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Jack Absolute A new historical adventure series starring the dashing Jack Absolute that has already been called the finest historical novels since O Brian Good Book Guide UK In Jack Absolute the charming love

A new historical adventure series starring the dashing Jack Absolute that has already been called the finest historical novels since O Brian Good Book Guide UK In 1777 Jack Absolute, the charming lover in Sheridan s comedy The Rivals, is famous throughout London However, this notoriety comes as something of a shock to the real Jack Absolute when he arrives in EnA new historical adventure series starring the dashing Jack Absolute that has already been called the finest historical novels since O Brian Good Book Guide UK In 1777 Jack Absolute, the charming lover in Sheridan s comedy The Rivals, is famous throughout London However, this notoriety comes as something of a shock to the real Jack Absolute when he arrives in England after four months at sea But there s barely time for outrage before he finds himself dueling for his life Even worse, as soon as he s won the duel he s forced to flee London by the quickest means possible, becoming a spy in America s war of Independence Thus we meet Jack Absolute rogue, duelist, charmer and Captain in the Light Dragoons From the field of honor in London through the pivotal battle of Saratoga to a hunt for a double agent in wintry Philadelphia, this novel marks the impressive debut of this new series.

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Jack Absolute

  1. aka Chris HumphreysChris C.C Humphreys was born in Toronto, lived till he was seven in Los Angeles, then grew up in the UK All four grandparents were actors, and since his father was an actor as well, it was inevitable he would follow the bloodline Chris has performed on stages from London s West End to Hollywood in roles including Hamlet, Caleb the gladiator in NBC s AD Anno Domini , Clive Parnell in Coronation Street , PC Richard Turnham in The Bill , the Immortal Graham Ashe in Highlander , Jack Absolute in The Rivals This performance led to him writing the Jack Absolute novels and they say acting doesn t pay Bizarrely, he was also the voice of Salem the cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch A playwright, fight choreographer and novelist, he has written eleven adult novels including The French Executioner , runner up for the CWA Steel Dagger for Thrillers The Jack Absolute Trilogy A Place Called Armageddon Shakespeare s Rebel and the international bestseller, Vlad The Last Confession He also writes for young adults, with a trilogy called The Runestone Saga and The Hunt of the Unicorn The sequel, The Hunt of the Dragon , was published Fall 2016 His recent novel Plague won Canada s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Crime Novel in 2015 The sequel, Fire is a thriller set during the Great Fire, published Summer 2016 Both novels spent five weeks in the top ten on 2016 s Globe and Mail and Toronto Star Bestseller lists His new novel is Chasing the Wind about 1930 s aviatrix and thief Roxy Loewen, will be in Canada published in June 2018 Several of his novels are available as Audiobooks read by himself Find him here at Audible tiny q83sqyHe is translated into thirteen languages In 2015 he earned his Masters in Fine Arts Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia Chris now lives on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, with his wife, son and cat, Dickon who keeps making it into his books Check out his website cchumphreys

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  1. I really wanted to like this book I was excited ot read this book I figured it couldn t go wrong Historical Fiction, Spies, Revolutionary War, Romance and the Illuminati What s not to like Turns out everything It took me almost 4 months to trudge through this one I literally couldn t pick it up I forced myself to get through hoping it would pick up The writing was not so great and made it difficult to keep track of who was who and what was happening It wasn t a particularly heavy plot but the wr [...]

  2. Interesting book, along the same lines of other historical heroes Sharpe, Hornblower and Flashman The only thing that I would take issue with this book is that it starts in the third act, so to speak While it is Humphreys 1st Jack Absolute book it isn t the first in the series in linear terms There are two prequels, and I hope another to come to tie the series together neatly.The story is extremely good as far as it goes, but reading this book as the first in the series can be a little confusing [...]

  3. I love this absolutely delightful, swashbuckling, historical thriller I am very happy this is turned out to be the first book in a new series Look forward to reading .

  4. I just need to get this out of my system this book is an absolute riot There No plays on the title, I swear.This delightful, action packed historical novel is inspired by a character from a real 18th century romantic comedy, The Rivals by Richard Sheridan A popular hit, it was loved by both the English monarch and upstart American George Washington Featuring a character named Jack Absolute, it s a romp of secret identities, forbidden lovers, duels, and eventual happy endings.The author of this [...]

  5. Disappointing Adventures in the Catskills and Adirondacks during the American Revolution made it sound like this would be right up my alley, but the book had simply too many problems.Once I reached the end which only happened because I was on a car trip and hadn t brought anything else to read I think I was able to tell what Humphreys thought his plot was, but a better writer could have made it much suspenseful and exciting There was also the common poor writer s pitfall of skipping action that [...]

