Forged in Blood I

Forged in Blood I The emperor has been ousted from the throne his bloodline in question and war is descending on the capital Forge the nefarious business coalition that has been manipulating the political situation

The emperor has been ousted from the throne, his bloodline in question, and war is descending on the capital Forge, the nefarious business coalition that has been manipulating the political situation from the beginning, has the ultimate weapon at its disposal.If it was difficult for a small team of outlaws or, as Amaranthe has decided they should now be called, rebels tThe emperor has been ousted from the throne, his bloodline in question, and war is descending on the capital Forge, the nefarious business coalition that has been manipulating the political situation from the beginning, has the ultimate weapon at its disposal.If it was difficult for a small team of outlaws or, as Amaranthe has decided they should now be called, rebels to make a difference before, it s a monumental task now If she s to return idealistic young Sespian to the throne, earn the exoneration she s sought for so long, and help her closest ally win the respect of the son who detests him, she ll have to employ an unprecedented new schemeeferably without destroying the city or herself in the process.

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Forged in Blood I

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  1. I admit that I was a little concerned about how Buroker would handle Sicarius s point of view I ve said it before for other novellas and books featuring the male interest s POV it s a tricky business, seeing as a lot of the intrigue and appeal of the character is the mystery factor that comes from not quite knowing what he is thinking And I can understand how it might be tempting to make the hero of your series your dream guy to inject overly romantic notions, and maybe impart aspects to his cha [...]

  2. Okay, yes, we FINALLY get to see inside Sicarius s head and what he thinks of Amaranthe Go ahead, Squeeeee All better Good.What we also get are two AMAZING adventures Amaranthe Co which has grown to 8 are back in Stumps, determined to keep Forge from forcibly taking over the city, and eventually extending their reach to the world They knew that the false reports of Sespian s death would have multiple candidates vying for the throne, but they didn t count on international interference Someone has [...]

  3. This is the beginning of the end.After five books, a novella and a handful of short stories, Amaranthe Lokdon and her growing band of outlaws are set to face off against their biggest enemy Forge With three armies vying to take over the throne vacated due to Emperor s Sespian s death, the capital of Turgonia is under martial law, and tensions are running high Will Amaranthe and crew be able to stop the plots and help Sespian regain his throne and the bigger question is should they Or should they [...]

  4. Highly suspenseful penultimate volume I loved having Sicarius perspective The scenes where he attempts to bond with his son are priceless.

  5. It s always a pleasure for me to read a new Lindsay Buroker She is one of the authors that, if had an automatically buy everything this person writes feature, would be on my autobuy list The combination of humour, action, decent editing though not perfect see below , quirky and interesting characters and unpredictable plots is a winner for me I ll talk about the imperfections first, though By indie standards, the books are well edited, almost as well as many big houses and better than HarperColl [...]

  6. It is live now on Amaranthe and the whole gang have returned to the capital There goal is to raise support for the Emperor and help build a better government Since most of the populace believe Sespian dead, many rival factions of the military leaders have come to make their bid for ruler.Amaranthe plan includediscovering Sicarius s hertiage and prove that Sespian has a right for leadership, destroy the Behemoth, build an army and win the popular vote of the peopleof course this is all in a days [...]

  7. Shit What actually just happened Did Maldynado Yara Basilard just drop off the face of the earth for the last 200 pages Where the hell is everyone THE SQUAD IS DISASSEMBLED AND I CAN T DEAL WITH IT THAT ENDING It was like Romeo Juliet and Katniss Peeta except I hated both of those books and those ships, AND MY HEART CAN T HANDLE IT BECAUSE WE JUST KNOW SICARIUS HAD IT ALL WRONG When I finish this series, I m going on a binge of romantic comedy reading because every book I ve read these past few [...]

  8. Initially I m so thrilled when Lindsay announced that in Book 6, Sicarius will get his own POV We sure want to know what goes in the mind of our most deadly and stoic assassin Butbut but I never expect Lindsay to make Amaranthe and Sicarius being apart most of the time Arg Maybe we should have guess That s how her alternate POV works in previous books But still, I m hopeful This book does not works as a standalone because Lindsay does not waste time doing any recaps and she just throw you in the [...]

