Honor An honor killing shatters and transforms the lives of Turkish immigrants in s LondonInternationally bestselling Turkish author Elif Shafak s new novel is a dramatic tale of families love and mis

An honor killing shatters and transforms the lives of Turkish immigrants in 1970s LondonInternationally bestselling Turkish author Elif Shafak s new novel is a dramatic tale of families, love, and misunderstandings that follows the destinies of twin sisters born in a Kurdish village While Jamila stays to become a midwife, Pembe follows her Turkish husband, Adem, to LondonAn honor killing shatters and transforms the lives of Turkish immigrants in 1970s LondonInternationally bestselling Turkish author Elif Shafak s new novel is a dramatic tale of families, love, and misunderstandings that follows the destinies of twin sisters born in a Kurdish village While Jamila stays to become a midwife, Pembe follows her Turkish husband, Adem, to London, where they hope to make new lives for themselves and their children.In London, they face a choice stay loyal to the old traditions or try their best to fit in After Adem abandons his family, Iskender, the eldest son, must step in and become the one who will not let any shame come to the family name And when Pembe begins a chaste affair with a man named Elias, Iskender will discover that you could love someone with all your heart and yet be ready to hurt them.Just published to great acclaim in England, Honor is a powerful, gripping exploration of guilt and innocence, loyalty and betrayal, and the trials of the immigrant, as well as the love and heartbreak that too often tear families apart.

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  1. Elif Shafak was born in Strasbourg, France, in 1971 She is an award winning novelist and the most widely read woman writer in Turkey Critics have named her as one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary Turkish and world literature Her books have been translated into than 40 languages and she was awarded the honorary distinction of Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters.Shafak has published thirteen books, nine of which are novels She writes fiction in both Turkish and English Shafak blends Western and Eastern traditions of storytelling, bringing out the myriad stories of women, minorities, immigrants, subcultures, youth and global souls Her work draws on diverse cultures and literary traditions, as well as deep interest in history, philosophy, Sufism, oral culture, and cultural politics Shafak s writing breaks down categories, clich s, and cultural ghettoes She also has a keen eye for black humor Shafak s first novel, Pinhan The Mystic was awarded the Rumi Prize in 1998, which is given to the best work in mystical literature in Turkey Her second novel, ehrin Aynalar Mirrors of the City , brings together Jewish and Islamic mysticism against a historical setting in the 17th century Mediterranean Shafak greatly increased her readership with her novel Mahrem The Gaze , which earned her the Best Novel Turkish Writers Union Prize in 2000 Her next novel, Bit Palas The Flea Palace , has been a bestseller in Turkey and was shortlisted for the Independent Best Fiction Award.Shafak wrote her next novel in English The Saint of Incipient Insanities was published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux Her second novel written in English is The Bastard of Istanbul, which was the bestselling book of 2006 in Turkey and was longlisted for the Orange prize The novel, which tells the story of an Armenian and a Turkish family through the eyes of women, brought Shafak under prosecution but the charges were ultimately dismissed.Following the birth of her daughter in 2006 she suffered from post natal depression, an experience she addressed in her first autobiographical book, Black Milk In this book Shafak explored the beauties and difficulties of being a writer and a mother The book was received with great interest and acclaim by critics and readers alike, being an instant bestseller Shafak s next novel focused on Love and love East West, past present, spiritual mundane, all in the light of Rumi and Shams of Tabriz The Forty Rules of Love sold over 750 k copies, becoming an all time best seller in Turkey and in France awarded with the Prix ALEF Mention Sp ciale Litt rature Etrang re It is also nominated for 2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.Her latest novel published in English, Iskender Honour , has topped the best seller lists and has been acclaimed by both critics and readers of various ages and backgrounds The novel has opened up a vivid debate in Turkey about family, love, freedom, redemption and the construct of masculinity It is the winner of the 2013 Prix Relay des voyageurs in France nominated for 2012 Man Asian Literary Prize, 2013 Women s Prize for Fiction and 2014 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.Her most recent novel Ustam ve Ben 2013 December revolves around the life of Mimar Sinan, the most famous Ottoman architect and opens up important debates on power, creativity, artistic freedom and bigotry Besides writing fiction, Shafak is an active political commentator, columnist and public speaker She is a regular contributor to major newspapers in Turkey and has been featured in major newspapers and periodicals, including The Guardian, The New York Times, The Independent, and The World Post Huffington Post She has taught at various universities in Turkey, UK and USA Having graduated from the program in International Relations at Middle East Technical University, she holds a Masters degree in Gender and Women s Studies and a Ph.D in Politic

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  1. This is such a phenomenal interesting page turning very enjoyable novel I was drawn into the storytelling instantly I THINK EVERY ONE OF MY FRIENDS WILL BE TOO s mesmerizing and brilliant This is also my first book by Elif Shafak It won t be the last I ve not read another book quite like this one It s rich in Turkish Kirdish culture yet its literary fiction written in English I can t ever remember reading a novel about an honor killing in the Muslim culture Had Elif Shafak not been such a gifted [...]

