Whitey: The Life of America's Most Notorious Mob Boss

Whitey The Life of America s Most Notorious Mob Boss From the bestselling authors of Black Mass comes the definitive biography of Whitey Bulger the most brutal and sadistic crime boss since Al Capone Drawing on a trove of sealed files and previously cl

From the bestselling authors of Black Mass comes the definitive biography of Whitey Bulger, the most brutal and sadistic crime boss since Al Capone Drawing on a trove of sealed files and previously classified material, Whitey digs deep into the mind of James J Whitey Bulger, the crime boss and killer who brought the FBI to its knees He is an American original a psFrom the bestselling authors of Black Mass comes the definitive biography of Whitey Bulger, the most brutal and sadistic crime boss since Al Capone Drawing on a trove of sealed files and previously classified material, Whitey digs deep into the mind of James J Whitey Bulger, the crime boss and killer who brought the FBI to its knees He is an American original a psychopath who fostered a following with a frightening mix of terror, deadly intimidation and the deft touch of a politician who often helped a family in need meet their monthly rent But the history shows that despite the early false myths portraying him as a Robin Hood figure, Whitey was a supreme narcissist, and everything every interaction with family and his politician brother Bill Bulger, with underworld cohorts, with law enforcement, with his South Boston neighbors, and with his victims was always about him In an Irish American neighborhood where loyalty has always been rule one, the Bulger brand was loyalty to oneself Whitey deconstructs Bulger s insatiable hunger for power and control Building on their years of reporting and uncovering new Bulger family records, letters and prison files, Dick Lehr and Gerard O Neill examine and reveal the factors and forces that created the monster It s a deeply rendered portrait of evil that spans nearly a century, taking Whitey from the streets of his boyhood Southie in the 1940s to his cell in Alcatraz in the

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Whitey: The Life of America's Most Notorious Mob Boss

  1. Gerard O'Neill Dick Lehr Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Whitey: The Life of America's Most Notorious Mob Boss book, this is one of the most wanted Gerard O'Neill Dick Lehr author readers around the world.

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  1. Do yourself a favor and readBlack Mass The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mobinstead It s by the same authors Dick Lehr and Gerard O Neill and is infinitely better I ll explain why i.e review this when time allows, but I wouldn t want anyone to pick the wrong Whitey read in the interim.

  2. The third book in the trilogy of Whiter Bulger books by Dick Lehr and Gerard O Neil the other two books are Black Mass and The Underboss , Whitey is a comprehensive, all encompassing look at the life of Whitey Bulger Lehr and O Neil do a yeoman s work of tracing Whitey s life first as a young, disaffected child to a intimidating, controlling crime boss Lehr and O Neil include testimony and interviews from all of the key players in the crime world that Whitey traversed They also illustrate how th [...]

  3. I bought this book before I knew of its predecessor Black Mass written by the same authors and now a motion picture For some reason I have picked up quite a few books on the New England mob this year In this book, I feel like I have finally been able to see the Bulger story in its entirety and to better understand how the FBI utterly failed in its role as shepherd for its CI program.The book outlines the Bulger family history from their initial immigration from Ireland to Newfoundland, Canada an [...]

  4. An incredible story of corruption, betrayal, greed, deceit, high politics, the Mafia and organised crime, this book is far than just a bio of notorious Boston Irish Mob boss James Whitey Bulger Showing the complicity between politics, organised crime and the F.B.I in particular which basically gave Bulger a license to kill in exchange for information on La Cosa Nostra and other underworld rivals in Boston Bulger s handler, agent Connolly, became deeply compromised increasingly on the take and i [...]

  5. Was looking fwd to this for a while, was very good To me, problem was that their last book on subject Black Mass was just so pefect that all of the best stuff about Whitey was already told.It does tell everything that happened since WB disapeared and answers a lot of questions that have been brought up in the slew of books written on subject.

  6. I believe I have made a pretty large dent in this book and still I am not entertained The slow pace of the biography makes it boring and hard to follow Had to cut this book short.

  7. Not as good as Black Mass by same authors, lots of rehashing old points, would have been better as a multi part series in a magazine or newspaper.

