The Stolen: Two Short Stories

The Stolen Two Short Stories In The Fields Clarice is a governess on a small remote backwater colony Her previous misdemeanours in a nightmarishly controlling world have caught up to her and she is taken in with other felons

In The Fields , Clarice is a governess on a small, remote backwater colony Her previous misdemeanours in a nightmarishly controlling world have caught up to her, and she is taken in with other felons for re education Little does she know what this re education will includeor its price In WordThieves , Sarah White is trapped in a nightmarishly bureaucratic peacenikIn The Fields , Clarice is a governess on a small, remote backwater colony Her previous misdemeanours in a nightmarishly controlling world have caught up to her, and she is taken in with other felons for re education Little does she know what this re education will includeor its price In WordThieves , Sarah White is trapped in a nightmarishly bureaucratic peacenik paradise on Io Spending her days daydreaming about untranslatable words and craving candy, her world is mostly idyllic Until, that is, she runs into an old familiar face, and breaks the fragile tension holding her life together What crimes are committed in the name of peace, control, and harmony In a world where public violence is a distant memory and peer pressure is a mandated punishment, Clarice and Sarah are about to find out.

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The Stolen: Two Short Stories

  1. Michelle Browne is a sci fi fantasy writer from Calgary, AB She has a cat and a partner in crime Her days revolve around freelance editing, jewelry, phuquerie, and nightmares She is currently working on the next books in her series, other people s manuscripts, and drinking as much tea as humanly possible Michelle on

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  1. I m new to reading Dystopian, so maybe I am not the best person to give a review but here goes Let me start with the best first The Word Thieves captured my interest right away So much of what is happening in this story we may be on the very brink of today In a day, when people seem easily threatened by words, many must pussy foot around what words to use for fear of hurting someones feelings It makes the reader, wonder where will this restraint of our free speech end, especially as you read thi [...]

  2. I recently reviewed Ms Browne s novella And the Stars Will Sing on my Galericulate blog and was suitably impressed.These dystopian short stories move her up another gear Word Thieves , which owes something of its genesis to George Orwell s 1984 and indeed there is a character in it named Julia is a tightly constructed piece where she moves her characters towards hubris with a claustrophobic intensity As with her earlier work, Ms Browne s vision of the future is not one comprised solely of shiny [...]

  3. The Stolen consisted of two short stories in the dystopia era The first The Fields tells of a governess who misbehaved or so they say and is sent to a reformatory with others like her Each incarcerated for minor and I mean minor, infractions.Michelle describes a world where nothing seems to be pleasant but the main character, Clarice and her sidekick Margo make the best of the situation, sheer drudgery, lack of freedom, repression unable enjoy pleasure, it was pure hell But Clarice endured, till [...]

  4. Wow Both of these stories are masterfully crafted The subtle details, the realism of character, and the thought provoking nature of the underlying message made for a wonderful book.Both stories focus on the liberties of a person, and what happens when these freedoms are forcibly controlled and restricted Painful abuse, mental fragility, and questions about the future are only the beginning.Michelle creates wonderfully deep characters, perhaps a bit crude, but believable under the disenchantment [...]

  5. The book consists of two short stories I enjoyed the first, but it left me wanting for and for that reason, I give it a 4 star rating The second story, however, a powerful dystopian jaunt on censorship, was excellent and by far my favorite of the two I give it 5 stars Without spoiling the story for others, I ll just say the characters were fully fleshed and I felt their pain through Browne s excellent story telling and powerful writing style It s tight and cohesive a remarkable feat given the l [...]

  6. Brown s two stories, The Fields and The Word Thieves are both tales of censorship and repression in each female lead s separate dystopian world The Fields is an account of Clarice s stay in a moral reform prison Clarice is a fighter, and she keeps her spirit from breaking by continuing to enjoy brief conversations with other prisoners and her own sexuality, despite the fact that it could get her killed, or worse This story was very short in length, but packed a punch through the narrator s vivid [...]

  7. The Stolen contains 2 short sci fi stories starring feisty females on dystopian worlds The Fields is the story of Clarice, a rule breaker sent to a sort of prison for governesses who misbehave I found Clarice almost instantly likeable and I really sympathised with her The repression she fights against is extreme sexually suggestive items, such as stockings, are illegal yet she smuggles them in to the Reformatory with her This is the shorter of the two stories and it s a great introduction to Bro [...]