  9. The next to last book in the series and I m already sad that I won t be on any hair raising hair brained adventures with Amaranthe, Sicarius and the gang after the next book.Amaranthe and company are back in Stumps and things just seem to be going from bad to worse in the city The gangs are preying on everyone, there are multiple contenders for the throne and Forge is up to it s usual evil I think all the fans of this series has been waiting for these books told from Amaranthe s and Sicarius po [...]

  10. This book is, without a doubt, my favorite in the series The dark tones and the easily sensed, yet frail humanity in even my favorite assassin shows an amazing development in the author s way of writing A couple of characters still remain one dimensional and distant, but the rest of the crew has come far from what they were in the first book The way they react in difficult situations, interact with each other and think is realistic, and despite a few situations where their motives were at best [...]

  11. Can you say cliffhanger Lindsay has once again sucked me into Amarathe and Sicarius world not like it was that hard though and I now find myself agitatedly waiting for the last installment of this series.I loved being able to see how Sicarius brain works, how he perceives things and how hard he is on himself.There were times where I wanted to scream in frustration come on Lindsay Will it happen eventually or are you having too much fun teasing us Other times I chuckled and enjoyed the humor If t [...]

  12. Sigh I knew I shouldn t have started this until the second half was out, but I had been warned, so totally my own fault I still love the fact that what is essentially escapist fantasy adventure fare manages to throw so many fascinating spanners into the vaguely steampunk works Mild spoilers for earlier books follow The questions about how whether to return Sespian to the throne how best to ensure the reformation of the empire s many ills evil ones, too the many and various questions about morali [...]

  13. You know when you a fan of a series and the new book comes out and you just can t put it down That s what this book is for me I read this with the same voracity as I read the last three Harry Potter books when they came out I ignored assignments, tests, work, just to finish this.It did not disappoint In fact, I feel like re reading the last five books while I anticipate the next book coming out.If you re familiar with the series, this book delivers the usual witty banter, adventure, and action w [...]

  14. That is not a cliffhanger That is torture I know it will end well for this particular character there s that 8th book right Still, right now, I just want to hide somewhere and cry.Yes, I m that far gone

  15. Another excellent Lindsay Buroker book Book 6 Forged in Blood 1 is from Sicarius POV Finally do we get to see what goes around in the mind of one of our favourite characters in the series Can t wait to read the next.

  16. Happy Sicarius finally got his POV but kind of pissed at Amaranthe for being a manipulating tool in this book Still love them tho

  17. 4.5 stars Forged in Blood I signals the beginning of the end of the Emperor s Edge adventures as the team makes their final push to bring down Forge and restore peace to the empire, delivering the exciting action that we ve come to expect from the series and bringing back some familiar faces from previous adventures such as Deret Mancrest, Retta and even workers from the Ice Cracker short story The tone of the book is suitably much darker than the preceding installments Amaranthe had always been [...]

  18. Clearly, since this is just Part I, there will be some loose ends Therefore, I own that my conflicted feelings about the story stem largely from a lack of closure which are not the fault of flaws in the book itself But this cliffhanger is worse than that of Conspiracy By the end of this tome, the group is split in four different locations, three of the members are possibly dead, one of them seems to be possessed or something, and now there are some Kyattese twins on a train Shit is totes cray in [...]

  19. Soooo This one took me much longer to get into than the last 5 It may well be because it didn t have the impetus of reading them back to back to back Therefore, I had to pick up and get back into the characters and the ongoing story I considered re reading the first 5 before picking this one up and I even intended to do so However, I have had such a reading tude going on that I was just not of a mind to re read anything Even though it took me a bit, I did enjoy this one We get a bit a feel for [...]

