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Here Kitty Kitty What do you do when you ve got a hillbilly tiger by the tail Or maybe the question should be what wouldn t you do Nikolai Vorislav likes his single life just as it is Simple relaxing and quiet What h

What do you do when you ve got a hillbilly tiger by the tail Or maybe the question should be what wouldn t you do Nikolai Vorislav likes his single life just as it is Simple, relaxing and quiet What he doesn t need is some foul mouthed Texan hellcat living in his house, eating his food, flirting with his idiot brothers and shooting holes in his home with his granddaddyWhat do you do when you ve got a hillbilly tiger by the tail Or maybe the question should be what wouldn t you do Nikolai Vorislav likes his single life just as it is Simple, relaxing and quiet What he doesn t need is some foul mouthed Texan hellcat living in his house, eating his food, flirting with his idiot brothers and shooting holes in his home with his granddaddy s gun But those long legs, dark eyes and lethal tongue are making Nik insane and he fears he may be caught in the sexiest animal trap ever.Angelina Santiago doesn t know how she got from Texas to North Carolina in a night or how she ended up in some hillbilly tiger s house wearing only a sheet What she does know is that she doesn t like good ol boys with slow, sexy drawls who can t seem to stop rubbing up against her Yet in order to protect her friends, Angie has to stay with a cat who seems hellbent on finding all sorts of delicious ways to make her purr.

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Here Kitty, Kitty!

  1. Originally from Long Island, New York, Shelly Laurenston has resigned herself to West Coast living which involves healthy food, mostly sunny days, and lots of guys not wearing shirts when they really should be Shelly Laurenston is also The New York Times Bestselling author G.A Aiken, creator of the Dragon Kin series For info on G.A Aiken s dangerously and arrogantly sexy dragons, check out her website at gaaiken Pseudonym G.A Aiken

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  1. Here Kitty, Kitty is book three in Shelly Laurenston s Magnus Pack series This book takes us into the world of hillbilly tiger shifters Yes, you did read that correctly You throw in a feisty, and possibly certifiable, Latina and you have a recipe for outrageousness and fun Nikolai Vorislav is a tiger shifter He is somewhat of a loner only seeking out the females to spend some time with between the sheets Anything than that, Nik simply is not interested You see, tigers are known for the fact tha [...]

  2. Here Kitty Kitty was my favorite of the three books in this series The heroine was kinda crazy and a bit bitchy but she fit right in with Nik s nutty family Nik is a hillbilly tiger shapeshifter who is also filthy rich with a crazy backwoods family that includes OEG One Eyed Grandma , a cousin Cleatus Cleats for short and parents who fight like crazy and love it The love scenes were hot hot hot Plus I actually liked the two leads, they fit well together The background characters were a hoot, we [...]

  3. I think I m done with Ms Laurenston I really have a problem with her heroines, who are way too agressive and, well, b tchy for my sensitive taste They re supposed to be funny, but I don t get it I guess I keep missing the joke.Out of the 3 heroines in the Magnus Pack series, I kind of liked Miki in Go Fetch , but she was toned down in her book Unfortunately, she was back to normal in Here Kitty, Kitty , so there was nothing to keep me sane while reading this book Nik, the hero, was nice and, as [...]

  4. 5 star ratings everywhere And a 4.30 average rating from over 11,000 people I really cannot understand how everyone loved this book when I was once again tempted to create a DNF shelf Is it because I didn t read the first 2 books Is it because I completely missed something about Angelina in the previous installments I have no idea But even if I did, shouldn t the author show me what I missed This is Angelina s first book after all And don t get me started on the insta love Angelina is incredibly [...]

  5. This series, what can I say about these books They re GRRRRRREAT Sorry, I couldn t resistis is my first book featuring shifer tigers and I am ready for As stated in previous reviews on books in this series, one of the reasons I love this series is because the heriones are tough and don t take any crap from anyoneeir friends, family or their men Love a spitfire heroine who is also funny keeps those alpha males on their toes I am hopeful that she continues this series b c I would love to see the [...]

  6. I have a new book obsession and it is tiger shifters Dang this book was good Technically this was the last in the series, except for two short stories that really aren t part of the Magnus Pack, it starts right where the last left off only with Angie instead A week after meeting the hot guy in the airport and having his brothers come in her store every day, she s attacked leaving and then wakes up in a unknown room with a tiger in it Turns out his brothers have kidnapped her and brought her to t [...]

