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And the Stars Will Sing In the far future travel is made possible by controlled wormholes made in the fabric of space time Crystal a young woman freshly graduated from university finds herself on her first job aboard the

In the far future, travel is made possible by controlled wormholes made in the fabric of space time Crystal, a young woman freshly graduated from university, finds herself on her first job aboard the base ship Crossing Paths Workplace politics and a romance make it complicated The last thing she needs are the frightening errors beginning to crop up on her maps

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...And the Stars Will Sing

  1. Michelle Browne is a sci fi fantasy writer from Calgary, AB She has a cat and a partner in crime Her days revolve around freelance editing, jewelry, phuquerie, and nightmares She is currently working on the next books in her series, other people s manuscripts, and drinking as much tea as humanly possible Michelle on

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  1. Wormholes, aliens, and space pirates, need I say I met the author Michelle Browne in my social media ramblings She s a snarky, interesting girl, which pretty much describes her writing.I have read A LOT of sci fi novels and short stories I subscribe to Analog magazine and enjoy every issue of it This novella could easily have been a miniseries in Analog It s top notch sci fi She has an easy flowing narrative style in first person, essentially a woman s diary of her unusual work assignment aboar [...]

  2. Originality It s what first sucked me into the Harry Potter series and it s what sucked me into And the Stars Will Sing Upon starting JK Rowling s now hugely famous series no one had heard of it back then I was struck by how Rowling had managed to invent so many new and fresh ideas, names and incidents in a genre that I thought had been mined dry Michelle Browne has pulled off the exact same magic no pun intended with her debut novella, And the Stars Will Sing I was immediately impressed by the [...]

  3. An engrossing story, pulling the reader through to the conclusion with Crystal, the FP protagonist heroine.Some suspense is lost due to the choice of first person for the VP We know Crystal lives to tell the story We are not so sure about her happiness or her friends, however, and much of the suspense derives from that fact While the suspense isn t as high as it might be, it was sufficient for me to enjoy.I enjoyed all the characters, though I hoped for depth, especially for Kail, Jia and Harae [...]

  4. An Engaging and Skillfully Constructed NovellaI don t read much science fiction these days I find a lot of the books in the genre too derivative, sitting on the shoulders of the great science fiction writers of yore I particularly get frustrated with the lack of attention to basic psychology, and hence to my mind a lot of character motivations and actions have no credibility or depth to them.Sci fi novels written in the first person have an additional challenge inasmuch as the technologies and w [...]

  5. If you will like this book or not depends on whether you like the narrator s voice I didn t connect with her What I liked about the book was the explanations I got about worm hole creation I could have done with a little math here and there but understand that most people would hate that I m a freak in that respect I wa a bit sorry that the technical parts of the main character s job were often cut short probably to not bore the reader.The rest of the book was straightforward and flowed without [...]

  6. I received this book for free because of the group Read It and Reap I really liked that this book had a really interesting setting, and at first it was a bit confusing but then it all cleared the deeper you get in to the book I feel like the author could have elaborated a bit on the climax of the huge black hole I also think that there should have been some exciting ups and downs in the book I am not usually a big fan of Sci Fi, but this book was good I liked how there was some technical parts [...]

  7. Generally speaking I enjoyed this book as a relatively quick, easy read that maintained a reasonable level of suspense Writing it in the first person as if it were the protagonist s journal was reasonably effective and could provide an excuse for the lack of detail There were quite a few characters who didn t contribute anything to the story but nonetheless it was a nice escape into the future with the technical side handled fairly well Nonetheless, the plot was a bit too predictable for my tast [...]

  8. Disappointing Good premise, but the writing is bad, and the storytelling is too hurried It felt like the author constantly had to TELL me what was going on, instead of SHOWING it

  9. This is a wonderful book, smooth writing, strong characters, compelling science fiction landscape.I think this book is a 4 5 rating in my bookshelf, but my subjectivity played a trick on me I wanted to pick it up thanks to an impressive review, that excitedly recommended it for originality As a science fiction addict, I always have this nagging question in the back of my head how much can be said, in a book on wormholes, and with starships, and traveling faster than light That is, the field has [...]

  10. Note The author is my friend, but that has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion of the book or my review of it.2.5 stars.And the Stars Will Sing has all the makings of a solid 3.5 to 4 star read It has an array of interesting characters, a great setting, a cool ass plot and every opportunity to captivate its readers Even the writing is all right All the ideas and concepts introduced in this short story are downright fascinating Clearly, it could ve been amazing.In the end, where Stars failed [...]

  11. Pretty solid story As a novella it s necessarily short on character development and is largely plot driven, which works for what I perceive to be a younger target audience than I Everything feels rushed, with the central romance feeling particularly hurried and the shift from I can t stand this guy to I love him to death being almost painfully abrupt The main character has some Mary Sue tendencies, but in this sort of novel there s nothing wrong with that The antagonist also has some villain fro [...]

  12. On her first assignment after graduation from university, Crystal finds herself in a remote area of space mapping small holes in the fabric of the universe The project is to culminate in the creation of a stable route from civilization to this far away out post.She works with a variety of beings from other inhabited planets and one other crewmember from Mars Jai Though finding themselves in constant conflict in the beginning, their relationship slowly develops into one of respect and then, attra [...]

