The Originals

The Originals Lizzie Ella and Betsey Best grew up believing they were identical triplets Then they learned the truthd no one else can know Now to the outside world the Best family appears to consist of a single

Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey Best grew up believing they were identical triplets.Then they learned the truthd no one else can know.Now, to the outside world, the Best family appears to consist of a single mother with one seventeen year old daughter named Elizabeth Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey take turns going to school, pursuing extracurriculars, and even dating.Then LizzieLizzie, Ella, and Betsey Best grew up believing they were identical triplets.Then they learned the truthd no one else can know.Now, to the outside world, the Best family appears to consist of a single mother with one seventeen year old daughter named Elizabeth Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey take turns going to school, pursuing extracurriculars, and even dating.Then Lizzie meets Sean Kelly, the one person who can help her realize she s not a carbon copy of the others she s an individual with unique dreams and desires Digging deeper into her background and her mother s role in her life, Lizzie begins to dismantle the delicate balance of an unusual family that only science could have created.

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The Originals

  1. Cat Patrick is an author of books for teens Her debut novel, FORGOTTEN available now , is about a girl who can remember the future instead of the past, and was praised by NYT bestselling author of Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher, as a mindbending, one sitting read The book is being translated into 21 languages and Paramount bought the movie rights, with True Grit s Hailee Steinfeld attached to star as the main character, London Lane Patrick s second unrelated novel, REVIVED, is about a girl who s part of a secret government program to test a drug that brings people back from the dead REVIVED will be available in the US May 2012, and in the UK and Australia Summer 2012 Patrick lives near Seattle with her husband and twin 3 year olds, and is afraid of zombies, planes, and zombies on planes Visit her online at catpatrick.

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  1. It s probably obvious from the cover that The Originals is about clones Therefore you might expect it to be this hard core science fiction, probably gearing towards dystopia with concrete world building and well established background and plotline If you have such expectations, I suggest you lower them a bit if you re planning on reading this book If you do, there are greater chances that you ll end up enjoying the novel like I did.I believe this book is written for younger readers I could alrea [...]

  2. Needs this now.Would need it even if it weren t Cat Patrick because that synopsis.But it is Cat Patrick.And I ve read Revived And Forgotten And I m still madly in love with them Oh, I want need really, really, really want to read this eyes calendar edit Wait This has a cover now And no one told me For shame.edit 2 the actual review Some families have secrets, some shocking than others Lizzie, Betsy and Ella s secret most likely shocking than any secret your family s been keeping.After years of [...]

  3. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsThank you Hardie Grant Egmont for sending me this review copy No compensation was given of taken to alter this review All quotes were taken from the ARC copy with means that they might be altered or removed in the final print.After some time in a reading slump, I finally decided to pick up The Originals because I knew that this would be the ultimate book to get me back on track And it sure did Cat Patrick has this spectacular gift for writing contemporary novels [...]

  4. You re probably not at all surprised with my rating if you ve seen my status updates I almost quit reading Twice Sadly, the story had great potential, and I really liked the beginning, until the story went from mysterious, gripping, and sometimes witty, to a hormonal teenage whine fest After the love interests were brought in, the story went from a 4 star read, to a.555 star read In other words very poor execution Firstly, the description for this book was not at all accurate Because, you see, t [...]

  5. Cat Patrick is an author you can always count on for her ability to create something unusual and almost unique in design, which is why I always pick up her books without hesitation.And while this may not have been as well put together mystery wise as some of her stronger books, it was still every bit as engaging and entertaining and all of her work and therefore, still a winner by my score This really was a fun read that took no time at all to plow through and enjoy.

  6. You know you love an author when you haven t even read the books plot yet, or even been given a cover and you immediately know you can t wait to read it sigh and now the loooong wait begins

  7. What kid didn t have those dreams of having a twin that you could switch places with occasionally to trick teachers and parents In this book, Lizzie has two clone sisters that share her life They live as one girl, splitting each day in to three parts that they take shifts living So, since Lizzie sucks at math, her sister has to take the math classes while she gets to take creative writing, which she loves Sounds pretty fun, huh Until two different sisters meet two different boys And they can onl [...]