  7. Never one to not have excitement in her life, Angelina Santiago is not quite sure how she has ended up naked in front of a hillbilly tiger, who although gorgeous, is pissing her off to no end with his lust filled eyes Nikolai Vorislav is done with humans, even with the most gorgeous woman in front of him, nude with a hint of a tattoo and curves that don t end, she wouldn t be able to handle him However, Nikolai has never met a vicious, hot tempered, siren in his life She won t back down, has a [...]

  8. I like the way Shelly Laurenston writes love scenes She has the talent to make me sweat from the heat coming off the pages The third Magnus Pack book, Here Kitty, Kitty , is no different My problem with this one is the heroineI really, really disliked her.Angelina doesn t take crap from anybody she hands it out instead She s a mixed descent American with attitude and the ability to kick butteven when going up against non humans As the only full human left in her triad of friends, she s become so [...]

  9. Funny and hot shifter storyI enjoyed reading it This one is about the last of the crazy bitches, Angie I liked this one better then the previous book, but I have to admit.I was still a bit confused, because I haven t read book 1 I would advise not to read these as a stand alone What I liked best about this one, is the fact that we have a cat shifter Oh how I love feline shifters Angie was oke, these heroines are all a bit ott and crazy, but at least they are no doormats, and I like my heroines t [...]

  10. Angelina Santiago, girly best friend to Miki and Sara, alpha female of the Magnus pack, has been attached by hyena s And the Vorislav brothers, Bannick and Aleksei kidnap her after saving her The problem is they didn t tell anyone in the Magnus Pack what they were doing Nikolai can t stand the woman until he can t stand not touching her When they give in to their feelings, all hell breaks loose and Angie is kidnapped again This time by her friends Smart talking, sassy women who know how to fight [...]

  11. Absolutely Fantastic Sizzzling HOT Erotica Nik and Angie s story was totally AWESOME I have to say that the first book and this third book were the best in the series because they both had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off to the point I had tears in my eyes This was such an enjoyable and fast read.All these shapeshifters in this series were great and I like how they all came together in a truce in the end Nothing like having a bunch of hillbillies pussy s Lion and Tigers Oh My laying [...]

  12. I am really enjoying Shelly Laurenston and her red neck werepeople I like how each of the were types lion, bear, tiger, etc have their own characteristics This one is one my favorite of the ones I have read The scene with tiger wooing makes me giggle every time There are explicit scenes in these books.

  13. Something about these Magnus Pack books are trashy mainly the characters They re all like Sons of Anarchy and Jerry Springer characters Sure they re oft funny, but I find the whole low class vibe very off putting when I read these books Not what I look for in a book, if I wanted that, I d read the Enquirer The Pride series by this author is much better.

  14. If you enjoy paranormal romance and are looking for a summer read I highly recommend this humorous series Each story has been fun to read Crazy but strong women and the men who try to claim them it doesn t get fun than that Review to come.

  15. I love this hilarious series and I want a kitty man now too

  16. Angelina Santiago, the last of the crazy bitches trio had been kidnapped by tiger shifters And the woman does not go down fighting There were times in this book where I thought that Angelina could be a little crude to Nik and the others She was a little too impulsive sometimes, acting too standoffish for my liking Despite being human, Angelina is as catty as they come and she really does all she can do to push Nik away.But the tiger shifter is patient and soo damn sexy And he s just too hard to [...]

  17. I liked this story a lot It is a good ending to the three best friends Sara, Miki and Angelina I also like Shelly Laurenston s tone when writing, she s one sharp, sarcastic writer.I am not in love with it because I think the brand name dropping was oversold a bit too much Ferragamo this, Louis Vuitton that, Gucci on speed dialg me with a spoon.What I did like a lot was that hillbilly and his kin They tickled my toes seriously Between their Naw s and antics, they made this story very entertaining [...]

  18. This author is totally hit or miss This one was a miss.Oh, the superficiality and consumerism So off putting, so un funny.Sometimes Laurenston veers too far in her flippant wackiness Plus and this is just personally the romance formula wherein a man loves a woman in spite of and because she s crazy, crass, violent, unkind, insulting, unhinged, distempered, self indulgent, vain, presumptuous, reactionary and retaliatory no longer works for me.I get that we don t want Mary Sues but I can t celebra [...]

  19. I have to admit after reading the first book in the series, I wasn t sure if I was going to continue was good, but not great, but i m so glad I dide second book was better than the first and the third the best in the series This one finishes up the stories of the trio Sara, Miki and Angie with Angie getting her HEA with her tiget, Nikolai I felt sorry for Angie because she felt so out of place with her parents, and yet her interactions with Sara and Miki definately proved that you can have famil [...]

