First Comes Love

First Comes Love The perfect love story to kick start your summer reading SeventeenLike his name Gray is dark and stormy Dylan a girl who is seemingly unable to settle down is the exact opposite full of light and l

The perfect love story to kick start your summer reading SeventeenLike his name, Gray is dark and stormy Dylan, a girl who is seemingly unable to settle down, is the exact opposite full of light and life On the outside, they seem like an unlikely couple But looks can be deceiving, and besides, opposites attract What starts as friendship turns into admiration, The perfect love story to kick start your summer reading SeventeenLike his name, Gray is dark and stormy Dylan, a girl who is seemingly unable to settle down, is the exact opposite full of light and life On the outside, they seem like an unlikely couple But looks can be deceiving, and besides, opposites attract What starts as friendship turns into admiration, respect, and caring, until finally these two lone souls find that they are truly in love with each other But staying in love is never as easy as falling in love If Dylan and Gray want their love to last, they re going to have to work at it .

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First Comes Love

  1. I am publishing my latest book in 2017 under the pen name KATIE RAY Be sure to check out my other books First Comes Love, Second Chance, Finally Forever, Awaken, Middle Ground, and Still Point , published under my legal name, KATIE KACVINSKY You can find out about me and my books at my website katieraybooks.wordpress

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  1. Sorry for the long review s lately I seem to have a lot of things to say these days Good thing for you, there s this reading process called skimming Lol This is about the story of two people, one trying to blend in but who just seems to stand out in the attempt and one who effortlessly stands out because of being very different and how these two people who don t seem to matter much find a way to matter so much to each other.Before this, it s been quite long since I ve read an NA novel TBH, I ve [...]

  2. When your world s become one person, how do you prepare to let her go How do you get over someone you know you ll never forget Before I started this book, I was really excited because everyone seems to like it, most especially my friends on Seeing the synopsis and the sweet reviews, I told myself that this book must be really good because it definitely sounds right up my alley Unfortunately after reading it, I realized that it s completely different than what I was expecting, and sad to say the [...]

  3. Mann, what can I say about this one That it was exactly what I needed and that s why it deserves 5 stars But then, how can I give it this rating if it isn t perfect and I wanted from that end I was confused for days, only to decide that I would write the review first and then decide on the rating hahaWhat can I say about Dylan,this girl that completely stole me At first, I was certain she was a dream I mean, how can someone be like this But then, people always try to be a Dylan, daily So, I was [...]

  4. He is cold but she is hot She is illogical and irrational while he analyzes logic and counts reasons He s a snail basking in the shades but she is a rabbit hopping hither and thither He has a pessimist outlook but she is an optimist He s Gray and she is Dylan Where Gray is a slow song precisely Why not me She s a fast song like Tik Tok She thinks he s a challenge, turns out he is interesting He thinks she s weird, turns out she is as unique as a fingerprint Both are opposites, both complement e [...]

  5. Actual rating 3.5 stars Life is a story We can make it a Harlequin romance, a mystery, a memoir We can make it pamphlet size or an ongoing series I want mine to be exceptional This book is about the development of a relationship between two people who are completely opposites Gray is this grumpy depressive guy who just wants to be left alone One day, he meets Dylan, a overly energetic girl who is really pushy and likes to live life at its fullest My theory is everybody sucks So, my conclusion is [...]

  6. This book is recommended to me by AJ,my ever loving sister, and I want to thank her for being my greatest source of great books This book is a beautiful story that when you started reading,you ll be glued to the pages It is a story of two people who are completely opposite in most every way The girl,Dylan is a smart,free spirited,outgoing,open, and adventurous person.And I just love her She s so cute and funny in a quite simple way that makes her unique and extraordinary.The boy,Gray on the othe [...]

  7. It s amazing how far you re willing to go when someone believes in you I was hesitant to start this book,because there are very few NA books which I have reallyliked.So thank you Aj for recommending this to me because I wouldn t have picked it had you not mentioned about this wonderful book This book is beautifully written.First Comes Love is a story about Gary,who lives in his own world and doesn t let himself get attached to anyone after he lost his sister.And Dylan is complete opposite.She is [...]

