A Dance with Darkness

A Dance with Darkness With scorching romance and fantastic action this original novella is a prequel to Courtney Allison Moulton s gripping and epic Angelfire series There were shadows in this alley that no light touched

With scorching romance and fantastic action, this original novella is a prequel to Courtney Allison Moulton s gripping and epic Angelfire series.There were shadows in this alley that no light touched, and where there was no light, anything could hide.At the end of the fourteenth century, angelic reapers struggle to defend London against a legion of the demonic who have theWith scorching romance and fantastic action, this original novella is a prequel to Courtney Allison Moulton s gripping and epic Angelfire series.There were shadows in this alley that no light touched, and where there was no light, anything could hide.At the end of the fourteenth century, angelic reapers struggle to defend London against a legion of the demonic who have their sights set on claiming human souls and ancient relics for a dark purpose Madeleine, a young but powerful warrior, is duty bound to fight the demonic, and she lives for this pursuit above all else Then, on a routine night of tracking, she is ambushed by a cadre of reapers and, though she defeats them all, she is left wounded and at the mercy of their lord, the notorious Bastian.Madeleine is astonished when Bastian lets her live She goes deeper into the world of the demonic and is shocked to meet him again this powerful reaper whose touch makes her restless and gives her a thrill unlike anything else When they fall into a dangerous clandestine affair, her head and her heart must wage their war can their love overcome his demonic nature Will her dance with darkness burn her or bring Bastian into the light

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A Dance with Darkness

  1. Courtney Allison Moulton lives in rural Michigan with her family, horse, donkey, and a flock of spoiled sheep When she isn t studying ancient civilizations or writing about magic and monsters, she s busy with farm chores Her debut novel ANGELFIRE was published when she was just 24 years old.For information about Courtney, visit her online at courtneyallisonmoulton.

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  1. At last the synopsis is revealed MADELEINE AND BASTIAN I know, right I can t tell you how much I ve enjoyed writing from Madeleine s perspective and I totally have a girl crush on her now She is badass through and through, and probably the strongest character I ve ever written She s so smart and resourceful not to mention a little fireball of asskickery but she learns when to take what she wants and when to make sacrifices for the good of others Without being too spoilery, her son is a main char [...]

  2. It s no secret, I m a big Angelfire fan, so I was very very excited about this one clears throat To say the leastI m not going to lie This was likeToo awesome to find proper words to describe it Madeleine was a total kickass queen She s tough, but as every solid material, she has a melting point Bastian s hotness provides enough heat for that He comes at Madeleine likeAnd she holds her ground For a whileThen hot stuff happens for a couple of chapters, and Bastian becomes a very lost puppy I want [...]

  3. SpoilersI guess this wasn t all bad, the characters were mildly interesting and the plot was kind of okay What did let this down though was the insta love and the dumb heroine This focused on Will s parents Bastion and Madeline , and how they met and fell in love despite them being enemies I was expecting some epic love story and some great reason why both of them betrayed their own kind so they could be together but nothing like that occurred Madeline an angelic reaper meets Bastion a demonic r [...]

  4. I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes I m argentinian so this isn t my native language and this is also my first review I ve been a fan of the Angelfire series since the release of the very first book I love the theme, the plot, the characters EVERYTHING However, I kind of underestimated this one I didn t know what to expect from it I hate Bastian don t get me wrong he is a great character and I love him for that, but he is just so evil But still, I took a chance and bought the ebook A [...]

  5. The great story of Madeline and Bastian, featuring Nathaniel, with a special cameo at the end by a certain someone It was pretty cool

  6. A dance with darkness This book was pretty good but there are a lot of reasons I gave it 2 stars instead of five Here are the good and bad reasons why Good points A Backstory I really enjoyed the backstory on on Will as well as Cadan, Bastian and Nathaniel too I mean regarding Will, Cadan, and Bastian, I kinda already had a feeling that there was a connection between them all while reading Angelfire the first time so things weren t too shocking for me but kudos to Ms Moulton for actually surpris [...]

  7. A Dance with Darkness is the love story that I never knew that I wanted to hear the love story of Will s parents, Bastien and Madeleine Having only recently discovered the true story of Will s parentage, I hadn t thought enough about it to ever really wonder how that ended up taking place A generally cold hearted demonic reaper and a generally good hearted angelic reaper It shouldn t make sense It shouldn t work out And we already know that it isn t going to end so well But this little novella a [...]

  8. It feels really good coming back to the Angelfire world Moulton has done a fine job creating all of these characters This takes place long before the first in the series We get to meet Madeline and Bastian in a different light that what we now know I was curious to read about their interactions and was delightfully surprised Forbidden and unlikely love always proves to be one of the strongest forms of love We find out the details surrounding Madeline and why she made the sacrifices she did This [...]

  9. Yeah, it s nice to see the original story between Bastian and Madeleine, and a cameo from Cadan, but this would ve worked way better as a full length prequel than as a novella The rushed romance between Will s parents just made Madeleine seem naive and clueless for instantly falling for Bastian, and I lost all respect for her over the course of the story But what can you do with only eleven chapters and an epilogue to work with

  10. Interesting background on Madeline I thought it was kind of wierd that after 10 minutes of knowing eachother Madeline and Bastian just get past the fact that they re sworn enemies and the fact that they ve known eachother for less than an hour and ah, get very intimatly acquainted And remain together for quite awhile Despite this, I liked the further look into the world Ms Moulton created.

