Jam We were prepared for an earthquake We had a flood plan in place We could even have dealt with zombies Probably But no one expected the end to be quite so sticky or strawberry scented

We were prepared for an earthquake We had a flood plan in place We could even have dealt with zombies Probably.But no one expected the end to be quite so sticky or strawberry scented.

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  1. Benjamin Richard Yahtzee Croshaw is an English comedic writer, video game journalist and author of adventure games created using Adventure Game Studio software He writes articles for Australia s Hyper magazine, a major games publication He uses his website Fully Ramblomatic as an outlet for his own work, including weekly dark humour articles, essays, fiction, and webcomics He is currently making a series of video reviews named Zero Punctuation for The Escapist, as well as the weekly column Extra Punctuation In the February 2008 issue of PC Gamer US , Croshaw took over Gary Whitta s Backspace column as a contributing editor He is also one of the four founders of The Mana Bar an Australian cocktail bar and video gaming lounge in Brisbane, Australia.

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  1. Like most people, I know Yahtzee primarily through his brilliantly scathing video game reviews Here s a link for the uninitiated escapistmagazine videoWhen I found out that he d written a book as well, I was curious But honestly, I didn t have high expectations I don t mean this as a dig It s just that brilliance is not necessarily transferable Just because Yahtzee can be funny, clever, and witty in a five minute review, doesn t mean that he can write a funny, clever, witty novel No than I coul [...]

  2. Jam B00A7H2E3WI loved Yahtzee Croshaw s first book, Mogworld, and I went into Jam expecting to love it and I did , so at least I m both consistent and predictable, lol And I m already on tenterhooks hoping that Jam will come out on audiobook soon so that I can listen to it for a second read through But let me also just state upfront that Jam is not going to be for everyone though nothing ever is , and then I ll get to why Jam is essentially a zombie apocalypse story with the zombies replaced by [...]

  3. This author comes up with the most insane ideas and then makes them not only work, but be really funny and tell a good story besides.This book is about flesh eating strawberry jam flooding Brisbane See what I mean about the basic premise being insane But the characters are believable and relatable while still being eccentric and hilarious, the story strolls happily along with a slowly unravelling mystery threaded into the hijinks of basic survival, and this was the big surprise to me the story c [...]

  4. Jam is a bit of a puzzle for me to review It excels at the exact thing that I m often the least interested in plot It s a well constructed story with a post apocalyptic concept that seemed reasonably fresh to me, with a pacing that seldom dragged But it made me realize that the only way a misanthrope can really write compelling characters is by being a narcissist At least then the protagonist gets some development, at least if its based on the author.The entire story emanates a strong level of c [...]

  5. Yahtzee Croshaw is known to videogamers as that Australian guy who makes online video reviews for games using animated stick figures a bit like those on warning signs on a yellow background, that feature the odd bit of cursing, images of penises, and give you the idea that they re probably made mainly for a young male audience Zero Punctuation page, ZP s own Wiki, and video Archive However Here and there Croshaw drops in the odd reference to Columbo eons ago I watched a lot of that show and vari [...]

  6. I woke up one morning to discover that the entire city had been covered in a three foot layer of man eating jam Croshaw begins his send up of the future apocalypse with a distinctive strawberry flavor The man eating jam that covers Brisbane, Australia immediately devours Travis s one job holding roommate who is heading off to the gym to work out This leaves Travis, our slacker hero, with his surviving roommate, Tim They find only two other survivors in the building Don, who was home after workin [...]

  7. For the record, I was predisposed to like this book I don t like Jelly, for those of us in the US Also, I like Yahtzee Croshaw MogWorld was a lovely, twisted and twisting tale, and his vidoes on YouTube are both thoughtful and utterly hilarious So when a friend said that this had come out and told me the back blurb, I was already hooked Ok, I just deleted a block of text about how I approached this book which is a gamble I rarely take becausewell, there s a lot of reflections for the big three g [...]

  8. Yahtzee Croshaw, of internet Zero Punctuation fame, has succeeded in crafting a book both witty and poignant, humanizing and satyrical, and one that is damn entertaining to boot In a generation seemingly obsessed with the end of the world and how it will come about, now that the Mayans are out, zombies are back in as money favorites , Croshaw poses the question that maybe of us should be asking is there really any way to predict how the end of society could occur What if it were something total [...]

  9. A good fun read, it was nice seeing the best and worst of a bunch of unlikable characters following a Jampocalypse The characters start off being inherently flawed in a bunch of ways, but it s believable and enjoyable how self serving they are throughout and it s cool seeing how they manage to work together and all contribute despite being annoying gits Whenever they are good to each other it s pretty notable and enlightening, and I think Croshaw used this in particular quite well.All in all the [...]

  10. First off I love the premise of this book An apocalypse with Jam is very cool and an interesting spin on the apocalypse genre in general After reading Mogworld, I was pumped to start this book, because Mogworld is straight up awesome A cool deconstruction of the RPG.Sadly, I didn t enjoy Jam very much, which has nothing to do with the premise or the execution of that premise, and everything to do with the characters I enjoyed the protagonist Travis is a good character thrown into an impossible s [...]

  11. Much like the movie ENCHANTED, JAM is both a love letter and a parody of the apocalypse genre And it is outrageously funny Like, I got stares, both from animals and humans, because I was laughing so hard and so much while reading The characters were realistic and true, just regular people muddling through their jammed day The tone, atmosphere, and mood of the book was helped by so many on point metaphors that I m counting JAM as reading for my Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing It s a bril [...]

  12. What an odd premise for a story the protagonist wakes up one morning to find Brisbane covered in a layer of carnivorous strawberry jam It gets odder than that as well Throw in a couple of US secret agents, a settlement of survivors that winds up being a weird cult, another run like a corporate entity and an unlikely band of heroes and you have a fun take on the coming apocalypse There are a few plot threads that were dropped that I thought could have been explored , but it was a lot of fun.