  8. I had the impression that this was an emotional book when I first saw the blurb But turns out it was actually the opposite Because not long after I started reading the book I find myself laughing with the characters It was actually a fun, sweet and highly amusing read And although that may sound like this is just an ordinary light and fluffy read this book never lacks the depth most emotional books carries It was delivered in a way that would make you think and understand life lessons and insigh [...]

  9. 3.5 StarsDylan is a free spirit looking for anything new to experience, and relishing the random in life Noticing what others overlook, like Gray She is intrigued by him, notices him even though he does his best to blend in, and this is what makes him stand out even to Dylan Gray, appropriately named, is in a cloud still reeling from the loss of his twin sister, he goes about life trying to keep everything and everyone out If he stays numb, he won t get hurt That is until Dylan forces her way i [...]

  10. 4.5 starsFirst Comes Love is the book that you can never pass up Of course you can, but I tell you, you shan t It will sweep you off your feet and ignite those dormant butterflies in your stomach Now, as the cynic that I am, I do find it hard to believe that I actually said that, but yep I just did Usually, this kind of story would ve earned interminable insults from me for being too far fetched but with First Comes Love, it was just different Maybe it was the author s writing, the plot developm [...]

  11. Oh,wow This story is something else Something I ve never read before Really special The blurb doesn t begin to describe how awesome Gray and Dylan are These characters I love them They are so real I could gush about them for ages Oh, this lovely, lovely book It was so wise and quotable If I persuade only one person to read this book I d be so happy That cover is misleading and distracting Don t get me wrong, I like it but it doesn t really show Gray and Dylan as they really are Something like th [...]

  12. You re never going to experience anything if you wait around for perfect conditions Look at the sky, Gray It s gorgeous It s perfect right now, and you re miss ing it I felt like those words were directed to me Remember that time in college when you have to review for an exam, that you start highlighting important things in your book, only you ended up highlighting ALMOST every paragraph, sentence there is, because you re worried that you might miss something important Something that might help [...]

  13. Wow This was so awesome I love everything about it and I just can t pick one quote to share The whole book itself is a memorable quote It made me laugh, cry and fall in love with it all over again.This is one hell of a book and Dylan is one crazy, lovable character She has all these eccentric and insane ideas She is full of life and is literally living life to the fullest She is like a hurricane that tosses you inside out and upside down She is like the sun that shines so bright you have to shie [...]

  14. Wow, I am the first one to review this book, UMMM no pressure LOL Dylan and Gray are very strong characters This book has so much great life advice in it Kudos to Katie for such a great imagination and writing ability I love how Dylan suffers from creative outbursts One paragraph from this book really stuck with me and I relate to it so much in my own life I think everyone s caught up in these tiny narrow minded minded worlds and they re deluded enough to think their world exists in the center o [...]

  15. Thefirstthought after reading Damn, It could have been made longer I swear I was feeling that glorious moment when they finally reunited , hoping that the blissful feeling has been defined and then the next thing I knew, it s done No extended sappy moments And that is what s holding me back from clicking that full 5 stars rating But I guess when you ve learn to love a book from page one til the last, how each word made an impact to your perspective and ideals in life, you ll forget how it suck [...]

  16. 3 3.5 Stars Words for this book Grief Friendship Love Second chances First love Hope Inspiration New beginnings This book is about two individuals who find one another at different times in their lives while being complete opposites We have Gray who realistic, grumpy, sarcastic and likes to be alone but on the other hand we have Dylan, who is energetic, hopeful, free spirited, lives life to the fullest and open minded to everything Gray and Dylan are SO catdog Gray and Dylan meet one day and fro [...]

  17. I feel like I violently teeter between these two selves And I ve decided to chase my wild side I don t want to have any regrets I think the worst mistake in life is to wonder, What if I d rather fail miserably pursuing my dreams than succeed at something I have to settle for Wow This book sent me all over the map I went from liking it, to disliking it, to loving it in the end It drove me crazy I think the hardest books to review, rate, and enjoy are those that tear you straight down the middle Y [...]

