching Jordan comes a contemporary YA you won t forget.The finish line is only the beginning Annie hates running No matter how far she jogs, she can t escape the guilt that if she hadn t broken up with Kyle, he might still be alive So to honor his memory, she starts preparing for the marathon he intended to race.But the training is evenFrom the bestselling author of Catching Jordan comes a contemporary YA you won t forget.The finish line is only the beginning Annie hates running No matter how far she jogs, she can t escape the guilt that if she hadn t broken up with Kyle, he might still be alive So to honor his memory, she starts preparing for the marathon he intended to race.But the training is even grueling than Annie could have imagined Despite her coaching, she s at war with her body, her mind and her heart With every mile that athletic Jeremiah cheers her on, she grows conflicted She wants to run into his armsd sprint in the opposite direction For Annie, opening up to love again may be even of a challenge than crossing the finish line.

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Breathe, Annie, Breathe

  1. Growing up in Tennessee, Miranda Kenneally dreamed of becoming an Atlanta Brave, a country singer clich , or a UN interpreter Instead she writes, and works for the State Department in Washington, D.C where George W Bush once used her shoulder as an armrest Miranda loves Twitter, Star Trek and her husband.Note I don t answer direct messages, but do answer questions on and Twitter Please feel free to check in with me there

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  1. 3 lovely stars Eighteen year old Annie is training for the Country Music Marathon, a marathon she wants to participate for Kyleher dead boyfriend A death she feels responsible for and one she can t stop thinking about It actually takes a lot of pages in this book for us to truly know what happened to Kyle The moment I was beginning to lose patience, that s when I learned everything While she is training, she meets this handsome, sexy, in shape, swoon worthy guy who she learns is her coach s Matt [...]

  2. It s no secret that I m a huge fan of this series With every new book I fall a little bit in love with this town and its characters, which I thought was impossible by now What I appreciate the most is how even though it s a series, each book is a stand alone with new main characters who tell us their story, and if you have read the others, you get a kick out of the familiar faces that return for secondary roles I love hearing what Jordan and the others are up to, and they re all so grown up now [...]

  3. This was SO GOOD Wow, I really did miss reading the Hundred Oaks books I love Annie and I love Jeremiah and I love all the supporting characters But I didn t love the ending I WANT MORE.Ughhh I m feeling very sad and deprived right now.And I m still bitter about the cover and the title I would like them a lot if they matched the previous books cover and title.

  4. Not sure how it happened that I, a self professed mostly YA contemp reader, had never read a Miranda Kenneally book until this one Believe me, I d heard great things about Catching Jordan, Stealing Parker, Racing Savannah, and Things I Can t Forget, but somehow, I just never got around to reading one of her books.I m grateful that I was given the opportunity to be part of the Canadian blog tour for Breathe, Annie, Breathe, because it s fantastic Annie is a seventeen year old girl who is just gra [...]

  5. This book was everything Everything and Breathe, Annie, Breathe is a beautiful story about loss, healing and new beginnings About taking some risks in life, about never losing the ability to enjoy the here and now The story made me laugh and cry, it made me smile like a goofball and it made me clutch my kindle to my heart because it was just so cute and heartbreaking and wonderful Basically, it gave me all the emotions and really, those are always the best kind of books We stick together, and i [...]

  6. That cover Double yuck The previous books in this series have just gorgeous covers Sadly not this one I hope it is not official yet Let s play spot the odd one out March 20, 2014Just realized that the cover has been removed April 19, 2014New cover is a lot prettier than the last 2 attempts It still doesn t match the other covers in this series, but it s acceptable.

  7. dnf at 30% ishMaybe I ll rant later or maybe I wont waste my time any.It s not the worst thing ever Its really not even bad But it is also not good I really thought this was going to go a lot differently and I despise wasted potential.

  8. Breathe, Annie, Breathe tells the story of Annie, a 17 year old who is training to run the Country Music Marathon to honour her late boyfriend s memory Whilst training, Annie falls for her trainer s brother, Jeremiah, and feels guilty.This story may quite easily be my favourite instalment in the Hundred Oaks series, but I m definitely due a re read of them all I think, perhaps once Jesse s Girl is released.The guilt that Annie feels for moving on, and for still being alive, is so real, and fresh [...]

  9. After so much time, reading a Miranda Kenneally book feels like coming back home Breathe, Annie, Breathe is a wonderful book I loved the overall story, the characters, the ending which for me didn t read like a cliffhanger at all like so many people kept saying It just felt like a beautiful, open ending, full of hope.Annie is extremely easy to relate with She is so transparent, her emotions so open I can t say that I cared much for her past relationship you know, with it being past I felt quite [...]

  10. If you don t put yourself out there, if you don t take risks, you can t truly feel Miranda Kenneally is an author whose books I know I can rely upon time and time again This last month has been my worst reading month ever, I think I ve only been able to finish one book and books which have been highly recommended to me too have been falling flat for me too So with the release of Jesse s Girl just around the corner, I was itching to get back to Kenneally s Hundred Oaks series, I have enjoyed ever [...]

  11. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads3.5 starsCurrently, I have only read two of the Hundred Oak series and it definitely seems that I should remedy that because this series is so much fun While a have a few of my criticisms, whether you are a sports junkie or not this is worth checking out.Annie was a very easy character to click with for me I used to run long distance a lot two years back now not so much because of school and homework and new interests, though I still enjoy running occasionally so [...]

  12. I remember reading the synopsis of Breathe, Annie, Breathe when it was released last year and thinking meh, not for me First, it s about running yawn and secondly, it looks too sweet clean teen for my taste But a couple weeks ago my GoodReads friend Laura gave it a glowing review and it was enough to sway me And I m so glad it did.Breathe, Annie, Breathe was so much than I was expecting One of those books that takes you by surprise in the very best way The cover is deceiving It s so nondescript [...]

