Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven MY SISTER WANTS THE TRUTH BUT SOMETIMES THE TRUTH HURTS For months my long lost twin Emma has been living my life and trying to solve my murder She s unearthed dark secrets about my friends my fam

MY SISTER WANTS THE TRUTH.BUT SOMETIMES THE TRUTH HURTS.For months, my long lost twin, Emma, has been living my life and trying to solve my murder She s unearthed dark secrets about my friends, my family, and my tangled past But when it comes to finding my killer, she keeps running into dead ends.Until my body shows up in Sabino Canyon Suddenly everyone knows there areMY SISTER WANTS THE TRUTH.BUT SOMETIMES THE TRUTH HURTS.For months, my long lost twin, Emma, has been living my life and trying to solve my murder She s unearthed dark secrets about my friends, my family, and my tangled past But when it comes to finding my killer, she keeps running into dead ends.Until my body shows up in Sabino Canyon Suddenly everyone knows there are two girls who look like Sutton Mercer and that one of them is dead At first the police assume the body is Emma s But as questions and accusations start flying, it s harder than ever for Emma to keep playing me The truth is bound to come out eventually And when it does, Emma will be suspect number one in my murder investigation If she can t find my killer before time runs out, she ll end up behind bars or worse.

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Seven Minutes in Heaven

  1. Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.

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  2. Before reading Nothing has prepared her for the shocking truth thatEthan s the murderer The end view spoiler AhahahahahahaahaHahahaHahahahahHahaHa.I love how Emma was like was this because of the scholarship prank And ethan was just like bitch, please like ethan is really cray Also thayer, ilysm.No but really tho I love when it all hits Emma Like she suddenly stops and thinks about how ethan knew she wasn t Sutton even though he never really knew Sutton The rest of us have only been saying this [...]

  3. Before reading Even though I m loving this series,please be the last one I can t take any new suspects popping up It seems that everyone s been a suspect Is Sutton actually dead I hope not, but if she is, fingers crossed Ethan did it That guy is a huge creeper Team Thayer After reading view spoiler I was right Ethan did it Even though I was right I still kind of hoped I wouldn t be Thinking someone else would be responsible for Sutton s death We didn t even know for sure Sutton was dead until th [...]

  4. Seven Minutes In Heaven by Sara ShepardThis was the perfect ending to an incredible series This series has taken me through the last 4 years of my life, and I do not regret it one bit, In fact I wouldn t have all the memories I have now without these books Isn t it amazing how books can do that I was right about who I suspected to be the murderer, but that doesn t mean I got any less scared when we found out This book had the perfect mixture of creepy, suspense, thrill, and just everything you c [...]

  5. Ok, my theory for the finale And I know it s probably way too obvious I think Ethan was obsessed crazy, which is why he was in the mental ward with Sutton when she was alive and he made up the story about going into the mental ward because of his mum If you read the books, Ethan will often say he remembers Sutton doing or saying certain things like in the library or whatever stuff that people wouldn t necessarily remember about her, like he stalked her Plus, she wouldn t have hung around with hi [...]

  6. First, never go into a car with someone you know is psycho I hate it when series end Never being able to read new scenes with fresh eyes featuring characters I grew to love.But I m glad this series has ended too Because it ended with this glorious ending featuring everything I could have wanted Six books are enough, even though I will forever miss this story Even though this book and series has faults, it breathes so much life that I don t care I love this story I love the writing I feel sorrow [...]

  7. Plot twist Sutton, Laurel, and the rest of them are playing a Lying Game Prank on Emma.Just kidding Ethan s the killer.

  8. I came to a scary realization The one person who we all have come to love The one person who has a motive and opportunity to kill sutton The one person who has the ability to change Emma s mind The one person who can change the truth The person is EthanOh my god I reallllllly hope I m wrong

  9. If Ethan is the murderer who i have suspected since book 1 I think it s something along the lines of he liked Sutton or she got him to like her and she played along and then it got serious and told him it was a joke possibly a lying game And he took it to heart because he was made to look like a fool and maybe he has a mental illness which explains the huge file at the mental hospital and he started getting and obbsessed with Sutton and one day he managed to find out she had a twin He wanted t [...]

  10. Rewind back literally 1 minute ago So basically here I was sitting on my bed scrolling down a list of new books in 2013 and I see this My phone literally fell out of my hand in shock, I can t wait until this book comes out I might actually go and buy it legally

  11. Ok here is proof that Ethan is the killer 1 Someone hacked onto Sutton s Facebook account to trick Emma into coming to her house Charlottes house was also broken into Ethan is very good at hacking which can explain both of those occurrences Also when Emma went over to Ethan s house he was on her profile page 2 Ethan and Emma supposedly got in a fight But not before Emma saw the glow of a cigarette butt in the bush They left separately The next day Emma got into Ethan s car and remarked it smelle [...]

