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Ordinary Grace From New York Times bestselling author William Kent Krueger comes a brilliant new novel about a young man a small town and murder in the summer of New Bremen Minnesota The Twins were pla

From New York Times bestselling author William Kent Krueger comes a brilliant new novel about a young man, a small town, and murder in the summer of 1961.New Bremen, Minnesota, 1961 The Twins were playing their debut season, ice cold root beers were at the ready at Halderson s Drug Store soda counter, and Hot Stuff comic books were a mainstay on every barbershop magazineFrom New York Times bestselling author William Kent Krueger comes a brilliant new novel about a young man, a small town, and murder in the summer of 1961.New Bremen, Minnesota, 1961 The Twins were playing their debut season, ice cold root beers were at the ready at Halderson s Drug Store soda counter, and Hot Stuff comic books were a mainstay on every barbershop magazine rack It was a time of innocence and hope for a country with a new, young president But for thirteen year old Frank Drum it was a summer in which death assumed many forms.When tragedy unexpectedly comes to call on his family, which includes his Methodist minister father, his passionate, artistic mother, Juilliard bound older sister, and wise beyond his years kid brother, Frank finds himself thrust into an adult world full of secrets, lies, adultery, and betrayal.On the surface, Ordinary Grace is the story of the murder of a beautiful young woman, a beloved daughter and sister At heart, it s the story of what that tragedy does to a boy, his family, and ultimately the fabric of the small town in which he lives Told from Frank s perspective forty years after that fateful summer, it is a moving account of a boy standing at the door of his young manhood, trying to understand a world that seems to be falling apart around him It is an unforgettable novel about discovering the terrible price of wisdom and the enduring grace of God.

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Ordinary Grace

  1. Raised in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, William Kent Krueger briefly attended Stanford University before being kicked out for radical activities After that, he logged timber, worked construction, tried his hand at freelance journalism, and eventually ended up researching child development at the University of Minnesota He currently makes his living as a full time author He s been married for over 40 years to a marvelous woman who is an attorney He makes his home in St Paul, a city he dearly loves.Krueger writes a mystery series set in the north woods of Minnesota His protagonist is Cork O Connor, the former sheriff of Tamarack County and a man of mixed heritage part Irish and part Ojibwe His work has received a number of awards, including the Minnesota Book Award, the Loft McKnight Fiction Award, the Anthony Award, the Barry Award, the Dilys Award, and the Friends of American Writers Prize His last five novels were all New York Times bestsellers Ordinary Grace, his stand alone novel published in 2013, received the Edgar Award, given by the Mystery Writers of America in recognition for the best novel published in that year Windigo Island, number fourteen in his Cork O Connor series, was released in August 2014.

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  1. I feel bad for the next book I plan to read, because Ordinary Grace is a very hard act to follow.This book is very different from the author s Cork O Connor mystery series Mr Krueger wrote Ordinary Grace from his heart He has said that writing it was easier than any other novel he has written before, and he feels it is the best piece of writing he has ever done This is the fourth book in the last year and a half that made me cry, and the second that was written by William Kent Krueger I wish I h [...]

  2. At the beginning of the summer of 1961, Frank Drum is thirteen years old and living in the small community of New Bremen, Minnesota It s a summer that will change his life forever, and his story, told from Frank s perspective forty years later, will resonate with readers for a very long time.Ordinary Grace is a stand alone from William Kent Krueger, an author best known for his Cork O Connor mystery series But this is not a crime novel in the traditional sense, although a number of crimes are co [...]

  3. I adored this book It stirred so many emotions within me, and for that I have to give it 5 stars It is a wonderful coming of age story, complete with a small town atmosphere and a mystery surrounding the quiet, unassuming community of New Bremen, Minnesota We are told on the very first page that It was a summer in which death, in visitation, assumed many forms But, this book is about much than just the mystery it is a story about friendship, brotherhood, family dynamics and bonds, death, faith, [...]

  4. There is a quote in the book where it talks about the awful Grace of God.The meaning of awful as an adjective 1 extremely bad unpleasant disagreeable 2 inspiring fear terrible an awful noise 3 solemnly impressive the awful majesty of the peaks 4 extremely dangerous, risky, injurious, etc an awful fall to take an awful chance 5 Informal very great an awful lot of money 6 full of awe reverential What I find sad is that we almost always hear the word in its 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th context and rarely [...]

  5. A quiet novel that unfurls its sad story slowly, but eloquently, leaving its mark on your heart Found this book on , thanks to my friends here It s truly a beautiful melancholic story about a boy growing up, the grief of a family tragedy, the love and the unbreakable bonds of a family, the strong bond of young brothers beautifully written, the book radiates a quiet beauty Reminded me of The Round House Louise Erdrich Dark and warm at the same time About the Ordinary Grace of God Sincerely recomm [...]

