Love is Eternal

Love is Eternal A biography of Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln

A biography of Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln

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Love is Eternal

  1. In 1923, Stone received his bachelor s degree from the University of California, Berkeley In the 1960s, Stone received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Southern California, where he had previously earned a Masters Degree from the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences.When at home, Stone relied upon the research facilities and expertise made available to him by Esther Euler, head research librarian of the University of California at Los Angeles, to whom he dedicated and thanked, in addition to many others, in several of his works.Stone enjoyed a long marriage to his wife and editor on many of his works, Jean Stone The Stones lived primarily in Los Angeles, California During their lifetime, Stone and his wife funded a foundation to support charitable causes they believed in.Stone s main source for Lust for Life, as noted in the afterword, were Van Gogh s letters to his brother Theo It seems probable that Vincent s letters to and from his own brother Theo provided a foundation for Adversary in the House Stone additionally did much of his research in the field For example, he spent many years living in Italy while working on The Agony and the Ecstasy The Italian government lauded Stone with several honorary awards during this period for his cultural achievements highlighting Italian history From

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  1. Mary Todd Lincoln always seemed a dour woman in the background from a historical perspective However, this book depicts an intelligent woman prevented from achieving her full potential by conventions of the time period and circumstances Though Lincoln would not allow her to make use of her political contacts, she could and did give input on Lincoln s ideas and speeches, in addition to providing a safe haven for him when he needed it In spite of suffering from skull fracture as a result of a carr [...]

  2. Irving Stone is quickly becoming a favorite author Never a great fan of reading history just for the sake of reading it, Stone brings history to life by using the historical fiction genre and providing interesting dialogue I didn t know much about the Lincolns when I started reading this, other than what they teach in school It was indeed sad how Abraham Lincoln struggled with melancholy and depression, but I found it amazing how he recognized it and usually worked himself through it Despite her [...]

  3. Well, it took me forever to get through, but overall, I d say this one was a 3.5 star read For fans of Abraham or Mary Todd Lincoln, or for fans of Civil War period history, this is a great read Mary Todd is a woman who has always been of interest to me, and being that this book is told from her perspective, it really offered insight into this woman who sadly became one of the history books pariahs I can t speak for everything in this book, but from what I know of some of the history, Irving Sto [...]

  4. I found this book extremely interesting I didn t know anything at all about Abraham Lincoln s wife or children I really enjoyed the book, even though Mary wasn t a character I loved But it s always interesting to learn about real people and their struggles And once you learn of their personal struggles, you can understand their actions so much better For any history lover, this is a must read.

  5. For some reason this was a very slow book for me to read I get frustrated with historical fiction sometimes because I like to have the historical parts separated from the authors ideas of what may have taken place or what may have been said I think that I prefer David McCullogh when reading history That said, however, I did make it through the book, and felt such sorrow for the Lincoln s through all of their lives and for the nation during the Civil War years It is interesting to review all the [...]

  6. Wow this one took me a while, didn t it Nevertheless, I LOVED it I love the idea of historical fiction, and this book seemed history than fiction, which is a good thing in my opinion However, that made the story a little less gripping, hence the long reading time The picture this book paints of Abraham Lincoln is nothing short of breathtaking We see his faults, his virtues, his frustrations, his failures, and his successes I had never studied than cold facts about what Lincoln did, but this bo [...]

  7. I enjoyed this book I really liked learning about Mary Todd Lincoln and the personal issues of Abraham as well The book also gave great political context to the situations leading up to the civil war as well, and I found that interesting as I have forgotten a lot of the history The book really made we want to re study that time period One thing I really appreciated was the attention to family dynamics I have heard many biographers discuss Mary Todd in less than favorable light, while making Abr [...]

  8. I first read this book when I was 17 years old I was given an old hard copy of it a year or so ago I just finished it last week.This is the love story of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln It is wonderful I love the history that is blended into the story It is historically accurate, as Mr Stone used old letters and journals to create the dialog.It is a timeless love story that is especially poignant, becasue we all know how the story ended I cried as if I had no idea what was coming.One of my all tim [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this book It gave me insight into the lives of Mary and Abraham Lincoln I had no idea how much they endured and went through in their lives Even though I knew the ending, it was well enough written to make me emotional about it.

  10. Irving Stone s book called, Love Is Eternal impacted me with its extremely love story For example, this story is about a marriage and romance love about Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln and how Abraham engraved his name on Mary s soon to be marriage ring Sometimes people fall in love with the materialistic side of a guy and not with the real love that, that person has for you I think that looks, money, or anything else matters in a guy or a girl I think all that matters is their heart and how they [...]

  11. This was a pretty good book I was already knowledgeable about Mary Todd Lincoln s life, so there was nothing new to me and I didn t learn anything, but I didn t expect to It did a good job of ascribing motivation to that behavior of Mary s that seems extreme and unflattering to her, although of course her motivations in this novel are speculations and not historical fact Speculations in an historical novel are perfectly fine My one big problem with this book Throughout, Lincoln is referred to as [...]

  12. Love is Eternal is historical fiction and tells the story of Abe Mary Lincoln through Mary s eyes It tells of the time from when they met through his assassination Mary was a complex woman, with a goal of living in the White House from a very young age She was at times enchanting, supporting, shrewish and driven Abraham Lincoln is always shown as such a big character that Mary is often overshadowed, but she was very much involved in both his political and personal life While I know this book isn [...]

  13. This story showed a whole new side of Abraham Lincoln He is way different in the book then I thought he would be It was a story that showed how hard he tried to do the best he could It was a challenging read, but I would read it again.