  2. I am so blown away by this novel, I can t even begin The Guardian review saying that Shafak s writing style is similar to Isabel Allende is correct Shafak like Allende, is able to tell a story from the point of view of many characters without being confusing However Shafak also has something of Amin Malouf in that she writes about cultural identities Most of all, Elif Shafak has her own unique style that combines historical fiction,cultural issues, a little bit of spirituality without being prea [...]

  3. if there is no harmony inside that person, he will always be angry A heart touching novel about the misleading meaning of honor in the east and some other countries all over the world , honor that concerned only with bodies, women bodies This is the story of Pembe and Jamila , Kurdish Turkish twins and their suffering though life among the retardation ,superstition and injustice.After reading the Bastard of Istanbul i decided to read for Elif afak , she handles important and complicated cases i [...]

  4. Esma nam u ovom romanu pripovijeda o nekoliko generacija svoje porodice svojoj majci i tetki, nani, svom ocu i njegovoj porodici, o svojoj bra i i sebi Njena majka i tetka ro ene su 40ih godina XX vijeka na obali Eufrata kao sedmo i osmo dijete Blizankinje su, a njihovi ivoti kre u razli itim putanjama nakon to se Pembe, Esmina majka, seli u London, a njena sestra, Esmina tetka, D emile, ostaje u rodnom kraju.Elif je u ovom romanu uspjela na tako vje t na in ispri ati sudbinu nekoliko generacija [...]

  5. I am blown away , I am actually at a loss of words There are so many thoughts going around in my head about this marvellous book I just need to let time pass in order to fully grasp everything Just wow, plain and simple as that Did I say wow Wow

  6. Disclaimer I read this as an ARC via Netgalley Thank you, Penguin.Good literature, a good story, stirs something in you besides emotion This is because we, humans, learn though stories Whether it is though the fables of Aesop or the narrative that the nightly news uses, stories are an integral part of your life A good story, or to be exact, a good presentation of story makes the listener or reader think, to move outside of herself, to move beyond the habit and culture that she knows A good stor [...]

  7. An honor killing in London is not your typical theme for a novel, so the characters radiating out from this event were interesting to get to know I was drawn in by the twin sisters and enjoyed how it came to light that the sister who found love was left alone The twin who did marry had reasons other than passion for doing so Although the chapter headings were very clearly marked with location and date, I think they could have been better shuffled to reveal some key items of interest earlier Had [...]

  8. Honor by Elif Shafak is a tragic story of a shocking honor killing that stuns and shatters the lives and hopes of a Turkish emigrant family living in London in the 1970s.This book opens with a very strong and beautiful dedication from the author which reads as follows When I was seven years old We lived in a green house, one of our neighbours a talented tailor would often beat his wife In the evenings we listened to the shouts, the crys the swearing In the mornings we went on with our lives as u [...]

  9. Could not put this down, have enjoyed all her books, this one depicts so well life in a Kurdish village, the tough love in being born female, the challenges of immigrants, the difficulty in adapting to different cultural norms and the universal disappointments and often reluctant or guilt ridden joys of new found love.

  10. Shafak is striking again in this magnificent novel I loved it As it seems now her favorite topic Comparison between East West, Muslims the rest of the world, Elif Shafak is astonishing me with all the small details that only a person who lived in the two worlds will notice It s my 3rd read for her, i ve started this book hoping she won t fail me, also I was so intimidated that it won t be about Arabs Turks Muslims who beat their wives, not respecting women and so That it would bring shame to us [...]

  11. I feel mean giving this book such a low rating but while it deals with the difficult subject matter with sensitivity and empathy it just has too many similarities with the two best known British novels dealing with the immigrant experience Zadie Smith s White Teeth and Monica Ali s Brick Lane The divided sisters motif in Brick Lane is reproduced here, and the central Iskander character is uncomfortably close to Smith s Millat while his brother Yunus is almost a copy of the same novel s Josh, a n [...]

  12. My first Elif Shafak novel and it certainly won t be the last.Loved the story and how it dealt with the Misused concept of honor How women are judged by it while the man can do something worse and still manage to escape the blame It s a topic that will forever anger and sadden me.loved some characters and felt for them except Tariq and Adem I hated those so much Specially Tariq what an Asshole Although I loved the story, it was boring at some points with some long descriptions It made me skim so [...]

  13. I am not in the proper headspace to appreciate this fully Not fair to the book to read it during this time Nothing is wrong, people, I just really want to read romance.

  14. I absolutely loved this book I loved everything about it The characters are all completely believable, the story is one which will you will not want to see the end of while dying to know what actually happened, the writing is wonderful to read and the humanity of the story is so real as to feel well, real.I was absorbed for the four evenings I read this book until too late in bed Had I had the time this would have been a sit down on a Saturday morning and read til it gets dark kind of book.The s [...]

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