Darklove Utterly destroyed or lost forever This is the question that plagues Riley Poe After her vampire lover Eli Dupre was seemingly murdered by a fallen angel she receives word that he s actually trappe

Utterly destroyed, or lost forever This is the question that plagues Riley Poe After her vampire lover, Eli Dupre, was seemingly murdered by a fallen angel, she receives word that he s actually trapped in an alternate dimension, where hell on earth is revealed and dark forces reign Riley s been there before, and it nearly ripped her to pieces.But her efforts to find EliUtterly destroyed, or lost forever This is the question that plagues Riley Poe After her vampire lover, Eli Dupre, was seemingly murdered by a fallen angel, she receives word that he s actually trapped in an alternate dimension, where hell on earth is revealed and dark forces reign Riley s been there before, and it nearly ripped her to pieces.But her efforts to find Eli are thwarted by a new foe a powerful, unstoppable vampire is slaughtering humans Riley knows how to handle a vamp, and with the WUP team by her side, she s determined to take down the rogue.But what she finds rocks her to the core, as she discovers a startling connection between the slaughter and Eli, who might not be missing after all and who might not be the same vampire she fell in love with.

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  1. Elle Jasper spent her youth buried in the pages of Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Stephen King Growing up on the salt marshes of Savannah, Georgia, she was always fascinated by the city s ancient cobblestones, eerie church spires and Gothic Revival architect as well as the dark, not so publicized side of Savannah, both steeped in tumultuous history After an education at Armstrong Atlantic University, she forged her love of Gothic literature with an active imagination to pen her own stories She is now a full time writer and lives amidst the moss and shadows of Savannah.

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  1. My Thoughts Wowis book was totally engrossing and I just love that I was so into reading that literally hours would pass in no time at all The blurb definitely has spoilers but if you read the last book, you know what s going on with Elirta Things are rough for Riley and it s hard to read but I love all that emotional drama I was really happy that the book got back on track after a somewhat left turn with book three, Eventide There were a few minor glitches which I can in no way deduct any stars [...]

  2. OMG OMG OMG I loved this book, best so far by far I love Eli and Riley so much I can sleep peacefully now.EXCUSE ME DID I READ THAT RIGHT, ELI HAS TO STAY THE SAME MAN THE RILEY FELL IN LOVE WITH DO NOT DO THIS TO MEUPDATE I LOVE THE COVER In my opinion its much better than the Black Fallen cover.

  3. I won this book from a Facebook competition, and I m so glad I took the chance to enter I love this series by Elle and this last book had me tied up in knots I laughed, I cried, I was an emotional wreck from page one to the very end Riley is a one of a kind character, and her world is epic The characters around her are complex and interesting The story arc for Darklove and the series had me hooked until the very end Once I started, I couldn t put the book down until I had finished.Without spoili [...]

  4. I read this in two hours and I was so disappointed Everything has turned into a shortcut I feel gypped When Riley goes to the alterna Hell, I had to re read it It took like 5 minutes What the hell The whole book is abbreviated with a new set of supporting characters, sort of It s a race to get to Eli, but there is nothing that endears me to Riley any From Book 3 or so, she does what she wants without thinking about other people I hate that character trait It s entirely selfish when the rest of t [...]

  5. With the promise of a darker, gritty story with an almost hopeless desperation to save her lover, I thought this story was set up to be a real page turner so I picked it up with great anticipation And I was not disappointed This one cruised along quickly and near the end it was a real page turner.This was the fifth and final book in the series I was not aware of that when I chose the book In fact when I first snagged it, I didn t pay attention to the fact that it was part of a series And so it s [...]

  6. There are no words Other than this If this WAS the ending It was perfect The perfect ending, and well deserved after a long fight For friends, for family, for life, and for love This will be a series I will read MANY times over.

  7. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty Riley is lost without Eli Then she discovers that he may not be dead Nothing will stop her from finding the man she loves Opening Sentence It s cold here.The Review Let me start off by saying I have not read the previous books in this series The first book has been on my to read list for a long time, but I just haven t gotten around to reading it That being said, I had no problems following what was going on in this fifth and final installment of t [...]

  8. There have been reports that Darklove will be the last book in the Dark Ink Chronicles series by Elle Jasper, but that is only speculation due to the ending of this installment Jasper ties up a lot of loose ends with Darklove, but also shows the possibility of new avenues to take the series, so readers will just have to read this one and wait to see if others follow Jasper s knack for writing about the paranormal is showcased against Riley Poe s heartbreak at loosing her vampire lover Eli They s [...]

  9. I jumped into the Dark Ink Chronicles a little late I started with book 3 It s OK though I got to know and love our kick ass, sassy heroine, Riley Poe and her hunka hunka burnin love, Eligius Dupre And then, in book 4, I watched everything fall apart Book 5 of the Dark Ink Chronicles, Darklove is a fantastic book With emotions high, Riley and Noah set out to rid Inverness, Scotland of a pesky rogue vampire problem only to find themselves neatly primed to vanquish a new paranormal being Well, not [...]

  10. I highly recommend that you start this series from the beginning A lot will be lost in translation if you don t.In Book 5, Darklove, we get to see an emotional train wreck named Riley Poe Her vampire fiance is presumed dead but then is discovered to possibly be trapped in an alternate realm Her main mission, with Worldwide Unexplained Phenomena WUP partner Noah, takes them to Inverness There is a rogue vampire that is indiscriminately killing humans out in the open that must be disposed of and f [...]