  8. Beautifully Scribed vision of a possible futureVery well written Dark, terrifying, keening, dreadful Everything hateful about that part of the human race The word SLAVE everyone should remember what it really means, it s used banally way too much nowadays The Word Thieves Again beautifully written prose, perfect pace, perfect pitch, perfect I do so agree with the authors dreadful vision and so wish I didn t Let s edit everything or perhaps best not.ant True Horror I cried

  9. The Stolen Two Short Stories the Meaning Wars consists of two short stories set worlds apart in the same far distant future However, in both societies citizens are carefully watched, their lives strictly regulated Though similar in nature to 1984 by George Orwell, Ms Browne has crafted her own unique tale complete with those who rebel against Big Brother I m looking forward to reading in The Meaning Wars series.

  10. The Fields and The Word Thieves slightly freaked me out Both stories have an underlying theme of society employers controlling their citizens workers A small warning the author drops you into both worlds with little set up No handholding Nor are there a whole load of answers makes you think.The Fields is frightening, relatively short, and sometimes hard to understand I just grasped the societal make up of privileged owners and their families versus their slaves What came over loud and clear is h [...]

  11. Note The author is a friend No impact whatsoever on my opinion or review.Wow I hope no one draws the wrong conclusions about my saying this, but I m afraid I must compare, in a manner of speaking, Michelle Browne s The Stolen to William Gibson s Neuromancer Before you bark, hear me out I mean only to point out that my personal opinion about each, at least writing wise, is similar.In my Neuromancer review, I mention how pretty much every sci fi I d ever read up until then suffered from straight l [...]

  12. The Stolen by Michelle BrowneThe Stolen is made up of two novellas, The Fields and The Word Thieves The Fields opens in a prison during the evening hours The inmates have just arrived at their newest home The heroine, Clarice, is describing the accommodations, and lists her few possessions She has managed to smuggle in a few necessary items After arising the next morning, the inmates are separated according to sex, as they prepare for breakfast Many collapse from apparent or alleged stress, but [...]

  13. I did not want to put this down, and was chafing so much when my son was using my Nook Color that I finally had to fix my Nook for PC just so I could finish this book It s right up there with Ray Bradbury and Orson Scott Card.Both of these stories dealt with themes of maintaining one s independence at all costs I really liked the first story, but my favorite between them was the second I laughed audibly with glee when Sarah found the secret in the slightly thicker pages I was wishing I could hav [...]

  14. This book contains two short stories They were both well written and center around the themes of having our freedom to view the world around us how we want to view it, stolen I do think that the second story, Word Thieves, could stand on its own, and I actually would have preferred for that story to be presented first, as the main story It was a little jarring going from the first story, The Fields, to the second story as my brain tried to connect the two beyond theme.There were a few places in [...]

  15. This is Nic s wife writing the review.Michelle Browne is an engaging writer I ve read some of her other stuff, too She does pick fun concepts, and has unique twists to add to the dystopian formula I don t think these stories are some of her stronger work, since although the characters are well written, they aren t quite able to build a society around the dystopian elements In the first one, especially, the information on the evolution of the thought police type state is pretty vague At any rate, [...]

  16. I have not read science fiction in a while and this one is such a treat Both of these stories are written with such depth and color The attention to detail, the characters are all well rounded and you feel right along with them, each step and breath The message that sneaks up on you and makes you look at what you take for granted, your freedom and liberty.It is not a new concept, this one of forcibly controlled lives, freedoms etc, but Michelle s world build gives it a whole new window dressing [...]

  17. Michelle Browne does a masterful job at giving us two great short stories that had me begging for material from each The Fields is about a Governess named Clarice Like most politicians, she has committed some crimes and they are being traced back to her Once they authorities track her down and take her along with her associates, they are informed that they will receive some re education The term sounds harmless until they actually find out what it is The WordThieves is about Sarah White who is [...]

  18. Michelle Browne builds two very distinct dystopian worlds in these stories, yet somehow, I found them eerily similar in their themes of oppression and conformity Both stories had a definite Orwellian cast, especially The Word Thieves with a central story of extreme censorship, zealous expectations of conformity and spies who watch for individual expression and unsanctioned behavior Michelle s heroines are smart, sassy, free thinker s who don t do well in these totalitarian societies and they hav [...]

  19. I didn t know what to expect when I picked up this book in a giveaway, but I was blown away The Stolen contains two short stories which are quite different from each other Both, however did a fantastic job world building of dystopian worlds and had very likable characters I found myself intrigued about the direction of the stories and surprised by the endings I highly recommend The Stolen to anyone who enjoys dystopian literature that have surprising endings.

  20. I really enjoyed both stories very much They were original and extremely well written They seemed to loosely be based in the same universe, as there were subtle references to the world of the first story in the second.

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