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Agenda I was just a baby when we were relocated and I don t remember much Everybody has that black hole at the beginning of their life That time you can t remember Your first step Your first taste of table f

I was just a baby when we were relocated and I don t remember much Everybody has that black hole at the beginning of their life That time you can t remember Your first step Your first taste of table food My real memories begin in our assigned living area in Compound 14 Just a generation ago, this place was called America Now, after the worldwide implementation of a I was just a baby when we were relocated and I don t remember much Everybody has that black hole at the beginning of their life That time you can t remember Your first step Your first taste of table food My real memories begin in our assigned living area in Compound 14 Just a generation ago, this place was called America Now, after the worldwide implementation of a UN led program called Agenda 21, it s simply known as the Republic There is no president No Congress No Supreme Court No freedom.There are only the Authorities.Citizens have two primary goals in the new Republic to create clean energy and to create new human life Those who cannot do either are of no use to society This bleak and barren existence is all that eighteen year old Emmeline has ever known She dutifully walks her energy board daily and accepts all male pairings assigned to her by the Authorities Like most citizens, she keeps her head down and her eyes closed.Until the day they come for her mother You save what you think you re going to lose Woken up to the harsh reality of her life and her family s future inside the Republic, Emmeline begins to search for the truth Why are all citizens confined to ubiquitous concrete living spaces Why are Compounds guarded by Gatekeepers who track all movements Why are food, water and energy rationed so strictly And, most important, why are babies taken from their mothers at birth As Emmeline begins to und

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Agenda 21

  1. Glenn Edward Lee Beck is one of America s leading radio and television personalities His quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made The Glenn Beck Program the third highest rated radio program in America and Glenn Beck, one of the most successful new shows on the Fox News Channel His unique blend of modern day storytelling and insightful views on current events allowed him to achieve the extraordinary feat of having 1 New York Times bestsellers in both fiction and non fiction Beck also stars in a live stage show and is the publisher of Fusion magazine Online, he is the editor of GlennBeck and the publisher of TheBlaze.Beck is the author of six consecutive 1 New York Times Bestsellers including his latest book, the thriller The Overton Window When The Christmas Sweater, his first novel, debuted at 1 on the fiction list, Beck became one of a handful of authors to write books that reached 1 on both the fiction and non fiction NYT lists.

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  1. Here s the scoop Cover up Beck s name and read the book He s not actually the author, anyway The woman whose name appears as a ghostwriter conceived of and wrote the book herself.If you don t happen to be an urban planner, here s a crash course on the novel s eponymous UN Agenda 21 It s a forty chapter behemoth written in 1993 It lays out non binding guidelines for promoting economic growth, environmental protection, and social equality Basically, it is a recipe for living within our means today [...]

  2. Everyone who loves freedom should read this book.I finished it in one day I couldn t put it down Great storytelling

  3. I loved this book It reminded me of the dismal life of The Hunger Game and the story telling of The Giver There is no color in this book, everything is dark and there lies no hope Or, at least the hope that I know and would want where I live People have their duties and they abide by them because that is just the way things are done There once was America but now there lies communities run by Authorities and life continues day in and day out Do you walk the board, or are you a Gatekeeper, do you [...]

  4. I can t give a lower rating to this book I spent about an hour reading it at Barnes Noble because I didn t want to pay for it, and thought why the heck not I m a huge fan of dystopian fantasy But wow, this book could not have been worse.The plot plays out in a Hunger Games style future in which the United States has been taken over by a dictatorial regime of eco fascists When the main character is forced to mate, and subsequently give up her daughter to the regime, she begins to learn about how [...]

  5. Here I ll say a few things First as a novel this book is readable, not badly written whether ghost written, collaboratively written or whatever While not great literature it s got no major flaws and won t give you instances of double takes trying to figure the meaning It s interesting in it s plotting and the characters are there if not the most detailed.So a downer sort of book following in the footsteps of novels like 1984 Not a light read but not a problematic read.The ideas in the book Well, [...]

  6. I read this page turner in one day and finished than a quarter of the book in one sitting Upon taking a break from reading I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for having personal freedom, something not available to the book s characters.The novel describes a post America in which the authorities and their underlings regulate all aspects of life from birth to the grave what and how much you may eat and drink, your occupation, your work quota, with whom you may procreate The leaders arrest anyone w [...]

  7. Agenda 21 reminded me of 1984 and The Hunger Games and a couple of other lesser known novels I ve read in which a all too powerful centralized government controls the healthy people and kills the weak When will people ever learn that a powerful centralized government spells disaster for individual rights And although George and Julia of 1984 succumbed to the power of Big Brother, Agenda 21 is hopeful because some people, like David and Emmeline in this novel, still have enough memory of how thi [...]

