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Captain Blood Short Description Peter Blood an Irish physician and soldier in England in the s is wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to indentured slavery in the Caribbean He escapes and becomes the

Short Description Peter Blood, an Irish physician and soldier in England in the 1680 s, is wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to indentured slavery in the Caribbean He escapes and becomes the most feared pirate captain on the Spanish Main, but all the glory of his adventures cannot help him, for the woman he loves cannot love a thief and pirate Even when he destShort Description Peter Blood, an Irish physician and soldier in England in the 1680 s, is wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to indentured slavery in the Caribbean He escapes and becomes the most feared pirate captain on the Spanish Main, but all the glory of his adventures cannot help him, for the woman he loves cannot love a thief and pirate Even when he destroys England s enemies, even at his most triumphantbut wait What s that Long Description Peter Blood, an Irish physician and former soldier is happily settled, in the 1680 s, as the doctor in an English town, when the rebellion of the Duke of Monmouth catches him by accident He saves a man s life, as a doctor must try to do, but the man is a rebel and the hanging Judge Jeffreys sentences him to ten years as an indentured slave in the Caribbean colonies Once there, his knowledge as a physician is recognized, and thus he meets and falls in love with the daughter of the man who own his servitude not likely to be a successful love story A Spanish ship attacks the town, and while the Spaniards celebrate their victory he boldly steals their ship, and he and his fellow convicts sail off to become the boldest and most fearless of pirates among the islands and on the Spanish Main But all the glory of his adventures cannot help him, for the woman he loves cannot love a thief and pirate Even when he destroys England s enemies, even at his most triumph

Captain Blood film Captain Blood is a American black and white swashbuckling pirate film from First National Pictures and Warner Bros Pictures, produced by Harry Joe Brown and Gordon Hollingshead with Hal B Wallis as executive producer , directed by Michael Curtiz, that stars Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, and Ross Alexander. The film is based on the novel Captain Blood by Rafael Captain Blood Captain Blood Directed by Michael Curtiz With Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Lionel Atwill, Basil Rathbone A young Irish doctor is exiled as a slave to Jamaica where he captures a Spanish galleon and becomes the most feared pirate of the Caribbean. Captain Blood novel Captain Blood was an enormously popular work, but instead of continuing the series with sequels, Sabatini wrote fifteen short stories set during Captain Blood s pirate career Two of the tales in Captain Blood Returns The War Indemnity and Blood Money may be viewed as continuations of events that took place in the original novel, but Irish adventurer Captain Blood steals crown jewels HISTORY Feb , In London, Thomas Blood, an Irish adventurer better known as Captain Blood, is captured attempting to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London Blood, Captain Blood VHS Errol Flynn, Olivia de Captain Blood was the first of eight movies the charismatic pair made together Considering this film was made in it has stood the test of time Note the scene with Captain Bloods ship fighting the French ships was very realistic It was early swashbuckling and cinematography at its best. Captain Blood Rotten Tomatoes Captain Blood is an entertaining tale of an enslaved doctor who escapes with his fellow pirates to become the most feared pirates on the seas Flynn took Hollywood by storm after this role, and Captain Blood Sabatini Captain Blood has some similarities with his other works the utility of knowledge, the cultured protagonist acting against his nature, and the efficacy of laughter When Blood tells Arabella, A man must sometimes laugh at himself or go mad, it is faintly reminiscent of the opening line of Bellarion, Sabatini s famous novel. Captain Blood Home Facebook Captain Blood likes Schock Captain Blood, by Rafael Sabatini Gutenberg Sep , captain blood his odyssey contents chapter i the messenger chapter ii kirke s dragoons chapter iii the lord chief justice chapter iv human merchandise chapter v arabella bishop chapter vi plans of escape chapter vii pirates chapter viii spaniards Captain Blood Home Facebook Captain Blood likes Captain Blood original rock n roll releases most recent available on red and black vinyl LP, and Compact Disc produced, recorded by Steve Albini.