  20. The last full length book in the Magnus Pack series is about Angelina You would think she s the sanest of the three but that is so not the case I think she may be worse than the other two She looks so girly and put together, but she ll smile as she breaks someone s face with a toilet lid yes, this happens.She s the one who tries to keep everyone happy and sane, or at least on an even keel If that means she has to knock some heads together to do it, that s okay too Once you get to know her though [...]

  21. Disclaimer This review is for a romance novel This is not Moby Dick so if you are looking for a review of greatness based on that level of reading, this is not the review for you Now for the bookI just finished reading this book and I must say that although it is better writing than the last one, I still enjoyed the last one better But, that s only because the heroine in the last one was African American, and I am a little biased smile However, Here Kitty Kitty is a good interracial story with a [...]

  22. Another excellent read from SL and one for the keeper shelves She consistently does HOT, funny stories about shifters She delivers great characters, witty dialogue and fast paced plots on a consistent basis I Here Kitty, Kitty she introduces were tigers, hillbilly talkin RICH Siberian were tigers The heroine is Angie, the last of the troika of friends introduced in Pack Challenge Miki, Sara, and the Magnus Pack play significant though frequently off scene roles in the story resolution so it is b [...]

  23. Another enjoyable read I thought Angelina would be too much to handle like the previous heroines but she wasn t actually I liked her better than I had though to would She didn t frustrate me as much and didn t spend the majority of the book fighting the hero.I loved the hero though Dominant yet not controlling So hot and passionate I loved how he had completely confidence in Angelina and her ability to handle herself in any situation But what I loved most about him was the fact that he was a tig [...]

  24. Im telling ya, the three friends who compromise this series are brutal in mouth and deed But somehow I like them I think its the genuine affection and fierceness of their loyalty and love.The hero of Here Kitty, Kitty is a tiger shapeshifter and I laughed out loud a couple times in this one Sexy heroes all around Very quirky little series but one I rec if you can handle ballsy, at times crass, rough women.

  25. Shelly Laurenston, just so you know, you re my new BFF.I m so happy I wanna scream CastingI love the official blurb so I m just going to copy paste cause my explanation would take 3 hours to read ahahah Nikolai Vorislav likes his single life just as it is Simple, relaxing and quiet What he doesn t need is some foul mouthed Texan hellcat living in his house, eating his food, flirting with his idiot brothers and shooting holes in his home with his granddaddy s gun But those long legs, dark eyes an [...]

  26. Review originally posted at RabidReads.This is the third and final book in the Magnus Pack series In this book, we have Angelina getting kidnapped rescued by a family of tigers from North Carolina Angelina is a human, but is very close almost like a sister to the crazy alpha female of the Magnus Pack.Nikolai Vorislav is the oldest of his three brothers and sister His family is very different from most tiger families All of his brothers and sisters share not only a mother, but a father too This i [...]

  27. The Southern Man, sho can resist that southern accent and hospitality Unfortunately for Angie Santiago,she cannot resist She tries but does not succeed and that scares the hell out of her.Shelley Laurenston has given her readers exactly what they wanted A hot, southern, sexy Tiger shifter Nik is all of the above He is not looking for a girlfriend he is a tiger.He enjoys his solitude and the availability to bed whomever he wants and when Angie has seen both of her best friends succomb to the pass [...]

  28. This was probably my favorite of the series, even though I really liked Go Fetch A LOT I just loved Nikolai And we see a completely different side of Angelina in this book as well They re just so much fun together Nik is HAWT, he s sweet, he has a lot of patience with Angelina I love how the cat personality comes through in Nik s as well.Nik s whole family is just a bunch of hilarious, loving, tender hillbillies as Angelina calls them LMAO His father was great, and his relationship with his mom [...]

  29. Very fun and sexy crazy like all of Laurenston s shift books This is the last of the Mangus pack alpha female s BFFs story She never totally grew on me The bitchiness in the being does die down and you start liking her and understanding a bit But she was just too baddass in the midst of shifters and her style sense brand name and costs, just started to grate I knew I would never be this woman s friend Still she did seem to match Nik And Nik on the other hand, is a great and fun and playful tiger [...]

  30. This was the final book of the Magnus Pack trilliogy It is necessary to read these books in order to understand the events that are taking place The main story begins with Sara fighting a pack war that was started by her mother, and finding love in the Magnus Pack, Pack Challenge The war comes to a head and climaxes in Here Kitty, Kitty , as Angelina falls for a tiger shifter.I have enjoyed the characters through out this series The women Sara, Miki, and Angelina are truly psychotic and crazy Th [...]

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