Clash Their Romeo and Juliet level passion is the only thing Jude and Lucy agree on That and fighting all the timeAlso not helping Lucy s raging jealousy of the cheerleader who s wormed her way into Jude s

Their Romeo and Juliet level passion is the only thing Jude and Lucy agree on That, and fighting all the timeAlso not helping Lucy s raging jealousy of the cheerleader who s wormed her way into Jude s life.While trying to hang on to her quintessential bad boy and also training to be the top ballet dancer in her class, Lucy knows something s going to give soon.How cTheir Romeo and Juliet level passion is the only thing Jude and Lucy agree on That, and fighting all the timeAlso not helping Lucy s raging jealousy of the cheerleader who s wormed her way into Jude s life.While trying to hang on to her quintessential bad boy and also training to be the top ballet dancer in her class, Lucy knows something s going to give soon.How can she live without the boy she loves How can she live with herself if she gives up on her dreams If Lucy doesn t make the right choice, she could lose everything.

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  1. I m a wife, a mom, a writer I started writing because I loved it and I m still writing because I love it I write romance because I still believe in true love, kindred spirits, and happy endings Nicole loves hearing from her readers You can connect with her on Facebook Author Nicole WilliamsInstagram author_nicole_williamsTwitter nwilliamsbooks

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  1. Jude wasn t just my first love He was my forever love Woohoo Our lovable uber protective badboy, Jude, is back I really liked this book, I had some issues with it, but overall, I was very happy with it This book had great dialogue, swoony moment, heart breaking moments, a totally badass chick fight, a heart sick badboy, some big issues to work though and of course a happy ending This book starts up after the ending of Crash book 1 with Jude and Lucy attending college Jude being the superstar foo [...]

  2. Let me grab a mic and sayI Love You Jude Ryder Jamieson This was a well written sequel and I did thorougly enjoy the ride I read it in one sitting The reason for 4 stars and not 5 stars is because it was excruciating for this Jude fan to read how repeatedly Lucy pushes him away I shed tears for him being so in love and witnessing him being crushed was hearbreaking for me Don t think I could ever turn my back on him in a million years My wish for their future is that Lucy never ever walks away ag [...]

  3. The name s Jude Ryder since you re going to be my wife someday soon And I didn t used to do girlfriends, flowers, or dates And then I met you, and that didn t work for you So I changed for you And you changed for me too.

  4. Spoiler Free Review4.5 STARS out of 5Genre Mature YA RomanceSeries Book 2 in Crash Series I just wish I could trade in the roller coaster for a carousel Able to anticipate what was around every corner, making the journey with less dramatic ups and downs Luce I get that, but that s not the hand you were dealt, baby, Jude was the hand you were dealt, and that man is no carousel, Lucy That man is the super duper looper, Six Flags, knee trembling roller coaster extraordinaire India her roomateMy fav [...]

  5. I realise I m going to be in the minority with this one, but this book just didn t work for me I was so excited when I knew we were getting another chance to read about Jude and Lucy After all they went through in Crash, I was excited to actually see them put the past behind them and be in a relationship or so I thought It feels like sometimes I m just waiting for the bottom to fall out beneath us You know I felt guilty for admitting it, but I was a realist, and couples like Jude and me had the [...]

  6. Hmmm I ll admit that the first book took me by surprise, it was really nice despite some editorial mistakes which were editorial so I tried not to be judgemental This one had some, too But that s not why I gave this 2 stars What made me give this 2 stars is mainly the fact that the storyline in this one was not as thick as it was in the first one I could have done without reading this book, and still be pleased with just the first one.What I m trying to say is that this was not as good as the fi [...]

  7. This was an adorable cheese filled book It s like a really really god soap opera I just can t stop watching Over the top, full of melodrama Lol.

  8. A full 5 stars THIS BOOK WAS TERRIFIC But really, after book one, I expected nothing less than AMAZING and I got it The Review Clash is the second book in the Crash series Book one, Crash, was a force to be reckoned with I loved it This book was just as amazing and filled with just as many angst s and exciting hurdles to climb.Lucy and Jude, who overcame major obstacles in book one throughout their last year of high school, are now in college And though their colleges are only five hours from ea [...]

