Blonde In her most ambitious work to date Joyce Carol Oates boldly reimagines the inner poetic and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker the child the woman the fated celebrity and idolized blonde the wor

In her most ambitious work to date, Joyce Carol Oates boldly reimagines the inner, poetic, and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker the child, the woman, the fated celebrity and idolized blonde the world came to know as Marilyn Monroe In a voice startlingly intimate and rich, Norma Jeane tells her own story of an emblematic American artist intensely conflicted and drIn her most ambitious work to date, Joyce Carol Oates boldly reimagines the inner, poetic, and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker the child, the woman, the fated celebrity and idolized blonde the world came to know as Marilyn Monroe In a voice startlingly intimate and rich, Norma Jeane tells her own story of an emblematic American artist intensely conflicted and driven who had lost her way A powerful portrait of Hollywood s myth and an extraordinary woman s heartbreaking reality, Blonde is a sweeping epic that pays tribute to the elusive magic and devastation behind the creation of the great twentieth century American star.

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  1. Joyce Carol Oates is a recipient of the National Book Award and the PEN Malamud Award for Excellence in Short Fiction She is also the recipient of the 2005 Prix Femina for The Falls She is the Roger S Berlind Distinguished Professor of the Humanities at Princeton University, and she has been a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters since 1978 Pseudonyms Rosamond Smith and Lauren Kelly.

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  1. YOU MUST READ THIS It must one of the BEST novels of all time About this topic I will never kid Seeing the elusive, the ephemeral, through different filters a jaguar prowling through the jungle, a baby left all alone, as if you had the privilege to do so in the first place Blonde is a privilege to read the rarest of rare novel poetry book combos Why read itty bitty poetry in its refracted, basically restricted state Read novels, exemplary novels like this one, for a novel like Blonde kicks the a [...]

  2. Finally finished, wish I were still reading, all magic is gone from life now, pls advs.This is the New Feminist Text I honestly think if every gal too young to remember or too young to even have a mother who actively remembers the effects of the women s movement of the 60s were given a copy of this book, we d have much less patriarchy snackdom in the world, much equal pay, and way fewer pointy toed stilettos.Marilyn Monroe was continuously, systematically screwed over, pawned, and sucked dry by [...]

  3. This book was marvellous in many ways It s a fictional piece of work following the life of Norma Jeane Baker, aka Marilyn Monroe, from she s a child till her death as a 36 year old woman devoured and intoxicated with drugs, medication and alcohol It s a tragic life story, but it s hugely inspiring as well, and if you have even the faintest interest in Marilyn Monroe s life I would highly recommend this book To me, one of the most interesting aspects of Blonde was how it balances fiction and fact [...]

  4. I wasn t really sure how to go about reviewing this book at first, but then I came up with a solution, and it s a reviewing style I ll call The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.Here we go.The Good Of course, Joyce Carol Oates is a scary talented author and I bow at her feet The writing in this book goes from staggeringly beautiful to heart wrenchingly sad, and all of it is masterfully executed The fact is, no matter what the following might say, I would probably give my left foot to be able to write [...]

  5. This book was very difficult to read Not because of the writing, which is phenomenal, but because we already know the sad ending Joyce Carol Oates takes us on a literary journey from babyhood through to the end with a flawless, relentless depiction of the mind within the body that embarked on this particular journey It is beyond sad to bear witness to the reactions and defenses of a mind molded by fear, uncertainty, unpredictability and unreliability that resulted in a young woman who became her [...]

  6. I have conflicting emotions about this book, and it goes something like this, The book is about Marilyn, so what is there NOT to like about it, right Warts and all, it is a powerful book written by a powerful writer But the song that keeps playing in my head, the words that keep haunting me, comes from the voice of another writer, This is the story of a rape This is the story of a rape, of the events that led up to it and followed it and of the place in which it happened There are the action, th [...]

  7. Joyce Carol Oates has appropriated our American wet dream, the winner of the global boner bracket, the all time Who d You Rather champion, she s taken and made some kind of Cinderella Christ myth out of her, tarted up for the ball by her leering old fairy godfather and when the clock hits twelve martyred for our filthy sins No soft focus angel Christ here, either this is Mel Gibson torture Christ, all meat and oozing sores inside her mouth Oates insists on the fact of her body Marilyn Monroe spe [...]

  8. For all of Blonde s claims as a novelized, feminist retelling of Marilyn Monroe s life, I have seldom come across a book with disturbing, dehumanizing references to the female body and mind I am aware that these are intended to further emphasize Marilyn s loathed and loved standing in the American psyche as the virgin whore goddess garbage dichotomy, but the painful overuse of the adjectives cow , cunt , and mammalian to describe Marilyn, as well as endlessly repetitive descriptions of female s [...]

