The Juliet Club

The Juliet Club Kate Sanderson has been burned by love From now on she thinks I will control my own destiny and I will be reasoned and rational But life has other things in store for Kate Namely a summer abroad s

Kate Sanderson has been burned by love From now on, she thinks, I will control my own destiny, and I will be reasoned and rational But life has other things in store for Kate Namely, a summer abroad studying Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet in the very town where the star crossed lovers met, Verona, Italy Kate is thrown together with two other American teens and three ItKate Sanderson has been burned by love From now on, she thinks, I will control my own destiny, and I will be reasoned and rational But life has other things in store for Kate Namely, a summer abroad studying Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet in the very town where the star crossed lovers met, Verona, Italy Kate is thrown together with two other American teens and three Italians for a special seminar and for volunteer duty at the Juliet Club, where they answer letters from the lovelorn around the world Can Kate s cool logic withstand the most romantic summer ever Especially when faced with the ever so charming Giacomo and his entrancing eyes .

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The Juliet Club

  1. Suzanne Harper has published two young adult novels, The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney and The Juliet Club She is currently working on a third young adult novel and a middle grade series She has also written three original novels based on the Hannah Montana TV series Rock the Waves, In the Loop, and Swept Up and a number of novels under the pen name N B Grace based on High School Musical Her nonfiction books include Boitano s Edge Inside the Real World of Figure Skating with Olympic gold medalist Brian Boitano , The Real Spy s Guide to Becoming a Spy with Peter Earnest, executive director of the International Spy Museum , Terrorists, Tornados,and Tsunamis How to Prepare for Life s Danger Zones with Lt Col John C Orndorff , and Hands On 33 More Things Every Girl Should Know Skills for Living Your Life from 33 Extraordinary Women She earned bachelor s degrees in journalism and English from the University of Texas Austin and a master s degree in creative writing from the University of Southern California She now lives in New York City.

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  1. One of the worst YA books I have ever read It was full of tired sexist cliches and the plot was pathetically unrealistic Winners of a Shakespearean essay contest win a trip to Italy where they are forced to answer lame advice column letters Wtf There is nothing realistic about that I really struggled to give a shit about any of these characters, because they remained bland and one sided throughout the entire book In fact, I struggled to keep my interest through the whole middle when nothing seem [...]

  2. Harmless fluff Comedy of manners ish teenage romance in Italy, with Romeo and Juliet as an excuse For teen girls only Kate wins an essay contest to attend a Shakespeare class in Verona, Italy, to the delight of her Shakespeare scholar father Her friends are delighted, too, and hope that this will be the cure for Kate s romantic slump But Kate, having been disillusioned in love by her cool, yet nerdy ex boyfriend, is determined never to fall for the trap of love again She is determined to remain [...]

  3. I just read this book,and Suzanne Harper is a phenomenal writer in that she takes the most basic romance line forbidden star crossed lovers a stubborn girl who doesn t believe in true love,and a handsome charming boy who believes in the joy of love,and the ladies,and she runs with it changing the characteristic bore most of us get after we ve seen this theme in SO MANY BOOKS I thought I was done with romance but she managed to catch the little girl inside me,and hook me onto this romance,it was [...]

  4. I wavered a bit between giving 3 or 4 stars, but could change my mind again The book reminded me a bit of the movie Letters to Juliet only because the story wound up taking place entirely in Italy The premise to get to Italy, a well written essay in a contest that happened to be a trip to Italy to participate in a Shakespeare seminar, was pretty far fetched but I looked past that There was a great deal of emphasis on Shakespeare and a twist and retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story within the [...]

  5. You win a Shakespeare essay contest in high school The prize A month long summer trip to Verona, Italy, to study Romeo and Juliet But under the sporadic direction of Professoressa Francesca Marchese, this is no ordinary seminar spent annotating and dissecting Shakespearean text, to which Kate Sanderson is accustomed Instead, the six teen winners 3 American and 3 Italian are tasked with answering letters written to Juliet and sent to The Juliet Club a club in Verona that receives and responds to [...]