  9. Hmmm, where to start I have mixed feelings about this book, because, I did love it and was completely rooting for Jude and Lucy, but parts of it drove me up the wall I absolutely adored the first book Clash was good, but not as good Where, in Crash, I loved Lucy and her sassy attitude I loved that the characters had real how will they ever get through this issues to contend with and still managed to battle against the odds and convince the reader that the decisions they made were the right ones, [...]

  10. LOVED this story Jude Ryder is all kinds of sex on a stick and he loves Lucy with such a Travis Maddox like intensity, it makes him all the appealing If you are into teenage love stories with a hefty dose of angst, then this 2 book series is perfect for you The first book, Crash, takes place during Jude Lucy s senior year in high school This is when they meet, fall in love, and, unfortunately, are faced with numerous external situations that end up dictating their relationship The 2nd book, Cla [...]

  11. My reaction to this one is the same as the first one, it wasn t horrible, but it wasn t the best.It was the same exact thing, except now instead of being in high school, they re in college.The description made me think that dancing would actually play a role in this book But no Dancing is barely mentioned, again, in this novel Lucy dances about twice in the novel, and the rest is just her fighting about leaving or staying with Jude Hell, Jude playing football is mentioned than her dancing I rea [...]

  12. No me gust para nada Muy clich D ganme, hay alguien m s insoportable que Lucy Larson El libro b sicamente se trata sobre sus dudas e inseguridades sobre Jude, as que me cost seguir con la lectura por eso.Quiero rescatar una de las pocas cosas entre estos dos libros que me gustaron el cambio que tuvo Jude.Empez con un Mi nombre es Jude Ryder, ya que s que est s casi babeando como un perro rabioso por saberlo, y no tengo novias, ni relaciones, ni doy flores o llamadas regulares Si eso funciona par [...]

  13. I just wish I could trade in the roller coaster for a carousel Able to anticipate what was around every corner, making the journey with less dramatic ups and downs I m giving Clash 3 stars, it was really hard to rate because it was shorter I really loved the first book, but I couldn t quite follow this one because of Luce s behavior During this book, she couldn t make up her mind and she kept running away from Jude I get that she was confused and insecure but come on, she was hurting the poor gu [...]

  14. OH MY GODIS BOOK WAS INCREDIBLE OH MY HEART OH THAT POOR BOY I made the HUGE mistake of starting this book at 9.30 pm I just read and read and read and read I finally gave up at 1am BUT darn it I couldn t sleep So at 4am I started reading AGAIN I can tell you I am SHATTERED I am an emotional Wreck and I just want to go and find Jude Ryder and HOLD HIM WOW.The ups and downs, the highs and lows, the heartache and the delirious happiness OHTHAT POOR BOY xThis was a GREAT read, but NOT an easy read [...]

  15. 5 Jucy Stars I can t explain how much I loved this book Jude is trying everything he can to do right by Lucy He s tamed his temper, changed his no dates, no girlfriend rule, but jealousy is still rearing her ugly head In this case, that would be Lucy Although, it doesn t help with Adriana Vix in the picture She s the definition of man eater She knows where to put her claws in a man to bring him to his knees Guys salivate over her and come flocking when she bellows Hope you re strapped in when yo [...]

  16. I m giving this one 3.5 stars I really loved the first book, Crash, but had some problems with this one I thought that the sequel was going to help me come to terms with those feelings But I can t say I feel any better at the end of this book Not that it didn t end well I don t want to bring up spoilers, but I don t know that I can keep from doing so So if you don t want to know too much, then don t read this review until after you finish the book I know that the nature of Jude and Lucy s relati [...]

  17. Jude, es como si a veces estuviera esperando que el suelo se desplomara a nuestros pies, sabes Lo s , cari o dijo Lo s Pero cuando lo haga, nos cogeremos a una cuerda y esperaremos a que se pase juntos Si tuviera que dar un euro cada vez que Lucy duda o se siente insegura en este libro, ya estar a viviendo bajo un puente arruinada y en soledad Qu te ha pasado Lucy En el primer libro eras puro fuego, decidida y completamente enamorada de Jude Y aqu te has apagado, te han comido viva.Pobre Jude, l [...]

  18. Quick review Cover Fitting Rating R Thumbs Up 4Overall Talk about emotional rollercoasterCharacters SolidPlot It s a matter of trust Either you do or you don t.Page Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend AbsolutelyBook Boyfriend JudeSUMMARY 50 words or less Drama and drama just how I like it However, there was a moment in the beginning where I almost put down I was probably me and not the book, but it was hard to swallow the events unfolding Giving in, I continued and yes, it was worth it.For a f [...]

