The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios

The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios The appearance of a young storyteller with a unique fictional voice is cause for celebration Yann Martel s title story described as unforgettablea truly stunning piece of fiction won the Journe

The appearance of a young storyteller with a unique fictional voice is cause for celebration Yann Martel s title story described as unforgettablea truly stunning piece of fiction , won the 1991 Journey Prize to universal acclaim The intensely human tragedy that lies at its heart is told with a spare, careful elegance that resonates long after it has ended and isThe appearance of a young storyteller with a unique fictional voice is cause for celebration Yann Martel s title story described as unforgettablea truly stunning piece of fiction , won the 1991 Journey Prize to universal acclaim The intensely human tragedy that lies at its heart is told with a spare, careful elegance that resonates long after it has ended and is matched through all the stories by an immediacy an dazzling freshness.

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The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios

  1. Yann Martel is the author of Life of Pi, the 1 international bestseller and winner of the 2002 Man Booker among many other prizes He is also the award winning author of The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios winner of the Journey Prize , Self, Beatrice Virgil, and 101 Letters to a Prime Minister Born in Spain in 1963, Martel studied philosophy at Trent University, worked at odd jobs tree planter, dishwasher, security guard and traveled widely before turning to writing He lives in Saskatoon, Canada, with the writer Alice Kuipers and their four children Become a fan of Yann on Facebook.

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  1. ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRLEsisterebbe un film tratto da questa novella, con lo stesso titolo, del 1994, con Michael Riley nella parte del narratore e Michael Mahonen in quella di Paul Ma non riesco a trovare notizie attendibili.Novella scritta nel 1993 che in Canada faceva parte di una raccolta pi ampia intitolata The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios, credo una delle prime opere narrative sull AIDS, sicuramente la prima che ho letto io.Una storia di amicizia, giovent e morte L io narran [...]

  2. This is Yann Martel s first book, published eight years before his breakthrough novel, the Booker Prize winning Life Of Pi.Turn to any page in the collection and it s obvious that he has talent, passion and a keen philosophical spirit The stories feel personal in the best way, urgent dispatches from the trenches of the examined young life Take the opening novella, which gives the book its title It s about a university student whose friend, Paul, has contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion To [...]

  3. The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios The narrator and his friend, Paul, an AIDS patient, spend Paul s last few months constructing an elaborate story about an Italian family in Helsinki and their lives throughout the Twentieth Century elaborate, but ultimately unfinished The Time I Heard the Private Donald J Rankin String Concerto with One Discordant Violin, by the American Composer John Morton The narrator, visiting a friend in D.C attends a concert of Vietnam War veterans in a ruined thea [...]

  4. view spoiler Bettie s BooksThe rating, any status updates, and those bookshelves, indicate my feelings for this book hide spoiler

  5. Warning I m going to talk about the content of the four stories making up this early steffort by Martel.I do wonder at the notion we have of marking a line between artists whose commitment involves a profound continuing investigation of a Thing, and commercial hacks who are formula writing for no than mere money How do you tell which is which How do I know that my friend Petrus who spent years making pots, dashing them to the ground and then sticking the pieces back together was of the former c [...]

  6. From a blog post I wrote in 2005 I was browsing the new fiction section at the library and saw a book of short fiction by Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi I was a little leary when I found they were stories he had written before Pi The thought crossed my mind that maybe he was just cashing in on his popularity by putting out some old stuff that wasn t that good I was wrong, though The stories were very well written and I m glad I took the chance and checked the book out.The title story was the [...]

  7. After Life of Pi was published, I sought a remainder copy of this title from somewhere in Canada It was perplexing in the way that I now know all Martel books are I didn t like it After Beatrice and Virgil was published, I bought an audio version of this so that I could have another crack at it I find reading Martel s works and listening to them are two distinct pleasures Indeed, this was something new, to hear it spoken, and I see many of the themes Martel has touched on in his other work He ce [...]

  8. this book is only about 200 pages long but it took me sooooo long to finish it not because it was bad it was the complete opposite of bad it was brilliant but it was scarily so, and very, very realistic and terrifyingly devastating that i had to take multiple breaks in between pages to calm myself downese breaks apply to both helsinki and manners of dying, obviously because of the morbidity, but don t get me wrong, they were both so amazing manners of dying was only about 20 pages long i think b [...]

  9. It s only four stories and in the introduction Martel makes it clear these are the best of his earlier works They re all good picks The characters are interesting and the writing is beautiful For me, the best feature of these stories was their structure how the author chose to put them together there s a great variety here Each one has its own fun and creative quirks The stand out for me was the title story which is endearingly self aware of the cumbersomeness of its own title.

  10. I found the title story of Yann Martel s The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios to be very cleverly structured indeed, and the rest of the contents rather varied I did like a couple of the stories collected here a lot, finding them inventive and creative, but the second did not capture my attention at all I feel that Martel s style is better suited to the longer novel or story.

  11. While I enjoyed Life of Pi much than these short stories, this is a gem of a book There are four short stories The title The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios is one of them I will only discuss this story The story is about two friends Paul and the narrator Paul is infected with AIDS from a blood transfusion arising from a car accident The narrator Paul s friend tells the story of their friendship as Paul dies The news of his death leads to a meaningless spout of depression Its all despair [...]

  12. This is a collection of 4 works of short fiction, what Martel considers according to the Introduction to be the best of his early work, and I m sure I d agree these stories are great I like the each of the varying styles and formats of the stories, and the different voices he gives to the narrator Each story was driven by emotional truth, and each made me think The best of the bunch was the title story The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios which is a brilliant tale of suffering and loss, abo [...]