  6. JACK ABSOLUTEC.C Humphreys2013 Sourcebooks.Newly released for sale Jack Absolute is a delight to read Set during the American revolution of the 1700s, the character of Captain Jack Absolute is a treasure Jack is in himself a unique collection of characters one that can adapt from the theatres of England, illegal duels which he must then escape being prosecuted for taking part in, to the battlefields of America Jack even easily dons the attire of American Indian tribes and seems just as comfortab [...]

  7. 3.5 stars Jack Absolute is the story of the title character who is thought to be dead by his playwriter buddy who, of course, writes a play with him as a title character Much to Jack s surprise, he comes back to London to find that his name is intrisically linked with this play This is the first book in a series that is being re released by Sourcebooks.As an aside, the play, Jack Absolute, is still put on today In fact, the author, C.C Humphreys actually played Jack Absolute in the play back in [...]

  8. C.C Humphrey s Jack Absolute is a Revolutionary War tale based upon a fictional character in a play called The Rivals The story itself is set primarily in 1777 in upstate New York as the reader witness the battles of Saratoga Ticonderoga Jack himself is a complex character who is the brother of a Mohawk leader with characterizations that make him into almost a jack of all trades in the army for this period Humphrey s tale is full of everything from battles to love to espionage to intrigue The ca [...]

  9. The single best thing about this book is that the POV character s on what we now know is the losing side of the American Revolutionary War, which makes for a piquant and interesting perspective I also liked the cameo appearances of actual historical characters Other than thatrmulaic plot, obviously laboriously thought out deliberately quirky backstory elements that will be no doubt important in future books in the series, exhaustively detailed fight scenes, melodramatic heroes and villains Not [...]

  10. I just did not engage with this story, the context felt very flat to me , which made the characters unreal I got about half way through but could not sustain any interest A pity, perhaps I will try it again later, but I doubt it.

  11. This book took me just this side of forever to finish It just seemed to drag for me The story didn t grip after the first duel scene at the beginning of the book Not worth a second read.

  12. First in the Jack Absolute historical fiction series I can t decide if it s thriller or suspense It s certainly spy fiction for this particular story with a very James Bond feel to it albeit with horses rather than Ferraris.This is an ARC I received from the publisher.My TakeOn the whole, I adored this swashbuckling adventure behind battlelines and in drawing rooms as Jack struggles to discover the identity of his enemies It s makes a pleasant switch to hear the thoughts of a man about to duel w [...]

  13. The American Revolution told from the other side Jack Resolute is the first in a series about a British soldier with Mohawk connections who has talents as a warrior and a spy Having grown up in the US, I never really wondered about the British view of that war Although the book was put forward as a romance, it s really of an adventure story, and subtly points out the cost of war, and how neither side is entirely right or entirely wrong The ending was a pleasant surprise, and in terms of impress [...]

  14. C.C Humphreys takes a fictional character Jack Absolute from Sheridan s The Rivals and spins historical fiction magic Will definitely be checking out the other titles in this series.

  15. Novels set during the American Revolution are not my usual genre, but the description of Jack Absolute drew me in He seemed like a cross between the men found in the Regency novels that I do frequent and our modern day James Bond Thankfully, I was not disappointed in that regard Jack Absolute was a fun, rollicking, adventurous good time He is a bit of a playboy, but I was won over by his heart and personality The character of Jack Absolute is derived from The Rivals, a play written by Richard Br [...]

  16. Originally published at Reading RealityJack Absolute s character is written in a way intended to make the reader think of an 18th century James Bond One of the later Bonds, at the point where he d begun to get a bit tired of the game and developed some self reflection.I certainly got some of that Jack is a member of a very old profession he is a spy for the English crown during the American Rebellion He s been a spy before, and he is pretty much dragooned into doing it again, in spite of his sta [...]

  17. Historical adventures are some of my abso fav stories to read so when I saw the blurb on this book, I just had to read it I love it when a character is put in tight spots and makes me wonder how they re going to get out of them and I also enjoy a bit of romance and intrigue to make things interesting This book had all that and then some Its set during the early period of the American Colonial War for Independence and told from the perspective of a dashing British officer.The story begins in a ru [...]

  18. 4.5 Stars This book was really very good in my opinion I won t give a plot summary but I will say that in the genre of Historical Fiction, C.C Humphreys has slotted himself as a major player already with his first volume in his Jack Absolute series Being a devoted Sir Harry Paget Flashman VC fan, every work I read in the field is measured against MacDonald Fraser s bully standard The work was obviously thoroughly researched with a well developed core set of characters From the love interest Loui [...]