  8. Ehhhh was just.Great idea, I was very interested in the book, but it just had huge gaping holes in the plot and everything was just tied in such a nice little bow The book only takes place in the span of a few months and in that time they manage to comfortably break everything about their life structure and just not seem to care Really you ve been living as one person for almost 9 years and just like that, oh hey, I think I ll tell this guy I ve known for a month that I m a clone No big deal Goo [...]

  9. Interesting concept, rubbish writing.Characters are so flat that it s difficult to care about what happens to them When will young adult authors stop thinking that music and clothing preferences are a shortcut to building character Mentioning Facebook and iPods Way to shorten the lifespan of your book.It was alright and I got through it pretty quickly I just wish it had been written better spoiler Oh, and could she just not be bothered about Betsey having any life at all I kept thinking there wa [...]

  10. One of the reasons I love Cat Patrick is because I find her so hard to explain to other people Whenever I pitch a Cat Patrick book, I can never do her justice in trying to explain her unique contemporary magical realism esque plots that make her a sort of Isabel Allende or Alice Hoffman for the younger set That being said, with each new book that she brings out, I m afraid she s starting to lose that quirky edge and magic realist spin Forgotten was about a girl who remembers her future, but forg [...]

  11. This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out for reviews The Originals is a unique book covering the life of three identical clones Lizzie, Beth and Ella who all live one life under their mother s direction I enjoyed the blend of contemporary, sci fi and mystery, it is a really unique concept that I haven t seen explored before in YA fiction.The concept of these three girls living the life of one person, Elizabeth Best, was quite extreme, as they each split up the day into 3 segments an [...]

  12. Who among us hasn t wished at one time or another that they had clones I know I did There would be so much time in the day, because we d share tasks, share the tedium of going to work, leaving the rest of the clones time to relax because there d be two or people doing the task of one Which then leaves behind the question of fairness, who would do the pleasant tasks, who would do the unpleasant ones, how would things be allocated And that s not to mention the mess of the love lifeI greatly enj [...]

  13. I am very disappointed with this book The plot sounded unique and amazing, but the execution of it didn t do it any justice at all I hated all of the characters They are completely unforgettable and two dimensional They only lack logic at times For example, their mom supposedly is trying to keep them hidden as well as possible because she fears that someone is still after them Their mom wanted to protect them from anyone who may be hunting them down because she escaped her old lab with her three [...]

  14. The idea was fresh and unique, and I m a big fan of Cat Patricks work I think her writing is simple and draws you in, and I like that all her books are pretty quick reads Cat Patrick is one of my favourite authors, and while I enjoyed this book, I feel like she let me down a little.While I have a problem with every insta love situation, I thought that this situation was ridiculous I know you can be drawn to some people, but considering Lizzie knew her mum could be in danger of going to prison an [...]

  15. 2.5 StarsI really enjoyed this book during the first little bit, but my annoyance began to grow as it continued toward the end I really liked Lizzie s voice, and her budding relationship with Sean made me swoon like I love to do in young adult novels, but there was just something missing overall that didn t quite hit the mark for me.Lizzie is one of three sisters who are identical But they re not tripletsey re clones The three girls Lizzie, Ella and Betsey are being forced by their mother to liv [...]

  16. Here s the kinda easy to please nerd I am you tell me three girls whose names are all derivatives of Elizabeth are pretending to be one girl called Elizabeth and I m gonna throw my money at the author to see how that plays out I know, I know It s totally trivial but it s straight up my brand of humor at times I m sure a bunch rolled their eyes but it s clever If you had to share an identity with two other people wouldn t it be a little awesome if you all had a connection to that name Oh, this sh [...]

  17. Lizzie Best is only living one third of a life She goes to school for the first half of the day, her sister Ella for the second half and their other sister Betsey does all the extracurricular activities, goes to their college class and works their job They are all living under the name of a single girl, Elizabeth Best, because they aren t just any identical triplets The Best sisters are really clones, who are being raised by the woman who agreed to carry them and couldn t bear to have any of the [...]