  13. And The Stars Will Sing is an action packed sci fi novella, told in diary format by a young woman named Crystal.My first thought on finishing this novella was that it would appeal very well to a YA audience I think teenagers would enjoy the way it s told as well as the characters and the story, as would sci fi fans looking for something a little different in the genre.Crystal s voice completely captivated my attention and kept me hooked throughout Browne has a real skill for creating new worlds [...]

  14. And the Stars Will Sing by Michelle BrowneCrystal Weiss is leaving Mars for the first real job she s had out of college She s going to work on the transport ship Crossing Paths close to the Orion system, helping calculate the location of a wormhole She doesn t tell anyone she has the ability to mindsearch for fear of being recruited into the field Once a person becomes a mindsearcher professionally, the risk of madness increases Crystal likes to mindsearch for fun and relaxation After a long day [...]

  15. Stars Rank 5 I ll be helping to calculate the location of the wormhole, an important part of the job If you don t put the damn thing in the right place, you might accidently cause a rip or tear in the wrong place and cause a radical wormhole, the kind that can go, well, anywhere You might end up halfway across the universe, or even in another dimension I ll start off by mentioning I was intending on not even writing a review on this novella, but it was so good, in personal opinion, that I had to [...]

  16. This story has it all Pirates, aliens, strange new planets and sights, a strong heroine, romance, and even bickering in the office But this suffers from the same problem as most of the other science fiction on the market these days it gets weighed down by technical details and drowns under trying to show off all its futuristic technology It s good to lend flavor to a story, and assist it along, but the story tends to lose my interest when the technology takes over as being the center of the stor [...]

  17. This short sci fi story is an easy and enjoyable read Crystal, the main character, seemed aloof to me in the first sections of the story, but soon softens out as the plot gets deeper and she literally faces life and death situations The descriptions are just enough to build her world and environment The writer s character development for the main character, her love interest, and support characters help the reader get easily lost in the short story I felt like the romances were fast and quick, b [...]

  18. A charming sci fi novella Crystal is young, quirky, and excited about her new job, which involves mapping and repairing wormholes in space All starts well, but there are sinister happenings pirates and sabotage, and I mustn t forget the tentative stirrings of romance The author crafts a unique style to tell her story which works very well The story is unveiled through snippets captured in Crystal s journal that update the reader on events in a chatty, personal style after all, the narrator is wr [...]

  19. I confess I m not a big science fiction reader I find a great many writers too obsessed with the setting and pseudo science with little attention to character.Michelle Browne is an exception Her science is sound inasmuch as it is credible and believable and importantly, so are her characters, particularly her major protagonist, especially when presented in the first person viewpoint That is no mean achievement given that this is a novella rather than a full length novel.The writing style is econ [...]

  20. A short story novella set in space The story is delivered as journal entries from a new crew member On the one hand, I liked this approach It s an interesting variation from the first person narrative and works for a short story format On the other hand, it was at times too detailed to be a personal journal Why would she describe to herself the basic mechanics of her job or how space works It would have been believable to me if she was writing a journal for or letters to a friend or sibling The [...]

  21. Sci Fi isn t my usual genre but I did enjoy Michelle Browne s And the stars will sing.Written in diary form And the stars will sing follows the working life of a young Martian called Crystal Weiss The diary shows us the ups and downs of Crystal s job as a mapper which I have to say is very action packed to say the least and I was captivated by the descriptive way that Michelle Browne keeps the story going A well written and descriptive book that any Sci Fi reader would thoroughly enjoy Reviewed [...]

  22. Sci Fi isn t my usual genre but I did enjoy Michelle Browne s And the stars will sing.Written in diary form And the stars will sing follows the working life of a young Martian called Crystal Weiss The diary shows us the ups and downs of Crystal s job as a mapper which I have to say is very action packed to say the least and I was captivated by the descriptive way that Michelle Browne keeps the story going A well written and descriptive book that any Sci Fi reader would thoroughly enjoy.

  23. I had very mixed feelings on this book I wasn t sure how I liked the journal writing in the beginning, but I have to say it worked well and I actually liked it Michelle wrote a very interesting story, with strong characters, esp Crystal I did get kind of bored during some parts of the story maybe that s because fantasy sc fi isn t really my cup of tea but over all it really was a good and entertaining read

  24. I m not a fan of journal style first person narratives, but the originality present in this sci fi kept me with it There were some editing issues on my kindle that made it a small bit confusing at times There were also some points where the journal style interfered with the enjoyment of the story and what was taking place, but I know this can be a difficult style to work with That aside, its a good story with tons of fresh ideas and interesting characters

  25. Kind of plain in my opinion Quick too Like an outline definitely could have been better.Also, Michelle, why would you spill the outcome of the climax before you told it a.k.a the battle with pirates for the station I mean why should I read about it still You already told me the product Badd storytelling.

  26. I think this is going to be like Marmite, either you love it or you don t I didn t find the story particularly interesting and disliked the main character That combined with the journal format style of telling the story made me give up Still there are plenty of good reviews so you might as well try reading it.

  27. The story concept is clever, but the writing isn t up to the task of telling a story through diary entries It felt forced and the main character seemed too silly to spend a whole novella with.

  28. Piracy and adventure in the far flung universe Michelle Browne does an excellent job of relating the perils of her heroine, Crystal, to the reader Definitely worth the read.

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