  13. It is a book about an apocalypse, with jam in it.I loved every part of it I listened to the audio book and I could really identify with the characters now that each one of them had a special voice.Great job Yahtzee

  14. This book was hilarious I loved all the little nods to Silent Hill and even Mogworld Another great story by Yahtzee I hope he makes an audio book version of this one as well.

  15. Had no idea what to expect going into this but this guy has some chops For me, the timeline was the funniest part of this post apoc story That and it involved something other than zombies.

  16. I suppose I ll start with a preface, because for once, who actually wrote this book is kind of important For those of you who do not know, I am a huge fan of the ongoing Youtube video game review series that goes by the name of Zero Punctuation The host Ben Yahtzee Crowshaw, is a fast talking Australian Brit, who usually savagely rips apart video games in a mix of crude and extremely witty humor that is flung at you at the speed of a machine gun Basically, it s freakin hilarious if you can both [...]

  17. I woke up one morning to find that the entire city had been covered in a three foot layer of man eating jam This is the first sentence in Ben Yahtzee Croshaw s latest novel, Jam, and it sets the dark but comedic tone of the whole book It s a book about an end of the world scenario that no one could have expected Rather than include a cast of confident characters that have what it takes to survive, it s about average people trying not to be killed by some man eating jam The style is well suited t [...]

  18. This was definitely the least compelling of Yahtzee s books, despite the novel apocalypse scenario and clever jokes about it The tie ins to his first book were probably the most intriguing part of the story, but ultimately didn t shed a whole lot of light on it I didn t connect much with any of the characters, I couldn t have cared less when view spoiler they bit the dust hide spoiler , and the pacing felt off, especially towards the end I m glad I saved this one for last, as I might not have be [...]

  19. We were prepared for an earthquake We had a flood plan in place We could even have dealt with zombies Probably But no one expected the end to be quite so sticky or strawberry scented The quote above is the premise of Jam , the latest book by Yahtzee Croshaw, famous for his quasi serious, drenched in sarcasm reviews of video games called Zero Punctuation The appeal of those reviews is the multitude of levels on which Yahtzee s jokes work they have multiple meanings and are funny as both spoken [...]

  20. Crosshaw nails slapstick comedy the way no book ever has before It s a brilliant comedic quest for survival through an apocalyptic Sydney, Australia caused by a carnivorous fruit preservativeJAM Along the way, we find different fringes of society dealing with the strawberry scented judgment day through their own twisted methods Would easily recommend it to anyone.

  21. When humanity wakes up to discover that everything they know and love including the vast majority of humanity has been devoured by a colossal layer of man eating strawberry jelly, what kind of intrepid individual will survive in this brave new world Mostly a bunch of unpleasant stereotypical twits, apparently JAM is Yahtzee Croshaw s second novel, following up his pretty good Mogworld with a just barely sequel lampooning the many, many post apocalyptic adolescent fantasies out there Think Sean o [...]

  22. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 because of the excellent readingThis book is definitely not for everyone If you are looking for great depth of meaning and character, or if you aren t a fan of Yahtzee s very distinctive writing speaking style check out a Zero Punctuation review and you ll know very quickly , then this probably isn t the book for you Also, probably not the best for arachnophobes But if you want an almost brutally cynical send up of the apocalypse genre, then this is worth checking out.I [...]

  23. I honestly did not expect to enjoy JAM as much as I did Sure, I was entertained by Mogworld, but it somehow felt lacking in certain aspects, and moved around too much for my taste.JAM, however, managed to capture my interest all the way through, and made me chuckle.The structure of the book was appealing, the locations obviously relatable due to being set in a real city rather than a stereotypical fantasy world, the character interaction was stronger due to a less random cast and the wit and b [...]

  24. The end of the world by man eating jam, strawberry scented death Follow a crazy bunch of people trying to survive the apocalypse Yahzee brings out all of his well known cynicism and annoyance at the idiots of society to paint a bleak but maniacal look at how civilisation would play out A fun book that you never really know what is coming next but shows the mental strain and changes that may take place If you don t like drop endings though this may not be for you You will be left wanting just tha [...]

  25. Wow, did I ever dislike this book The premise was strange but amusing which drew me in, but in the end I didn t mind any of the funny parts all that funny, plus the entire thing including just about every single character were completely unrealistic I kept with it until the end because I was curious about how everything explained Everything was, but I found the explanations disappointing as well.

  26. What the hell chided Tim Why d you kill him You re mad That contempt filled groan went up again, and the priest clicked his tongue Do you think you people will get it on the six or seventh hundredth time We re being ironically evil But he s actually dead pressed Tim I loved this so much Was it dumb was it satirical, and sarcastic, and ridiculous yep hell yes Fuck yes Bot god did I love it.

  27. I see the world in a similar way to Yahtzee, so this is one of the few books I ve read that made me laugh out loud I m a bit bored with end of the world stories, so this was a refreshing new take on it.For anyone who wants something a bit different with it comes to the apocalypse then give this a try.If you don t like spiders avoid this at all costs.

  28. It is rather funny This is the kinda book you read when you want a laugh I actually for the first time recommend the Audio book Yahtzee reads his book fantastically and puts the sarcasm and tone in it perfectly.SPOILER That being said The ending was a let down for me a few unanswered questions And random deaths to the point GoT would accept it.

  29. This is a good fun romp in a farcical post apocalyptic world, blessedly free of zombies The story is good, but Yahtzee s narration is what really makes it for me I only give it 4 5 because it s not as good as his other two books, but it s still an thoroughly enjoyable listen.

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