Reckless Reckless the sequel to Finding Ava The decision seemed so innocent in the beginning exciting even How could I have ever known what was going to happen How could I have ever know that someone could b

Reckless, the sequel to Finding Ava The decision seemed so innocent in the beginning, exciting even How could I have ever known what was going to happen How could I have ever know that someone could be so evil, so determined to destroy lives I chose to ignore the advice of my brother and instead trusted believed in friendship, believed in a woman I once loved Now IReckless, the sequel to Finding Ava The decision seemed so innocent in the beginning, exciting even How could I have ever known what was going to happen How could I have ever know that someone could be so evil, so determined to destroy lives I chose to ignore the advice of my brother and instead trusted believed in friendship, believed in a woman I once loved Now I am paying the consequences and living in hell and I have brought my family right along with me It all started when the rat entered our lives, and as should be expected the snake followed.This story dives deep into the making of the movie Reckless , and simultaneously takes you on a ride filled with sex, drama, disastrous sabotage, and battles of woman against woman and man against man You will have to take a breath before you read this story because you won t be able to take another until after it ends.

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  1. 2.5 StarsWow, how much time changes things.I just re read this series because I found out the third book was available My re read convinced me to change my rating Check out my status updates to see what I was feeling Maybe I will add thoughts later Maybe not 3.5 StarsSame issues as the first book There were story lines that had potential but were not fully developed The story about Ethan and his problem s was thrown out there to I think make the story have another aha moment, but it was rushed [...]

  2. Warning Spoilers SwearingThe author killed this book for me by tormenting me with brutal, agonizing descriptions of painful torments that heroine endured without gaining expected justice for her suffering Throughout the entire book, the author tortured me with vile, atrocious and nauseating scenes of the hero s evil ex girlfriend and her husband who happened to be his friend that both cheated on him hurting the hero s entire family including attempt murder on his child and wife so I wanted to be [...]

  3. Rebecca is a cheat and schemer and ex girlfriend of Sean She is married to Sean s friend Joel Both Rebecca and Joel set out to ruin Sean and Ava Hairy moments when no one believes Ava as Rebecca does he wickedest to get Sean back Drugs, rape attempts Will Sean and Ava relationship survive Loved this book but weird ending, seemed incomplete.

  4. SPOILERS Jennifer Loren did it again Reckless is the sequel to Finding Ava If you haven t read it yet then I would advise you to read it before reading Reckless This one was so much better than the first one and that s saying something because the first one was amazing and easily a 5 star read for me But this one definitely surpasses it Reckless pretty much picks up where we left off at the end of book 1 Sean and Ava are living in their dream home and raising their baby girl and trying for baby [...]

  5. Reckless Book 2 Finding Ava Series Jennifer LorenOMG where do I start I had no idea what to expect with this read Finding Ava set the characters up for this book but not a lot of detail which was fine because these reads are truly about Sean and Ava Reckless is a story of the making of the movie of an old friend of Sean s Uncle a daredevil who lived his life to its fullest When Sean was approached to be the main character TC he was excited about it He thought this would be a good opportunity to [...]

  6. Be prepared Jennifer Loren pulls you down the rabbit hole within the first few pagesd the ride is wild and on the edge of your seat bumpy the whole way Following the perfect wedding and honeymoon, Sean and Ava Grant have settled into a life of happily ever after en filming begins on the movie Reckless, in which Sean s the star Sean s ex girlfriend, Rebecca, and former best friend, Joel, are married, and Joel s father is the one financing the movie Being down on their luck and out of daddy s good [...]

  7. WOW, that was INTENSE This book really puts you thru the emotional ringer, what a journey You will go thru your full emotional arsenal thoroughly, strongly sometimes rapidly You will smile, laugh, sigh, gasp, cringe, laugh, pant drool , yell cry Ava is such a strong heroine but she gets put thru hell Sean is as hott as before romantic as hell at times, but he will break your heart at times too questioning his judgement decisions You will want to kill Rebecca her crazy psychotic husband from hell [...]

