Mary Queen of Scotland and The Isles

Mary Queen of Scotland and The Isles She was a child crowned a queen a sinner hailed as a saint a lover denounced as a whore a woman murdered for her dreams A fictional account of the life of Mary Queen of Scots traces her lineage and de

She was a child crowned a queen a sinner hailed as a saint a lover denounced as a whore a woman murdered for her dreams.A fictional account of the life of Mary Queen of Scots traces her lineage and describes her childhood, marriages, and her historic fight with Elizabeth over the throne of England.

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Mary Queen of Scotland and The Isles

  1. Margaret George is a rolling stone who has lived in many places, beginning her traveling at the age of four when her father joined the U.S diplomatic service and was posted to a consulate in Taiwan The family traveled on a freighter named after Ulysses son Telemachus that took thirty days to reach Taiwan, where they spent two years Following that they lived in Tel Aviv right after the 1948 war, when it was relatively quiet , Bonn and Berlin during the spy and Cold War days before returning at the height of Elvis mania to Washington DC, where Margaret went to high school Margaret s first piece of published writing, at the age of thirteen, was a letter to TIME Magazine defending Elvis against his detractors Margaret has since been to Graceland But it was earlier in Israel that Margaret, an avid reader, began writing novels to amuse herself when she ran out of books to read Interestingly, the subject of these was not what lay around her in the Middle East, but the American west, which she had never set foot in Now that she lives in the American Midwest she writes about the Middle East Clearly writing in her case followed Emily Dickinson s observation There is no frigate like a book and she used it to go to faraway places Now she has added another dimension to that travel by specializing in visiting times remote from herself.Neither of these horse sagas got published, but the ten year old author received an encouraging note from an editor at Grosset Dunlap, telling her she had a budding talent but should work on her spelling.It was also in Israel that Margaret started keeping land tortoises as pets, an interest which she still follows today She had a great affinity for animals and nature and that led her to a double major at Tufts University in English literature and biology Following that she received an MA in ecology from Stanford University one of the earliest departments to offer such a concentration Today she is active in environmental and animal conservation groups.Combining her interests led her to a position as a science writer at the National Cancer Institute National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland for four years.Her marriage at the end of that time meant moving, first to St Louis, then to Uppsala, Sweden, and then to Madison, Wisconsin, where she and her husband Paul have lived for than twenty years now They have one grown daughter who lives in California and is in graduate school.Through all this Margaret continued to write, albeit slowly and always on only one project at a time She wrote what she refers to as her Ayn Rand adventure novel in college and her Sex and the City novel in Washington DC It was in St Louis that she suddenly got the idea of writing a psycho biography of Henry VIII She had never seen such a thing done but became convinced the king was a victim of bad PR and she should rescue his good name Her background in science meant that only after thoroughly researching the literature and scholarship on Henry VIII would she embark on the novel itself She sought the guidance of a Tudor historian at Washington University for a reading list, and proceeded from there.It was actually fourteen years between her initial idea and the publication of The Autobiography of Henry VIII The book made an impression for several reasons first, because no one had ever written a novel sympathetic to the king before second, because it covered his entire life from before birth until after his death, making it almost a thousand pages long, and third, because it was so fact filled.

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  1. I was 17 years old with an honor student s workload For some reason I decided to take on an 870 page epic Even for someone who likes to read, any Margaret George book takes real commitment For most people that commitment becomes effortless and will last a lifetime.Something happened when I first read this novel I was lost in it I devoured it It s haunted me ever since I read it again every few years, and visit it like an old friend The characters are dynamic, genuine, and tortured sometimes lite [...]

  2. It s not you, it s me I just don t have the time to read this hefty book and I want to read something light and fun So in my best Arnold voice I ll be back.

  3. Unfortunately, higher ranking females named Mary didn t fare quite so well in British history and Mary, Queen of Scots, was no exception From queen at a few days old, to France, back to Scotland, and then imprisoned and beheaded in England Margaret George reveals Mary Stuart s life in, Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles Those readers familiar with George s novels will find that Mary sticks to the usual stylistic format from the author George begins Mary somewhat slowly using a crawling pace to [...]

  4. Margaret George has rescued Mary from the history books and brought her to life as a vibrant, compelling, and astonishingly modern heroine This Mary talks and thinks like a modern woman, yet her actions are absolutely true to the spirit of the times and the known facts about her life Sometimes the language is a bit too modern, as when Mary describes her gorgeous husband Lord Darnley as looking good enough to eat during their wedding feast And the sex scenes leave absolutely nothing to the imagin [...]

  5. First off, you need to be either in the mood for this book or be very interested in Mary Queen of Scots If I d picked this up a year ago, I would have skimmed to the end I visited Scotland in January and hit pretty much every place that Mary had been I ve never been a fan of Mary, but after standing in the rooms where Riccio was murdered, James was born and where Darnley came to his demise, I was ready to read on Mary I first tried Immortal Queen but lost interest due to the fluff I came across [...]