  12. 7 30 13The killer view spoiler Ethan She took the lazy and easy way out and most predictable killer I m so pissed off right now What happened to the Sara Shepard that I used to know and love You know the one creative with plot twists hide spoiler

  13. Ok, as much as I am absolutely obsessed with this series, it s so predictable I mean, every book is the same THIS person is SOO undeniably the killer even though, to an outside viewer they are obviously not and then some epiphany occurs and then they re ruled out as a suspect It s just frustrating how this series could have been solved 3 books ago But I am also partly glad it wasn t, because I m hooked I just wish this could be out already oh and if it s not the last one, I will cry.

  14. Mehr auf xobooksheaven.wordpress Achtung Diese Rezension kann Spoiler zu Band 1 5 beinhalten Inhalt Seit Wochen spielt Emma die Rolle ihrer ermordeten Zwillingsschwester Sutton Paxton perfekt doch Suttons M rder hat sie immer noch nicht gefunden Als pl tzlich die Leiche von Sutton entdeckt wird, ger t Emmas sorgf ltig konstruierte L genwelt ins Wanken In k rzester Zeit wird Emma Hauptverd chtige Nummer eins Wenn sie nicht bald den M rder berf hren kann, wird sie hinter Gitter landen oder noch sc [...]

  15. For some reason, I gave this book a four stars Why do I seem so reluctant in that rating It s because the killer was just way too obvious Yes, I know what I typed in my review of book 5, but as soon as Emma had a new suspect view spoiler Garrett hide spoiler was when I knew that I was wrong view spoiler because Shepard was doing the classic, the true enemy is always the one closest to you hide spoiler Pulling a PLL on us, Shepard yet again made this book a girl suspects XXX is murderer, which me [...]

  16. The last book We FINALLY know what happened to Sutton OkEthan didn t do it I really don t think that he did Was he involved Probably He didn t like Sutton after the unknown Lying Game prank that no one knows what they did Do we get to find out what happened in this book I wanna know.Anyway, Sutton is dead They find her body in this book But its the way that she died Not who killed her She probably committed suicide or something and she had someone help her make it look like a murder She probably [...]

  17. SPOILERS Well I finally finished this book, after midnight I would have read this earlier, but I was reading the Cuckoo Calling by R.G, aka J.K.Rowling, which was a pretty good book, really good Anyway now I read a earlier spoiler saying it was Ethan who was the killer I was bummed because I had suspicion, but this was proof, but since the beginning I suspected it was Ethan, It was until the 4th, I believed it, and then the 5th book, there was concrete proof that Ethan was the killer Everyone on [...]

  18. I m really, really, really happy with how this series ended I feared it would go the way of Pretty Little Liars and we d be 20 books in before figuring out the identity of Sutton s killer, but Sara Shepard wrapped it up nicely in Book 6 Though initially I wasn t stoked on who the killer was, I couldn t be happier with how neatly Sara Shepard tied everything up We learn that the killer is Ethan and he d lied about his previous history as a juvenile delinquent He wasn t arrested for retaliating ag [...]

  19. Going into this I thought I was going to get a cute ending tying up all the loose ends and solving all the problems of the previous books Instead what I got was a long crying session, pain and heartbreak in a good way.I had known who the killer was from the second book, because it s the only explanation that made sense to me and by the end of the fifth book I was convinced it was actually who I suspected so I wasn t all that surprised by the revelation, what made the book worth it for me is how [...]

  20. Don t worry spoilers here SPOILERS LAST PARAGRAPH I pre ordered this book on my Kobo and read it in 2 hours the second I woke up this morning The book was amazing A great conclusion in some ways, a horrible one in other ways This series was great The suspense and the ploteverything was perfect Seven Minutes in Heaven totally met my expectations Sara Shepard never fails to keep you up at night with her mysteries, and this book is just another one to add to the list You ll be biting your nails unt [...]

  21. I DON T KNOW.So like I couldn t wait for my library copy to come in, so I downloaded this book and read it and I m so angry at who it was but the ending made me cry like a baby, and I don t know how many stars to give this stupid books and I m glad I don t have to read any Lying Game books.And now, coherently view spoiler FUCKING ETHAN Seriously, I loved that boy I thought he and Emma were hella cute, and OF FUCKING COURSE it was the ONLY PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE that Emma never s [...]

  22. I m really hoping its not Ethan, because that is just too obvious Although I am sure the next book is going to try and make us see relentlessly how it could be him, in the end it probably will be like all the other books and show that there was just a long line of coincidences that make him look like a killer Thinking about who would make it a good twist at the end, the first one who comes to mind is Mrs Mercer Something about how insanity being passed down through the family blah blahI know she [...]

  23. Okay, I got to say this was a great ending Now this had my attention all the way through the book I wish the rest of the series was that way I was shocked when I found out that view spoiler the killer was Ethan hide spoiler I thought it was going to be someone else, but boy was I wrong Happy with how this ended Very shocked and I think this proved to be a good series in the end Great ending to an okay book series

  24. I AM SPEECHLESS My feelings are everywhere I absolutely devoured this So emotional and shocking, there could not have been a appropriate ending.Review to come

  25. By far, book 6 was my favorite one in The Lying Game series A perfect ending for the whole story Everything made perfect sense in the end.P.s I was right about the killer

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