Racing Savannah

Racing Savannah They re from two different worlds He lives in the estate house and she spends most of her time in the stables helping her father train horses In fact Savannah has always been much comfortable around

They re from two different worlds.He lives in the estate house, and she spends most of her time in the stables helping her father train horses In fact, Savannah has always been much comfortable around horses than boys Especially boys like Jack Goodwin cocky, popular and completely out of her league She knows the rules no mixing between the staff and the Goodwin faThey re from two different worlds.He lives in the estate house, and she spends most of her time in the stables helping her father train horses In fact, Savannah has always been much comfortable around horses than boys Especially boys like Jack Goodwin cocky, popular and completely out of her league She knows the rules no mixing between the staff and the Goodwin family But Jack has no such boundaries.With her dream of becoming a horse jockey, Savannah isn t exactly one to follow the rules either She s not going to let someone tell her a girl isn t tough enough to race Sure, it s dangerous Then again, so is dating Jack

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Racing Savannah

  1. Growing up in Tennessee, Miranda Kenneally dreamed of becoming an Atlanta Brave, a country singer clich , or a UN interpreter Instead she writes, and works for the State Department in Washington, D.C where George W Bush once used her shoulder as an armrest Miranda loves Twitter, Star Trek and her husband.Note I don t answer direct messages, but do answer questions on and Twitter Please feel free to check in with me there

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  1. The thing I m learning about this series is the books are all so formulaic They all share near identical themes, with cliched characters that encounter similar problems, namely in the department of romance lurve Girl meets guy Love at first glance Problems ensue Girl and guy stop talking Girl meets another guy Then either a The first couple somehow work it out, and depart off into happily ever after land, or b girl gets with rebound, and of course, departs off into happily ever after land.The on [...]

  2. From his pocket he whips out a red lollipop one of the fancy ones you can only get at the Cracker Barrel.3.5 stars It is entirely possible that the above sentence made me think of the unfortunate interview in the picture below.That noted, I do think Cracker Barrel has some awesome candy.What s my point in all of this, you ask Well, my point is, that I might have laughed a few times at the character antics in Racing Savannah It was a fun, cute, and enjoyable love story I won t act like there were [...]

  3. I ve come to expect a super sweet, romantic, and character oriented read when I pick up a Kenneally book and this is, again, exactly what I got from Racing Savannah This one has its own charm that separated it from the others as it s kind of like the new generation of this series We see glimpses of our beloved characters from the other books who have now gotten a bit older and their relationships are moving ahead which was very exciting to see, and bittersweet because it made me miss them This t [...]

  4. Miranda Kenneally has quickly become one of my auto buy authors, she knows how to charm you into one of her beautiful stories and leave you with a nice glowy feel good feeling once you finish the last page of her book I have been recommending her books to everyone I know because each time she releases a new book, she always delivers a solid read for me.With Racing Savannah however things were different, I didn t find myself as involved with the characters or the gorgeous world Kenneally had crea [...]

  5. Okay I don t think Miranda is doing this on purpose but after writing Catching Jordan she lost her touch I m sorry it might be harsh but it is true I remember when I read Catching Jordan for the first time I was so psyched about it that I read it 3 times that first week Honestly it was just that good And then when Stealing Parker came out and I read it I was distraught I couldn t believe it was the same author and then came Things I can t forget it was the same Honestly they were just that bad F [...]

  6. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads3.5 starsThank you Xpresso Book Tours for sending me this copy I think I m getting to that point where I am insanely sick of contemporary romances Six in a row is just about enough now I m quite sure, under different circumstances, I would have enjoyed this so much but I wouldn t give this than 3.5 stars at the current situation.How willing are you to risk everything to be with the one you love Savannah and Jack come from two different backgrounds She works at [...]

  7. 2,5 starsI have to say that this is my least favorite Miranda Kenneally book so far It wasn t bad, just a bit cheesy for my taste Also, it didn t touch me like her other books did and I didn t particularly care for the characters, though the whole group of friends was fun I guess the story just wasn t quite for me I ll definitely read the rest of her Hundred Oaks books though Only two left now

  8. I am a huge fan of Miranda Kenneally s Hundred Oaks Series The first book in the series, Catching Jordan was outstanding, and instantly hooked me As I continued reading this series, I quickly realized that Ms Kenneally is a very unique and talented author Her stories always deal with real life issues, and leave me in a very contemplative mood She tends to address social dynamics, norms, and stereotypes pertaining to gender roles, sexuality, religion, and socioeconomic class Her stories not only [...]