  8. For awhile I tho t it was much too detailed, but I found so much of it interesting, beyond the piece of dirt Whitey, and his enabling, politically powerful brother, Billy.Also much about how the US prison system works or doesn t Some sections difficult to hear, but I think we owe it to the victims, some innocent, to get thru it.It seems as if, from his childhood on, Whitey was given every opportunity to turn his life around, but when it seemed as if he was, it was superior acting Except for his [...]

  9. Very interesting history Personally, what drew me to the Whitey story was the fact he d been hidden for so many years So much was clarified Biggest clarification, was realizing after a while that the reason he wasn t caught for so long wasn t his cunning at hiding and buying ids from the homeless , but the fact that the FBI wasn t looking.They didn t get serious until they circulated pictures of Catherine Greig, but carefully avoided showing them in California The informant was someone who visit [...]

  10. Talk about a timely book Whitey was just sentenced a few days ago, as I write this.I liked this book and I loaned it to people who also liked it, but I still came away feeling like there was something missing Which is most likely due to the inaccessibility of its principal subject Whitey Bulger did not make a single statement in his defense during his trial about the many murders attributed to him, which is typical of the man So that may be why there is still a bit of an emptiness there.One exce [...]

  11. There is a deluge of books on the market about Whitey Bulger He is certainly mysterious I usually like Lehr and O Neill books because they try to avoid the political mudslinging that has accompanied many of the Bulger books They had already written two books about Boston s underworld, the second book focused on Bulger s relationship with the FBI There is not much to say in this new book If one has read Black Mass, then one can really ignore this book It seems like a money ploy, and hence I awar [...]

  12. In Black Mass Dick Lehr and Gerard O Neill recounted the deal between James Whitey Bolger and FBI agent John Connolly that resulted in the unprecedented relationship that saw the nation s leading law enforcement agency in bed with Boston s Irish mob leader In their new book WHITEY, Lehr and O Neill cover similar material in the context of a biography of Bolger bringing the story up to his arrest in 2011 and the onset of his prosecution in federal court The book is well researched and rests on st [...]

  13. Of all the organized crime figures I ve read about or watched TV documentaries on Irish mob boss James J Whitey Bulger of South Boston may have been the shrewdest, most ruthless and no doubt one of the smartest ones ever The unique thing about Bulger was he was able to use the FBI to protect his criminal empire by becoming a confidential informant What he gave to the FBI in information was very little but what he received was a far valuable in return, cart blanch to conduct a criminal empire th [...]

  14. I think that Dick Lehr and Gerard O Neill were very interested in Whitey Bulger and that s why they wrote this book When Whitey was in his prime he was at the top and had everything, and that s just interesting to think about These two authors were probably curious on how he got to be that high up in the world and did some research and found out.The theme of this book is what mob bosses do to get their way and to stay safe and under the radar Mob bosses will go to extreme measures to make sure t [...]

  15. Staggering FBI corruption A few too many details at certain points Did appreciate the author circling back with character tie ins because there are a number of people to keep up with.

  16. Whitey is probably best read with a qualification up front Did you read Back Mass by the same authors If so and you have basic information of the actual capture of Whitey Bulger, you may want to spend your time elsewhere.To be fair, I always considered Black Mass as the best book to capture Whitey Bulger, his reign, his activities and his pretty crazy life story If you have not read Black Mass, this is a good read to take you up to just after Whitey s capture If you have, this book is 90% Black [...]

  17. The best book on the topic I have read so far Chronicles Whitey s entire life from his grandfather in Canada to his current status post trial sitting in a cell I felt the beginning focused too much on his non relationship with his father, but then I saw where the authors were going with it and it fit in well Filled with fantastic detail about his friends, girlfriends, early street life, and life while a fugitive Overturns a lot of myths and legends about him comes off as the ultimate self servin [...]

  18. This biography of the notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger was an interesting look at a brutal and sadistic man who played the system and the corrupt authorities with swagger The book s attempts to describe his childhood and upbringing in a way that explains his harsh and self centered personality were particularly interesting At times the story is a bit dragged out, especially during his prison stint in Georgia The depiction of corrupt and self serving Boston FBI authorities is chilling Reading t [...]