  20. I am so thrilled with getting Sicarius POV that it doesn t even matter that the majority of this story he and Amaranthe are basically apart Well, it doesn t matter MUCH I loved and hated the cliffhanger ending I know Lindsay Buroker will complete this amazing series in a way that her fans will love and appreciate.I hope cough After five books and several novellas, being able to get inside our master assassins head was awe inspiring I loved how the author wrote it and I really loved how Sicarius [...]

  21. Holy crap, that ending Thank god I can immediately start reading the next one.There were so many things to love about this book For one, this installment is told from Sicarius s point of view Even though the author made it a point to use one of the main characters as a focal point throughout each of her books, for some reason, it never occurred to me that Sicarius would be one of them Obviously he s one of the main characters but I m just so used to his reticent personality that I never thought [...]

  22. WOW The first part of the grand EE finale had me DYING on the edge of my seat for Having Sicaurius as the second POV for both part I and II was a brilliant move on Buroker s part and it was excellent to finally rattle around in that assassin s head and get some real information out of his experience.Because I m not a big fan of spoilers in book reviews, I ll give you a basic summary This book picks up after the events in Beneath the Surface a novella between books 5 and 6 with everyone heading [...]

  23. Why oh why did I start this booking, knowing that part two would not be published for another couple of months I now have to wait for the resolution to the cliffhanger ending and just keep hoping that the author gives the characters we have grown to love the happy ever after they deserve.In this penultimate volume of the very successful Emperor series, story arcs from various different times and places are woven together and the scene is set for the grand finale We learn a little about our favo [...]

  24. Ahhhhhhh I love this instalment, and better yet, it s part 1 of 2 meaning I have a whole other book to go in the same perspectives need I say And you know what else I was met with how much emotion is in his character I would have expected Sicarius to really be a bit stoic or at least his neutral self Instead I was pleasantly surprised at how much wanders through his mind at timesIf anything, it has made me love this story even I am a little sad that this is coming to an end now, but ohh boy [...]

  25. I hate Lindsay Buroker almost as much as I love her Yes, this book ends in a cliffhanger And what a cliffhanger It makes the ending in book 4 look completely tame Lindsay sure knows how to leave us hanging.That being said, this is the first of two books to round off the Emperor s Edge series Our team is back in Stumps, and stuck trying to put Sespian back on the throne while at least three other lords are trying to do the same and all have armies MUCH larger than Amaranthe s little band Not to m [...]

  26. Every book in Lindsay Buroker s Emperor s Edge series is a delight Protagonist Amaranthe shows courage as she leads her motley team in defense of the deposed Emperor Buroker s characters are well rounded, consistent and complement each other The steampunk world and the politics of power mongering become clearer as the stories progress Action and reflection balance and ground the plot, and the pacing is just right As well, the romance between Amaranthe and the Assassin shows up just enough to twi [...]

  27. Ms Buroker I have to say I am a little annoyed that Kyattese people who seem to be a cross between Caribbean, Japanese, Hawaiian and Inuit are white White And Nurians are a mix of a whole bunch of exotic stoic magical woo woo Asian tropes That said, I still read these books like candy, want to be bff with Amaranthe, and I am dying to find out how it all ends Admiral Starcrest Encrypted, Decryted, and wouldn t it be totally cool if he showed up just in time to save the day totally stole my heart [...]

  28. Every time I pick up a new EE book, I think to myself there s no way this one can top the last one And then it does I think the scenes from Sicarius point of view were my favorites They were sohim The ending totally blew me away I knew it was a cliffhanger Title alone tells you that this installment is part one of at least two But I have no idea how the story will manage to resolve itself from here Then again I always feel that way at some point in a Lindsay Buroker book That s part of why I lov [...]

  29. Best yet in a great series Loved finally getting a peek inside Sicarius s head Fast paced,well written dialogue with plenty of suspense and humor But Lindsay wasn t kidding about this one having a cliffhanger ending, in part because she needed to divide the final book in the series into two parts She promised to have the final book available late July early August and her fans are going to hold her to it including me I highly recommend the whole Emperor s Edge series including various short sto [...]

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