  6. A beautifully told story of a family living in New Bremen during 1961 experiencing some good times along with heartaches that somehow appear unexpectedly on the door step of most individuals Told from the perspective of a young boy Frank Drum, 13 years old, who has much on his shoulders as he strives to do the right thing, but not always succeeding Frank loves many things in his life including his younger brother Jake who stutters most of time and he tries his best to protect him from the bullyi [...]

  7. 5.0 STARS Warning Reader discretion is advised This book contains sweet, sirenically addictive prose that can warm your heart, flood your eyes with tears and induce a deeply meditative state in which the reader ignores time and place to ponder nostalgically the enchanting, soothing, carefree days of youth Various psychiatric studies have determined that literature of this nature can result in higher levels of affective empathy, compassion, understanding, emotional perception, prosocial behavior [...]

  8. 1961 was a great year this book was based on that year, that s why is 1961 great Recommended by a friend, Ordinary Grace is like the roots of a tree, silently and solely burying in the soil to find treasure Like the leaves stretching out to find the golden sun s rays.I ve gotten a bit tired of the murder victim in my book be a girl I m a bit over saturated on that count I only hope that this fact didn t deaden my sensitivity to this story, and I believe it didn t Maybe if the girl had survived, [...]

  9. Probably 3.5 stars.This was a lovely book I think many people will love it very much I have my effervescent friend Christine to thank for guiding me to this one, we both decided to read a book that both of us have loved, and it just happened to fit in at the same time for each of us This was a brilliant idea, I d recommend it My peculiar quirks do not suit all genres, I have learnt only just today A book that is to be savoured and really pleasantly enjoyed and meandered through and not rushed d [...]

  10. I woke up in the middle of the night a week after finishing this story with a single word I didn t write it down and try as I may, I can t quite get it back Nonetheless, it is a good book that picks at your brain as you sleep Having read my friends reviews already, I feel there is little I can add and for that reason I will keep my review very brief.This is a gorgeous story of discovery, both tangible and intangible, told in a languid manner that is reminiscent of the days that it describes Anot [...]

  11. Ordinary Grace was an extraordinary read It is set in the deep heat of the summer in 1961, in a small town of New Bremen, Minnesota where the story takes place for Frank and his family It s a summer of death and darkness but also one of miracles and love This is a story of relationships, of heartache and heartbreak It is also about what happens when a family is pulled apart and is healed through the awful grace of God What an understated read with so many powerful messages 5 stars.

  12. I am currently making my way through this author s Cork O Connor series and enjoying them very much So it was an easy step for me to pick up this stand alone novel and give it a try So pleased I did because this is a beautiful book.I love the easy, gentle characters that Krueger brings to his books He seems to have an affinity with people who think deeply and people who care, but he can still portray the evil and the unkind when he needs to I so enjoyed the many times in the story when the boys [...]

  13. When the majority of your friends love a book that you didn t do you find yourself second guessing Searching for that magic that everyone else felt and you missed I won t bore you by analyzing this to death view spoiler and there s lot of death in this book 1 murder just forgotten and left unsolved hide spoiler Worth reading and a solid 3 stars, ordinary rather than extraordinary.Circa 1960 s told through the eyes of 13 yr old Frank Drum a series of deaths disrupt the lives of everyone in a smal [...]

  14. Yay 5 stars I was drawn into this story right away and my feelings never changed It is a wonderful, but sad, coming of age story narrated 40 or so years after the events take place I especially liked the character of Gus I felt right there in the town of New Bremen, MN with everyone Here are some some memorable lines How could I possibly explain my silence, my complicity in his escape, things I really didn t understand myself My heart had simply directed me in a way that my head couldn t wrap it [...]

  15. As I sat down to write my feelings about this book I had to ask myself What do I want from you, the reader The answer I d like you to read this book and yet I wonder if I m going to entice you.Can an experienced, older narrator view the past with wisdom than he might have possessed forty years earlier the summer he was thirteen Ordinary Grace and another book I recently read Last Summer of the Camperdowns both study long ago events in childhood from the adult perspective The latter is very dial [...]

  16. It feels like I m the last person on to get to this book There are thousands of reviews on this site, so I ll limit my comments to my views on my experience of listening to the audiobook, which was superbly read by Rich Orlow.The first thing I d say is that it started really slowly and for quite a while I really didn t think I d like it In fact, I d rate the first section of this book only 3 stars My second observation is that by the midway point I was convinced I d worked it all out, by which t [...]