  11. Darklove, Dark Ink Chronicles 5, by Elle Jasper Grade B Why does everyone love you so much Riley Have you bewitched every male around you Riley Poe saw her fiance killed right in front of her but Riley knows things are not what they appear to be Determined to find her fiance Eli she dives deeper into the underworld of Inverness, Scotland where she finds many new surprises Fighting new forces also means facing new powers and Riley must fight to keep her sanity if she has any hope of finding her f [...]

  12. All of the Dark Ink Chronicles were absolutely amazing, these books sucked me in so fast I was randonly searching for great new paranormal romance books and i found the first book Afterlight i think Anyways i zipped thru these books and then coudnt wait for this last book to come out Darklove Riley Poe is my favorite sexy ass kicking heroine She s hot, smart, rather unaware of how sexy she is, which makes her sexier, and has a heart of gold She is kind of thrown into this mix of vampires, ghosts [...]

  13. What I enjoyed most about this series was that Riley Poe was this chick who was a tattoo artist, who lived in new orleans, who had crazy awesome tatts on her body as well And what really put the icing on the cake was the kind of music she liked listening to while she used to kickbox workout before she became a super human I believe it was the first book that she mentioned listening to 30 seconds to mars while working out and I LOVE that band.Now with that being said I kept reading the series bec [...]

  14. Ok It should be a 5 star This is the final book right Anyway, Riley just keeps surprising us Even her lack of common sense makes sense Don t go alone Riley What does she do Goes out alone Stick close to Miles then she goes, I need to be alone, Alone Ugh We know it s because view spoiler she really misses her mate and needs to go after him no matter what hide spoiler but come on Sheesh So you can imagine that 1st part of this book is torture for me but a necessity to make the whole story congruen [...]

  15. I ve read this series about three times now and I ve had a different thought each time I first read them last summer and I loved them, I thought the characters were great and the storyline was interesting The second time, the characters lost some of their appeal, mostly Riley, and the story line was less interesting The last time I read them, which was recent, I abhorred Riley for the majority of of the series and thought she was a tad ridiculous I loved the side characters than the main ones a [...]

  16. Riley Poe s love Eligius Eli Dupre is lost to her since Edinburgh She s become a shell of who she used to be harder and colder without him Jake Andorra founder of Worldwide Unexplained Phenomena WUP has assigned Noah Miles and Riley to cover the rogue vampires over running Inverness Riley s unusual ability to dream keeps her seeing her love and another woman together When Riley comes face to face with Eli, she s stunned to see him kissing another woman Riley has jealousy ripping thru her to atta [...]

  17. As much as I wanted to read this book for the resolution of the story, there were several major issues with the writing that caused me to give it three stars The present tense was especially irritating to me, but I could ve overlooked it if it weren t for the wildly swinging between sometimes giving too much detail and sometimes leaving me flat confused with too little Several times, I went back to reread a few pages trying to find something I though I d skipped over Also, several major plot tur [...]

  18. I love this serieswhat else can I sayjust thisad this bookad this series is awesome and gut wrenching and you ll love Riley and Eli and all of the wonderful characters.As is typical of Ms Jasper s stories this one will have you on the edge of your seatued to your chair.Noah is sooooo wonderful, strong and loyalI really fell in love with him in this story.You can just feel the love Riley has for Eli it makes you feel like they are real and not just characters on a page.This girl is tough as nails [...]

  19. Well what a way to finish the series This book, just like the rest of the Dark Ink Chronicles, has it all Action, funny moments, moments you want to hurt certain characters, times you want join Riley on her emotional journey but most of all you want to be part of the ever expanding friends and family.It was great to see the introduction of new characters that fitted in well with the ongoing saving Eli storyline Riley was her normal kick ass self throughout and that just makes you love the story [...]

  20. I really loved this series The main characters were well thought out and had depth I could almost feel I love a story with a tough heroine and this series didn t disappoint While I love me some good erotica, I have to say the love sex scenes in the series are some of the best I ve ever read The depth of feeling between Riley and Eligias was phenomenal and actually very breathtaking Thank you Elle Jasper for a great series.

  21. I m confused, since we got our happy ending and all bad guys were vanquished, does this mean it s the end of the series I did like the story, however I found it laid back than the rest of the novels in the series I m also sad she married Eli, I m glad he is alive but I liked it so much better when she had all the guys wanting her It kept Eli on his toes.

  22. OMG such an amazing Seri s I wish it didn t end maybe she will write a little .Lol I enjoyed this series very much the ending was great I thought one thing and it didn t go that way Amazing books On my must read list for sure one of my favorite series

  23. I was surprised but this was actually pretty damn good and clawed back my kinda of dissapointedness from the last book I think it ended off the series nicely.I also liked Rhine, he was pretty cool but I kind of wish they would address a kind of important thing, like who and what his dad is

  24. This book is written as the ending of a series, I missed two highly anticipated conversations that where just skipped forgotten Low on Ri Eli scenes.Full review will come closer to release date received review copy from publisher

  25. I am absolutely in love with this series Riley Poe is an amazing character Her only flaw is her one tracked mind that is like tunnel vision I love how Eli compliments her and how loyal they are together I can t wait to see future installments and see what happens.

  26. I am sadden with the way the book was written as if it is the end of the series, if that is the case, I will truely miss Riley Eli I did enjoy this book as I have all the rest I will not get into detail as I do not want to spoil the read for anyone who has not read this one yet.

  27. This book did not disappoint Hope she will write other books about the other characters especially Rhine and Seth And we cannot forget Noah, Vic, and the last single Dupre Phin.

  28. Had a hard time getting through this one, kind of forgettable I might try reading again if I can start this series from the beginning.

  29. Love this story, the characters, the antagonists, the protaganists Great back story Would love tonsee a spinoff of some of the other characters.

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