  9. I m really sorry to say this, but this is my least favourite Kenneally novel to date It s as if her books are going for a bad turn.I really don t know why but nothing in this book stuck as cute or nice to me and the only reason Im giving this is a 3 star instead of one is due to my somewhat biased loyalty to Ms Kenneally I partially disliked Things I can t Forget but still it was pretty good enough I gave 4 star but this one What can I say Savannah got on my freaking nerves She was annoying did [...]

  10. Miranda Kenneally has fast become one of my favorite YA contemporary authors and with Racing Savannah she proved once again what a talented author she is.The characters in Racing Savannah were so different from those from her other books and it put me off a bit, but over time they began to grow on me Savannah was a likeable character and I especially loved how hard she was willing to work in order to make a life for herself She also had such a giving personality and I loved how kind hearted she [...]

  11. Entertaining, uplifting and heartwarming, Racing Savannah brings us a story about riders and racehorses Even though Jack may be young and rich, he is not aloof or haughty I like that he is friendly, pleasant and approachable He respects his staff and it s really sweet to see him treat his animals with love, tender and care I like his character growth and it s wonderful to see him take a stand to honor what he values in the end Savannah may have started out thinking she could not achieve much in [...]

  12. This is the fourth story in the Hundred Oaks series The story takes place out of school setting You will mostly read the characters in the stable or in the ranch.Savannah and Jack are 2 high school students who have responsibilities than other teens their age Jack is taking charge of his father s ranch for a year Handling everything like making big decisions and hiring new employees.Savannah s father is a new worker in Jack s ranch so she needs to move in with her father and her girlfriend Sav [...]

  13. Actual Rating 4.5 Stars, rounded up because OH MY LITTLE PONY but this is a Christina book.Racing Savannah is Miranda Kenneally s fourth novel and, thus far, she s not written a single book that I do not like and or love That, my friends, is an accomplishment In some ways, all of the Hundred Oaks books are really consistent and similar to one another, but they re not the same book over and over, which I love Some are darker, particularly Things I Can t Forget, and others are fluffy goodness Raci [...]

  14. Savannah wants something More than a working class job and a working class life, like those of her dad and his pregnant girlfriend But Savannah also wants her new brother or sister to have a future So all of her hard earned income as an exercise rider goes toward helping out her family.And Savannah s own future seems stuck in a holding pattern, with the exception of Jack Goodwin Jack is trouble the privileged son of her father s boss Savannah knows she should stay away But Jack is managing his [...]

  15. My love for Miranda Kenneally s work will never cease to be a high point in my life every time I pick up one of her novels She always incorporates the right amount of athleticism, romance and friendship in her stories and gets the reader so wrapped up in her characters lives She nailed it again with Racing Savannah, and while I did feel like the characterization of our MC wasn t quite what I had hoped it to be, I loved this story and everything that it stood for.We meet Savannah, who is a new ad [...]

  16. Check out of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain I didn t expect to find anything special in Racing Savannah I liked Catching Jordan, but never chose to pursue the series until now And as soon as I started, I knew I was in for a fantastic ride.What first caught me was Savannah s unflinching wit She was doling out jokes left and right, earning a lot of laughs from me Racing Savannah balanced humor, romance, and seriousness perfectly, transitioning through each mood without incident All [...]

  17. Initial Thoughts I m so glad that I discovered Miranda Kenneally s young adult series This author manages to write realistic stories about teenagers I love how her characters especially the girls are so strong and know what they want Nicely done The Review Racing Savannah was a pleasant surprise for me I had read Catching Jordan earlier this year and I was eager to try out another book by Ms Kenneally I ll admit that I know nothing about horses and horseracing yet I still enjoyed this book.I thi [...]

  18. I am seriously so smitten with this seriesd with each book I grow to love it and D While I loved the three previous books, I definitely have to say that Racing Savannah is my favourite so far D I absolutely LOVED IT Savannah was an AMAZING narrator I loved that she was so true to herself, and that she knew that even though she was poor, she still had value Too many heroinesd people in real life, too, don t value themselves enough, but Savannah definitely didn t have that problem, and I totally [...]

