The Journey to the West, Volume 1

The Journey to the West Volume First published in The Journey to the West volume I comprises the first twenty five chapters of Anthony C Yu s four volume translation of Hsi yu Chi one of the most beloved classics of Chines

First published in 1952, The Journey to the West, volume I, comprises the first twenty five chapters of Anthony C Yu s four volume translation of Hsi yu Chi, one of the most beloved classics of Chinese literature The fantastic tale recounts the sixteen year pilgrimage of the monk Hs an tsang 596 664 , one of China s most illustrious religious heroes, who journeyed to InFirst published in 1952, The Journey to the West, volume I, comprises the first twenty five chapters of Anthony C Yu s four volume translation of Hsi yu Chi, one of the most beloved classics of Chinese literature The fantastic tale recounts the sixteen year pilgrimage of the monk Hs an tsang 596 664 , one of China s most illustrious religious heroes, who journeyed to India with four animal disciples in quest of Buddhist scriptures For nearly a thousand years, his exploits were celebrated and embellished in various accounts, culminating in the hundred chapter Journey to the West, which combines religious allegory with romance, fantasy, humor, and satire.

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The Journey to the West, Volume 1

  1. Wu Cheng en simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin W Ch ng n, ca 1505 1580 or 1500 1582, courtesy name Ruzhong , pen name Sheyang Hermit, was a Chinese novelist and poet of the Ming Dynasty, best known for being the probable author of one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, Journey to the West, also called Monkey.

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  1. A monk and his 3 supernatural disciples set out on a journey westward to obtain buddhist scriptures Actually that description is the story eventually there s quite a bit of build up and background to get through first.So there were a few surprises in this for me Firstly while it might well be based on ancient legend this isn t some oral tale which has simply been written down but rather a proper literary piece from the 16th century Which is quite recent from china s point of view I find it quite [...]

  2. I read the four volume revised Kindle edition of this book, translated by Anthony C Yu The story is the fictive rendition of a journey made by a 7th century Buddhist monk, Xuanzang, during the Tang Dynasty He undertook his famous, nearly two decade long pilgrimage in order to study Buddhism and acquire original Sanskrit texts of the religion from India When he returned to China, he translated many of the original texts to Chinese, thus leaving a decisive legacy on Chinese Buddhism Some of the pi [...]

  3. I really enjoy, as most do, Part One, the origin of Sun Wukong and his hell raising days before he is finally subdued by Buddha After that, I am often annoyed, as some are, by how weepy yet obstinate Xuanzang is especially because he is supposed to be a highly cultivated monk , how underdeveloped the characters Sha Wujing and Yulong Santaiz are, how repetitive the 81 ordeals can be, and the author s repeated use of deus ex machina Nevertheless, it is a fascinating and often hilarious adventure s [...]

  4. This has to be one of the most boring books I have ever read I mean, the beginning of the book, back when Sun Wukong was free to do whatever he pleased was pretty acceptable But in the moment he is given the task of babysitting Sanzang is where the book starts to get irritating I understand that the book is supposed to be epic and full of metaphors, but imagine the case when someone asks Wukong something and instead of reading the sentence and Wukong explained everything that happened to him , h [...]

  5. Well, this is just one of four parts to this rather enormous Chinese work that I ve been meaning to read for a long time now The Journey to the West, at least this portion, is most notably about the origins of Sun Wukong, the mischievous monkey king of folklore For the most part, even just this installation of the epic feels like it is split into two distinct subcategories, one being far supreme to the other The first thing I noticed was a return to that beautiful, distinct style of prose that m [...]

  6. I first started reading this book many years ago but didn t pick it up seriously until last week I m surprised at how many of the incidents I recognize in translated form from various comic books, movies and video games imported originally from Japan For being a mostly unknown story in America, this novel half folklore and half fiction casts a wide shadow across Asia with its mix of Chinese, Japanese and Indian folk elements.

  7. By far, the most exciting translation of the classic tale, Journey to the West that I have read The story unfolds in a beautiful, fluid manner through Mr Yu s high linguistic skills I ve re read this four volume set several times over as it speaks to me and is crafted on many levels The story is loosely based on the fourteen year pilgrimage of Ven Hsaun T sang, a Buddhist monastic scripture pilgrim who traversed the Silk road from the Tang court in Chang an, through the Kyber Pass into India, an [...]