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  1. Rafael Sabatini 1875 1950 was an Italian British writer of novels of romance and adventure At a young age, Rafael was exposed to many languages By the time he was seventeen, he was the master of five languages He quickly added a sixth language English to his linguistic collection After a brief stint in the business world, Sabatini went to work as a writer He wrote short stories in the 1890s, and his first novel came out in 1902 Sabatini was a prolific writer he produced a new book approximately every year He consciously chose to write in his adopted language, because, he said, all the best stories are written in English In all, he produced thirty one novels, eight short story collections, six nonfiction books, numerous uncollected short stories, and a play He is best known for his world wide bestsellers The Sea Hawk 1915 , Scaramouche 1921 , Captain Blood 1922 and Bellarion the Fortunate 1926 Other famous works by Sabatini are The Lion s Skin 1911 , The Strolling Saint 1913 and The Snare 1917.

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  1. 9 10Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini is a riveting swashbuckling adventure novel which is very vivid in its depiction of pirates and their life at sea It is not only a tale of misfortune, betrayal, treachery, and deceit but also of love, courage, allegiance, and friendship Captain Blood is the protagonist of the novel He is a great man a just man, with honor and integrity Blood was a medical man by vocation who eventually, under desperate circumstances, turned into a pirate that too a gentleman [...]

  2. Old School, feel good, swashbuckling derring do, performed with style and panache, and featuring a larger than lifer whose battle savvy and intrepidity are matched only by his integrity, his keen intellect, and his imperturbable grace Captain Peter Blood the MANd the myth, and the legend, and the whole kit and caboodle, and he deserves VIP seating within the inner sanctum of literature s most memorable heroic characters.No wonder Errol Flynn became a star playing this singular figure He s everyt [...]

  3. One bright day of the seventeenth century a former soldier turned physician Peter Blood was minding his own business taking care of his flowers Those days very bored people entertained themselves by organizing yet another rebellion and one such swept across the small English town where our hero settled down Peter Blood did his best to stay away from the troubles and almost but not quite succeed The rebellion was suppressed and now the victors got to punish the losers Thanks to the King s need fo [...]

  4. I have read this book so long ago that I nearly forgot some events in it and to my joy, I was reminded about this great book while stalking awesome updates of excellent pirate captain Craig and wonderful pirate lady Dawn Thank you This book was a great find after the torture in Black Company and I fell into a nice BR with Craig What attracted me some years ago and gave me pleasant moments in the reread, is that the story is written in old fashioned English and the pace of action is just fabulous [...]

  5. This is definitely a book to read if a reader likes pirate swashbuckling novels The setting, characters, scenes, and dialogue took me back to the 17th century in a time of political turmoil and wild seas and locales where the wars between countries play out in a very personal matter And Peter Blood, the main character is one that claims your affection and doesn t let go I sometimes find reading on the Kindle a chore, but with this story, I got so sucked in, that before I knew it, it was ending A [...]

  6. Many of you who ve read some of my reviews know that there is another Sabatini book that is a long time favorite of mine But while this one isn t my top all time favorite it s still excellentwell, it s Sabatini of course.Rafael Sabatini is one of the great adventure writers of all time though it s not all he wrote, it s what we re discussing here While the sea genre and the pirate genre in particular isn t one I routinely seek out there are books of this type I like immensely For instance I m a [...]

  7. oh heavens i dislike admitting that am not 100% cynical about things, that life will all its ignominy and disappointments, vacillations and cupidity has not yet extinguished my ability to dream of freedom and unfettered joy, that there might still be a heart under all this bravado but there it is, that little squeak that i cannot suppress oh, captain blood how you have undone me captain peter blood is a little wild he loves the poetry of horace he s sharp witted, and impudent a cunning strategis [...]

  8. This review is written to satisfy a group read in the Action Adventure Aficionados discussion group topic show 8The format fits the suggested format for discussion of this book It may not be what you expect en again, if you read my reviews, you might like it better 1 Plot Storyline Setting was the historical flavor authentic The plot was sophisticated than I had expected The timeline was complicated than expected to the point where Sabotini felt the need to come in and defend the way things tu [...]

  9. When I picked up this book, I originally failed to make the connection with the 1935 classic black and white flick with Errol Flynn That lasted about half of the first chapter.Captain Blood is the story of Peter Blood, a former soldier, sailor, and doctor who settles down to practice his trade in obscurity in Ireland Summoned in the middle of the night to help save a wounded rebel in the wake of the failed Monmouth Rebellion, Blood is arrested for treason against King James The trial is a perfun [...]