  6. Well I finally finished it Whew 870 pages worth And, you know I really got immersed in it There is a family tree at the beginning as well as a couple of maps of England and Scotland with significant castles and cities noted I consulted them A LOT as I made my way through Mary s life The author spares no details when Mary goes outside or looks out her window or eats a meal, we hear about the flower petals and the birdsong and the scents on the breeze and the texture of the clouds and the differen [...]

  7. Only if you are a die hard Mary fan In no way am I knocking the author or her research LOVED the auto bio of Henry VIII , but I lost interest about 1 3 the way through and only finished it by using it as a book to pass the time on the treadmill with Maybe it is just me, as I love historical fiction and would typically devour a book like this in no time, particularly anything to do with the Tudors I just couldn t get into Mary s trials and tribulations, as I found her to be silly, vapid and not t [...]

  8. Aww, man I wanted to like this book I just couldn t.Mary was a drag I couldn t really relate to her We got an occasional glimpse into her feelings, but it was always very external While it s told largely from her perspective though not in first person , she still feels distant as a human being We re told she s beautiful We re told she s athletic We re told she s a devout Catholic, and that part was pretty solid Not only did the author establish her religion, but she made it a part of her charact [...]

  9. Only at the end of a life could the pattern be discerned only then was there a completed weaving to be seen And hers was this since the moment of her birth, she had been an inconvenient person, a person who did not fit in, who ruined other people s tidy patterns.Well written and extremely informative, this was just too long I would have enjoyed this much if there were fewer pages of people riding on horses, on their way somewhere I was also suprised by the romance writing lots of pulsating and [...]

  10. Ug I knew it was too good to be true that I should enjoy historical fiction Remember the old granny in COLD COMFORT FARM that saw something nasty in the woodshed Well, I know what she saw She saw page 304 of this damn book There I was minding my own business halfway thru this not terrible novel when I of a sudden i saw something beyond nasty I stopped reading just in time but the imagery haunted my eyes the rest of the day I was completely irritated Why in the hell would the writer, of no mean t [...]

  11. Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles is a wonderful Historical novel which captures the essence of Mary and her historical trials and tribulations After being crowned Queen of Scotland as a baby with her mother as Regent, she was then betrothed to the Dauphin of France and was sent to France to live her betrothed s Family the king and Queen of France when she was around 18 and Francis I was 17, Francis I ascended to the Throne of France after his father, Henry II was killed while jousting Mary W [...]

  12. What did I learn from this book A few things .1 Real history is almost always interesting than a fictionalized version of that history.2 If a book is over 800 pages and I m not sucked in by 200, I should just stop.3 On that note, life is too short and unpredictable to continue reading a book I don t love or at least like a lot.4 I don t think there is an author on the planet who can make me feel sympathetic toward Mary Stuart, no matter how hard s he tries.5 If an author writes a book over 800 [...]

  13. Mary, Queen of Scots, was the last Roman Catholic ruler of Scotland.The tale of this beautiful woman, is one of the great tragedies of British history.Margaret George, in this long book, brings Mary, and the Scotland, France and England of her time to life.A sympathetic, but not idealistic portrayal of Mary as a woman who was warmhearted , loyal, brave, generous and spirited, but also unable to read character,volatile and impulsive.The book takes us from Mary s birth, and her coronation as Queen [...]

  14. I hadn t known too much about the details of Mary, Queen of Scots life, so this book was really enjoyable and informative I found myself advocating for Mary, then becoming frustrated with her decision making as she moved toward what I knew was going to be her demise I was pleased to learn that, of the 200 characters in the book, all of them were real figures in history, so it seems Margaret George is a top notch historical writer I also enjoyed hearing her Margaret George brief analysis of Mary [...]

  15. I am a big fan of Margaret George and have enjoyed the books she has written immensely Mary Queen of Scots however missed the mark with me Too often this book degraded into Harlequin romancesque passages There were times I closed the book to look at the front cover to be certain a shirtless Fabio wasn t on it I think I could have over looked that aspect of the book if the rest of it had kept me enraptured However large amounts of the book outside the bosom heaving love making passages were quite [...]

  16. The life of Mary Queen of Scots is perhaps history s greatest soap opera It is impossible to make her story dull, although, when reading this novel, I sometimes had the feeling that George was trying her hardest to disprove that fact True, Mary was a prisoner for twenty years, but did George have to spend what felt like twenty years describing it I wish the author had spent less time on the latter half of Mary s life, and on her years in Scotland, particularly where her relationship with the Ea [...]

  17. I want to finish this but I m struggling I always find with George s books, there are slow bits inbetween the exciting bits Even though one of her books is among my favorites Autobiography of Henry VIII , her work seems to be hit and miss with me because I couldn t finish Mary, Called Magdalene and now this one I m finding the slow bits are frequent than they should be.There was also one scene that I thought really wasn t necessary and took the idea of creative license too liberally I was surpr [...]

