Wiseguy Wiseguy is Nicholas Pileggi s remarkable bestseller the most intimate account ever printed of life inside the deadly high stakes world of what some people call the Mafia Wiseguy is Henry Hill s story

Wiseguy is Nicholas Pileggi s remarkable bestseller, the most intimate account ever printed of life inside the deadly high stakes world of what some people call the Mafia Wiseguy is Henry Hill s story, in fascinating, brutal detail, the never before revealed day to day life of a working mobster his violence, his wild spending sprees, his wife, his mistresses, his co Wiseguy is Nicholas Pileggi s remarkable bestseller, the most intimate account ever printed of life inside the deadly high stakes world of what some people call the Mafia Wiseguy is Henry Hill s story, in fascinating, brutal detail, the never before revealed day to day life of a working mobster his violence, his wild spending sprees, his wife, his mistresses, his code of honor.

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  1. Nicholas Pileggi is best known for writing the book Wiseguy, which he adapted into the movie Goodfellas, and for writing the book and screenplay Casino The movie versions of both were co written and directed by Martin Scorsese Pileggi also wrote the screenplay for the 1996 film City Hall He began his career as a journalist and had a profound interest in the Mafia This is where he developed his intuition to author books such as Wiseguy and Casino He is also the author of the book Blye Private Eye.

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  1. I first read this when it came out in the mid 80s I was 70 or 80 pages into it when Henry Hill first mentioned his niteclub on Queens Boulevard,The Suite At that point I realized I had worked in Henry s club as a musician in the early 1970s I remembered Henry never knew his last name standing at the end of the bar most nights watching the action and hanging out with his friends Of course at that point the book grabbed my total interest and I finished it in a few hours It s arguably the greatest [...]

  2. Wiseguy tells the story of the life of career criminal Henry Hill, well known in the film Goodfellas, which is based upon this book As with many books that go to films, the inner details add depth to Hill s story and give the reader a better feel for the disturbing and violent life he lead With the romanticism of film removed, the facts are told mostly from Henry and his wife at the time, Karen What I liked most about Wiseguy is the true events, rather than the detailed idealistic fiction of alt [...]

  3. Nicholas Pileggi s non fiction book, Wiseguy , is the basis for the film, GoodFellas, directed by Martin Scorsese 1990 It s the true story of Henry Hill, a member of the Lucchese organised crime family in New York Henry s heyday takes place during the 1960s and 1970s when he works under the protection of mob boss Paul Vario in the Brownsville East New York section of Brooklyn.Has there ever been a great disparity between a book and a film adaptation This is not to suggest that Wiseguy aka GoodFe [...]

  4. I think this could have been a very jarring book had I not seen the movie Goodfellas so many times I practically have it memorized As with the Godfather book film, Goodfellas is an extremely faithful representation of Wiseguy.As many people have pointed out previously, what sets this book apart is the outright bluntness in the delivery It wastes no time trying to water the cold, hard facts down or romanticize the lifestyle of a mafioso We re talking about people who would murder their best frien [...]

  5. I waited for this book for a long time Watched my favorite movie Goodfellas based on this book several times So when I got the hard copy of the book, I could not resist myself finishing it at once It is As good as the movie But if someone watches the movie, the book is waste of time in my opinion The movie is a total honest representation of the book But my case is different I love to read about Mafia The book is based on the real life story of a mobster Henry Hill He used to be a member of Lucc [...]

  6. A deeper look into the story of Henry Hill and his life and involvement with the New York City Mafia from the 1950s 90s The beginning of the book is nearly exactly like its film version Goodfellas, a classic in my opinion , but if you keep going the story takes new turns not shown in the film, with additional schemes and characters I enjoyed the different perspectives, with narratives from the writer, Karen Henry s wife , FBI detectives, and mostly Henry himself If you have an interest in learni [...]

  7. Based on evidence given while going into the witness protection program, this is a gritty view of what it is actually like to be a Wise Guy or Mafia thug I was amazed repelled by the book Unlike the Godfather which made a hero out of such men touted a loyalty honor throughout the ranks, this book shows the actual setup How self interest rules their lives how little empathy they have I didn t like the book or the subject, but it was well written worth reading I just find the idea of people leechi [...]

  8. Wiseguy By Tj Scott The book Wiseguy is about Henry Hill a member of the Lucchese crime family.The book itself tells a different perspective of the Mob Its seen through the eyes of Nicholas Pileggi the author but told to by Hill himself It displays an interesting outlook,Mob movies books characters have fascinated the world for so long and its the belief that their is another world exhilarating and exciting fast paced and the common person is just looking to escape the real world into a book or [...]

  9. After reading this book I am sure going to watch the movie goodfellas as also it has a high rating on Talking about the biography it was a great ride, I enjoyed reading this book And I am sure you will too

  10. This is the sort of book that makes reading true crime interesting What I mean is this while reading about gruesome murders is sometimes chillingly good, and one reads such books just for the shock value, sometimes a book comes along that gives you the big picture This is such a book.Henry Hill fell in love with the Mafia way of life as a kid, and he stuck to it until the bitter end or rather, until he had two choices Either join the Federal Witness Protection Program, or face the music with the [...]

  11. Goodfellas originally titled Wiseguy is a terrific true crime book that just stops short of romanticizing the life of a gangster The book is about working class Italian and Irish gangsters in Brooklyn, starting from their early days in the 1950s to their fall in the 70s and 80s, told through the eyes of a foot soldier Henry Hill and his wife Karen Pileggi lays things down for us like the milieu or an important happening and then lets Henry and Karen Hill talk us through their lives The conversat [...]