  6. Italy Shakespeare but no romance Kate Sanderson inherited her good sense from her mother, a disciplined law professor, and her admiration for the Bard from her father, a passionate Shakespeare scholar When she gets dumped, out of the blue, for the Practically Perfect Ashley Lawson, she vows never to fall in love again From now on she will control her own destiny, and every decision she makes will be highly reasoned and rational She thinks Shakespeare would have approved.So when she is accepted [...]

  7. In order to take a break from reading nonfiction on Stalin s GULAGs, a friend loaned me a copy of the young adult novel, Juliet s Club It s a fun summer read, but it s not complete fluff It s fluff for young teens with a passion for the Bard.The book follows the serious, bookish American teen, Kate, as she spends a few weeks in Verona, attending a seminar on Romeo and Juliet She forms frienships with two other Americans and three teens who are from Verona The book s chapters are organized into s [...]

  8. In the honor of full disclosure, I DNF d this book at page 217 That s than half way through so I d say that I gave it a fair shot.I wasn t into the story line and I REALLY wasn t into the characters In this book, a handful of teenagers win a trip to Verona, Italy after entering into a Shakespeare essay contest During their trip, they need to complete a four week seminar on Romeo and Juliet BUT, instead of actually studying the text, their entire seminar is based around answering letters sent to [...]

  9. Completely and utterly perfect in every way I really loved how the author incorporated Romeo and Juliet into the story, and how she talked about the Juliet Club I thought it was quite interesting on how many people wrote to Juliet for advice on romance I loved how the characters grew from the beginning to how they ended up I mean Giacomo was cocky and a little self absorbed, but as the story progressed he turned into a guy who is caring and true I loved Kate I loved how she was annoyed by everyo [...]

  10. I loved it.These elements made it all the enjoyable 1 Complicated love polygon Giacomo loves Kate, who also loves him back Lucy also had a mini crush on Giacomo, although in the end she ended up with Benno Benno has a crush on Lucy, but he thinks she is in love with Tom Tom is in love with Silvia, who seems to have a history with Giacomo although Tom and Silvia are together in the end.2 The letter element writing letters of advice that actually helped the protagonists in the end.3 A misundersta [...]

  11. I think I bought this over my Spring Break back in March and I just now got around to reading it It s actually kind of cool leaving unread books on my shelf I like knowing there s a treasure there, lurking in the shadows of my favorite books.Kate s heart has been broken before, so now she knows love is a folly and utterly useless She s heading to Italy to spend a month in a Shakespeare Seminar on Romeo and Juliet, taught by her dad s arch nemesis Kate knows better than to fall for the charms of [...]

  12. Did you know that Il Club di Giuletta the Juliet Club which dispenses love advice was founded in Verona in 1972 I thought this novel was hokey at first, but I grew to like it Sixteen year old Kate Sanderson has been dumped by her boyfriend and is therefore resigned to forever forego romance, and so when she finds out that she has won a contest to particpate in Shakespeare seminars on Romeo and Juliet in Verona, she jumps at the opportunity to forget her feckless boyfriend and embark on serious a [...]

  13. p.215But if true love meant anything it meant that you wanted your beloved to have what she most desired.Its love, love makes fools of us all but when we are in love, being a fool is the most amazing place to be i myself, am in love Deeply that my heart beats faster by the mere thoght of his name, my spirits rise by the curve of his smile and happiness over comes like a wave of an ocean Romeo, Romeo, where art tho Romeo Open your eyes, he s right ther in front of you A wonderfull book to read at [...]

  14. This book is great Suzanne Harper does a fantastic job in my opinion, by distinguishing each character with their own unique personality, therefore making each character seem realistic You also encounter tons of imagery in her writing as you continue on in the book You learn a lot of information regarding Shakespeare and his poetry After reading this book you d be very interested in him and and you d also be hungry for of his pieces If you re also into romantic books, this book will be a great [...]