  18. This was a great read Perfect for the beach, as it was easy to dip in and out of As an historical fiction junkie, it was super The story, which I was not very familiar with, was fascinating Filled with intrigue, betrayal, and the politics of the day, I remained interested most of the time, only losing interest occasionally in scenes filled with intense battle descriptions or the like Mary had a life marked by much sadness and disappointment, but throughout it all, she kept a sense of almost naiv [...]

  19. I went back and forth on whether to give four or five stars During most of the book, it was like traveling back in time, and having a secret hiding place, watching history unfold through a tiny window, but never actually being inside the room Although it kept me very interested throughout, it didn t become a page turner for me until about halfway through I didn t have that breathless magical feeling I get when I finish a five star novel that truly moves me However, the amount of work that must h [...]

  20. I DID IT I finished this monater of a book before the year is over WHOOOOOHOOOOOOI actually really liked the first 2 3rds of this and it would have been a 4 star read The last 400 pages dragged on like nothing else though This story could have been told in 600 pages if you ask me.But you guys also know that I like fast moving plots so yeah.

  21. I want to give this book five stars but the fact that it took me nearly 2 years to finish makes me think I shouldn t a 4.5 perhaps But I really enjoyed reading this when I was reading it Margaret George makes, what could have been a dense and sluggish novel, very easy to read I look forward to reading her take on Elizabeth I and Henry VIII TW this next section of the review has mentions of rape It s interesting to see the way that Mary is portrayed in the different interpretations of her life So [...]

  22. Margaret George does a tremendous job bringing to life the times and characters and the drama surrounding the legendary Mary, Queen of Scots I finally have a lot of questions answered regarding this woman s mysterious history I like the way this book tells of her entire life, not just her captivity in England in which all she does in other novels is write letters and whine BUT, once I reached page 500, I had enough, and no offense to Margaret George, I simply cannot stand Mary, Queen of Scots Fi [...]

  23. After reading and viewing several biographical accounts of Queen Elizabeth I, I became intrigued by the life of Mary Queen of Scots who usually figured as a minor actor in the Virgin Queen s story In this 870 page tome, Mary is the central figure with Elizabeth the minor, yet incredibly powerful, character who ultimately determines Mary s fate.Well researched and well written, Margaret George depicts in full but not exhausting detail the lifestyle, political and religious climates of not only Sc [...]

  24. Mary Queen of Scots led a fascinating life, which is described in captivating detail in George s book Despite the commitment the length of this book demands, every page held a piece of Scottish history I wanted to understand.Mary can be a very controversial historical figure So I imagine writing about her life can create much debate for the author, either representing her in a good or bad light However, I respected George s interpretation, even so once reading her notes at the end of the book I [...]

  25. I ve had this book for years and for the life of me can t figure out why it took me so long to read it, especially as I enjoyed The Autobiography of Henry VIII Once I cracked it open, it took me no time to become hooked and I really enjoyed Margaret George s interpretation of Mary Queen of Scotland After reading numerous factual books about the time period and the events, it was satisfying to read a intimate, emotional portrayal of her life and times Yes, the book is a bit long and has lots of [...]

  26. If only history courses in school were taught via historical novels It s so much easier to remember a period in history when you can become emotionally involved with the characters I very much enjoyed reading this long, but definitely a page turner book, though it lacked a depth that many good novels have I suppose some depth must be sacrificed in order to stick to the facts as much as possible I never quite figured out how I felt about Mary, which is part of the point since her true character r [...]

  27. One of the better novelizations of Mary, Queen of Scots from the cradle to the grave While this is a very long winded novel, at least the author refrains from the extravagant silliness that seems to have taken over the historical novel market For that alone this one deserves a second look The prose is readable, and the facts or less in place The Mary here is foolhardy, wanting to be loved than involved in politics, but unfortunately, she was born in the wrong time and place While the religiou [...]

  28. Another book of historical goodness This was the second book I read by George It was a little daunting to go from the long Autobiography of Henry VIII to another long tale of Queen Mary, but I was eager and excited nonetheless I really enjoy George s ability to take historical facts and mold them together with fiction to create an account of a life that might be both interesting to history buffs or boring to someone not that interested in history.

  29. This was the first time I read a book by Margaret George and I m really impressed The story felt believable and historically accurate Mary Stuart was portrayed as a loving, strong but also very human character I felt for her so much.The beginning was painfully slow, but when it did pick up, it was hard to put it down In many ways it s a frustrating book, just because Mary is treated so badly throughout almost all of the story But even so, it s well worth the read and very interesting.

  30. I liked it Didn t love it, but I liked it well enough I love Margaret George as a writer her Autobiography of Henry VIII was outstanding I love long books Shogun is my favorite book of all time This one did not quite sing like those, it went on a bit in places, it used a lot of POVs, it slipped a few modern elements into the narrative, but it was a well told story for people who like the period.

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