Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs

Stranger Music Selected Poems and Songs With the appearance of his first record album in Leonard Cohen already well known in his native Canada as a poet and novelist was introduced to audiences in the United States where he quickly t

With the appearance of his first record album in 1967, Leonard Cohen already well known in his native Canada as a poet and novelist was introduced to audiences in the United States, where he quickly took his place among the preeminent singer songwriters of the time Over the years, and through the release of eight albums, Cohen gained a reputation as a dazzlinglyWith the appearance of his first record album in 1967, Leonard Cohen already well known in his native Canada as a poet and novelist was introduced to audiences in the United States, where he quickly took his place among the preeminent singer songwriters of the time Over the years, and through the release of eight albums, Cohen gained a reputation as a dazzlingly literate and consistently daring songwriter His status as a cult artist grew and solidified, not only in North America but all across Europe singers of enormously diverse styles recorded his songs his influence could be charted in every new wave of recording artists that followed his emergence In 1988 the release of his album I m Your Man thrust him back into the mainstream spotlight and his latest recording, The Future, has brought him renewed widespread acclaim as one of our most enduring poet songwriters Now Stranger Music brings together, for the first time in one volume, a generous selection of Leonard Cohen s song lyrics and poetry Stranger Music reveals the range and depth of Cohen s work And it is a long overdue celebration of his extraordinary gift for language that speaks with rare clarity, passion, and timelessness.

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Stranger Music: Selected Poems and Songs

  1. Leonard Norman Cohen was a Canadian singer songwriter, poet and novelist Cohen published his first book of poetry in Montreal in 1956 and his first novel in 1963.Cohen s earliest songs many of which appeared on the 1968 album Songs of Leonard Cohen were rooted in European folk music melodies and instrumentation, sung in a high baritone The 1970s were a musically restless period in which his influences broadened to encompass pop, cabaret, and world music Since the 1980s he has typically sung in lower registers bass baritone, sometimes bass , with accompaniment from electronic synthesizers and female backing singers.His work often explores the themes of religion, isolation, sexuality, and complex interpersonal relationships.Cohen s songs and poetry have influenced many other singer songwriters, and than a thousand renditions of his work have been recorded He has been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and is also a Companion of the Order of Canada, the nation s highest civilian honour Cohen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10, 2008 for his status among the highest and most influential echelon of songwriters.

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  1. Rest in Peace Mr Cohen.Now I ve heard there was a secret chordThat David played, and it pleased the LordBut you don t really care for music do you It goes like thisThe fourth, the fifthThe minor fall, the major liftThe baffled King composing HallelujahHallelujahHallelujahHallelujahHallelujahYour faith was strong but you needed proofYou saw her bathing on the roofHer beauty and the moonlight overthrew herShe tied you To a kitchen chairShe broke your throne, and she cut your hairAnd from your lips [...]

  2. Here is my favourite As a falling leaf may restA moment in the airSo your head upon my breastSo my hand upon your hairAnd many night endureWithout a moon, without a starSo we will endureWhen one is gone and farTrue love leaves no tracesIf you and I are oneIt s lost in our embracesLike stars against the sun

  3. Here s the way it works If you re male, and if you appreciate art, poetry, music, and a lifetime of serious, powerful workwell, you want to be Leonard Cohen You can t be and he does it better than you ll ever do it anyway the tailored suits, the beautiful actresses and models who ve thrown themselves at him, the shatteringly brilliant poetry and music, the years as a Zen roshi Accept that And then read these poems and just beenthralled.

  4. The selected works of Leonard Cohen As usual with collections like this there are a few exclusions that I d quibble with several of my favorite poems from Flowers For Hitler are not here, for instance, but aside from things like that this collection is a fine book and is the only form in which the poems from his early books can be found as they are now long out of print As such this provides a fascinating glimpse into hard to find Cohen books like Death of a Lady s Man and The Energy Of Slaves , [...]