  9. Blonde is the Fictionalized Biography of Marilyn Monroe I chose to read it over a conventional style biography because I thought it would thought would be a personal account and show of her character and personality.The book chronicles her life as a young child growing up with a mentally unstable mother and eventual placement in an orphanage and foster homes.We also see her transformation from the natural beauty Norma Jean Baker to the Sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe Beneath the makeup and behind t [...]

  10. I had no idea what this book was about when I checked it out from the library It wasn t until I got it home that I noticed the cover was a silhouette of Marilyn Monroe with her back to the camera This book kept me up til the wee hours for the seven days it took me to finish it It is a fictionalized biography in that it recalls the life of Marilyn from birth to mysterious death at age 37 from an overdose of sleeping pills with conversations and situations imagined as they might have been I learne [...]

  11. I think this may be JCO s masterwork I would recommend to anyone with an appetite for long and literary books It is typically darker than perhaps reality, given JCO s penchant for the dark side of things So take that as a warning, Marilyn fans this is her life through a glass darkly to be sure After hearing some of the recent accusations accounts about JFK, it makes one lean toward JCO s dark lens on that particular relation Pages have come forward that they were made to service him, and there [...]

  12. This is an interesting fiction real life blend about the life and death of Marilyn Monroe It appears to have pissed off many Monroe as well as Oates fans Many who claim writer Oates was just bitter and jealous of Monroe s beauty, one reviewer going so far, after seeing Oates picture on the back cover, to say it was because she d been beaten with the ugly stick herself Sheesh, talk about ugly people I enjoyed the book even though it was pretty bleak and mostly depressing but how could it be other [...]

  13. Fictional account of Marilyn Monroe It makes me want to know about her life.I re read this in May, 2013 for my book group, than 10 years after reading it the first time Some of the women in my book group are not crazy about Oates The only other book of hers we ve read in the past 19 years NINETEEN YEARS HOLY COW was We Were the Mulvaneys So I recommended this to book group, I believe it to be accessible and certainly one of one of Oates strongest works.I am again stunned by Oates writing and r [...]

  14. Read this, read this, read this Fantastic writing JCO brought Norma Jean Marilyn to life is this factionalized version of her tumultuous life I knew the major story lines of her life her movie career, her short marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller and her dalliances with President Kennedy and RFK I learned so much about her life and her relationships There were some interesting twists on what I knew to be her life, like her relationship to Cass Chaplin and Eddy G Robinson Jrt sure how mu [...]

  15. Reading her self destruction is like taking sip after sip, then gulp after gulp of poison, till it s fully merged with her lethal need for people to love her enough her mother, her missing father, the men in her lives Joyce Carol Oates s writing is preciously haunting I could smell Norma Jeane s fears I could hear her stutter as if she s right next to me and I could feel the sting from those hateful men s disdain for Marilyn.

  16. Provocativa y descarnada es como se puede describir esta novela, en donde Joyce Carol Oates se inspira en la vida de Marilyn Monroe para hablarnos de lo cruel de la fama, de lo corrupto del mundo de Hollywood y de la doble moral en la que vive la sociedad estadounidense Con maestr a Oates mezcla hechos reales con otros totalmente salidos de la ficci n para presentarnos a una Marilyn fr gil y desequilibrada, que, siempre optimista busco agradar a todo un pa s y como la misma gente que la creo la [...]

  17. Massiivisen upea teos fiktiivisest Norma Jeane Bakerista eli Marilynist Omat tietoni todellisesta esikuvasta ovat niin viitteelliset, ett v lill t t luki kuin raadollista el m kertaa Joyce Carol Oates v nt , k nt , lainaa ja sepitt ja tekee sen niin hyvin, ett l het tuhatsivuista pokkaria lukee pelk st n ilokseen Tiivist mist en kaivannut lainkaan ja kaikki t h n k ytetty lukuaika oli loppujen lopuksi vain kotiin p in, hieno teos.

  18. I m giving this 5 stars because JCO is such a talented writer, I really felt like I was in MM s head listening to the non stop babble of every thought and worry that plagued her However, there were some things I didn t like.One thing I didn t like was that JCO did not stay true to the facts regarding MM and Joe Dimaggio s relationship after their split Actually JD and MM remained friends after their divorce and JD made MM s funeral arrangements and tried to help MM with her dependency problems l [...]

  19. Todella mielenkiintoinen fiktion ja faktan sekoitus Marilyn Monroen el m st Olen viimeist n nyt vakuuttunut Joyce Carol Oatesin kirjoittamisen lahjasta.