  19. Source I own a copy of this book 16 year old Savannah loves horses, but she wants from life than the minimum wage that her father gets Instead Savannah wants to exercise horses for a good wage, and she wants to start at the stables where her father works.Jack is managing the stables for his father, and isn t sure about giving Savannah a go as a horse exerciser, unless she can ride Star Jack s well bred but untameable horse.Can Savannah tame Star And can she tame Jack too This was an okay story, [...]

  20. 3.5I think this one is marginally the best of the Hundred Oaks books I ve read, except for Catching Jordan.All of these books follow nearly the exact same formula It s not terrible, but it s going to get old soon It hasn t quite yet but I can feel it creeping up on me.I love how each main character has their own different passion.Jordan is a football player.Parker is a softball player.Kate is an artist.Savannah is into horseback riding.Annie is trying to run a marathon.Maya is a musician.It s co [...]

  21. Out of all of Miranda Kenneally books, Racing Savannah has to be my second favorite Catching Jordan being the first, of course.I have to admit that the last two books Kenneally has released weren t horrible, but did not blow me away either Ever since Catching Jordan I have been waiting for her to release something just as good, if not better, but it just hasn t happened However, I never gave up hope I love her writing style I love the characters she creates, so I will always read what she puts o [...]

  22. Here s another contemporary book from Miranda s lovely Hundred Oaks series that I couldn t wait to read, only this time it s a new character named Savannah who works at a horse ranch with her father She trains and rides horses for exercise, and when she meets the handsome James she realizes that she could be in love with him That proves to be problematic only because she s from a working class and he s from an upper class family.I wished Savannah had backbone to be confident and not offended th [...]

  23. ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Racing Savannah is a story about understanding that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like, how much money you have you have the right to go after whatever you want You have the right to make your dreams come true Reading about Savannah and Jack and seeing how their friendship became something was really entertaining I don t really like the thought of being country and have all that interest in horses but thi [...]

  24. I loved the premise, the whole setting, the horses I was excited to start this book And it was good but I would be lying if I said it lived up to my expectations.The characters were cute I guess, but to be honest, I couldn t care less what was happening around them THE STORY WAS MISSING I felt like the book was about nothing in particular, except maybe about the main characters falling for each other The problem was, Savannah and Jack had no chemistry IMO.The book was enjoyable and fast paced, t [...]

  25. I ve been excited to read RACING SAVANNAH since it released, and it didn t disappoint I really enjoyed getting to know these characters and having glimpses of the other characters in the Hundred Oaks novels This installment delivered sweet romance and great characters, all that I ve come to expect from Miranda I really loved that Savannah s story revolved around horse racing and farms, it was refreshing, and I loved getting to know Star too I listened to the audiobook, and felt the narration wa [...]

  26. This kind of reminds me of the show Wildfire But I m still not sure if I ll read it or not though It seemd like each book in the series is getting and reglious.

  27. I loved the previous three books in this series and devoured this one in one night Savannah has moved to a new town for her dad s new job She lost her mom but her dad s new girlfriend is now expecting a baby Money is tight so she wants to help out and when the opportunity to become a horse jockey pops up she is excited The owner s son Jack, has been taking over duties and Savannah has caught his attention but both their parents prefer for them to stay on their own sides Sneaking around isn t for [...]

  28. I really enjoyed Racing Savannah It takes on quite a few serious issues like class but it s done in a thoughtful, almost breezy way Savannah is the most refreshing of YA girls She lost her mom to cancer, has a new step mom and step baby on the way, works in the stables of a horse farm with her family, living one paycheck away from being destitute, has to work as a maid serving her crush the wealthy son of the horse farm owner Jake, yet she takes it all in stride Sure she s worried about it all b [...]

  29. The first Hundred Oaks novel, Catching Jordan, was an absolute favorite of mine, while the following two Stealing Parker and Things I Can t Forget weren t as good but still made me laugh and cry Racing Savannah wasn t a particularly bad book, but it just felt a bit flat I expected to bawl my eyes out in the last part of the novel as I did with the first three, but there wasn t nearly enough angst or any other emotion, in fact to make me cry.We re given a fairly generic setup the rich boy and the [...]

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