  10. The physician Peter Blood is unjustly arrested for treason under unfortunate circumstances, and sold into slavery in Barbados In the beginning of the book, before the trial, he doesn t even take sides in the ongoing political debate, but the circumstances changes him When he and the other slaves escape the sadistic Colonel Bishop, they are desperate and adapt to their new life.Spoiler s alert This is pure entertainment, and I really like the main protagonist for his sharp witted, arrogant and ir [...]

  11. This is a swashbuckling tale, and if I d been a teenager reading it in the 1920s, when it was written, it would have gotten at least four stars.I have to dock it, however, for the persistent casual racism about the negroes with whom he is enslaved, and for the comments about anyone not English It s mentioned as extraordinary that his father was not a drunkard, because he was Irish, for example.This novel was made into a movie in 1935, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland, which is great [...]

  12. Reading Scaramouche is one of those odd experiences where a genre book really surprises you with its depth and complexity It s a swashbuckling story with only two swordfights, where political theory, masked theater forms, and the science of fencing all take center stage, and where the hero is strangely shy, introverted, and reluctant But Captain Blood never strays as far from its genre boundaries.We still have a somewhat quiet, humble, over educated hero Scarmouche is the lawyer turned actor, Bl [...]

  13. My GR friend Evgeny so kindly informed that yes, this is the inspiration for the Errol Flynn adventure Captain Blood Sourcing my copy, now.

  14. Fantastic read I liked it better than Treasure Island I honestly can t believe this was published in 1922 In a good way Not going into a huge review Just want to say the writing was excellent for it s time I actually felt emotions, passionwhereas others I have read from this era 1920 s seemed stiff and cartoonish.Blood was an honorable Pirate and I loved him so much I also believe the book is based on actual eventsor loosely based.t sure, not a history major Great history, not overdone, excellen [...]

  15. What a pleasure to read Although I m not very informed on these matters, I would hazard a guess that most readers would consider Captain Blood the definitive pirates tail when told from the pirates perspective.The story is one of war, slavery, love, conviction and morality whose plot I ll not cheapen by summarizing here The language inside is easily as beautiful and inspiring as the appearance of the book itself I ll quote a passage Open the history of the past at whatsoever page you will, and t [...]

  16. In this tale of swashbuckling adventure, Peter Blood goes from being a doctor to a slave to a pirate captain and beyond It is the measuring stick against which other pirate novels are measured.So why did I only give it a three It s pretty slow moving Blood doesn t become a pirate until over a third into the book The writing style didn t exactly thrill me either Other than that, I enjoyed it.

  17. If you ve been with B.E since the beginning, then you re probably aware of how much I love a good novel full of pulp, specifically the kind that has aged so well that it masquerades as an example of classic literature.Some of these books, I ve reviewed for B.E The Phantom of the Opera and Tarzan of the Apes Why do I love them I guess it s because they remind me of classic, B W movies In an era when heroes were heroes, damsels were damsels, and really dark and gruesome plots were candied like app [...]

  18. After spending the majority of his life as a solider and adventurer, Peter Blood retires to the bucolic English town of Bridgewater in pursuit of a quiet life Here he takes up practice as a doctor, and settles into a pleasant routine When the Duke of Monmouth stages his rebellion against King James, Peter steadfastly refuses to become involved, despite the disapproval this garners him from the townsfolk However, when one of the rebels is gravely wounded, Pete feels that it is his duty as a docto [...]

  19. I am extremely surprised with how much I enjoyed reading this I loved nearly everything about it, the pacing, the characters, the writing, and even the history involved, something that I generaly dislike This was such a quick read because the story flowed so well and there was little waste, with every word or description carrying the story further along without boring me Once I was into the story I did not put it down and read it straight through There are adventures, a little romance, and exoti [...]