  18. But there are also some terrible words, she continues Like membrane And moist And protoplasm I received this book as a birthday present about a year ago, and really wanted to read it And I ended up not getting a chance to for a really long time And thank goodness I picked it up a couple days ago because I loved it It was hilarious, awkward, exciting, and romantic It really is the way first love is I wanted to shout to the skies when I found out both Dylan and Gray were virgins You know why Becau [...]

  19. Oh yes, finally Thanks so much to my GR friends, Donita, Henz and AJ who suggested this book Forgive me because it took me a while to read this After the ordeal I ve been through a month ago, I know I deserve this book Finally, yes I ve read this Now let it be known that I m utterly in love with this novel I couldn t sleep, she confesses Why not I ask.She smiles at me It s this sweet, innocent smile, and it makes my heart stammer You didn t kiss me today, she says And I wanted you to Among the b [...]

  20. Rating 3.5 4 Stars Katie Kacvinsky, the author of First Comes Love, describes her book by saying, this book is half dream and half reality, half experiences I ve had and half experiences I would love to have, and she couldn t be right First Comes Love is a love story unlike any other not because of its originality, but because of its characters The GoodReads summary of this novel barely provides the reader with a true glimpse of the depth and potential of this story, so I began this novel barel [...]

  21. WellI just don t know what to think about this I ve been teaching for 30 years, and I ve raised two girls of my own But I m new to writing and publishing, even newer to the Young Adult genre I remember years ago, probably 86 or 87, Fayetteville, Arkansas, was splitting at the seams because someone at the school had selected The Chocolate Wars as required reading for one of the English classes, and I can t remember which A group of concerned citizens had purchased and entire page in the local new [...]

  22. When I saw the cover of First Comes Love I said Yes When I read the summary, I said Hell Yes When I read the book I was like Huh Now do not get me wrong, it was a great story, but different from what I pictured In my opinion, the cover has this sort of epic passionate romance feeling, and the summary makes Grey seem like such a dark and mysterious person and that Dylan is so full of life which is true but, they don t seem like the extraordinary human being sort of characters He isn t this super [...]

  23. First Comes Love is an emotional and beautiful story First Comes Love has crawled into my heart and will never leave For such a tiny book, I had no idea it would make me feel the way that it did while reading it It s now days later and I can t stop thinking about the two main characters First Comes Love is a beautiful story about two young teens who discover themselves through one another Dylan lives in the moment She doesn t care what others think about her and she is a very adventurous person [...]

  24. Gray Loner Angry Caustic.Dylan Vagabond Genial Happy.Told from alternate POVs, this is a story about two opposing personalities who learned the intricacies of human relationships from the sensibilities of new found friendships, the adrenaline rush of falling in love, and the complexities of making a fragile relationship work It s not going to be easy and it would take a lot of brutal honesty, never ending soul searching, compounded by difficult sacrifices At the end of the day, would it all be w [...]

  25. I was intrigued to read this book because of my friendAj Thank you dear I thought this is a lovely book, it s refreshing to read it under the New Adult genre where most of them are all sexed up, although I like a steamy book every once in a while but they tend to be boring and shallow at times however First Comes Love is just right It s what I needed after the endless annoying main characters I ve been reading so far No eye rolls and cringing for me here just smiles, aww s and sighs.The story is [...]

  26. This novel is life changing It opens your mind, your heart, your soul to a new, enthralling perspective The title didn t really capture my interest and what made me read this book borrowed it from the library was because of this It piqued my curiosity and without moment s notice, I was reading it and couldn t even put it down I quickly fell in love with the characters, especially Dylan She s spontaneous, random and boring was never in her vocabulary I think the book cover is not misleading at al [...]

  27. This was something else.Can t really put my thoughts to paper, but I can tell you this book is amazing And the characters are nothing like you ve read before I need book 2 asap.

  28. I am always a little sceptic when picking books that aren t lengthy because something always seems to be lacking, whether it is the plot or character development However I wanted to read First Comes Love though because I ve heard some pretty good things about it The story is about two people, Gray and Dylan Gray is your typical loner stuck inside of his turtle shell Gray prefers to be by himself, but he wasn t always like that At his community college, Gray notices a strange girl on campus She s [...]

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