  8. The majority of reviews I ve seen for this book fall in one of the following categories I hate Glenn Beck , Glenn Beck stole this book from the author or The ideas in this book could never happen I don t care about any of that as this is a BOOK review and I thought it was one of the best books I ve read this year.This was a fast paced easy read and that would probably be my only mark down on this book as I wanted of it when I got to the end I m holding out hope that Harriet Parke follows this u [...]

  9. Agenda 21 is a quick read, but it stays with you as your mind ponders the what if scenario For those not a fan of Glenn Beck, he wrote the book with Harriet Parke and it should not be an obstacle to reading the book There is no party or political specifics contained in the story The book reads like a young adult book rather than contemporary fiction That should not be a detriment either to reading Agenda 21 It reminded me of Hunger Games, also a book that delves into the question, what happens w [...]

  10. I enjoyed the book.I thought Harriet Parke s Agenda 21 revealed the worst imaginable outcome for the green movement Did she hear Glenn joking about Soylent Green and write a Hunger Games meets secular Progressives meets Soylent Green Maybe I still enjoyed the book Her dystopian world was clever and the remnant articles from the past really seemed to hit a nerve and I felt that was the most genuine part of the book where she hid certain things her mother had given her.There were a few areas where [...]

  11. Glenn Beck, we are NEVER EVER EVER getting back together I will not read another Glenn Beck book that my mother or father in law pushes on me This one is worse than the last one So I m a moderate conservative And one thing I have no patience for is people who think the other side is all evil and your side is all good Each side is a mixed bag, and I struggle to decide every election and end up voting R because I m a fiscal conservative and social libertarian So this book takes some leftist princi [...]

  12. What a crazy intense story Agenda 21 was a very interesting book Once I started reading I wasn t able to put it down.Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke did a great job of writing it It reminded me a little bit of the Hunger Games, but it was better.The way the people in this book were forced to live is horrible.Everyone had a food and water ration One in the morning and one at night If they completed all their required work for the day The people lived in compounds, and they had to do everything the a [...]

  13. Wow I don t even really know how to explain this book.It s completely terrifying, when you read it and then read the afterword and realize that, as extreme as this story is, it s completely possible if Agenda 21 were to be passed.Anyway, I ve read most of Glenn s other books, but I had either forgotten or didn t realize his talent when it comes to writing fiction This story was positively addicting, and easy to read, as well as informative His description flowed with the dialogue which is saying [...]

  14. Although I am not inclined to be a doomsayer nor a conspiracy theorist, I highly recommend that you read this short novel There are many dystopian novels on the market Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Giver, etc , but Agenda 21 is scarier and prophetic than any I have yet read The unintended consequences of feel good notions that alike and equal mean the same thing, the worship of the Earth and its varied species of plants and animals excluding human beings, of course and redistribution of weal [...]

  15. Read this book because it was penned by Harriet Parke, not Glenn Beck Put a piece of black electrical tape over his name His actions warrant it.It has Glenn Beck s name on it, but he didn t write it Harriet Parke is the one who wrote this terrifying dystopia and Beck s team went in and bought the rights While Ms Parke wrote a great piece of fiction which was crafted from her nightmares regarding the real Agenda 21 from the UN, Beck stamped his name on it when he didn t even write one word to use [...]

  16. I can see this kind of thing coming already so let s get this out of the way If your reaction to my rating or reading of this book is any of the following, please take note But Stefani, It s Glenn Beck OMG, like how could you possibly rate something with that s bastard s name on it that high What s wrong with you Okay, seriously, just go away It s a good book, take a sharpie to his name if it annoys you so badly He didn t even write it, he s just slapping his name on it to make money True, but i [...]

  17. This had me in the first few pages I absolutely loved the story line Of course, I m a huge fan of reading about futuristic dystopian societies I think Harriet Parke s writing was tasteful, yet powerful easily creating vivid images Even though traditional Glenn Beck undertones and pulses were felt throughout, I don t believe it took away from the story Once I started, I couldn t put it down It is a quick and easy read I read it in just under 5 hours.What I didn t like The ending to me felt a litt [...]

  18. This was a great book and an awesome read This book is about extreme views regarding human life, equality, and saving Mother Earth The author was able to make a great political statement about what can happen if we let these views take over our policies and culture By trying to make everyone and everything equal we actually make the rich poorer and the poor poorer We then limit liberty and freedom, instead of letting it flourish It also demonstrates how some devalue human life by raising the ear [...]