  17. I FULLY enjoyed this glorious reading experience Frank s narration captures this entire page turning mystery novel profoundly intimate Irresistible I loved it I loved it I loved it

  18. 4.5 starsOrdinary Grace by William Kent Krueger, is a beautifully written hard to put down novel full of twists and turns William Kent Krueger is mostly know for his multiple award winning Cork O Connor series Ordinary Grace is a stand alone novel and is the Winner of the 2014 EDGAR Award for Best Novel, a Winner of the 2014 DILYS Award and was A SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL BEST BOOK OF 2013 This book is narrated by Frank Drum, 40 years after a fateful summer when he was thirteen years old in New Bre [...]

  19. 9 10 He who learns must suffer And even in our sleep pain, which cannot forget, falls drop by drop upon the heart, until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God The words of the ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus resonate just as strongly as they did twenty five centuries ago, defining the year 1961, in the small town of New Bremen, Minessota The one who has to pay the terrible price of wisdom is thirteen years old Frank Drum, over the hot months of an [...]

  20. Ordinary Grace, a novel by William Kent Krueger is a beautiful and engaging novel and it certainly worked its magic on me This is a short novel and it certainly proves good goods comes in small parcels.Set in New Bremen, Minnesota in 1961 It was a time of innocence a hope for a country with a new young president But for a thirteen year old Frank Drum it was a grim summer in which death visited frequently and assumed many forms Accident, nature, suicide and murder Told from Franks perspective for [...]

  21. Ordinary Grace was EXTRAordinary I was at once immersed into the small town of New Bremen, MN, in the summer of 1961 Krueger s descriptive narrative is quite real in bringing this 1960 s small town to life, along with all the actions and attitudes of the people that live in the town It was as though I was actually there He brought back for me the look and the feel of growing up in the 60 s, as I did The story is told through the eyes of 13 yr old Frank, the son of a very kind Minister He lived w [...]

  22. 5 Highly Deserving Stars The dead are never far from us They re in our hearts and on our minds and in the end all that separates us from them is a single breath, one final puff of air William Kent Krueger has written an outstanding story that has depth of character, lessons to be learned and a message that will stay with you for a very long time Highly recommend

  23. A Brilliant coming of age story set in Minnesota in the 1960s Ordinary Grace is a story of family and community, tragedy and secrets, compassion and forgiveness A wonderful story of life experiences written in beautiful prose Most enjoyable is that it s told from the narrator s perspective 40 years later.A must read.5 out of 5 stars.

  24. Loved it from beginning to end A fast paced coming of age mystery set in 1961 that kept me glued to the book Highly recommend

  25. 3.5 StarsI don t like so much when I am in the minority of rating a book, but I suppose that I am this time Ordinary Grace is a coming of age book about a twelve year old boy named Frank who s curiosity for life and the happenings around him exposes the nastiness in the world to him a little too soon.Because I just made a big move and have had my head in boxes for the past two weeks, I unfortunately have not been able to enjoy reading a book as I usually do Due to these circumstances, I bought t [...]

  26. A couple of things brought me to this book 1 A stellar review from trusted GR friend James.2 Its recent Edgar Award for Best Novel.3 Last but not least, the author s blog post entitled God Bless Librarians In case you didn t know, flattery will get you everywhere, and it just might make me read your book joking I m really not that shallow or vain, I promise I just thought it was a nice post.This is a beautiful book that hits a lot of my kinks small towns, seeecrets, family drama, and coming of a [...]

  27. Told from the pov of a 13 year old boy named Frank in 1961 actually Frank is currently an adult looking back on this part of his life , Ordinary Grace is a coming of age novel, a loss of innocence over a summer spent coming face to face with unspeakable acts There are deaths in his small town of New Bremen, Minnesota, over the course of this summer, and one of them hits particularly close to home Solving the mystery of what really happened to some of these people provides the plot for the book, [...]

  28. Set in 1961, this story s narrator is a thirteen year old boy, Frank Drum, on the cusp of adulthood It is retold from the memories of Frank forty years later In the summer of 1961, Frank will experience love, loss death , friendship, prejudice and faith He will learn about the different lies we tell ourselves and we tell others Frank will discover the effects of gossip He will also experience forgiveness of self and of others The importance of grace God s grace he will witness first hand.I found [...]

  29. I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end Loved the preacher, his family, and his friend Gus Loved the relationship between the brothers of this family.I was kept wondering throughout what the ending would bery good

  30. Ordinary Grace is a beautifully written coming of age story Told by 13 year old Frank s perspective 40 years later The story takes place in 1961 in a small town with a close knit community.I found it to be a slow moving, wonderful story of family and community With flawed characters, that touched my heart The well written characters gave me a good understanding how they arrive at and journey through their experiences I wouldn t say it s a story about a mystery but of secrets.I love when a book [...]

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