  13. This is in an interesting collection of four short stories written by Yann during his earlier attempts at penmanship The initial story that give the collection its name is moving, humorous, sad and brings home the reality of AIDS, not just on the sufferer and their family but also on their friends The second story tells of a man who goes through the back streets of Washington and chances upon hearing a piece of music that stays with him but one that he can t portray or explain to his friends and [...]

  14. This book consists of four pieces of short fiction Basically, it is a 50 50 deal two of the stories are okay and two are extraordinary The title story and the third one, called Manners of Dying are the ones that are just okay The title story is unique in concept but not terribly so in execution Manners of Dying is something almost experimental and, while interesting, did not move me in any particular way The other two stories, The Time I Heard The Private Donald J Rankin String Concerto with One [...]

  15. A collection of short fiction by Yann Martel In The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios , a novella of about 85 pages, the main character describes how he touches the life of his friend Paul dying of AIDS Together they write stories based on historical facts from each year of the 20th century I wanted to know about the story within the story, the story that they wrote together, but that wasn t what it was about It was about the tragedy of the young man s early death It is fitting that the sto [...]

  16. Four great stories novellas by Yann Martel the first The facts behind the Helsinki Roccamtios tells the story of Paul who is slowly dying of AIDS.The second The time I heard the private Donald J Rankin string concerto with one discorant violin, by the American composer John Morton tells of a 25 year old attending a concert at a partially knocked down theatre and the emotions he feels listening to the music and a chance meeting with one of the performers afterwards.The third Manners of dying tell [...]

  17. Life of Pi is one of my all time favorite books however, Martel s most recent novel, Beatrice and Virgil, was incredibly disappointing So I was a little reluctant to pick up this earlier effort, and didn t have high expectations for it That said, I really enjoyed this compilation There are four short stories in this volume I found three of the four to be very worthwhile I struggled through the fourth one titled Manners of Dying which is simply many versions of a letter written by a prison warden [...]

  18. Four short stories, each with a good idea ready to come out But having an idea isn t enough to make a book.And certainly not short stories that are padded out so much that they become tedious to read Youthful efforts, I wonder whether anyone would have published them if it hadn t been for the superb Life of Pi Certainly the stories could have done with a lot reflection, a little work on honing the execution of the ideas so that they actually felt like short stories, so that they encouraged some [...]

  19. I agree with Katelyn this book is a bit difficult to rate because I really liked the second story, thought the first was good but tried too hard, was okay with the fourth and really wanted to vomit while reading the third I m against corporal punishment I hadn t read anything by Martel before never did get around to reading Life of Pi, though I didn t have any desire to and these were interesting I also have to admit that I m not a huge fan of short stories, but these were easy reads.The second [...]

  20. Concise, exact, strange and engaging It s hard to describe Yann Martel s writing, but it leaves the reader with a feeling, a deeper sort of understanding of the world, or perhaps a recognition of the confusion by it In this collection of four totally different novellas, Martel turns bits and pieces here and there into four, complete yet not complete, first person accounts The plots are vague, the emotions are present but not overdone they are what create the stories in the end Readers expecting [...]

  21. Canadian writer Yann Martel became a literary sensation when his novel Life of Pi went on achieve worldwide bestseller status while also winning the distinguished Booker Prize in 2002 Many readers were elated to learn that Martel, although virtually unknown before the success of Life of Pi, had actually published his first book in 1993, an unceremoniously received collection of short fiction titled The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios With his newfound stardom, his publisher re released his [...]

  22. A stunning group of stories that continue to haunt me to this day The first, The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios was so incredibly poignant and moving, that I, usually not an emotional reader, cried while reading it, on an airplane no less I will not tell you what the story was about, because the emotion was not about the result, but the process Read it In fact all the stories were very moving and definitely struck an emotional cord The second story was about a concert performed by war Vet [...]

  23. This is a book of four short stories, told in the first person That makes them very intimate, and drags you into the story They re all simple, but very beautiful in my opinion There s one thing I noticed while reading Life of Pi, and I ve noticed it here as well The love I know it sounds cheesy, but yes love I ll concentrate on the first story The Facts Behind The narrator s love for Paul the AIDS patient, but importantly his best friend is incredible I don t quite know how he creates it, but i [...]

  24. I loved The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios as I think almost everyone would.Then I was blown away by the writing in The Time I Heard the Private Donald J Rankin String Concerto with One Discordant Violin, by the American Composer John Morton Jaw dropping description of a musical experience, really, just incredible imagery as always I love the way Martel writes I can t think of any other writers who can capture a moment experience person thing as vividly as he can The actual story was much [...]

  25. I found this at a Big Lots marked for 3 but it rung up 54 cents A neat find and worth much I really enjoyed the whimsical experimental quality of these stories The first wasn t my favorite but the rest were spectacular The descriptions of the music in the second one really spoke to me and made me feel as if I could hear the music being performed, including the mistakes Manners of Dying is hypnotic in its repetition Really makes me wonder how this was made into a feature film Finally, the mirror [...]

  26. I don t give stars lightly, so these 5 shine brightly my last five spot was 7 months ago Went to a second hand store for a used book that wouldn t matter if summer happened on it, recognized the author, hated the title, took a chance won the jackpot A short story is successful when the reader wishes it were longer Martel batted 4 for 4 in this compilation My favorite was the Discordant Violin , but each had lines that made me dig deeper into myself to expand my depth and breadth.

  27. I really liked this It isn t easy to find good short stories and not every author can manage them, but Martel is a welcome exception The Discordant Violin was my personal favorite I m so grateful my fabulous friend Katherine not only recommended it, but lovingly forced it upon me Those are the best kind of friends.

  28. I really enjoyed these four short stories, written by Martel before his Life of Pi, which I loved The stories are inventive without being gimmicky, and emotional and engaging without being sentimental.

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