  8. The Journey to the West is a lengthy 16th century novel, regarded as one of the four great classics of Chinese literature The author of the book is uncertain, but is thought to be Wu Cheng en This volume contains the first twenty five chapters of the hundred chapter narrative, plus extensive notes and a ninety six page introduction by the translator, Anthony C Yu I found the introduction a difficult read, no doubt due to my prior ignorance about almost everything it covered But the introduction [...]

  9. Ma pi bunt to pierwsza z dw ch cz ci skr tu W dr wki na Zach d , klasycznej chi skiej powie ci drogi Nale y j ocenia dwojako i jako skr t, i ze wzgl du na przedstawion fabu W du ej mierze brakuje poetycko ci orygina u t umacz raczej nie przek ada wierszy lub robi z nich proz a i czasem skr ty s dziwnie robione Np mowa o paskudnie wygl daj cym potworze, kt rego wygl d nie jest opisany, a potem nagle jest mowa o wieprzu W ksi ce przeplataj si 3 filozofie taoistyczna, konfucja ska i buddyjska, tak [...]

  10. This book is the English translation of Journey to the West If you are interested in Asian studies, you must read this novel This book has been in my reading list for two years I added when I took a course in the university, the class was Asian Society Culture It was a very interesting class and the professor mentioned this book as one of Asia Classic Now I totally see why after reading Journey to the West Many modern Asian anime, comics, and stories are adaptations of this one or are based on i [...]

  11. An eye opening, fascinating and often funny story that displays the culture of the time and teaches a little about Buddhism along the way However, towards the end of the first volume the travels begin to become quite episodic.The episodic nature of the chapters is not a great problem, but the fact that often than not the author resorts to the same deus ex machina way of sorting out the pilgrims problems could quickly become tiresome in volume 2.Despite that, this gets 4 stars because I m a grea [...]

  12. THE JOURNEY TO THE WEST, THE CHINESE WIZARD OF OZ, THREE MUSKETEERS, DON QUIXOTE AND PILGRIM S PROGRESS FROM THE WORLD LITERATURE FORUM RECOMMENDED CLASSICS AND MASTERPIECES SERIES VIA ROBERT SHEPPARD, EDITOR IN CHIEF The Journey to the West , Xi You Ji is perhaps the most beloved book in China It is once a great action, travel and adventure story, a mythic and phantasmagorical Odyssey and Quest, an epic of Buddhist pilgrimage and devotion, a comic classic, a tale of brotherhood and loyalty in t [...]

  13. Check out Wreade s review I did not see the TV series, and so can not comment In the Zhenguan reign period of the Tang dynasty, a Buddhist monk, named Xuanzang 602 664 travels alone through Central Asia thru the land of Tianzhu present day India to seek the original Buddhist scriptures the Journey there and back covering thousands of miles took 17 years, and Xuanzang traversed 138 states Throughout the years, the cultures evolved, and the stories spread throughout the geography Eventually there [...]

  14. Great fun, and what a treat to finally read the whole thing well, volume one of the whole thing, so far rather than a condensed best of Book begins a bit slowly, but soon hits its stride as Monkey wages war on the Gods themselves there s a slight dip in momentum once he s out of commission, but soon he s back and it s a series of mostly comedic action sequences, one after the other a rollicking good time, and a good bedtime book as each sequence can be absorbed in small doses.

  15. A great classic story for a reason A grand epic that is truly entertaining and amusing The story is kind of bogged down by characters constantly repeating information we already know, but I think that may have been leftovers from when this story may have been told orally I m definitely going to check out the other three volumes, especially since this volume ends right in the middle of a story.

  16. If Jackie Chan summoned the Three Stooges and they went on to write a 2,000 page adaptation of Pilgrim s Progress indebted to Tolkien and steeped in alchemy, Taoism and Buddhism, it might be roughly similar Delightful, extravagant, bizarre, ornate and luxurious.

  17. I believe this is my new favorite book of all time and it s just part 1 Of course I give it my highest recommendation.