  12. Hands down, this is the best book ever written about the mafia Like Pileggi says in the first few pages, Henry gives one of the most rare views from the inside, because he watched everything and participated in the lifestyle with a sense of detachment, probably because he knew that while he could never be an official member, the he paid attention, the he could endear himself to the higher ups of the mafia family he was associated with.Like most people who read this book, I saw the movie first, [...]

  13. If you can t get enough of Goodfellas, this book is a perfect way to get all of the details The most surprising aspect of the book is just how true to life Scorsese was in his direction of the movie I suppose that might have something to do with his collaboration with author Nicholas Pileggi, who he worked with again on Casino This attention to detail allows the reader to visualize and recall the scenes of Goodfellas as Pileggi provides embellishments to enrich the story for the reader Normally, [...]

  14. This is the story of Henry Hill, a close associate of Paul Vario, a capo in the Lucchese crime family in New York City It impresses not in the criminal achievements of Hill, but rather in the breadth of knowledge which Hill provides of the mafia way of life what is entailed in living the life of a wiseguy.Comparisons with the film of the same name are inevitable but I tried to avoid this common pitfall the film is slick, star studded, well acted and with innovative and highly effective camera wo [...]

  15. I enjoyed this but I m going to say something I rarely or never say watch the film instead.The best bits of the book are the interviews with Henry Hill, and most of them appear verbatim as a voice over in the movie As such, the book adds very little to the enjoyment or detail of the film version.There are a couple of extra details but, on the whole, it s probably not worth reading as I d give the film a clear five stars I m not sure I m happy with myself for doing a review saying films are bette [...]

  16. Borrowed from a friend and was happy with the book A Good fellas Story by Henry Hills Life story alot in depth and alot then the movie told Very nice subject and was happy to read it.

  17. The basis for the movie Goodfellas Provides some detail than the movie A must read if you are into this sort of thing.

  18. Like so many others, I was drawn to this book because of the movie I had happened upon some Youtube videos of the star actors, closer to present day, talking about making the movie Always a fan, I had seen it several time, but Ray Liotta was commenting about the book in the interview and it piqued my curiosity As amazing as that movie is, the book of course is better Many reviewers comment on how Pileggi removed the romanticized notion that surround the mafia, by giving a colder and very gritty [...]

  19. Wiseguy is the biography of Henry Hill, an obvious sociopath, a lifelong professional criminal, and bearer of the dubious honor of having been on the periphery of what was then the largest cash heist in US history This happened in the midst of decades spent hijacking trucks leaving JFK Airport, selling stolen credit cards, committing fraud with restaurants, fixing college basketball games, running a private drug distribution empire, and aiding and abetting increasingly frequent murders by and of [...]

  20. Response 1If I had the option, I would be friends with Henry Hill in a heartbeat He is a young, kind, and easygoing person Although he is surrounded by violence, he never seemed to give into the peer pressure of his friends When people around him were thinking of how to whack their friend, Henry was thinking of how to talk them out of it He seemed to be a genuinely good guy Henry was always generous, giving out money like candy, and treated those who gave him respect, with respect Among Italians [...]

  21. Great read I, like many, read this after seeing GoodFellas dozens upon dozens of times I ll start by saying I like the film better, but that s not to downplay how good this book is Reading it makes me appreciate the film even Part of what I love about the film is that it has that no way this could be made up vibe to it Little touches throughout made it all so believable This is because the film soaked up countless minute details from the book which is actually pretty lean at only 220 or so page [...]

  22. This book documents the mobster Henry Hill s story, and was the inspiration for the move Goodfellas The writing style is very journalistic, and most of the book consists of direct quotes from Henry, with some from his wife Karen It was interesting to compare and contrast the movie with the book The book uses real names, Jimmy Conway in the movie is the really James Burke, etc , and is entirely Henry s story without being fictionalized The movie compresses some events, and Tommy DeVito Joe Pesci [...]

  23. Henry Hill was a criminal, snitch, con artist, drug addict and betrayer of people that were or less family to him so you have to take a lot of what he says in this book with a grain of salt If you have seen the movie Goodfellas then this is the book that film was based on The only difference I noticed between the two was the book goes into how they were running a points shaving gambling scam with Boston College basketball players As untrustworthy as Hill is the book itself is a fascinating ente [...]

  24. This book was amazing Until recently I never knew there was a book version of Goodfellas I always loved the movie, so when I found out there was a book I had to read it.The book is way better than the movie So much detail and you really find out what happens Nicholas Pileggi did a marvelous job in writing the book I loved the style he chose to write it in with descriptions and then first person accounts by Henry, his wife Karen and one time girlfriend, Linda.A truly wonderful book and I would r [...]

  25. This is it, the classic that set the benchmark for all mob memoirs to follow The film version of the book, Goodfellas, was so good, some speculate it killed an entire genre until a guy named David Chase came along.Still the book raises questions Did Spider really exist It seems not.And who really killed Tommy DeSimone There s interesting theories about that one.I wrote a recent story that analyses Goodfellas.nostranews 2015 12

  26. Way Overrated I truly thought this book would live up to the reviews but obviously whoever has read this and rated it the best mafia book of all time, has not read The Godfather This was a halfway entertaining novel that was of an autobiography The only reason I continued reading was because the reviews were so I d I thought the book would redeem itself, though it never did You want a good mafia book, read some Mario Puzo.

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