  14. Out of print found a used copy Story of Mary Todd Lincoln Very much enjoyed May I graciously accept MY small trials.

  15. Excellently written Presents Mary Todd Lincoln in an entirely new way She was the polish on that Rough Diamond.

  16. At first glance, Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln seem ill matched she, the elegant daughter of wealth and society, and Abraham the homely son of a poor frontiersman But the two things they held in common were enough to cement their lives together in matrimony, namely a shared literary interest and an unabashed political ambition.Mary enjoyed a truly classical education, some of it obtained surreptitiously when she sought out the tutorship of a man who was headmaster of a private boys school She ma [...]

  17. This book amazed me I didn t take US History is college, so my knowledge of the Lincolns comes from High School, and the few things I ve heard or read occasionally I always heard that Mary Lincoln was silly and vain I d heard that she spent money irresponsibly, and made Abe miserable.Instead, the picture of Mary painted by this book is of a highly educated person who had southern manners who used both those things to assist Abe.It is true that she sometimes spent money than she should have, but [...]

  18. Great biography of Mary Todd Lincoln, from her courtship days until the death of Abraham She must always remember that love ebbed and flowed, now rich and shining, now shabby and disconsolate One must survive the bad in order to realize the good Therein lay the miracle of love, that it could eternally recreate itself She must always be dedicated, no matter what the years held, what the hardships or disappointments, the sorrows or tragedies she must come through them all, through the most violent [...]

  19. This is a great historical fiction book It gave a good look at both Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln They had many struggles and it is amazing what he was able to get accomplished She was a very strong personality, quite a snob that did a lot of things just because she wanted to It was amazing to me how many times he lost the race before winning the presidency I was happy for the history lesson considering I thought the Civil War started to emancipate the slaves when in reality it was to pr [...]

  20. I liked this book because I learned a lot about the lives of Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd, and I also learned about the Civil War Irving Stone cited a lot of sources, including personal letters written by members of the Lincoln family, close friends, and politicians I felt like he definitely did his homework, so I felt like a lot of the story must have been true to life I felt so sad for the Lincoln s as they had children die, other family members die, political failures, illnesses, [...]

  21. A really amazing read about Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln told from her perspective I learned so much about both of them I had no idea her aristocratic political southern upbringing and her ambitions for the White House Stephen Douglas courted her too And one of the things I love about historical novels is knowing the outcome of events they will get married, he will be president, he will emancipate the slaves, he will be shot but discovering how the dots connect And there were plenty of dark day [...]

  22. Love this historical fiction book Both Abraham Mary have to deal with their temperaments all that life gave to them They demonstrated tremendous strength courage Abe from the frontier Mary from Kentucky aristocracy show us how opposites can attract And how tempers can rise These were hard primitive times And Mary demonstrated excellent home skills needs for her family She cared for Lincoln in nurturing and verbal communication which he so needed I m so tired of hearing of the madness of Mary For [...]

  23. My favorite book Great quote A wave of almost unendurable happiness swept over her Long ago Abraham had said, Love is eternal, and she had thought, if one can live that long Well, she had endured.She must always remember that love ebbed and flowed, now rich and shining, now shabby and disconsolate One must survive the bad in order to realize the good Therein lay the miracle of love, that it could eternally re create itself She must always be dedicated, no matter what the years held, what the har [...]

  24. He was from a family in log cabin and educated due to his mother s concern and care, she from a wealthy family with relatives in Illinois and Kentucky both, and they met when she was being courted by the man who would be his rival in politics as well, a man of her class and far acceptable to her family on the whole But Mary Todd found Abraham Lincoln far intriguing and challenging, and in spite of his lack of social skills recall the famous true story about her telling him that he had said he [...]

  25. _Love Is Eternal_ 1954 by Irving Stone4 1 11 I read this book a long time ago It was about Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln I remember that I liked Irving Stone s historical fiction I ve probably read several other books by him but I have no record of them.I just came across a mention of Stone s historical novel, The President s Lady A Novel about Rachel and Andrew Jackson 1951 Sounds familiar I ll have to keep that book in mind.

  26. I read this book many years ago and I was so impressed by the depth of the personal story of a historic character Abraham Lincoln I didn t realize then what a historical novel really was all about and I took the entire book as accurate Still today, it is one of my most favorite books and Irving Stone is still a favorite author.Update I am rereading this book after 50 plus years It s the one I am taking to the mountains 07 18 2009.Finished reading again Can t believe I plowed through this as a 12 [...]

  27. At the start of this book, I was totally convinced that I, too, could totally have fallen in love with Lincoln Then he turned all emo and depressed and I was glad I didn t have to deal with his shit like Mary Todd did Seriously though, on a scale from 0 to kneeling during the anthem , how unamerican is it to crush on a long dead but much revered US president Unfortunately, the further I got into the book, the amorphous my dear Mr Lincoln became He seemed reduced to only two things brooding or s [...]

  28. When I lived in Colorado I belonged to a book club This was years ago, and they weren t quite so popular as they are now We had 12 members and we each chose a book for our month This was one of the titles on our list I am not a big fan of romance novels I am a big believer in not judging a book by its cover, but in this case, don t judge a book by it s title.The story is of Mary Todd Lincoln and her husband, Abraham Lincoln It has much to do with history, and politics than eternal love It is in [...]

  29. This book offers a fascinating view into the lives of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd The reader experiences with them the trials, heartbreaks, disappointents and defeats that they meet and overcome as Lincoln progresses from small town lawyer to the White House The author skillfully weaves in the background of the Civil War, revealing the complexity of the issues I most enjoyed the sensitive portrait of Lincoln, the president perhaps the most maligned in his life but the most appreciated by poste [...]

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