  18. Didn t fully realize the level of epic I was submitting myself to, but the narrative is beautiful, well annotated and rich with allegory and mystical symbolism Very enjoyable.

  19. Disclaimer This review is only about the first 10 chapters which is roughly the length of a normal book , I did not go any further than that.Since I first heard of what this book influenced, I ve always wanted to read it It took me a couple of years to finally get into it, but I went in ready for the long journey.Now, I think I can understand why this book is so popular, the stuff that happens in it is just incredible and fantastic Immortal beings, legendary weapons, trips to beneath the sea, to [...]

  20. The advent of the year of the Monkey gave me as good an occasion as any to try and read this, and I m so glad I did I d been familiar with the characters from a picture book series I d encountered in second grade, but it wasMax Gladstone s blog post a couple of years back that put it back on my radar.Even across just Part I here, I cannot overemphasize how cheerfully bonkers this story is Take the toilet humor, which a is utterly brazen, b comes out of nowhere often than not, narratively speaki [...]

  21. The Journey to the West is one of the four great classical novels in China This book has a very high historical status in Chinese literature However, after I have read the English version of this book I have to say it lost a lot of things Journey to the West is a mythological novel based on many centuries of popular tradition The main character of this book is Wukong, also known as the Monkey King This is the most famous literature in China and Monkey King is the favorite character among childre [...]

  22. Since I decided to be a chaperone for Jenny s trip to China in the spring, I figure I should learn some about the country This is a recommendation from wikitravel en China.I ve gotten this book and I m taking it to China with me.I m back from my trip to China and I can report that I read very little of this book We were too busy for me to get into it I have time now and I am enjoying it so far.First, this edition is an academic publication The first almost 100 pages are a review by the transla [...]

  23. I m actually reading the one with the red cover, translated by Anthony C Yu, and the translation is amazing I really love how he actually does his best to translate the epic poetry into something that rhymes and has a tempo to it that is like the traditional verse structure.The annotations are excellent.Of course, the story itself it is amazingly fun Most of this book is about the Monkey King, his crazy adventure that trapped him for hundreds of years, and then the amazing story of how Tripitika [...]

  24. Really, surprisingly good The humor holds up really well even after centuries which reminded me of Moliere s The Miser, and says something about the strength of the original translation In pairing the story with poetry and with religious mythological elements, it seemed like The Iliad just as graphically violent, but much funnier.This is a classic, deservedly, and should be read widely in the west If you re going to tour world literature, this would be an excellent first stop However, the V1 re [...]

  25. I had been told that there aren t many ancient Chinese novels, as if the people of China have always been just so darn down to earth that they rarely told stories The Taoist Myths of Chuang Tzu were the closest that I had read, and they are so ordered and Confucian at times that they feel like parables than stories Journey to the West feels like a story It is probably one of the longest parables ever written, with some of the most detailed symbolism that I have ever seen.Without having to comm [...]

  26. I have to admit, I m reading this book for Monkey, not for any other reason, and the part I liked best was the part before he got redeemed Not that he s exactly saintly afterwards The Monkey King is a classic trickster, who steals whatever he can get away with and faces any challenge with relish You always want to have him on your side.I discovered the Handsome Monkey King through Laurence Yep s Dragon War novels, then through my youngest daughter s readings in Chinese literature Now I ve discov [...]

  27. This is an enjoyable book, but it s important to understand that it reads like a classic It kind of calls Don Quixote, to my mind It s a similar type of satire with a similar questing, or picaresque, story We start with the Monkey King and his roguish behavior, and then the story shifts to follow the monk Tripitaka and his disciples on his journey west to retrieve Buddhist scriptures It took me a few weeks to finish this one, and for the time being I m leaving the other volumes alone I recommend [...]

  28. Journey to the West is one of my personal favorite Chinese tales I used to watch the many many tv adaptations of the Monk and his 3 disciples when I was younger I finally had the time to sit down a read it recently and it has been exactly what I expected it to be It is told in different acts and although there is a cohesive timeline, each event that occurs to the traveling group can stand on its own There really isn t much to say about it Due to the fact that it is a translation of an ancient, c [...]

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