  15. I loved this story So much that I want to read it all again, just so I can spend time with the characters and live through them vicariously in arguably one of the most beautiful countries on earth Italy.Set in Verona, the birthplace of my beloved Romeo and Juliet, the novel follows three young couples as they learn about Shakespeare and fall in love Fans of the classic tragedy love story and the movie Letters to Juliet will not be disappointed.

  16. I really enjoyed how the book mimicked the actual play of Romeo and Juliet I only wish there had been a little of the book it ended too soon Ever since seeing the movie Letters to Juliet which I loved I have kind of developed an obsession for all things Italian and all things Romeo and Juliet I have a few books on my shelf that follow these requirmentsNow I want to go to Verona A very fun read

  17. I have trouble believing that some people actually disliked this book From the moment I read the summary I was entranced I knew I wanted to read this I loved the book and couldn t put it down While some people believed I shouldn t have liked this book, I did I am a massive fan of young adult fluff and this was right up my alley I loved the characters, the plot, and found every aspect of the book wonderful Perhaps I should consider the Juliet club for my own romance related problems.

  18. I absolutely adored this book O, how I long for a sequel It was so cute, clever, well written, and fluffy but not too fluffy It had superb vocabulary, and great Shakespeare quotes all over the pages So delightful This turned out to be a pleasant surprise I thought it was going to simply be a fluffy, pleasure read, but it ended up being much higher quality I loved it D

  19. It was cute and fluffy YA chick lit Some parts were a little much, or over the top, but it kind of goes with the territory, really What I thought was really cool, was that the author included Juliet s address in case you wanted to write your own Juliet letter Pretty neat.

  20. This book was not fantastic It was not bad either But only okay The writting was excellentbut for some reason it was missing one ingrediant I didnt enjoy this book but enought to finish it

  21. This book has a predictable plot and is filled with romantic cliches but that should be expected It s best to set all that aside, suspend your disbelief and enjoy this sugar coated YA novel for what it is a simple but charming love story full of happy endings.

  22. I read this a few years ago when I was in high school I remember liking it, so I am giving it a 4 star review I don t know how I would feel about it now, but I do remember enjoying it when I first read it.4 5 Fangs

  23. Loved loved loved this book If you want a cute and clean romance check this book out.Clean Teen Fiction s review of The Juliet club

  24. I don t really have much to say about this book It was pretty good, nothing amazing I did enjoy it but also found it pretty boring, it took me super long to read because I kept putting it on hold Didn t really care that much about the characters, but it was alright.

  25. Sweet Ties itself neatly into the play its characters analyze Its a fun light read No stress Just a good time for any reader, lover of Shakespeare or not.

  26. well kate freakin pisses me off shes a snob and the end is so boring i hate it when authors just cut of like that i mean give me some details

  27. See me at mamabookasaurus TWITTER MAMABookasaurus Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr Book Blogs as MAMA BookasaurusTECHNICALLY 3.9 ROUNDED to 4It was the best of times, it was the worst of times oh wait sorry, wrong author But it is appropriate for the novel Young people falling desperately in love and trying to get that person to even notice them Sigh Let s face it We have ALL been there Ouch.This novel really grew on me It was a bit slow and remote but as the story progressed it really grew tentacles a [...]

  28. In the fictional novel, The Juliet Club, by Suzanne Harper, the main character, Kate, wins a trip to Italy to study Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet Kate has vowed never to fall in love again because she wanted to be able to control her future However, all hope of keeping this vow is lost once Kate meets and spends time with Giacomo, a Shakespeare scholar also studying Romeo and Juliet Over the course of the book Kate falls for Giacomo, unintentionally, and learns about how Romeo and Juliet relate [...]

  29. Given enough time, even the impossible becomes possible What a note to end this book on I rather enjoyed the tale of Kate and Giacomo Two complete opposites who were almost fated to be together I loved how alll the characters were compelling and each carried their own story I would love to read I wanna know what happens to each couple as their magic summer in Italy ends Harper created a magical world that I want to know about and I almost wish I could be there myself I wanna know about the re [...]

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