  5. This arrived in the mail as an unexpected gift from Stockton, a fellow I met at Volume II Cafe over our coincidental readings of Hegel He was studying philosophy at DePaul, while I was doing similarly at Loyola The friendship was immediate.Years later, Stockton moved to Britain, but still came to stay at my place at first annually, then tapering off so that it s been several years since last we saw him It was towards the beginning of this period, while he was still visiting regularly, that Stock [...]

  6. Contents 1 Let Us Compare Mythologies 8 poems 2.The Spice Box of Earth 22 3 Flowers for Hitler 28 Includes the moving poem Hitler and the whimsical but no less serious for that Queen Victoria and Me.4 Parasites of Heaven 5 5 Songs of Leonard Cohen 9 Includes Suzanne, So Long, Marianne , Sisters of Mercy.6 Selected Poems 1956 68 6 7 Beautiful Losers 7 8 Songs from a Room 5 9 Songs of Love and Hate 4 Includes Joan of Arc 10 The Energy of Slaves 40 Includes 1967 and I Left a Woman 11 New Skin for [...]

  7. Oh, Leonard Cohen, why do you rock my world so much This book is STUNNING I love that it includes song lyrics mixed in with the poetry based on Sisters of Mercy and Hallelujah alone, Leonard Cohen is my favorite poet of the 20th century I use his religious poetry in a class I teach at my Catholic church it reads very much like a modern version of Augustine s Confessions or the Book of Job painfully visceral and gut wrenchingly human If you come to Leonard Cohen in the right frame of mind there [...]

  8. Another book a friend gave to me He bought it for like a quarter at a book sale and gave it to me because he knew I liked and wrote poetry I was in high school at the time and the only thing I knew about Leonard Cohen was that Jeff Buckley did a cover of his Hallelujah song This book and Leonard s poetry and music have come to be some of the most precious gems in my life I have a sort of silly ritual of reading It s Probably Spring somewhere around the beginning of spring every year now Thank yo [...]

  9. I gave my copy of this away to a loved one, give it back Nodding It was appropriately gifted to a marvellous boy who I hope thinks better of me for parting with this treasure Love the title for this collection.

  10. In the book Stranger music, the world renowned Canadian poet Leonard Cohen gives us a deep, personal glimpse into his life through his poetry This book contains 432 pages of poetry and songs that fluctuate with emotion throughout.Stranger music chronicles the life of Leonard Cohen through his poetry This book is almost biographical as the poems in the book were written in the span of 30 years of Cohen s life Each chapter reflects a different feeling Cohen felt during that time period of 30 years [...]

  11. Many of these poems are wonderful Cohen writes on themes of love, sex, loss and depression His poetry expresses his Judaism and Zen Buddhism, combining an earthiness with a deep spirituality There is a Zen aesthetic that comes through many of these poems Like Japanese haiku, Cohen s writing captures moment, feeling, and image in a few simple words albeit in a different poetic structure Some of Cohen s lines are like koan, the seemingly non sensical questions posed by Zen roshis in order to get n [...]

  12. This book has an assortment of song lyrics, poems dating from before LC s singing career, and excerpts from his two early novels, The Favourite Game and Beautiful Losers As a teenager growing up in Toronto, I read Cohen s poetry and I was surprised to find many lines that had engraved themselves in my brain Lovely lines Then came Suzanne and the singing career I didn t connect this directly to the poetry it seemed a separate career, and it still does, in many ways The two novels also were writte [...]

  13. I ve had this book on my shelf for years, and every time I open it up, I find something new to appreciate, or else I marvel again at Cohen s ability to light up the page with his poetry and lyrics This essential volume includes classic poems such as For Anne, You Have the Lovers, As the Mist Leaves No Scar, I Left a Woman Waiting, and Death of a Lady s Man and iconic songs such as Famous Blue Raincoat, Suzanne, Everybody Knows, Tower of Song, Dance Me to the End of Love, and Chelsea Hotel.This w [...]

