That Man Cartwright: A Novel

That Man Cartwright A Novel None


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That Man Cartwright: A Novel

  1. Ann Fairbairn Dorothy Tait was best known for Five Smooth Stones, but also published two other books a biography of New Orleans jazz clarinetist George Lewis, whose tours she managed, and a 1970 novel, That Man Cartwright During the 1930s she was involved with the WPA project as a writer She worked as a riveter in the shipyards in San Francisco during World War II In the 1940s she worked in Bakersfield for a newspaper and also a radio station She lived for many years in New Orleans and died in Monterey, California.

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  1. One of two books by this author, both oldies but still goodies Both changed my life when I was a young girl with only a vague understanding f what it was like to be an oppressed person while this is not as good as Five Smooth Stones, it is a window into the migrant worker struggles of the late 10960s What s disturbing is how a lot of the paranoia and rhetoric in the book is still out there in new and not so new forms, and how far we still have to go Both books suffer from preachiness and some aw [...]

  2. I ve had this book for about 5 years and finally decided to read it I don t know what took me so long as I really enjoyed Five Smooth Stones by the same author After 100 pages, I decided it is going into the swap pile This book, now about 46 years old, needed some DRASTIC editing 793 pages REALLY OK, it s a small, very yellowed paperback that sold for 1.50 those were the days but that s no excuse I have NEVER read or attempted to read a book with so much extraneous detail I really do not need a [...]

  3. When I was a kid, Five Smooth Stones by Ann Fairbairn was a solid favorite, written in the 70 s Fairbairn only wrote three books in her lifetime Even though I believe THIS book, That Man Cartwright, is now out of print, I found it on powells.Fairbairn weaves the plight of the migrant farm worker into a solid story, filled with idealism, union organizing and the plight of migrant workers that is as timely today as it was back in the 70 s, the setting of this particular story It is even relevant [...]

  4. Read this book as a teenager loved it Have read it several times as an adult Every time I discover something new If you can find a copy this is a must read.

  5. More of Fairbairn s great characters including one familiar to those who read Five Smooth Stones Another absorbing story.

  6. Love, Love, love this book I read it when the kids are little and have re read it several times Powerful book about faith, compassion, hope, social justice, purpose Very hard to find.

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