  20. I have never watched a Marilyn Monroe movie and, before reading Blonde, Joyce Carol Oates fictional biography of Marilyn Monroe, I knew pretty much nothing about her life, other than she had been married to famous people and sang Happy Birthday to JFK I chose to read Blonde to find out about Marilyn Monroe, to learn some of the truth behind the icon, so that she would become real to me and less abstract Ironically, I think this is the opposite of what Oates had in mind for readers when writing [...]

  21. A huge book as JCO gives us a fictional re imagining of Norma Jeane sic from her early childhood with a dangerous, mentally unstable mother, via an orphanage, a foster home and, eventually, Hollywood via numerous detours JCO is especially interested in Norma Jeane s inner life and her relationships with men, all driven by her search for her absent father I know little about Monroe so have no idea what is fact and what fiction but certainly this feels like a convincing portrait of a woman created [...]

  22. This is my first Joyce Carol Oats book, and I was totally blown away by Oats brilliance at creating scenes one you can smell, feel and taste For example, Gladys smell in the Lakewood rest home or Marilyn s smell after sex with a president They all seemed pitch perfect What also allowed such full descriptions and insight was the author s statement in the preface that none of the book is true So, while the author didn t know if MM might have an oily filmy sweat problem as a result of mixing Nembut [...]

  23. Blonde v cker m nga k nslor hos l saren och den gick rakt in i mitt hj rta Den var mycket tungl st d den i detalj skildrar Norma Jeanes os kerhet och livskval Boken tar upp allvarliga mnen som identitetskris, tablettmissbruk, d lig sj lvk nsla, sexuellt utnyttjande och m ns maktlystnad, sexmissbruk, aborter och graviditeter, bekr ftelses kande, Hollywoods filmindustri, intellekt vs sk nhet, etc Alla andra m nniskor runtomkring henne dyrkar den glamor sa och sexiga Marilyn Monroe men Norma Jeane [...]

  24. In life, the woman was hell and in hell on film, divine Billy Wilder Beauty is a question of optics All sight is illusion This is a fictionalized account of Norma Jeane Baker, aka Marilyn Monroe From a stuttering, neglected, little girl, to a drugged out, burned out starlet It is not an easy read This woman is relentlessly abused, exploited, raped and scorned for 700 pages Nightmarish and hallucinogenic What makes it captivating and readable, is the author s terrific writing skill and wildly amb [...]

  25. This is the story of how the shy, stammering Norma Jean Baker was transformed into the sensual, sexual Marilyn Monroe Joyce Carol Oates has emphasized that it is a fictional novel, based on true events She added an e to Norma Jean to clarify that it is fiction based on Norma Jean or a description of how Norma Jean might have thought and felt during her life.Norma Jeane had a tragic childhood Her mother was an addict and schizofrenic, and mistreated Norma, even tried to kill her Norma s father wa [...]

  26. Blonde provides a masterful, disturbing and perceptive characterization of Marilyn Monroe that coincides with all of the other information I have read about her but provides additional interpretation into her psyche through the guise of fiction The book itself is impossible to describe as it takes on a stylistic form that is very specific and complex This is not just someone randomly writing a fictional biography of Monroe This is Joyce Carol Oates, one of the most prolific and important authors [...]

  27. This was the last book I ve started reading in 2016 and the first book I finished reading in 2017 and WHAT A NOVEL This novel is a fiction story relating a fictive version of the life of Norma Jeane alias Marilyn Monroe Some of the book s contents are true based on or inspired by her real life while other stories are pure fiction This is the story of a lonely woman, with little basic school education, no family and no friends, trying to live, work and survive in the cruel male dominated world of [...]

  28. Blonde is about the quintessential American blond icon Marilyn Monroe It s a fictionalized biography that is grounded in research but takes off into imagination inventing love affairs, merging multiple people into one archetypal persona, and looking into the mind of MM Not just into her mind into her heart and soul Somehow, Oates manages, with her dense prose, to put the reader in Norma Jeane s self, and feel everything she feels It s not a pleasant place to be, but it s un put downable The nove [...]

  29. Despu s de 3 semanas he podido terminarlo Ha sido una lectura larga pero enriquecedora, intrigante, entretenida, poderosa La redacci n de Joyce Carol Oats hace de esta novela entra able, nos hace conocer un poco m s de esta rubia despampanante que tantos corazones rob y seguir robando.El libro biogr fico se convierte en una novela Vemos fragmentos de entrevistas, de comentarios extra Vemos un mundo recreado para aquella Norma Jeanne cuyo padre no conoc a y cuya madre perdi la raz n.A trav s del [...]

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