Sidney Sheldon's The Tides of Memory

Sidney Sheldon s The Tides of Memory New York Times bestselling author Tilly Bagshawe who delivered the late beloved author s brilliance in Sidney Sheldon s After the Darkness is back with a stunning tale of duplicity and vengeance in

New York Times bestselling author Tilly Bagshawe, who delivered the late beloved author s brilliance in Sidney Sheldon s After the Darkness, is back with a stunning tale of duplicity and vengeance in Sidney Sheldon s The Tides of Memory.The members of the formidable and captivating De Vere family of London live enviable lives in the world s most powerful and desirable placNew York Times bestselling author Tilly Bagshawe, who delivered the late beloved author s brilliance in Sidney Sheldon s After the Darkness, is back with a stunning tale of duplicity and vengeance in Sidney Sheldon s The Tides of Memory.The members of the formidable and captivating De Vere family of London live enviable lives in the world s most powerful and desirable places, from London s poshest neighborhoods to influential boardrooms But when old secrets begin to unravel and threaten everything the De Veres have worked for, the ramifications are deadly.Bagshawe upholds Sheldon s legacy with a blistering story of revenge, passion, and betrayal in a book that is quintessential Sheldon.

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Sidney Sheldon's The Tides of Memory

  1. Matilda Emily N Bagshawe was born on 12 June 1973 in England, UK She attended local all girls Catholic schools near her family home in Surrey She was a single mother at 17, but she won a place at Cambridge University and took Persephone, her ten month old baby daughter with her As a journalist, she went on to enjoy a successful career in London, and contributed regularly to The Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Evening Standard, before turning her hand to novels Her first book, Adored as Tilly Bagshawe, was a smash hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 2005, and she hasn t looked back since.Tilly is married Robin Nydes, a US businessman, and the couple have two sons together, Zac and Theo The family divide their time between their homes in London and Los Angeles Tilly is also the sister of the writer and politician Louise Bagshawe.

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  1. Does justice to the Sheldon name.The suspense is intoxicating and the book cuts right to the chase from the onset.No small talk, no beating around the bush.Well built characters of Toni, Alexia and others that evolve over the course of the pages is sheer delight The story revolves around the magnanimity of the women at the helm in the government Alexia De Vere She knows a secret or two about the most powerful man on the planet the POTUS.She wields her leverage with skill to obtain positions of i [...]

  2. I loved Sidney Sheldon, and own every book he s ever written Tilly Bagshawe is no Sidney Sheldon We re supposed to believe that the only flaw the heroine has is that she s too committed to her political career That she could even rise to such heights under a false identity That everyone in her life suffers some type of mental illness, psychotic break or moral shortcoming, except her As I read this book, I could see bits of Sidney Sheldon s other books here and there However, the brilliance of Si [...]

  3. TIDES OF MEMORY BY SIDNEY SHELDON NOT MUCH SPOILERS This book is totally amazing It is just as it says on the cover, Suspense could hardly be greater I really like the plot It is about how far you can go to protect those you love In some parts, I am really touched by how much we can risk to lose even our own life to protect our loved ones, by just how limitless and blind love is I like how much Toni s character develops and also like the way she thinks about life, death, family, tragedy and love [...]

  4. Alexia De Vere is Britain s new Home Secretary, which means she is universally hated, but when the secrets of her past start to catch up with her, it s not just her political reputation that s at risk Admittedly, I was a little tentative going into this one, as I had just read one of Sidney Sheldon s older books, and I was afraid that I would not be excited by the characters Boy oh boy was I wrong Whereas the characterse seemed flat in my previous one experience with Sidney Sheldon s work, in Th [...]

  5. Like others have said, I m confused by the whole Sidney Sheldon Tilly Bagshawe thing She thanks his family in the acknowledgements so obviously it s a properly endorsed thing, but is she writing based on unfinished manuscripts Is this just her writing a kind of a sequel to a previous book It wasn t clear on the cover, and though I m sure I could find out fairly easily, it did make me reconsider even picking it up This is an ok book I haven t read any Sidney Sheldon in a while, but I read a lot w [...]

  6. Although this novel got off to quite a confusing start and at first I felt it lacked the page turning quality of a Sidney Sheldon novel, by the time I got to the end and pulled the threads together it had the twists and turns that sent Sheldon to the top Several times it appeared that all of the threads had been unraveled but there was and then to come Though the revelation and resolution somewhat implausible, it was an intriguing read and I kept tuned in wanting to know what happened next I l [...]

  7. i really don t have any words after reading a Sidney Sheldon novel its leaves me really speechlessunexpected killer, unexpected turn of events.s really an unpredictable plot like always.i think truly Sidney Sheldon should be labelled as the master of all thrilling,hot suspense and criminal novels and of course Tilly Bagshawe has done full justice to this Sheldon novel by keeping his legacy going.