  18. The Originals begins with a simple and compelling premise that even a non scientific layperson can grasp right away Imagine being a clone, one of three identical sisters You were created illegally and the authorities may be aware of your existence, so you and your sisters have to hide You have to share one life, to take turns being one person Nothing is ever your own You have to agree with your sisters on what to wear every day, how to fix your hair, who you can be friends with.Lizzie, the POV c [...]

  19. Pros In my experience with reading Cat Patrick s books, the concepts have always been strong in theory, but poor in execution I will give this book credit for the initial idea of having three clones living as one person However, the praise ends there.Cons Cat Patrick ruins any great idea for a book by relegating it to an inane, seen it before in every high school movie setting with bland, easily forgettable characters It s like taking Harry Potter and focusing on the Yule Ball for the entire ser [...]

  20. Now this sounds epic I love this author She manages to blow me away with unique and epic sounding books every time Loved Forgotten, can t wait for Revived and now this one.

  21. Until then, I d thought I was a triplet.Little by little, it all came out after that.And now, little by little, I m starting to wish I could send it back to wherever it came from Would it be cheesy for me to say that The Originals was very original Because it really was The whole concept was unprecedented, at least I ve never read anything like it At the beginning of The Originals the concept was a bit disorienting and hard to buy but the author certainly made it work and answered all questions [...]

  22. Lizzie, Ella and Betsey may look like triplets but in fact the three of them are all clones created illegally by scientists in a genetics research lab Their mother was the egg donor and gave birth to them but their DNA was all copied from another child When she found out that two of her babies would be destroyed their mother ran and the family have been in hiding ever since Worried that they will be discovered she has become obsessed with protecting the girls and she insists that they pretend to [...]

  23. 3.5 starsElla, Lizzie and Betsey make up one person Elizabeth Best They may look like triplets but they re actually clones living in hiding Their overly obsessed protective mom makes them live a life as one, so the girls separate their days by thirds That is, till Lizzie did something unthinkable She fell in love.The girls are so use to their every day routine that they wouldn t even think twice about changing it But when Sean looked at Lizzie in a way that made her feel alive and noticed for th [...]

  24. Very cool concept I d have liked it if the author gave it a little hint of suspense I read it in four hours, tops which goes to show that it had me by the nose, regardless.Quick Story Clones, Lizzie, Betsey, and Ella Best have lived a third of their lives since they ve learned they weren t triplets They were a product of the only successful cloning hidden from the world Every day, they take turns in living the life of one Elizabeth Violet Best which was working for the most part, until Lizzie m [...]

  25. Cat Patrick is one of my favourite authors I would read literally anything she writes This is her third book and yet again she does not disappoint with an original plot which throws up plenty of ethical questions for readers to consider In The Originals the story centres on three girls who give the appearance of being sisters but are actually clones What I loved about this was that Cat never takes the story too far into the realms of science and although this is touched upon, the girls are very [...]

  26. In short The Originals by Cat Patrick failed to live up to its potential for me, but at the very least was a nice filler book between heavier reads.The Originals was not the book I had been expecting to read Lizzie, Ella, and Betsey are the result of an illegal cloning experiment and thus must pretend to be one person, each girl taking their turn to live a third of the life of Elizabeth Best If their secret ever got out, their family would be in danger So you might expect a thriller with lots if [...]

  27. This is my second book of Cat Patrick she got me with her Forgotten And I still like her writing The premise is good Three identical girls, Elizabeth Violet Best as in Ella, Lizzie, and Betsey They are not triplets, they actually are clones.I like this book just fine, but I have to agree that I also can feel some gaping holes At some point everything got prefectly plotted Like, doll polished perfect Haha, I am about to blabbed again So, yeah, I ll stop it right here Sums I enjoy my late reading [...]

  28. I guess, I just expected a little from Cat Patrick The tale of identical triplets seems to boil down to a timeshare opportunity and who gets to be the one to date the cute guy I m hoping there s a little grit in the next 200 pages

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