  14. My cognizance of Leonard Cohen began around 1993, one year following the release of the album The Future It was my father who turned me on to Cohen, after the airing of the United States of Poetry programme on Public Television, and so it is my father to whom I am indebted This is apropos, as Cohen s own father figured prominently in many of his works namely, in the songs Story of Isaac and Lover Lover Lover From this embarkation, as it were, Cohen has figured immeasurably, both into the earlier [...]

  15. Ever since I lived in Montreal, I ve been a fan of Leonard Cohen His lyrics celebrate our uniqueness and sameness, the political issues that pull us, the sexuality that entices us, and the relationships that inspire and haunt us He has a way of merging melancholy with joy For example, his poem, Song, does just that I almost went to bed without remembering the four white violets I put in the button hole of your green sweater and how I kissed you then and you kissed me shy as though I d never been [...]

  16. Definitely a Must Buy for your collectionI ve known this book for many years now and find that it s a familiar touchpoint It has all of my favorite poems by Leonard Cohen Dance Me to the End of Love , Isaiah , All There is to Know About Adolph Eichman , Slowly I Married Her , Lovers and so many A simply arranged index and organized by the original collection the typography is well laid out and one can easily browse and select a few poems to fit your mood, or find the lyrics for one of his songs [...]

  17. The courtroom is quiet, but who will confess Is ittrue you betrayed us The answer is Yes ThenRead me the list of the crimes that are mine I willask for the mercy you love to decline And allthe ladies go moist, and the judge has no choice asinger must die for the lie in his voice.

  18. Some good, some really good, some treasures, some that went completely over my head, some that I didn t appreciate as much, and some lewd It was definitely a good mix of everything.

  19. A treasure trove and a gift that keeps on giving.I m lying a bit, because I don t think I ll ever be finished reading this book Mature grade 10s and up Some of what Cohen writes is quite XXX.

  20. Leonard Cohen s Stranger Music is a fantastic introductory collection to the work of Leonard Cohen, collecting dozens of his previously published works together to provide an in depth examination of his writing between 1956 and 1992 It s also home to my favourite Cohen work I Long to Hold Some Lady I won t reproduce it here because I encourage you to go and buy the book, but it s a good one.On top of this, it includes the lyrics to many of his most popular songs, including True Love Leaves No Tr [...]

  21. His house is dangerous and finite, but he is at home in the world He can love the shapes of human beings, the fine and twisted shapes of the heart It is good to have among us such men, such balancing monsters of love What Is A Saint I believe that you heard your master singWhile I lay sick in bed I suppose that he told you everythingThat I keep locked away in my headYour master took you travelling At least, that s what you said And now do you come back to bring Your prisoner wine and bread Maste [...]

  22. Ok so let me just say that I hate selected poems in general Like, how do I know you haven t missed a poem I ll adore How do I know I m not missing out on some structure thematic continuity by not reading the poems in the entirety of the collection in which they were initially published I don t So it s hard for me to make comments on such an anthology because I never feel like I m engaging with a full work rather, trying the author out to see if I care enough to embark on a search for the origina [...]

  23. Leonard Cohen s words not only speaks to me, they are what I would say if I were a mad poetic genius Over the years, I have spent many hours in both new and used book stores, partly as a book lover and reader, but also with the specific intent of collecting all the works of my favorite writers It took a long time, but I do now have the majority of his works all the major stuff and I still cherish Stranger Music It is an interesting look into the way that Mr Cohen views his own works, and which o [...]

  24. This volume includes a large cross section of Leonard Cohen s work including a few previously unpublished poems It covers close to a forty year period and like all his work is highly autobiographical, chronicling his life and career It is interesting to see words on the page that many of us have so often heard sung, and although I appreciate them, I also miss the musical accompaniment I think his poetry is much better sung in his very distinctive voice and with his characteristic rhythm and cade [...]

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