  20. Blood Blood Blood Captain Blood ,the fiercest pirate since Blackbeard But Blackbeard was real and Bl never mind After helping a wounded rebel in England ,in 1685,a bad decision,the losing side.Physician Peter Blood, narrowly escapes hanging, when captured.Sent to the West Indies instead, as a slave, dead men can t make money for the Crown Peter was spotted by Arabella,the niece of the plantation owner ,who bought him and the games begin.Not liking the work, he leaves without permission ,with a g [...]

  21. I really wasn t sure how to rate this On the one hand the writing was great On the other I don t know if I would have been able to finish it if I hadn t been listening to the audiobook in the car I was digging it in the car the accents were great , but every time I tried to actually read it, I would start to fall asleep I loved the character of Peter Blood and I thought all the other characters were incredibly well drawn, I guess adventures just don t do it for me But for the writing alone, I ll [...]

  22. Having enjoyed the Errol Flynn movie as a kid, I decided to read the book For the most part, it was a fun romp, albeit a little too long That is until the end It sort of soured it I mean we are talking about a book that takes place in Barbados where we discuss the treatment of white slaves but not the indigenous or the black ones view spoiler And the fact that captain Blood becomes governor instead of going back to England is just too much for me hide spoiler

  23. Audio CD 3 starsBook 5 starsJust an adaptation sigh As such, it s not bad The actors are good, particularly the one playing Arabella Bishop her voice is perfect I now have a beautiful voice to match the beautiful woman pictured on the inside cover of my printed edition The only complaint I have is with the narrator It s hard to describe the nasal whine and stentorian intonation he adopts but it s an all around poor choice Fortunately, much of the disc is dialog.Ah Captain Peter Blood I don t kno [...]

  24. I ve always been a sucker for a certain kind of swashbuckling adventure As an awkward middle school student, I found a kind of refuge in books like H Rider Haggard s masterpieces King Solomon s Mines and Allen Quatermain as an adult, the Tarzan books number among my guilty pleasures So it s hardly surprising that, without knowing it, some piece of me was waiting forRaphael Sabatini s Captain Blood all along.Captain Blood is, without question, one of the greatest pirate adventures ever written A [...]

  25. I hadn t heard of Sabatini until quite recently, when I saw him credited as one of Arturo Perez Reverte s major influences along with Alexandre Dumas That was enough to make me seek out a book This 1922 novel is the story that the movie starring Errol Flynn was based on and it is indeed, as one might expect, a swashbuckling pirate adventure.Peter Blood, an educated doctor with a military background, runs afoul of the law for giving medical aid to a political rebel against King James Stuart.Conde [...]

  26. So, wow, I loved this book It just proves that a great work remains great even after so many years And that is the reason why this book is considered a classic it s just the ultimate adventure story It s got everything that is cool pirates, ships, battles, romance and humor, all mixed with just a little bit of historical aspect.Captain Blood is an amazing character and I completely understood Arabella s infatuation with him Despite having to lead the life of a pirate, he s still a man of honour, [...]

  27. Rafael Sabatini was arguably the last of the writers of old fashioned swashbuckling adventure romances Peter Blood is a doctor who is caught up in the events surrounding Monmouth s rebellion against King James II in 1685 when he tends the wounds of one of the rebels He soon finds himself clapped in irons and shortly thereafter shipped to the West Indies and sold into slavery But of course the story doesn t end there and Blood ends up a reluctant pirate This is a classic story of a man condemned [...]

  28. I ve loved pirate adventures for as long as I can remember I ve picked up Sabatini s novels at Barnes Nobel so many times it s pathetic what s pathetic is that I never bought one until this past summer.Part of the tipping point was that The Classic Tales podcast was offering an audiobook version of Captain Blood at a stellar price Add to that the fact that BJ Harrison does a wonderful job in his readings, and I was determined to pick up the audio book and the novel itself for some summertime re [...]

  29. McBooks Press began some years ago issuing a new Classics of Nautical Fiction series pant pant No doubt related to the success of the O Brian books Sabatini wrote several swashbuckling tales during the early twentieth century Captain Blood was one turned into a famous movie starring Errol Flynn Typical of many books written before the enlightened days of political correctness, it suffers from racism and sexism The romance is a bit mushy, but what the heck, it s a rousing good story Peter Blood i [...]

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