  19. This was a fascinating read and an in depth look at Whitey Bulger s life and why he likely became such a monster Several key reasons I enjoyed the book include 1 the authors were not heavy handed in their psychological explanations of Bulger s psycopathy 2 the history of the Bulger family included interesting information about Irish migrations to Newfoundland and then New England as well as a great deal of history of Boston 3 despite a huge cast of characters, the authors restated who the import [...]

  20. I expected to get completely wrapped up in this book and I didn t It was a good read and exhaustively well researched, but I felt like there was color and emotion missing kely because Whitey lacked those things Lehr and O Neill do their best to grasp at explanations for Bulger s behavior, tracing his lineage through to his first murder It s made clear that the mind of a psychopath is lethal in its gift for corruption After reading this I just want to go watch The Departed and Boondock Saints to [...]

  21. As Yogi Berra once said, this is deja vu all over again these authors have already written this book, without the final chapter about Whitey s life in California prior to being caught The book is good, but gets much better when they report the information about how Whitey hid in California.It is my impression that there was not enough information for the authors to write a book about Whitey on the lam , so they rehashed the early Whitey story and added on the new information at the end.Three sta [...]

  22. Written by two investigative reporters, this book traces the history of Whitey Bulger from his family s landing on our shores to his capture in 2011 living as a retiree in Santa Monica, California The book is well researched, showing the links between fallen FBI agents and Whitey Bulger, Steve Flemmi and other brutal members of Boston s organized crime When the final chapter is read, you realize that the FBI and members of Boston s organized crime family danced to a tune played by Whitey Bulger. [...]

  23. By the time I moved to Boston in 1999, Whitey had been on the lam for four years, but none of the native Bostonians I knew would talk about him You never knew who was listening, you see Years later, I picked up The Brothers Bulger by Boston journalist Howie Carr for a fascinating look at the legendary Hub brothers who both really should have been in jail This book beats that one, however, in both scope and detail If not for some purple writing, this would be a five star book But don t tell anyon [...]

  24. A wonderfully in depth biography of the most notorious gangster in American history, Whitey is not for the weak at heart The first chapter describes the murder of an associate s girlfriend, and it goes downhill from there Warning Since the authors had written two previous books about the Boston crime syndicate, Whitey s partnership with FBI agent John Connoly gets the short shrift If you want that story, you need to check out the first book, Black Mass.

  25. Very well detailed account of the life of one of America s notorious killers, James Whitey Bulger I was inspired to read this after seeing the film BLACK MASS, with Johnny Depp My only quibble is, you can tell right away this was written by journalists Sometimes the text was a little overdramatic and offered commentary than fact You don t need to remind us how we need to feel about a monster like Bulger The facts, grimly pointed out in this book, speak for themselves.

  26. Whitey Bulger is the most horrific criminal I have ever come across His federal trial is in progress as I write these comments The charges include 19 murders, all of which are described in detail in this book The book is very well written It takes the reader from Whitey s youth thru his eventual capture 16 years avoiding capture up to trial preparations I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the worst type of real crime.

  27. Informative book on the mob boss Whitey Bulger who was in the news not too long ago, on trial A vicious killer and controlling boyfriend, he went on the run at one point, dodging the law for many years Prior to that, he had a relationship with the FBI as an informant that is amazing for its duplicitous nature, and how it kept him safe for a long time while he committed crimes and ran his gang.

  28. If you know some of the story of this horrible point in the history of Boston, then reading the book might not come as a total surprise But this book is not for the faint of heart The total disregard for law and life, by both the Boston Irish underworld, and an FBI office that was not really following the rules, will make you sick in your stomach That being said, I consider this a book a must read for all.

  29. I ve read several Whitey books and this is the best of the lot Not surprising author Lehr also penned Black Mass , also great Interesting fact I learned Whitey was terrified of going to the dentist He realized that, once in the dentist s chair, his fear could manifest itself in an episode of Whitey rage While hiding out in Santa Monica, he brought his gangster moll Catherine Grieg along for each visit to keep him calm and avoid blowing his cover.

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