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  1. My parents wanted a natural birth and the Rio Grande was the closest option I broke a lot of pinatas when I was young and then grew up under the pine trees of East Texas I had no real passions until college, where I acted, sang, and danced, though many of my dance partners might disagree I ve sold things, made things, earned things, and enriched things I ve met some fantastic, crazy, talented people A few years ago I started finessing the clouds and have found it has no true equal I enjoy licking creativity from the spoon and let s discuss something Also look for the The Hoot Hare Review, our new literary journal with fiction, poetry, art, interviews, and .

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  1. Warning Infectious Word Soup That Comes Out Meaningfully in the EndStand on guard M Scott Craig will play with your brain in a way like no other author has since Lewis Carroll s Jabberwocky He splashes words all over the page, but this time they are in an orderly fashion that lean toward short stories than the random graces of his previous two collections CACOETHES and THOUGHTICA In this delicious volume he relates his musings on reality versus surreal, dysfunctionality if there is such a noun [...]

  2. Received A free ARC of this from and I have been carrying it around with me ever since it came in the mail I love this book I like that I don t have to read it in any order, it does have chapters, but so far I don t think I have read anything in order and I love it that way I just open up and start reading I like how some chapters are stories and some are poems Being a total introvert one of my quirks has always been that I like to skip around in books especially reading the end first and with t [...]

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