  11. I enjoyed this short novella It reminded me why I enjoyed the Angelfire series in the first place It was a total flip to see Bastian, the main villian, as a leading hero Is it necessary to read this novella in order to understand the rest of the series No But if you liked the books and find this for a good price, or better yet at your local library, give it a go

  12. I loved it This little short story was even better than the first two books in the series that I have managed to read It was wonderful to read about Will s mother and the circumstances that led to his birth.

  13. Una historia de amor de lo m s peculiar enmarcada entre la lucha del bien y del mal Me gusto Desde ya a continuar la serie.

  14. I liked it It was nice getting to know Madeleine , as well as Bastian and Cadan view spoiler Bastian I pity him His parents murder must have crippled him a lot I could see how vulnerable he was on the outside Revenge is sweet for those who are not strong enough to stay true to the principles of right and wrong Nothing wicked should ever come from love, only hope and peace But that was not the way of the world we lived in That s right It wasn t Isn t And power is addictive And once again, he wasn [...]

  15. I loved this book I really liked getting to know Madeleine and getting to know a different side of Bastian This book shows how even that the most evil of creatures can love if they let themselves and that not all is hopeless.This book is a prelude to all the others it is about Madeleine, an angelic reaper and Bastian, an demonic reaper who meet and fall in love even though it is forbidden and against all the rules Like most of the demonic Bastian feels the pull to have power and to bring in hu [...]

  16. This novella is one of my favorite stories that I have read so far this year D I ve been following this series for awhile now Before the first book came out Something about Courtney Allison Moulton s blog told me that I would like this series and I was right Can t wait for the last book to arrive in the mail This novella was pretty short, but enjoyable I liked learning about Madeleine and Bastian, who are Will s parents I know their love was insta love, but whatever, I still liked it P I also li [...]

  17. This short story made me look at some of the characters differently I see them in a new way It is sad that things turned out the way they did I truely believe given the chance Bastian might have changed for Madeleine, but I see why she thought leaving was the best for everyone I believe after reading this and the series Bastian never stopped loving her and if he could change one thing in his life it would be pushing her away.If you read the series I suggest reading this Over all I will recomend [...]

  18. I really only had one complaint and that s the massive instalove dump at the start of this book Absolutely no reason was provided for Bastian and Maddie to fall in love except OMG He s hot and didn t kill me That s basically it While I imagine these are enough for an interest to be sparked, I don t really feel they had anything else in common aside from finding each other attractive Even when Maddie admitted he does terrible things, she got distracted by how attractive he was which is just an Ug [...]

  19. Real rating 3.5 I apologize for any misspellings I love the Angelfire series Ellie is such a great heroine, and Will is so swoon worthy And all the other awesome stuff is amazing.But I didn t feel this book that I had hoped First, it was insta love between Madeline and Bastian And I don t like insta love And I didn t get into the story like I wanted, I wanted maybe some fighting Even though I knew it was a love story going in, and I was exciting I was expecting a little bit .But I didn t hate i [...]

  20. My rating for this book is 3.9 stars.A veces hay que descubrirse los ojos y ver la realidad tal y como es.No se puede cambiar a alguien que no quiere cambiar.Bastian, Madeline, Cadam, Nathaniel y Will, desarrollan esta peque a historia, un antecedente valioso, sinceramente, pienso en si Madeline esta viva o muerta porque ella si que supo dejar un gran tesoro en la tierra Descendientes de Grimoris, dos grandes cabezas que producen una gran poder, uno bueno el otro malo Que gran antecedente.

  21. Madeline s story before Will was born I enjoyed this entire series and this book answered some questions I had when I read about Will s parents I love Cadan and it was heartbreaking reading a bit of what his w world was like with Bastian as his father I wished Madeline could ve taken him away but he remained a compassionate character through the series Madeline tried to see the good in Bastian, I think that s one of human nature s most valuable gift I highly recommend this book and the others fr [...]

  22. Aside from the supernatural elements, I went into this story blind so I didn t realize that this story was so heavy on the romance and I m not really moved by that so this wasn t really the best read for me Plus, than insta love, the pacing overall just seemed way too fast All that said, it s an interesting story about belonging and love and being good enough and being confident enough in your own skin and self and beliefs to make up your own mind and stand firm in that Interested in seeing wha [...]

  23. I read this first without having read any of the series I have to say it does well in explaining things and it kept me in the loop for the most part There were a few things I feel are important to the history of a main character that I wish I read about before knowing the background Also, I get the idea that this series is very similar to The Mortal Instruments series Just by what this novella reveals Off to a good start

  24. Another OMG factor This another story where once again I will reread in the future So many life lessons could be picked up from stories and this I am sure of it I really felt the main character s emotion all throughout and the quote the keeps on repeating in my head Forever is a long time to keep fighting and Love was where I de make dire mistakes is sure full of untold stories that I now know of Horrah to Miss Moulton for her creative mind

  25. This was a very good companion book There were several outstanding questions that were answered on Madeleine s character Also the backstory of how she conceived Will and the beginnings of Will and Nathaniel s over the centuries friendship Thinking back to Angelfire it makes sense now why Nathaniel was shocked when Ellie reveals Wills true father It was also good to travel back in time and get out of the high school day to day that Ellie overly focuses on in the first two.

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