  8. Pleasantly predictable.A few R rated scenes early on that didn t really seem critical to the story s momentum Did I mention predictable Yeah,that is why I gave it just two stars The story was engaging, but had to take away a star for the predictability of the story.

  9. Writing Style Fast paced, written like Sidney Sheldon s style, gripping, suspense and with evoking descriptions, happy, surprising, open ending.My Thoughts Narrated in a multiple, omniscient view point and the major characters of the story all went through effective character arch growths The locations described make you feel like being inside the story, especially the Oxford setting It is gripping, a real page turner but midway of the book I already sensed who was the culprit as I was able to g [...]

  10. I wasn t sure what to expect when I started this one It was labeled as a thriller and while I normally go for books in the romance and happily ever after categories, I decided to give it a go I ve been a fan of this genre in the past and decided to stir the pot of books a bit It wasn t bad for a thriller not my favorite but pretty good nonetheless The Tides of Memory is a book about the collision of past and present When you live a life made up of nothing but secrets, something is bound to catch [...]

  11. Original Hair raising Commendable Impeccable Unexpected Gripping, till the very last page.I had never been able to understand the meaning of thriller as a genre I mean every book is thrilling, right That s why we read Even romance is thrilling Sometimes non fiction is thrilling too So how could it be a genre and if it is, what kind of books does it include But today after reading this book do I truly understand the meaning of a good thriller.On second thoughts, it occured to me that Tilly Bagsha [...]

  12. This is a book about a great number of people and the intermingling of their lives Each character is well defined The British political intrigues are interesting and different from American ones Shelton s stories book or mini series frequently focus on a strong a woman This is not the exception Alexia de Vere is a capable politican with a secret past Her husband Teddy is not just arm candy He loves his wife and knows how to support her in their private and public lives Lots of twists turns work [...]

  13. I enjoyed the story Having said that, oh my god why everything in Sidney Sheldon has to be so dramatic It s like reading a bad mexican all due respect to my fellow latino friends, the brazilian ones are somewhat similar soap opera Another thing that really annoys me in some of mr Sheldon s books everything is so damn well explained in all the details Jesus, leave something for the reader to guess We re not stupid, you know Some things we can actually understand without the need of all that expla [...]

  14. A mystery cum thriller that continues to puzzle to the very end Sheldon s characters cover all the bases youthful love and exuberance, power, privelege and class, deceit, jealousy, and hatred all on two sides of the Atlantic Most of the story takes place in England revolving around Alexia De Vere, wife of artistocrat Teddy De Vere who has been appionted to the powerful office of home secretary What secrets is she hiding that could destroy everything A good read that keeps you attention to the en [...]

  15. Nostalgia The familiarity of reading a book by Sheldon Bagshawe follows similar writing style and plot development The one you least expect is the culprit However I remember sheldon s books never left any loose ends, whereas Bagshawe doesn t tie everything up As much as I enjoyed reading a Sheldon like book again, it s not a Sheldon Entertaining read.

  16. Yes this book is amazingshed it in mere 2 days over weekend.s a big deal for me as it shows that I just can t keep the book down This being my 2nd Sidney s work and now I am definitely addicted for some Hats off to him for such an amazing, thrilling and well written book.Looking forward to some .

  17. I love the story I love how realistic it is, how raw and real it is Especially the traits of the characters, where even their darkest thoughts and desires were mentioned No matter how insane they were deemed to be on the inside, they seemed normal on the outside What can it be said about our world If this is a realistic fiction.

  18. Ever since Tilly Bagshawe has taken over Sidney Sheldon s storylines the books have become way too predictable The pace wasn t anything too write home about either It s a book to pick up if you re really tied up with life and can keep putting it aside for life to carry one.

  19. Love Sidney Sheldon He is the author who started me reading Love all his books I realize this is not totally his, but he makes himself present even through the writing of another His twists and turns always keep you guessing until the last just never know where he is going.

  20. Sidney Sheldon must be spinning in his grave at the thought that this trashy novel has his name on it The story was preposterous, the characters shallow and the ending not believable This book was a waste of my time and money

  21. It s remarkable how ruthless some people in powerful political positions can be Politics in England is no exception Alexia has no real friends except an American woman who was a neighbor Secrets abound in this thriller A good beach read.n

  22. This book drew me in from the beginning It was fast paced and kept me wondering until the end It was a little hard to keep up with all the characters at first but I really enjoyed the story

  23. I won this book on OK Not on par with what I remember of Sheldon Hadn t read him in years But, entertaining and if you re a fantually this book sucks

  24. For those who have not yet started to read the book, I must warn you that if you have read Dan Brown or John Grisham then you will be a bit disappointed Novel is a little bit slow, nothing interesting happens, all the tragedy in it continues, u can predict the book from half way itself, you won t even feel much sorry for any of the character Y es, one thing I will admit is that I teared up a little bit at the endwhy For that u need to read the book Spoilers ahead At first when I started this nov [...]

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