  8. I love Ava I love Sean I m so glad their story continued and I got to read about it This book did not disappoint.How I feel aboutRebecca Joel That whole car stunt crap shit fuck Basically this entire book feels like this Soooo good Keeps you on edge and I just could not put it down.Jennifer Loren has definitely made my favorite authors list

  9. Damn there s a lot that went on in this book Fantastic follow up This book was so good, I was actually shocked in how much I enjoyed it Well done

  10. After reading Finding Ava and loving it I had to see what would happen next so I used my lovely, brand new Kindle Fire HDX that my awesome hubby got me for Christmas and I found that Reckless was only 99 cents so of course I bought it I was so excited that I started to read it right away and it actually only took me 3.5 days to finish I am giving this book another 5 stars The story grabs you from the start This book picks right up where the first one left off, no skipping years or anything like [...]

  11. This book is the sequel to Finding Ava Reckless takes us back to the lives of Sean and Ava who met in the first book.The couple are now married and Sean is anxious about a new movie project with his friend Joel Reckless Ava is happy being home with their daughter Lillah and working less.Joel and Rebecca move into Seans guest home.Things start to happen and Ava becomes the victim.Sean doesnt believe Ava at first until he figures things out.Seans brother Ethan tries to warn him to be careful.Ethan [...]

  12. ok wow joel and Rebecca are back in sean s life that is sooo not good esp after what they did to him ava needs to get a clue when guys are after her for sex I cant believe how sean dosent seen the evil that has come into his house esp after he finds the video on Rebecca s phone hello that should be a first clue and how she lies and treats his daughter I cried for ava and sean when they lost the baby that was sooo sad ok would love to see a book on randy I love him and esp on the friendship betw [...]

  13. I enjoyed Reckless much than the first book, Finding Ava Reckless like Finding Ava had some parts that really made me giggle Reckless gave you drama and excitement It also shows the love and powerfulness of family It shows how marriage, trust and fidelity are key components to this story It s a good read I m hoping that the story continues with some of the characters brought into this book.

  14. Such an intense sequel Although frustrating at times, where I found myself yelling at my kindle WHY Another part of me seething at the evilness of Rebecca and Joel I loved the book and enjoyed reading it At times there was pure hatred with the emotions brought on by how cruel Rebecca can be And even when she has nothing left but to rot she s is still the ice queen And I loved how Randy got a puppy Humorous tie in from the first book Can wait for

  15. 4 4.5 this book had so much drama going on at one time it was insane this book dragged every emotion i had in me, couldn t even put the book down without screaming at Sean being so stupid in all the books i read i never seen two people so insanely evil, i read plenty of books with all sorts of villains but these two just seems to top it The emotional pain they caused on Ava makes me want to punch Sean for not seeing it.

  16. I liked the style of this one a lot than the first one It was almost as over sexed as the first one was oddly sexed, which is the only thing I didn t really love about it Odd for me, but there you have it I loved Ava s grandpa He should totally be in the book The evil people were a bit over the top, but I guess that s why we call it fiction Overall, a really good time.

  17. Same timeline issues that I felt with Finding Ava but I did enjoy this twisted as heck story I can t believe how long they let Rebecca be in their lives BUT what an ending Not really a cliffhanger but what A set up for a spin off Idk

  18. Loved it Fast paced, but now I need to read the long road J.L Is my girl And as always even in her first debut series she does a good job.

  19. Love itBook 2 was as good as book one now I m on to book 3 I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

  20. What pissed me off about this is book is Sean not trusting anything Ava tells him, i felt like going inside the book and strangle him to deathLike SERIOUSLY overall it was an okay book for me

  21. Reckless had me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book Read it in ONE sitting However, the ending was so abruptI m hoping there s another book coming out soon

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