  19. 3.5 StarsI read this book non stop over a couple of hours unable to put it down, but not because I was loving it, but because I couldn t believe how much a character could annoy me Lucy drove me nuts in this book Thankfully, it didn t stop me from needing to know what was going to happen Jude stole my heart in the first book and he didn t let it go at all in this one.I find myself confused about my feelings for this series, but I will be reading the next book, just because I have to know what th [...]

  20. A stunning sequel to Crash and an even emotional journey for our beloved characters, Lucy and Jude, two young people carrying a lifetime of hurt on their shoulders This story explores what happens after their apparent happily ever after , whether love is enough to erase the stains of the past and which things in life are truly worth fighting for.Lucy and Jude are back together Their bond is stronger than ever and they are inseparable They are in college now but in cities hours apart However, th [...]

  21. this woman s books make me want to cry, scream, laugh, and vomit all at the same time Clash was no exception Lucy and Jude are about as dysfunctional as a Swamp People marathon I was scared throughout this book that it would turn out effed up for these two characters but I should have trusted the author lol I swear my heart was beating into my tongue the whole book There a few things the author put in this book that shed some light on my own love issues and helped me move past some hurts I have [...]

  22. 3.5 Stars I have to say.I was a little disappointed in this book And Jude definitely saved it for me I thought there were too many lows and not enough highs Jude and Lucy were fighting then they were happyd nothing is better then when Jude and Lucy are on What happened to Lucy in this book She was SO insecure and gave up on Jude so easily I really hope that this is not the last book in the serieswhile it did end happy I need happy And Jude YUM

  23. Well Jude is definitely as hot as ever and I do love Luce, but she really annoyed me at one point and I wanted to yell at her what was she thinking I think this book had ups and downs than the first I could see the initial angst coming, but wasn t prepared for all the ups and downs to follow, every time I thought things would work out and I felt relieved, I turn the page and my relief was short lived An enjoyable Sunday morning read.

  24. On par with book 1 Lucy is still one aggravating heroine I like the idea of the story, but some of the execution is exasperating I ll read book 3 becausewhy not I ve completed Books 1 2.

  25. Love is like a seed.You ve got to plant it to grow But that s not all You need to water it The sun needs to shine just enough, but not too much The roots have to take hold.And from there, if it pops its head above the surface, there are about a million things that could kill it, so it takes a whole lot of luck too 4.5 stars for Clash only because Lucy didn t learn anything from her mistake in Crash.I would have rated with 4 but in the end she changes and I hope it will last and does a big gestur [...]

  26. No le di 2 estrellas porque fue corto y Jude me encanta, ya que Lucy me desespero la mayor parte del libro, pero tambi n tuvo sus momentos buenos.El final me encanto, sin duda necesito terminar pronto esta trilog a.

  27. Hummm Interesting Wasn t the whole spirit sister cheerleader thing used in a recent book In high school And dear God, please don t let this be like Crash with another love triangle.

  28. I really liked this book it was very well written, it had everything I love swoon worthy moments, emotional heart break, JUDE, angst and lots of romance oh and it had JUDE It was a really quick read and through most of it I was either pretty peeved off or my heart was breaking This story, to me, was basically all about trust and the question if love can possibly survive when trust is being chipped at continuously or when jealousy rears its ugly head Clash begins where Crash ended and sees Jude a [...]

  29. 3.5 out of 5 starsReading orderI just wanted you to know I d be chasing after you right now, naked if requiered But because I m respecting your need for time and space, I ll force myself to lie here in bed and pretend to be asleepOh, how I LOVE AND ADORE JUDE RYDER I can t get enough of him He is without a doubt one of my favorite bad boys ever he is definitly up there with Kellan, Travis and all the other badboys we all love and adore Kellan will of course always be number 1 Clash starts up whe [...]

  30. AVISO Disculpen si encuentras muchas maldicones y o insultos, pero el libro se merece toda mi jodidas maldiciones El que avisa no es traidor.La nica cosa f cil en la relaci n de Jude y Luce es su amor mutuo, todo lo dem s es una gran mierda dif cil.Ahora est n en la Universidad, y el temperamento de Jude no ha cambiado, y agreguemosle a esto los celos que surgen de Luce por una animadora que persigue a Jude de todas las maneras posibles para una chica Luce sabe que deber a centrarse en el baile, [...]

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