  19. This book made me experience such a wide range of emotions I laughed, grimaced, rolled my eyes, yawned, gasped not in that particular order and my heart raced as the story came to a climax with a plot twist I did not see coming Jack Absolute is the first book in an historical fiction series set during the American revolution that features the swashbuckling rogue hero, Jack Absolute, known as a charming womanizer, cavalry officer and the blood brother of a Mohawk leader.The novel opens with a sce [...]

  20. When British army captain, Jack Absolute, gets unwillingly pulled back into service to put down the American colonial rebellion, he is asked to convince Britain s native allies to join the fight Jack is not keen on this assignment, having spent enough time in his youth with the Iroquois to be considered one of them He fears that no matter who wins the war, the natives will be the losers In addition to being a liaison to the Iroquois, Jack is also charged with delivering important communications [...]

  21. Many of you know that I love reading a good novel or non fiction for that matter set during the times of the American Revolution I think that this is such a pinnacle moment for the country and so many of the heroes of America were created during this time that it is fascinating to read about I have read many novels set during this time period and all have been from a colonial viewpoint until now Jack Absolute takes the reader on an adventure through the rebellion with the titular character at th [...]

  22. I am a huge fan of Last of the Mohicans and the only reason I wanted to read this book was the time period I was curious about an English officer s viewpoint of the Revolutionary War, and it truly is eye opening.This also is my first time reading Mr Humphreys and I didn t really know what to expect, and let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised by his clear, witty and thoroughly engaging voice He had managed to put me in the middle of this wonderful adventure.I never heard of the play The Riva [...]

  23. Disclaimer I received this book from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for a review I have not been compensated for my opinion Things people are saying about this book are pretty huge Diana Gabaldon called it an absolute delight Well, you ve read it above I have to say lives up to all of those accolades and I enjoy historical fiction and I truly loved this book It starts off with Jack Absolute looking at his opponent of an illegal duel in London, sizing him up, musing over how he got to b [...]

  24. Absolute Jack, Absolute The parallels between Jack Absolute, C C Humphries dashing Revolutionary era British intelligence officer, and the iconic James Bond are unmistakeable In the first of series of historical adventure novels centered upon the titular character, actor turned novelist Humphries introduces us to a character whose life experiences can be bested only by those of Sir Ian Fleming s imagination Providing a vivid and convenient backdrop for Absolute s trials and triumphs, the Revolut [...]

  25. I ve always looked at this book on the shelf and thought, Yum I love the 1700 s and I ll never turn down a romp in that century There was plenty of adventure in this one in numerous locales, and the stakes were kept high, and I liked the amount of romance compared to the rest of the plot I also thought the way the American Revolution was portrayed, the author didn t try to oversimplify it and make one side seem evil than the other Spying in the 18th century was interesting and not something I d [...]

  26. Based on the character from Richard Sheridan s play from 1775 The Rivals, Jack Absolute is a soldier in the British army during the American Revolution He had made a name for himself years earlier during the French and Indian War and has sort of adopted himself with the Mohawk people.The story starts off in London where, to Jack s horror, his reputation as a lady s man is made infamous in Sheridan s play Jack is then roped into a duel over a lady s honor and wrangled into joining the British arm [...]

  27. Up to page 280 of the 305, I was ready to give this historical adventure 5 stars Excellent pacing, colorful writing, a dashing plot full of twists, turns, cliff hangers, battles, intrigues, chases, duels, Indians, Jacobites, rattlesnakes, spies, invisible ink, romance, sex, secret societies, and many reverses The story is skillfully framed around historical events and there is a convincing treatment of historical figures mixed deftly with the fictional characters I absolutely loved the main conc [...]

  28. This is my third book by Mr Humphreys and it will not be my last The titular character is a fictitious one dropped into the real world as a spy for General Burgoyne during the Revolutionary War Jack Absolute is a character in a play by Sheridan that Mr Humphreys has actually performed on the stage and he was so inspired by the role as to create a backstory with this book as well as two others Captain Absolute is a multi faceted man a fencer, an honorary Iroquois, a womanizer and a very good spy [...]

  29. JACK ABSOLUTE by C.C Humphreys is an intriguing historical fiction set during the American Revolution 1 of the Jack Absolute novels Spy extraordinaire,lover of women,British Officer,and so much that is Jack Absolute An interesting tale of Jack Absolute,a British Officer with many names who is forced to become a British spy,by fleeing London to the American Colonies With misadventures,danger,cynicism, a bit of wit,a touch of humor,spies,war,and a bit of romance this title seems to be a great ser [...]

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