  13. 3 5 starsI m a huge fan of these books, I liked the start of this but it really began to annoy me Certain things really bugged me like if Jere said something inappropriate Annie would be like why did you say that He d be like cause I m a guyUghh Anyway I still liked this but it wasn t my favourite.

  14. 4.5 You need anything Water Tylenol Vaseline Vaseline He shrugs Yeah, for chafing Are you having any issues This was exactly the book I needed to get nurse my book hangover after how much of a wreck ACOMAF and Soldier left me It was everything I needed fluffy, good banter, believable characters, and sweet romance I also think I needed that bit of grief and healing Unlike with the last book, there wasn t drama over how it happened, just that it happened and what the aftermath looked like.The main [...]

  15. I m pretty certain when I say that Breathe, Annie, Breathe is going to be a favorite among a lot of readers, especially fans of the Hundred Oaks series It certainly was the case for me Miranda Kenneally has grown to become such a reliable author for me Anything and everything that she writes is pure gold.What made Breathe, Annie, Breathe such a resounding book was the phenomenal characters Miranda Kenneally has a knack for writing realistic and easily relateable main characters and Annie was no [...]

  16. 3.5 stars, or lessCatching Jordan is a book I hold very close to my heart Ever since the explosion of feels it brought me, I ve been auto reading every book Kenneally s putting out in this series Seriously, people The first three books just gave me ALL THE FEELS Book four, Racing Savannah, was a pretty huge disappointment for me But I m glad to say, Miranda Kenneally is back Breathe, Annie, Breathe features a fierce girl with a goal a goal she ll do anything to achieve Annie s determination was [...]

  17. I adore this series and I ve said before but with each book I believe Miranda Kenneally s work gets better and better and Breathe, Annie, Breathe has to be my favourite to date This story follows Annie, a girl that is trying to escape her boyfriend s death by running a marathon that Kyle was planning on racing in In doing this race Annie hopes to leave the all the guilt behind and somehow find some peace, but when Annie hires a running coach to help her get into shape, she becomes even guilty f [...]

  18. I know this book is technically part of a series but I haven t read the entire series I believe I ve only read books 2 3 in the series That being said, this book is my favorite in the series so far I love the premise behind the book How Annie is training to run a marathon for her deceased ex boyfriend I loved reading about her training sessions and it really got me in the mood to run, even though I don t I m probably the worst runner there is but this book made me want to just go on a jog.Annie [...]

  19. All right, Veronica you were right I really enjoyed this one This was an adorably light yet heartbreaking read that made me smile and laugh than once The romance was cute, and it was really nice to see two people actually talking about what they needed and taking things slow when one of them wasn t ready Some parts I felt were a bit rushed sometimes I didn t know how everything happened, but they were minor parts All in all, it wasn t perfect, but it s one I ll reread for sure.

  20. I loved Annie She was tough and vulnerable, and determined Her dedication to the marathon training was really admirable Also, JEREMIAH BROWN Read my full review, originally posted on Gone with the Words

  21. I am so happy I decided to read this book, it was the perfect mix between moving on and romance and growing up and sweet and funny It made me miss running which is funny because I HATED running and it was a great read in general

  22. And she s back What can I say I LOVED this one I feel as if I got old Miranda Kenneally back and she s back to writing awesome novels again Considering I slowly started disliking her last two books specifically her last one I was really happy when this turned out to be great.So we ve got Annie first This girl was joy to read The sheer amount of strength she has was overwhelming I loved her courage She was an amazing and in a somewhat manner inspirational character I loved how she pulled her life [...]

  23. This is a touching, emotional ride that you go on following Annie Its like you are right beside her at times urging her on, then feeling like she should take a breather, slow down and stay calm When her boyfriend Kyle dies whilst in training for running the up and coming Marathon, Annie decides she would run it on his behalf Annie hates running, but to do this for Kyle, HE wanted to partake, so why not do it for HIM.I feel it was a way for Annie to take on and manage her grief, doing this For hi [...]

  24. Note I received an ARC of this book at BEA However, this did not influence my review in any way.Anything can happen Anything Anytime, to anyone We have to live now Now, now, now.Breathe, Annie, Breathe is a beautiful story about growing up, experiencing heavy grief for the first time, learning how to let go, learning how to let love in again, and knowing that life itself is a risk worth taking I was really nervous to read this book because I usually don t like stories about losing your first lov [...]

  25. Miranda Kenneally has done it again folks I always know that when I pick up a book by Kenneally that I am in for a fair amount of swooning, but I have to say that with Breathe, Annie, Breathe I got even than I could have expected Full of wonderful characters, a swoon inducing romance and a full range of emotion, I think this is the best in the Hundred Oaks series yet In the fifth instalment in the series we are introduced to Annie who has recently lost her long term boyfriend and is now trainin [...]

  26. I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Here s a short pre Breathe, Annie, Breathe history I m a very athletic person.Not boasting or anything, but I would totally ditch a movie date to go running okay maybe not so true, I guess it depends on the movie but you get my point That said, I think it s pretty obvious why this book caught my eye Are you catching on yet Well, if you haven t then here s why I recently joined the track field team, my event is 800m and [...]

  27. This was an all around good book It was so lovely to see Annie moving on from the guilt of Kyle s death She learns to let it all go and just breathe The title was actually a common phrase repeated in the book and I really liked that After something particularly hard, she would think to herself Breathe, Annie, Breathe It just had a powerful effect on me.Another element that really showed Annie s journey is the running log that she kept The whole thing was reprinted on the page after every weekend [...]

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