  19. While reading this book I kept thinking back to how similar it was to the hunger games however, after reading the comments at the end I had a totally different feeling a feeling of how easy it would be to convince people to take steps to better their life only to find out they had been tricked It was a very scarey feeling.

  20. I m going to allege I read this, even though I really just read the first two chapters standing up in CVS at almost four a.m and had to flee the store because I started laughing so hard Partly at the blurbs extracted from this review It is a fictional account from the point of view of a fourteen year old girl named Emmeline living in a not too distant future, where the private ownership of property is forbidden and citizens are subject to an all powerful Central Authority that pledges its collec [...]

  21. OMG OMG Ay, madre Ay, madre Qu dif cil que es esto Por d nde empezar Pues tal vez por aclarar lo m s importante, porque la verdad que esto crispa los nervios de cualquiera Ha escrito el tal Glenn Beck, al que tengo la suerte de no conocer, esta novela No, aunque en todas partes se lleve el cr dito, por llamarlo de alguna forma Ahora que lo que est claro es que, si no fuera por l, seguramente este libro ni se habr a escrito ni se habr a publicado Aclaraci n, pues la verdadera autora de Agenda 21 [...]

  22. The first chapter and Glenn Beck s afterword are available on.The narrative is presented as the inevitable consequences of environmental over protectionism If you like The Handmaid s Tale, Farenheit 451, and 1984, prepare to retch all over the pages of this book.Glenn Beck should realize that an apocalyptic future where everything is dictated, uniform, and rationed will be much likely if humanity fails to protect the resources we have now In the unnamed year when the plot takes place it s set i [...]

  23. Real eye opening book about what could happen to our society if people don t pay attention to what politicans and those in power are doing Loved Emmeline So grown up for being so young And her affection for her baby Elsa when she is just a child herself is heartwarming She lost her parents but even for the short time she had them in her life, she learned from them.I wish we all had a David in our life So caring and in the end willing to do whatever needed to be done to be with Emmeline and Elsa [...]

  24. Let me preface this review by saying I m interested horrified with the information I have already gathered about Agenda 21, which is why I read this in the first place regardless of Glenn Beck listing himself as an author Because of this, I really, really wanted to like this book.That being said, I really didn t like this book The story was simplistic, which is sometimes fine, but in combination with the juvenile writing, and the poor editing maybe just an issue with the e book version I got , a [...]

  25. I d never read a book in one day until I read Harriet Parke s Agenda 21 This hard to put down novel sucked me in instantly In it, we follow a teenage girl awakening to the horror of the society she s grown up in a futuristic world where the environment always comes first, people are the source of all energy, and the weak are dispensable Emmeline can t fight backbut she doesn t have to do nothing, either Oh, and for those who are put off by Glenn Beck s name prominently displayed on the novel don [...]

  26. This book is scary There is a possibility that this could happen Remember Hitler and what he did This is similar except it happens here, in the United States of America This is not like other fictional novels where the world changes by an environmental event or even a bombing from another country Here our country is the threat to us I think this is a must read and the afterward is full of important facts We need to pay attention to these facts We need to be prepared and we need to prepare the ge [...]

  27. Glenn is the prince of conspiracy theory While many people gasp at the audacity of his theories, they do make for interesting fiction In this futuristic novel the United Nations Agenda 21 is taken to one possible conclusion Everyone is equal and the environment comes first in all decisions In order to prevent rebellion, communication between groups of people is blocked The story is told in 1st person by a young girl coming of age She lives in a concrete hunt in a compound that is divided into se [...]

  28. I feel like I need to preface this by saying I don t idolize Glenn Beck I do like him, I watch his show, listen to the radio show, etc but I don t have the undying devotion to him that a lot of his followers seem to have I read this book at the urging of a friend I was reluctant to read it because, honestly, I m reluctant to read any celebrity book Especially this one, where he outright bought the rights from someone else so he could slap his name on it It just seems disingenuous to me Ignoring [...]

  29. As far as dystopian stories go, I have read better That being said, this was a great psychological thriller and a real page turner It reminded me a lot of The Hunger Games, just without the whole kids fight to the death and rebellion against oppressive authority and juvenile love triangles one of these things is not like the other Then again, a sequel to Agenda 21 could certainly go in the direction of throwing off their oppressors the plot elements are already there This story is what I wish d [...]

  30. Fans of Glenn Beck, eat your heart out I read this as a favor to an uber conservative friend and found myself gagging down all his fearmongering, apocalyptic rhetoric It felt like I was arguing the entire time The story, itself, is interesting if you can get past his claims that the destruction of human existence as we know it will come at the hands of radical, tree hugging environmentalists or that somehow he knows what the Founding Fathers actually intended All hail the prophet, Mr Beck Dystop [...]

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